Souichirou Kuzuki
Fate/stay night

Souichirou Kuzuki (葛木 宗一郎, Kuzuki Sōichirō?) is the acting Master of Caster in the Fifth Holy Grail War of Fate/stay night. He is known as the strict homeroom instructor of Rin's class, who is not a magus, but simply happened upon Caster while she was fading away and agreed to become her Master.



A young Kuzuki

Before he came to Fuyuki City, Souichirou had been raised from childhood by an organization that trained young children to become professional assassins. The children were raised while isolated from the rest of society in places like forests. They were taught skills required for killers and were treated as if they were tools. Teaching knowledge on living as normal humans was minimal to ensure the skills of the potential assassins in their care would remain adequate and efficient.[2]

He left the organization and appeared in Fuyuki City, two years before the Fifth Holy Grail War. He chose to become a school teacher, which was to serve as a cover for his job as an assassin. He primarily lectures on World History, though he also holds classes in Ethics. Kuzuki is well respected among staff and students. He was well-liked by the chief priest at the Ryuudou Temple and was granted residency in the temple.[3]


Soichirou is usually seen wearing a dark green suit and a pair of glasses. He is rather stoic and expressionless. Despite his seemingly lean physique, he does not have even one milligram of useless muscle, its the penultimate concentration of muscle as such his muscles' build and definition are perfect.


Souichirou is widely regarded as a strict, austere and impersonal man. He is serious, sometimes emotionless and does whatever Caster says in battle even though he does not care about the Holy Grail. He often displays a blank expression.

Souichirou found that when he accomplished his first and only mission, he felt only emptiness rather than any other emotion. Hoping to find meaning in his life, he left the organization and became a school teacher. He found no meaning and found that he could acknowledge only his own existence. He described himself as a "decayed killer" (朽ち果てた殺人鬼, Kuchihateta satsujinki?).[3]

When he met Caster, he felt something move within him. While he had no interest in the coming Holy Grail War, Souichirou helped her just because she asked for it. His motive to fight is similar to Shirou Emiya.[3]

According to Fate/hollow ataraxia, he finally realizes that he regretted his whole life and how he killed others, knowing and understanding that what he was doing was wrong yet still continuing that kind of life. Uncertain of how to make expiation for his guilt, he suffered during his whole life yet managed to find some peace with Caster.


Fate/stay night[]

Souichirou is not a mage, but a highly trained assassin. After Caster killed her previous Master and summoned the servant Assassin, she chose Souichirou to be her new Master. He has no interest in the Holy Grail War and acts mainly according to the will of Caster. It seemed that the two have a strong love interest in each other. It's implied that he sleeps with her on at least one occasion to restore her mana, as Shirou Emiya had done with Saber.

His identity as a Master is not made known in the Fate route and his fate there is thus unknown. In Fate/hollow ataraxia, it is revealed that he and Assassin were both killed by Gilgamesh while Caster was absent. In the Studio DeenWP anime adaptation of the Fate route, he is revealed as a Master and asissts Caster in the same way he does in the Unlimited Blade Works route. He squares off against Shirou with mystic enhancements from Caster until the struggle is interupted by Gilgamesh who strikes both Kuzuki and Caster down (in a manner similar to how Archer did in the UBW route); he dies after Caster does, but not before having a flashback to when he met Caster for the first time and then assuring he is alright as Caster vanishes to put her at ease.

Kuzuki plays a more significant role in the Unlimited Blade Works route, in which he is revealed as Caster's Master. He is shown capable of single-handedly defeating Saber. His background as an assassin is also revealed. After Caster sacrifices herself to protect Kuzuki from Archer's hail of swords, Kuzuki chooses to continue fighting against Archer despite knowing he stands no chance against a Servant. After declining Archer's offer to leave unharmed he is quickly killed.

In the Heaven's Feel route, he is only mentioned in passing, when Saber confronts Caster at the temple. Shirou and Saber find her covered in blood with Rule Breaker out and coated as well, a man Shirou recognizes and believes to have been Caster's Master, stabbed fatally and in a pool of blood on the floor, already a corpse. Caster does not seem to know she killed him, however.

In the adaptation, Heaven's Feel I. presage flower, Kuzuki is found by Caster, having been fatally wounded by True Assassin. She uses Rule Breaker on herself to rescind her contract with Assassin as per his demands to save Kuzuki's life. However, he kills Kuzuki by throwing a dirk into his head after stabbing Caster in the throat to kill her.

Fate/hollow ataraxia[]

In Fate/hollow Ataraxia, he lives with Caster and Assassin, with Caster attempting to fill the role of a loving housewife to him.

In one of the loops, he fought and died against Gilgamesh.

When Shirou/Avenger makes his final move to stop the world loop that he caused and release Bazett Fraga McRemitz, Souichirou fights the dog-shadows right beside his Caster and Assassin.

Fate/Unlimited Codes[]

Fate/tiger colosseum series[]

Carnival Phantasm[]

Kuzuki rarely appears in Carnival Phantasm, with the exception of Episode 7, which focuses on his relationship with Caster. Kuzuki receives a good luck charm from Caster that repels danger and leads him to win a string of awards and receive money.

At the end of the episode, he proposes to Caster.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family[]

Kuzuki is a minor, background character in Today's Menu for Emiya Family. His largest appearance so far is in Episode 9, when Caster's desire to cook a special dish for him kicks off the episode's plot. He also has small appearances in Episode 4 and Episode 11.

Hana no Miyako[]

In the world of Hana no Miyako, he is the father of Ami. He is seen over protective with her daughter and tells her to disguise herself in school. He is glad to see Ami made a friend with Arima Miyako.

Other appearances[]

In the Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA 2wei! manga, Kuzuki makes a cameo appearance during Extra Chapter: The Girl's Reasons. He is seen walking alongside Rin Tohsaka in the corridors of the Homurahara Academy, when she crossed paths for the first time with Shirou Emiya while he was with Issei Ryuudou.


Kuzuki in battle

Kuzuki is the Master of Caster, but he is not a magus nor does he have Magic Circuits or Command Spells. He only acts as her anchor to the world, while she must subside off of the magical energy taken from the leylines and the town in order to upkeep her existence. His sperm was still capable of stabilizing her enough to establish their contract after she was brought within Ryuudou Temple’s Barrier.[2][4] Due to his martial prowess and Caster's reinforcement, he is a rare Master capable of only fighting opponents directly rather than acting from a support role.[5]


Kuzuki is a master martial artist whose strength is above that of regular humans, able to deliver blows to a man's temple with enough force to crush their skull.[6][7][8] In his pursuit of mastering his martial art in his daily training, he has come upon the ideal form of breathing and walking techniques for a human that not even the talented Saber could attain through training. While not in the realm of those who naturally possess the ability to replicate potent thaumaturgy, his training has "affected him in the perfect way", bringing about a natural and controlled way of breathing and steps that produce no wasted movement. Saber admires and praises him as the greatest she has seen in that one respect.[9]

Despite his strength, he, as a regular human, cannot fight Servants on his own, showing an inability do more than slightly budge the head of one with a strike.[8] Caster uses Reinforcement magecraft to strengthen his fists and body to ten times that of a normal human, making him even more fearsome when combined with his already superhuman base strength. Even with that, he is still a human at his core, so fighting and overwhelming a Servant barehanded is an unthinkable feat that even leaves all those around him, even including Caster, in pause.[5][7][10] His fists become "iron clubs" to crush opponents and physically strike Servants.[5][6] He is able to physically repel threats on the same level as Assassin, so he is referred to as a "front-line Saber-class defender" who can help support Caster even against a threat like Berserker.[11] The strengthening requires Caster's upkeep, so his strength immediately drops upon her death.

His fists are strengthened to the point where they can be called steel. He is able to destroy Rin's head with a single blow, removing everything above her neck, and he is able to create a hole through Shirou's chest with a single strike. He can shatter Shirou's wooden sword, reinforced to where its can be considered a metal rod, with his fist. He can strike and deflect Shirou's projected Noble Phantasms, and attack with enough force to damage Shirou's arms just from defending against his attacks. While his fists do not have enough strength to destroy a Noble Phantasm, he is able to destroy Shirou's imperfect replications with pure force. He can catch a full powered slash from Invisible Air between his elbow and knee without suffering any damage, and he can strike Saber's armor directly with no effect to his hands.

While enhanced by Caster, he is still only a human with no magic resistance, so a magus able to attack from a distance is more of a threat to him than a Servant. He fights on the front line while Caster is to support him and deal with enemy projectile attacks.[5] Caster must protect him from effects such as the drain from Blood Fort Andromeda and the effects of her own magecraft while in her temple.[7][12] Despite the weakness, he displays quick judgement in being able to easily close the distance to Rin before she can even realize it, strike the center of her body to render her unable to breath or use magecraft, and then decapitate her in an instant.[13] Against Caster in a serious fight, it would be a "conditional battle" where the winner is decided by whoever gets the first strike, Kuzuki with a quick, unseen strike or Caster with her overwhelming magecraft.[14]


Kuzuki was tempered by his organization to become a "lethal weapon", acting as a "tool" for their usage and trained in his one primary "function", murder, until they needed to utilize him. Normally kept from regular human knowledge due to it being excess "extra functions", it was necessary to allow him to become a "pseudo-human" to fulfill his primary "function." Those handling him felt that such common knowledge would make him inconsistent, acting as dead weight to slow down his primary function of finding the target without being detected, killing the victim before they are even aware of it, and then killing himself. He is able to use a social position as a teacher granted by the organization to blend in with the area, and even after leaving his duties, finds himself able to master the basic knowledge and skills to keep up with the job without difficulty.[2]

He is extremely unassuming in his daily life, appearing to be completely ordinary at first sight. The insightful Saber notices him to be "no ordinary man" at first glance, but cannot help feel "the more I look at him the more ordinary he feels" as she confidently declares that Kuzuki is not a Master. She only notices that his breathing is too natural and too controlled for a regular person. This trait is not enough to make her suspect anything "special" about him other than praising him for the extraordinary ability. She ranks him as physically being on par with Shirou, and not knowing of his fighting style, feels that he would do as well in battle as any regular human.[9]

He uses his normal appearance to gain an advantage over opponents who underestimate him, quickly moving to strike to kill the opponent before he is even noticed.[14][15] When ready to fight, he does not radiate any enmity or bloodlust, and simply enters his battle posture while giving off a clear murderous intent that hides his scariness. He is called more like an assassin than Assassin due to this. He is able to move about without making any sound or let any part of his presence be felt, surprising Caster by appearing before her without alerting her.[16] He is the only one to notice Shirou observing them at the church, and as he does not have any emotion towards enemies, he is able to quickly attack without hesitation. He is unable to notice Archer before he kills Caster because he cannot detect magical energy.


Various curving strikes.

Kuzuki's striking the back of Saber's head.

Kuzuki uses a fighting style called Snake (蛇?) that was the basis for his means of assassination, keeping him without a weapon so as to allow him an easier chance at getting close to his target. He is an extremely fast learner, having mastered the art years before he was set to fulfill his "function", all while still keeping up his daily routine to perfect it over twenty years. Despite such aptitude, he was not taught any new techniques due to only being "created" to be a "snake tool."[2] It is a fighting style that aims at vital weak points like the forehead, throat, heart and spine, each strike launched with extreme precision and quick speed to the point where he can deliver three fatal strikes in a single breath. He has a policy of always attempting to deliver deathblows to the opponent, so those like Shades that can move even without heed of things like destroyed heads or spines require him to change his tactics to disabling their limbs.[6]

The crux of the fighting style is to keep his arms flexible like whips while quickly moving at unexpected right angles in order to keep it from having a concrete shape. He keeps his arms and stance steady like a rock while waiting to strike, and he is able quickly close in without revealing any hints as to how he advanced. His arms quickly extend, and his forearms move even more quickly from that point to strike with his "mountain-like fingers." The strikes come from the outside to the inside, the swinging arms changing direction using the elbow as the fulcrum to strike from impossible directions. He can easily strike the back of the head from a very close distance completely unbeknownst to the target. Even if that strike is seen through, he can easily alter the circular orbit of the path into a straight line directed from above to smash down on their head. He can quickly reach through an opponent's guard to strike them with the "serpent's fangs", and then use the "body of the snake", an elbow, to deal an additional blow.

Each is accurately aimed at the target's vital points and weak spots, and under Caster's reinforcement, they can damage Saber bluntly through her armor to directly target the core of her body. They are heavy and rapid in their intensity, rendering them almost invisible to an unexpecting fighter, but they are not an instant kill to someone like Saber. They are dull and sharp, and contain a poison that will lead to death, allowing him to go for the kill if the opponent even drops their guard for a second. Dodging the attacks does little, as his fists are "live snakes" capable of changing path to come back to the target. Saber is damaged badly because she has the reflexes to dodge the strikes, thus she got repeatedly "bitten", differing from Shirou who cannot see the fists and does not posses the reflexes to dodge them. He can only desperately parry and receive glazing blows. Kuzuki can also use the style in defense, making him able to react to a perfect surprise attack, in charging speed, footwork, timing, and the attack itself, from Saber and catch an invisible sword horizontally slashing at him with only his elbow and knee. While techniques to stop an enemy's blade with bare hands are practiced by experts in the present, the idea of a human doing such to a Servant is unbelievable to Saber.

Kuzuki lifting Saber.

All of the strikes up until that point are performed with only his left hand, as he does not use his right hand until the final strike. Unlike previous attacks that follow an arcing line, he executes the attack as a point and thrusts his fist like a lance directly at his target. Using precise accuracy, the attack can pierce through a throat, break bones, and smash a head to pieces. The attack managed to slay Rider, ripping her neck apart in one blow as if someone used a jack to rip off the meat and bone by crushing it, and it is capable of destroying Shirou's Kanshou and Bakuya guarding his chest and still blow him five meters away into a wall from the impact. Even if the strike is dodged, he can instead dig his fingers into the target's neck, as they can easily forget that a hand is originally something used to grab rather than punch. He can lift Saber with just his hand from this position and throw her at a speed of two hundred kilometers per hour due to his enhanced strength, knocking her out of the fight for a time after she collides into a wall. He mentions that he underestimated her, and that should have applied one more attack afterward.

He is able to accurately adapt his attacks in order to defeat opponents. He focuses his attacks on Saber's body and arms due to her protective armor, all while waiting to launch a fatal strike at the head. He does not attempt to follow her while she retreats, but instead uses various blows to keep her from escaping his range to keep his advantage over the reach of her sword in close quarters. The blows are not too heavy even though she cannot avoid them, but the pain from each blow numbs her mind. She becomes unable to counterattack from the heavy rain of attacks, and even her Instinct eventually fails her during the final moments of the battle. Kuzuki recognizes that Shirou relies on his Noble Phantasm to defend, so he makes it his goal to destroy the Projections in order to land a fatal blow.

The main idea of the style is to confuse the opponent and slay them before they can understand the mechanics of it, and it is further backed by his normal appearance that does not give away the idea of him being a trained killer. As an assassination technique only meant to be used once before the assassin kills themselves, it is something that must be fatal on the first strike. While the blows are strong, they are too odd and easily seen through if the opponent is not confused, showing the difference between a "technique" that is trained to an art and an "action" that is trained to the utmost limits. Catching Saber's blade and striking her in the back of the head unsettles her greatly due to her belief that he is just a normal human and her inability to understand the nature of such techniques. Due to experiencing the strange attacks for the first time, she is not able to understand the fighting style with her eyes, leading to her taking most of the attacks, and must rely on her honed Instinct simply to avoid the decisive blows.

While easier to comprehend on subsequent battles, it is still strong enough of a style that Shirou is barely able to hold him off for a minute at most even with Noble Phantasms and Archer's fighting style on his third battle with Kuzuki, as he cannot even begin to comprehend how to fight against the style. It would not work on Saber twice, so he retreats from her with haste once she is ready to fight again. While Shirou could never cope with it no matter how many strikes her receives, Saber is already used to them after their one exchange. Rin believes Archer would have no trouble with him due to having knowledge of it. Servants are more emphasized by their talent than their hand-to-hand prowess, so Bazett Fraga McRemitz, an expert at hand-to-hand combat thought of and developed by human beings, may be able to adapt to the style more quickly. He would likely win their first fight, very easily if Bazett underestimates him for a normal person, but she would be able to completely win against him in a second engagement. Out of himself, Bazett, and Kirei Kotomine, he would win as long as it is limited to one fight and he starts with a surprise attack.[15][17]

Even with repeated sparring matches against the skilled judo practitioner Reikan Ryuudou while Reikan goes all out against him, Kuzuki, who holds back on connecting with his strikes, can easily defeat him without being hit a single time. Otoko Hotaruzuka is amazed that someone Reikan cannot even hit exists, while Reikan comments that he needs another decade of training before he is worthy of being Kuzuki's opponent. Kuzuki comments that they are overstating his ability because he is only a "master of one art" and that if they were fighting with judo holds being accepted that Reikan would likely defeat him without issue.[10]


Kinoko Nasu claims that Kuzuki was listed as number one amongst the characters to be further explore in the Fate/hollow ataraxia sequel.[3]

Kazuhiro NakataWP first voiced Souichirou in the Studio Deen version of Fate/stay night, Fate/tiger colosseum series and Carnival Phantasm. Unshō IshizukaWP voiced Souichirou in Fate/Unlimited Codes. Masaki TerasomaWP is the latest voice actor who voiced Souichirou in the Ufotable adaption of Fate/stay night and in the PS Vita version of Fate/hollow ataraxia.



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    Nasu Kinoko & Takeuchi Takashi Discussion

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    Nasu: This is another character whose role did not change from old "Fate". While the standard Master/Servant setup involves the servant fighting on the front lines while the Master stays in the back and supplies the Servant with mana, Souichirou did things in the opposite manner.

    Takeuchi: The setup of having Caster in the back while Souichirou stands out in from as the main combatant was something that was in place in old "Fate?"

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    Takeuchi: When did we decide that Caster's Master would be a teacher at the school?

    Nasu: We considered a few different options, but we did settle on the "teacher" role pretty early on. We wanted more characters with standing pose illustrations to show up during the segments of the story that took place at school, so that was a big reason for keeping the "teacher" trend from old "Fate".

    Takeuchi: Souichirou has a pretty hardcore backstory, but do you think his encounter with Caster eventually came to mean something special to him?

    Nasu: I think so, more or less. Even if he wasn't entirely conscious of it, he was deeply affected by the time he spent with Caster. We explore that concept some more in "hollow".

    >What being a teacher meant to Souichirou

    Nasu: Souichirou basically does not have any kind of ambition when it comes to the stereotypical ideas of "happiness that most people pursue. Instead, he performs his job dutifully as a cog in the machine we call society. He literally sees himself as part of a greater whole and is guided by a sense of independent will. He has no particular passion for or aversion to his career as a teacher, he simply accepts he fact that this is the job he got hired for and does his best to perform his duties. In a manner of speaking, Souichirou was living his life but was never truly "alive". If he had gotten into another line of work, he would have worked just as hard and been just as effective in that field.

    Takeuchi: He'd be the worlds most serious supermarket cashier. Souichirou is the kind of guy who would ask to use the restroom every time, even after being told he could do so at any time without seeking permission.

    Nasu: Since he feels no particular passion for or aversion to anything in life, Souichirou will readily accept any role assigned to him and perform his duties diligently. In his mind, that is the only way a sub-human creature like him can atone for his sins. He wasn't so irresponsible as to take the easy way out through suicide, nor was he so shameless as to believe that things would eventually "get better" for him. For this reason, the path to atonement he chose for himself was to become a useful cog in the machine and help to keep society running. He was convinced that was as close as he could get to making up for all of the murders he had committed.

    >Regarding Souichirou's design

    Takeuchi: Hmmm.... I'm trying to remember anything that could be considered interesting, but I can't think of a single thing...

    Nasu: The only thing that I remember is that I kept saying Souichirou needed to be a "dry" human being, and that Takeuchi came back to me saying he had no idea what I was trying to describe. (laughs)

    Takeuchi: I'll admit that description was still much easier to understand than "an ended/done human being", which was all the instruction I received when working on Araya Souren from "Kara no Kyoukai"... Despite Nasu's inability to properly define a character concept, I didn't have much trouble figuring things out once I started drawing Souichirou. The most notable thing about Souichirou is that his character development was quite solid, making him a memorable character without the need for him to be overly distinctive when it came to his overall look. I've seen him in quite a few doujin works, and you're always able to identify him regardless of his rather plain visual design. While his design could be described as a relatively boring one, there is some kind of "Souichirou element" that makes him stand out.

    >The message Souichirou carries as a character

    Nasu: While most people hate diligent teachers during their student years, they tend to recognise just how valuable those kinds of teachers are after they graduate. That was the idea behind Souichirou's character. In that interaction scene where he throws Saber during their battle, I aimed for something that looked like a pitcher throwing a baseball rather than a traditional judo toss. I've always admired the speed at which a professional baseball pitcher can throw a ball. I mean, achieving 150km/h through unadulterated human skill alone is pretty impressive, don't you think? I believe a pitcher's form has something in common with the philosophy of martial arts and is the most effective motion when it comes to throwing something. That's why I had Souichirou throw Saber like a pitcher would throw a baseball. Of course, it helped that Saber has such a petite figure. Getting to include that scene was enough to satisfy me with regard to Souichirou.

    Takeuchi: It would have been nice if we could have depicted that battle properly in terms of visuals.

    Nasu: Nah, if we had attempted anything like that, we would have been hard-pressed to get away from with all the "lies" we would have had to tell through that image. It was pretty tight as it was through text, but I felt we were able to get away with it. If we had depicted that battle using proper event CG, I imagine it would have made the whole thing look less cool.

    Takeuchi: I guess we would have had to use some pretty fancy manipulation techniques to make it work.

    Nasu: Yeah, like a totally distorted perspective combined with overly flashy presentation. It's hard to make the image of a human figure being thrown look really cool. I mean, Souichirou might have come out looking cool though, but Saber would have been a different story.

    Takeuchi: True enough.

    Nasu: Since the image would have turned out looking more comedic than dramatic, we chose to restrain ourselves for the sake of Saber's honour.


    Character Data 012
    所属:穂群原学園 社会科教師

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    Q: Mr. Kuzuki vs. True Assassin wasn’t shown, but was Mr. Kuzuki defeated without being able to land a single blow on True Assassin? <Kyuhey>

    Nasu: He might have had some sort of a battle if it was a Servant that faced him head-on, but he was facing an assassin… The logic here is that when it’s an assassin vs. an assassin, the one who strikes first gets the perfect victory.
    Takeuchi: Though I wanted to see an all-out battle between a magecraft buffed Kuzuki by Caster versus True Assassin…

    ? <Kyuhey>


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  11. [v] Comptiq 2006-03 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Q: Lancer, Caster, Assassin, and True Assassins; all with normal attack and Noble Phantasms of B or lower. If they fought against Berserker, wouldn't it be a one-sided fight? Or are there any of them that can match up against him?

    Q. Lancer, Caster, Assassin, and True Assassins; all with normal attack and Noble Phantasms of B or lower. If they fought against Berserker, wouldn't it be a one-sided fight? Or are there any of them that can match up against him?

    A: Assassin and True Assassin by themselves wouldn't even be a fight. Lancer can use his runes and Noble Phantasm together to temporarily raise the rank to A, but it'd still be a very disadvantageous fight but "one with some chances". Caster has two front-line Saber-class defenders, so if she uses her high sorcery then she'd be able to deal damage, but that would be limited to 2 to 3 times. Also, in the game, Assassin was able to push Berserker back because of the terrain advantage and support from Caster (weighing down Berserker's body). ...Well, since the compatibility of Assassin and Berserker is horrible, the fact that Berserker was even pushed back is enough to say "whoah, Kojirou's amazing".


    A:アサシン、真アサシンは単体では勝負になりません。ランサーはルーン魔術と宝具の組み合わせで一時的にAランクに届くので、かなり不利な戦いになりますが「いくらか勝ち目のある」戦いを展開できます。キャスターはセイバークラスの前衛が2人ほどいるのなら大魔術でダメージを与えられますが、それも2回か3 回が限度でしょう。ちなみに、本編でアサシンがバーサーカを撃退しているのは地形の有利とキャスターの援護(バーサーカー本体への重圧)があったおかげです。……いやまあ、それでもアサシンとバーサーカーの相性は最悪なので、撃退したこと自体、小次郎スゲーということになるのですが。

  12. Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works route - Day 14: Knight stay night - Rin's clever attack
  13. Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works route - Day 9: Mydear, straydead - Killer
  14. 14.0 14.1
    [v] Dengeki Hime 02/2006, Type-Moon Double Maniax - [Fate] Dream Battle - Kuzuki vs Caster

    Nasu-san CHECK!
    Welcome to the beginning of the unorthodox rumble series! The end of the ugly battle of the married couple.....yeah well, just as the adage goes about the loser being the one who falls for the other first, it'd end with Caster being the cause of her own defeat no matter what! You can do it, wakaokusama! ....would be the punchline I started off with, but if both were really serious it wouldn't even be a "fight". Kuzuki, who'd kill the opponent instantly before being noticed, and Caster, who has overwhelming firepower to annihilate the enemy with once the battle starts. Basically, whoever gets the first hit wins without question, would be the "conditional battle".


    さあ、場外乱闘シリーズの開幕です! 犬も喰わない夫婦喧嘩の結末は――まぁ、惚れた
    方の負けという格言通り、何をどうやってもキャスターの自滅に終わるのでした! 頑張
    れ若奥さま! …などとオチから入ってしまいましたが、お互い本気だとしても「戦い」

  15. 15.0 15.1
    [v] Comptiq 2006-07 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Q: If Bazett and Kuzuki got in a hand-to-hand fight against each other, who would win?

    Q: If Bazett and Kuzuki got in a hand-to-hand fight against each other, who would win?

    A: If it's the first fight, then Kuzuki will win. If it's the second fight, then Bazett would pretty much completely win. Kuzuki could even drive Saber into a corner as long as his trick was kept hidden, but Bazett is also an expert at hand-to-hand combat thought of and developed by human beings. There's the possibility that she might adapt to Kuzuki's "snake" quicker than the Servants, who are more emphasized by their talent. However, since she might underestimate Kuzuki-sensei as being a normal person, Bazett could be beaten pretty simply.



  16. Fate/stay night - Unlimited Blade Works route - Day 12: moonlight (II) - Holy woman violated
  17. [v] Comptiq 2007-11 issue - Fate Dojo Q & A:
    Q. Between Kotomine, Bazett, Kuzuki, Melty Blood’s Miyako, and Kishima Kouma, who’d be the top 3 in a purely hand to hand fight with no weapons or magecraft?

    Q: Between Kotomine, Bazett, Kuzuki, Melty Blood’s Miyako, and Kishima Kouma, who’d be the top 3 in a purely hand to hand fight with no weapons or magecraft?

    A: I’m excluding Kouma since his existence itself has become a mystery.
    And even if he didn’t have that nature, he’s like an athlete caught by drug testing.
    Out of the four left, the winner in pure strength is Bazett.
    If it’s limited to one match and a surprise attack, then it’s Kuzuki.
    And if it’s the Kotomine from ten years ago, he’s stronger than Bazett overall.



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