The soul (魂, tamashii?) is a record that acts as the blueprint of the body.[1]


The soul is the second element.[citation needed] It is something independent from the body, not belonging to the same material world. It is an existence of a higher order in concept of the astral plane, acting as a record of the body containing the memories, mind, and Magic Circuits. The body itself can be called a terminal for the soul to move around, and the soul itself can be considered an invincible command structure.[1][2] While the body itself possesses a record of its composition in its genes that allows it to heal itself, that blueprint is not applicable when a person has lost their original body. The soul itself contains a record, the "genes of the soul", that allows both the body and its genes to be restored even if they are lost, should the person take another vessel.[1][2] Souls are the only existences that are eternal in the material world, but they are unable to remain in the world by themselves without a container like a body. Once it is fixated in a body, the soul is destined with "eventual death."[3] In that state, time affects even such ethereal bodies, so the soul can start to rot, corrupting even the body's blueprint. The person inhabiting a new body can only take their own form, overwriting the body no matter its quality, and that form will degrade more quickly as the rot progresses.[1][2]

The Dress of Heaven can materialize a soul for a few seconds, allowing a human soul to be put into another container like a doll.[4]

It is a general rule that the human body can only hold a single soul.[5]

The Hundred-Faced Hassan was born with a compartmentalized soul despite having a singular physical body, resulting in them manifesting as multiple personalities in life much like multiple personality disorder. As each is a different soul with a unique personality, they are able to manifest in different shapes once they are no longer bound by his living body as a Heroic Spirit.[6][7]

It is possible for some magi to use reincarnation, creating an offspring with their soul after their death. The process is difficult, and if they are unable to inherit all of their previous self's power, they can only be called a copy rather than reincarnation. This copy, degraded by its very nature, will be inferior to the magus' previous self.[3]

It is impossible for a magus to give shape to the soul, requiring a powerful artifact like the Holy Grail to assist them in being able to recreate a soul and give it a body.[8]

The resurrection and restoration of soul are divine mysteries that can only be performed with Magic.[9]

The Third Magic allows for the materialization of the soul, bringing about an immortal existence of a higher dimension able to take a spiritual form while influencing the physical world. Part of it is used to bring forth Servants, but since its true purpose is not to duplicate a soul perceived in the past, it is an intentionally imperfect method and materialized souls given spiritual form are not considered alive as part of the current world or timeline.[10]

When the body dies, the soul disperses and gradually fades away back to the Root to be recycled. This also applies to Servants, and magi need to feed them with Magical Energy to maintain them - something that shouldn't be doable normally on one's own, unless backed up by the Great Grail. This applies again when the Servant is killed, but the Holy Grail is here to store them temporarily to power the Great Grail.

Vampirization - that is, making the flesh undead - is a way to prolong the soul after the death of the body; yet, the soul still decays. Vampires need to drink the blood of humans to maintain their body, and thus, their soul.[11]

The core that binds the soul is the head - the brain. It is said that there are three parts required for a lifeform: the soul, the brain, and the body. The brain keeps the soul anchored to the body. The soul can reshape itself with the brain and the body. Usually, it is said that destroying either two out of these three is required to completely kill someone. In the case of a vampire, it seems the vampirization, which transforms the soul, can bypass the necessity of the brain to hold the soul: after a while, vampires can regenerate their body, and thus, their brain, to maintain the soul.

Michael Roa Valdamjong is probably the only one who ever succeeded in turning the unchangeable soul to a changeable information; it is how he acquired his nickname of Infinite Reincarnator (転生無限者, Tensei Mugensha?). However, revival of the soul is difficult, and what really transmigrates is his tenacity more than the actual Roa.

As he can't actually transfer the whole 100% of his abilities, he reproduces them, and always ends up inferior to the previous incarnation.

Souls are noted to have color, at least in the case of Gilgamesh and his soul that glows golden.[12]

Magecraft and conversionEdit

As their privilege of being Spiritual beings, wraiths and Servants, and beings like unicorns, have the ability to convert souls into magical energy to act as nourishment.[13][14][15] While magi believe them to exist and they act as a necessary element for performing magecraft, they have been considered hard to handle since ancient times. They are simply viewed as "things to be investigated" and "things to be moved into containers", only allowing them to be moved between vessels, rather than having any applicable use in such a state. They cannot be converted and transformed with magecraft, and as they cannot act as nourishment to humans or be converted to anything else, the ability to harvest them would prove meaningless to anything other than a spiritual being.[13][15]

It is said by magi that only one magus has ever truly understood the soul.[13] Other people include:

  • Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia, devoting his attention into studying the soul due to having interacted with a Servant, has found a way to turn the souls of other humans into nourishment for himself. Compared to spirits that can do so without issue, it is a dangerous ritual for a human that can lead to death if even slightly off, and the result of multiple rituals will end in his very identity being overwritten.[15]
  • Michael Roa Valdamjong has taken the soul, incalculable and something that instantly disperses upon leaving the body, and processed as something that can be "transmitted."[16]

Purity and weightEdit

The souls of humans are pure and sturdy as infants, and they are dyed with their experiences in life, each year of accumulated experience adding to it. Beings created in an already-matured state like most homunculi have empty souls bereft of any such experience, keeping the same initial purity.[15] Given enough time, even the soul itself can begin to rot along with the body.[1] In the case of possession, the experience of the souls of the two will mix, becoming jammed and clashing due to a lack of compatibility. Only those like homunculi that lack such experience can do such without rejection.[15] While Heroic Spirits can take in the souls of others as sustenance with impunity, humans performing the same will begin to have the precision ratio of their body and soul start to reduce, eventually leaving them as "someone else" should they continue the process enough times. While that person will share the same memories and have every detail of the person perfectly recorded, that new person will still not be "them."[15]

Heroic Spirits are considered souls of the greatest purity among humans, said to be vast and overwhelming compared to living humans, that can fill the Greater Grail with only seven.[17][15] Gilgamesh in particular is noted to be worth hundreds of thousands of human souls, and he alone is enough to fill the rest of a Lesser Grail when only the souls of four Servants have been consumed compared to the required seven.[18][19] Compared to the souls of humans, those of Heroic Spirits are completely different in all aspects, greater in purity, density, strength, and solidity. For one to possess a human for even one second is considered a miracle, and the idea of taking in souls of such density is impossible for a normal person who would be unable to endure them.[15] With the specially created vessels of the Einzberns, they can take in the souls of seven while slowly losing human functions.[5] With the backing of a Command Spell and the lack of his experience in his soul, Sieg is able to take in Siegfried's soul for three minutes at a time, and while Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia cannot actually devour the soul of Lancer of Black, he takes it in and engraves his very existence on Lancer's soul due to a number of circumstances.[15]

Related TermsEdit

Spiritrons (霊子, Reishi?)
Sherlock Holmes notes that Spiritron are the quantum particles that form the substance of the soul.[20]
Pseudo-Spiritrons (疑似霊子
, gishi-reishi
Giji Ryoushi
?, lit. pseudo-spiritual particle, Virtual Spiritrons)
With the loss of Third Magic in the Great Collapse of the 1970s. Magi discovered "Pseudo-Spiritrons" with modern science. The magical theory of Pseudo-Spiritrons points out where the “location of consciousness was being outputted”. In the past, the conscious could only be manifested through the body. But the magi pinpointed the location of the “soul” and succeeded in outputting it to the new frontier, projecting it as an avatar in the cyber world. After all, the soul was a higher dimensional energy body and it was quite superior as an information medium.[21] The Atlas used Pseudo-Spiritrons to engineer Homunculi with magic circuits.[20]


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