Space Dead Man's Hand: Black Hand that Invites Death (死を招く黒の一手
, Shi o Maneku Kuro no Itte
Supēsu Deddomanzu Hando
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Calamity Jane.

It fires a bullet engraved with "Bad Luck" and shoots through the head from behind the opponent. Even if shot right in front, this blow always goes behind the opponent. The opponent who was shot somehow sees a vison of "Two Pairs of Spades and Clubs of A and 8" during their death. An exquisite technique that gives the opponent the same death as Wild Bill Hickock, the king of the plains, who was a lover and a friend.

Historically, Wild Bill was assassinated from behind by Jack McCall while playing poker in the tavern in Deadwood, South Dakota. The cards he had at that time were two pairs of Spades and Clubs of A and 8. Hereafter, this black two-pair was called the Deadman's Hand.

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