Spiritron Hackers (霊子ハッカー, Reishi-hakkā?, localized as "Spirit Hacker") is the new class of Magus in the world of EXTRA. They are a new generation of mankind from after the era of magic ended, the magus of the old world have disappeared, and the era of Mystery has drawn to a complete close. From then on those who called themselves “Magus” came to represent Spiritron Hackers, a new generation of mankind.[1]

The Etherlite techniques that the Eltnam use has become synonymous with Spiritron Hacking.[2] Twice H. Pieceman is said to be the first Spiritron-hacker.

Outside of EXTRA, spiritron hacking exist in other timelines, but fewer mages devote their studies to it.[3]

Users include:

Related TermsEdit

Codecast (コードキャスト?)
A Program: Simple Spell (簡易術式プログラム?) used in cyberspace. A wizard writes and compiles the program code in advance, and activates it by passing magic through it. There are two types of Codecast. External Codecasts are one time use consumable Codecasts, while Internal Codecasts are installed into the body... or rather the Spiritrons structures [that make up one’s body in cyberspace]. Codecasts that have been installed are very powerful, however seeing as they change the fundamental nature of the user, not many wizards choose to use them. Codecasts implemented through the use of a Mystic Codes fall somewhere in the middle [in terms of power and effects on the user].[4]
Not being authentic magecraft in the Extra universe, magicians use Items or Code Cast spells and wizards who use them are called hackers. Ordinary hackers fall into two categories:
  • Visual Perception Digitization (視覚のみの電子変換?) - This is done through a simple spinal insert interface connection. Information is directly streamed into the brain, so they avoid the trouble of transforming each type of information into a digital signal. Favors input only.[5]
  • Visual and Touch Perception Digitization (視覚、触覚の電子変換?) - This is done through a wired connection from the nerves to the net. It allows a hacker to project the basic components of their being onto the net. Input/Output capable, and more powerful. However, the user is unable to project a human form in the cyber world. This is at best a simple projection, and as such is not recognized as a life form. Their existence circuit is read from their body, and they just manipulate that projection. They are unable to change or revise their circuit.[5]
Wizard (ウィザード?)
Wizard refers to A-class hackers. Compared to your average hacker Wizards posses special abilities and can dive into the cyber world at a Soul level.[5]


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