The Starlog: The Planet's Records of Existences (星命の記録(スターログ)?),[1] also known as the Celestial Egg (天体の卵?) and the Planet's Memories (惑星の記憶?) in Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-,[2] is a record of all life on Earth.[1][2]


The Starlog exists within a "deep, endless darkness",[1][2] as a conceptual universe. A domain which the lifeforms on Earth do not recall, with laws which are yet out of reach from humanity's observation. A hollow, the infinite whilst smallest, reaching into the furthest depths of space.[2] Looking similar to constellations, the lights of the Starlog that shine within the darkness are the Logs: Constellations (星座(ログ)?), interconnected memories of all life that has been born and perished on the planet.[1] Though an infinity of stars may release their light, their density and time is insufficient in lighting up the infinite extent that the universe possesses. The universe seen from earth is but a mere 13.8 billion light-years of information. One cannot illuminate the dark, cold universe with a light source of only that degree.[2] For those who possess an extraordinarily long history like Pandora and Darius Ainsworth, their logs possess an extremely long trail, interconnected in the case of those two.[1]


Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA[]

Through the combined effort of Magical Ruby, Gilgamesh, and Tanaka, they allowed Illyasviel von Einzbern to view records of the past within the Starlog.[1] While it should be an immutable record of the past, Darius, before his descent into madness, is able to view Illya and Tanaka as fairies and give Illya an item due to his attribute of "connecting to something impossible."[3]


In the Ciel Route Rainbow in the Night, when Shiki Tohno falls down towards the black core of Arcueid Brunestud's Luminous Body, he sees a glimpse of what Roa desired, the Planet's Records. Though he has already lost that chance, now, a fragment of that wish is appearing on the surface of the Earth. He eventually falls deeper into the limit of the observable universe: The Conceptual Universe.[2]


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