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« O’ My Good Willed Sacred Master."
"O’ Lord of Brightness who bestows all of his power, sanctity, and wisdom to me.”
"See clearly my heart, my thoughts, and my skill."
"Now, O’ being who created the moon and stars..."
"Behold my deeds, my death, my spenta armaiti which I must carry out."
"────Stella! »

(Archer, Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver)

Stella: Lone Meteor (流星一条
, Ryūsei Ichijō
?) is the "Ultimate Shot" used by Arash. A famous legend of an arrow shot with all of Arash's might. It is a maximum range, long-range attack that literally "Divides the Earth", bringing an end to all kinds of strife. Its aggregate amount of pure energy is comparable to even an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm.[1][2]

In legends, the "national borders" between Persia and Turan was created by means of Arash's ultimate arrow, having divided the land. Such ultimate arrow's shooting range is indeed 2500 km. It is said that, in exchange for this special move that exceeds the limits of humans, he lost his life by having his body scattered in all directions.[1][2]

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« All right...!"
"Stellaaa!! »

(Archer, Fate/Grand Order)

Because of such properties - which does not converge in a single point, but instead display its effects over a wide area - his Noble Phantasm is classified as Anti-Army. Though classified as Anti-Army, it in fact has the power of an Anti-Fortress Noble Phantasm, and when taking into consideration its range, it would probably even correspond to an Anti-Country Noble Phantasm. However, it can only be employed once for its usage always results in Arash's death, simultaneously destroying him and the Noble Phantasm, and in a sense, it is a "Double Broken Phantasm".[1][2]


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