The Storyteller Girl (語り部の少女, Kataribe no Shōjo?) is an unnamed girl descended from the Girl of the Moon.



The Girl was born from a successive line descended from the Girl of the Moon after she fell to Earth.


Much like with the decline of humanity, the Girl is unable to understand the notion of love in a typical sense. She likes humans and does not have any distaste towards those that hold the notion dear, such as the group wishing to reinstill it as a core value of humanity, but she cannot understand what pleasure they obtain from it. She holds a more practical view that blind love can only lead to failure, instead requiring a method with a tangible benefit shown in how they support each other with a clear objective. Without the ability to see another's heart, she cannot comprehend the idea, so she instead imposes impossible tasks on those seeking her hand, hoping to instead have the suitor measure the love that she cannot. If they are able to retrieve something impossible to obtain that is more valuable than her and still exchange it to have her, she will see that as proof of their need for her and stay with that person for life.

Although she lacks an understanding of love, she feels that she is still happy so long as they are able to live their lives with sun, air, and water, but sometimes feels slightly guilty over that likely being the reason that humanity is declining in the first place.

She is a form of life that inherits the memories of her ancestors as her own, feeling the "original emotions" of them as if etched into her genes. Although she is different from them and may fundamentally disagree with their principals, she is unable to stray from the core of them even when trying to tell the story of her "grandmother" from her own perspective and suffers from a bias towards those memories during the telling.


The girl describes herself as somewhat of an "ugly duckling" compared to her mother and ancestors, feeling she did not inherit their beauty or girlishness. Compared to them, she believes the only reason others propose to her is due to the land.



The girl was born cloned from her mother and inherited knowledge to keep her life in a form of genes and stories telling how to live in human society. They are clones, yet their personalities differs slightly depending on the moon's shape at their birth.[1] Though being illiterate at the beginning of the story, the girl takes Small Person's reading and writing lessons for a month and becomes able to write a whole story down.


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