Sudarshan Chakra Yamaraj: O' Chakram, Stir Up My Raging Flames (転輪よ、憤炎を巻き起こせ
スダルシヤンチヤクラ ・ヤムラ一ジ
, Tenrin yo, Fun'en o Makiokose
Sudarushiyanchiyakura Yamurāji
?) is Ashwatthama's Noble Phantasm.

Unusually, he made a weapon he didn’t possess in life, that he couldn’t possess, into a Noble Phantasm.

He who has a huge chakram in his hand, at the time of being summoned as a Servant, freely manipulated this weapon, and continued engraving it in his memory as a warrior.

In other words, all of his usage of the chakram is self-taught, an original that wasn’t taught by anyone.

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