Sumire (スミレ?) is the twenty first of the The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.





Tsukihime Remake series[]

Sumire is shown to be listed as one of the Ancestors on the list possessed by Arcueid Brunestud.

Tsukihime series[]

Within the original setting, Sumire has the titles of Water Bottle (ウォーター・ボトル, Uōtā Botoru?) and Sumire the Water Demon (水魔スミレ, Suima Sumire?). She is known as a vampire who lives underwater, having conquered the traditional vampire weakness of being unable to cross bodies of water. This ability has consequently made her weaker on land. She is said to be very strong, being the only Dead Apostle able to use Marble Phantasm, though she is considered to be inept due to excessive drinking. She looks like a "big sister" who easily gets drunk and although she has a castle, nothing is in there. She is a natural pessimist, but she is capable of enjoying most any activity. She is on good terms with Rita Rozay-en, and they share a pact to kill each other. It is described that in a possible Tsukihime 2, she would have the role of a drunkard that gets in Shiki's way.[1]



  1. Kagetsu Tohya - 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors Series, 21/Sumire

    Suma Smire. Lives underwater.
    Only Dead Apostle to be able to use Marble Phantasm.
    Transcends the rules of nature. Perhaps a superhuman.
    A pessimist who does what she feels like, but also one who can enjoy anything.
    In Tsukihime 2, rumored to be just a simple drunkard older sister who needlessly gets in the way of the murderer.