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« I'll go.”
“Curse, this blood of mine. Curse, this sin of mine. For many years since Koga Saburo, there is something here that cannot be washed away. "Summoning - Omen of the Great God Ibuki"! »


Summoning - Omen of the Great God Ibuki (口寄せ・伊吹大明神縁起くちよせ・いぶきだいみょうじんえんぎ, Kuchiyose - Ibuki Daimyoujin Engi?) is the Noble Phantasm of Mochizuki Chiyome. Via the curse associated with the legendary Koga Saburo, who is considered to be the ancestor of the Koga Mochizuki, she temporarily borrows the divine power of a terrifying Great God.[1]

To be specific, by means of channeling, she enslaves on a limited fashion a bunrei of the Great God Ibuki of Mount Ibuki - in other words, the serpent deity, Yamata no Orochi, that casted a curse on Koga Saburo through his clothes in “Suwa’s Omen (Shintoushuu)” and the “Omen of Avalokiteśvara's Shrine, Daikou-ji” - casting a deadly curse on the target. One who became a target of this loses their life by having magical power in the shape of a serpent twine around them.[1]


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