Sunomata Castle > Transcendent Dazzling Castle of the Sun > Golden Demon Realm ZIPANG is a multi-stage Noble Phantasm possessed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, its stage dependent on the current state of Child of the Sun.

Sunomata CastleEdit

Sunomata Castle: Overnight Castle (一夜城スノマタ・キャッスル, Ichiya-jōSunomata Kyassuru?) is a stronghold captured by Toyotomi Hideyoshi while serving under Oda Nobunaga. It is a fortress that can be summoned to defend against enemy attacks. It is available for the first five days of his summoning, and it changes in ranking from E to B over time with its durability rising in accordance with the rank. It can be pierced by Noble Phantasms of D Rank or higher without much issue, but durability does increase slightly with each rank.[1]

Transcendent Dazzling Castle of the SunEdit

Transcendent Dazzling Castle of the Sun (超絶絢爛日輪城ちょうぜつけんらんにちりんじょう, Chōzetsu Kenran Nichirin-jō?) becomes available on the sixth day, acting as a fortress similar in nature to a Reality Marble. It is an A Rank Noble Phantasm that contains a magical energy furnace that can exercise nearly infinite power. He can summon any of the samurai he had given favor to in his life as Servants with the exception of Tokugawa Ieyasu. If sent outside the fortress, they can only fight for a short period due to the furnace providing their energy located inside the castle.[1]

Golden Demon Realm ZIPANGEdit

Golden Demon Realm ZIPANG (黄金魔境ZIPANGおうごんまきょうジパング, Kogane Makyō ZIPANGOugon ma Kyō Jipangu?) has not been detailed.[1]


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