Surtr (スルト, Suruto?) is a Jötunn of Norse mythology appearing in the Norse Lostbelt in Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt.



Surtr (alternatively Surt) is a Fire Jötunn (Giant) or Muspel, the King of Muspelheim who brings the Twilight of the Gods during Ragnarök,[1] burning the nine realms at the climax of the battle, after which the world is renewed.


In the Norse Lostbelt, Surtr appears as a gigantic flaming figure. After acquiring Fenrir's power, the left side of his body assumes an icy form.[2]



Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Götterdämmerung: The Eternal Ice-Flame CenturyEdit

In the timeline of the Norse Lostbelt, against the intended events of Ragnarok, Surtr devoured the wolf Fenrir, gaining immense power that thwarted all the gods. Instead of bringing the Twilight of the Gods as he was suppossed to, he chose to bring about the Twilight of the World. He killed many gods and the leading giants, until he was sealed inside a false Sun by Odin, who also died in the process.[1]

During the final battle against Chaldea, Surtr was defeated by a combined attack of Sigurd and Brynhildr, after Napoleon managed to wound him with his Noble Phantasm.[1]


Surtr's sword is a Noble Phantasm called Loptr Laegjarn (Loki Laevateinn): The Sword Of Flame Shining Brighter Than The Sun (太陽を越えて輝け、炎の剣ロプトル・レーギャルン, Taiyō o Koete Kagayake, HonōnokenRoputoru Rēgyarun?). It is described as a Divine Construct created by the planet itself[3], with absolute priority over living organisms possessing form and flesh, such that not even Gods of the Age of Gods would be able to withstand it.[1] When the Noble Phantasm is activated, it carries an insane amount of magic energy and emits a heat of 4 million degrees Celsius.[2]

During his initial manifestation in the Norse Lostbelt, he possessed and exhibited the abilities Monstrous Strength B+++, Branch Destruction (枝の破滅, Eda no Hametsu?) A++, Giant Husk (巨人外殻, Kyojin Gaikaku?) A, and Scorching Body (灼熱の体躯, Shakunetsu no Taiku?). After regaining the abilities he obtained from consuming Fenrir, he displayed the abilities Body of Fire and Ice (氷炎の体躯, Hien no Taiku?), Beast of Einherjar (戦死者の獣, Senshi-sha no Kemono?), Freezing Membrane (氷霜皮膜, Hyōsō Himaku?), Final Flame (終わりの火片, Owari no hihen?) and Breath of the Ice Wolf (氷狼の息吹?)[2]

In the timeline of the Norse Lostbelt, Surtr, having devoured Fenrir and gained his Authority, became a Giant of Fire and Ice. Having inhabited Sigurd's flesh, he also inherited an aspect of Fafnir. After consuming the Fantasy Tree "Sombrero", he even usurped Scáthach-Skadi, as the King of the Lostbelt, and was very much a world-ending disaster.[1]

He was capable of making use of the karmic bond formed with Ophelia Phamrsolone when the two made eye contact to hijack Ophelia's Servant summoning and inhabit Sigurd's body. He placed a curse on her when he was summoned, which when triggered would leave her no choice but to witness the end of the world at his side.[1]


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