Sut-Typhon (スト・テュホン, Suto Tyuhon?) is an Outer God. They are summoned in the body of the Foreigner Servant, Abigail Williams.



It's a great god that is both the Gate and the Key. There are six Gates. Up, Bottom, Left, Right, Front and Back. It means all of space. And the god resides where light can never reach, outside of the universe, beyond the final gate. It might be called "Sut-Typhon", but in the Whateley's Book of Eibon, it's recorded as The All-in-One, the One-in-All (全にして一、一にして全なる者, Zen ni shite Ichi, Ichi ni shite Zen'naru Mono?).[1]


In Abigail Williams' third ascension, his purple eye is seen through the keyhole of her forehead. His tentacles are also manifested in her ascension.



Fate/Grand OrderEdit

Salem: The Taboo Epiphany GardenEdit

The Demon God, Raum, intended to summon Sut-Typhon through Abigail, in order to save humanity through "pain".[1]

When Lavinia Whateley was mortally wounded by Raum, Abigail, in despair of losing her friend, threw away her human heart, human words, and human hopes. She finishes the chant for Sut-Typhon and fully awakens. Abigail had yet to fully become one with the Outer God, and she still had her limits. Queen of Sheba and Circe tried to shut all of the gates from the inside, thus removing the weakening effect from Ritsuka Fujimaru's Servants. After Abigail is beaten, the god inside her disappears.[2]


Sut-Typhon can control space and time. He can open the power of gates in this world. He can control the evil tree Qliphoth, which opens a “gate” that leads to an alien world that is incompatible with humanity and produces a severe distortion in the target’s mind and body.[3]


Creation and ConceptionEdit

Sut-Typhon, also called Sut-Thoth is one of the names Aleister Crowley used for his "holy guardian angel". Kenneth Grant, disciple to Crowley, later associated Sut-Typhon with Yog-Sothoth of Lovecraftian Mythos.


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