Svin Glascheit (スヴィン・グラシュエート, Suvin Gurashuēto?) is one of Lord El-Melloi II's students in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.



Svin, who was next to El-Melloi, was not fond that Flat will become his junior, so he wanted to hurt flat before Flat hurts them. Flat compared him to a "Le Chein" and called him cool. While Svin couldnt smell dishonesty, he felt that Flat smelled broken and dangerous, so it is best to destroy him before he destroyed the school. Flat found this enjoyable because it is the first time a fellow apprentice gave straightforward emotion, so he decided to call Svin a "Le Chien." Shortly after, he set himself in the corner of the classroom as instructed.


A boy of about seventeen with curly blond hair that looks almost like designer candy as it glows in the afternoon light. He has a sense of slender, refined balance that spreads from his fingertips up his shoulders. A beautiful young man with a figure nothing short of miraculous, putting even the sculptures of ancient Greece to shame.[6]


Svin is normally a calm boy with a docile disposition. He often sighs at Flat's mistakes. Svin's calm disposition easily gets broken when it involves Gray as he is head over heels for the female student, and sometimes gets jealous when he sees Flat and Gray talking via cellphone, which promptly makes Svin decide to get a wireless telephone so that he can get Gray's phone number. 

As Gray is uncomfortable around Svin's advances, and in fact mistakenly believes that he hates her, Lord El-Melloi II has ordered Svin to stay several meters away from her at all times.

Due to the way the Glascheit magecraft works, rather than a magus, it would be more accurate to describe Svin Glascheit as a vessel for magecraft. That was why he became so captivated by Gray, who was similarly created to be a vessel for a past hero.[5]


Lord El-Melloi Case Files[]

case. Castle of Separation Adra[]

When Gray and Lord El-Melloi II return to London after solving the case, Svin catches Gray's scent and roams the halls eagerly searching for her as he hasn't seen her in two weeks. Gray hides from him, finding him a difficult person to deal with.[7]

case. Twin Towers of Iselma[]

On her way to meet with Lord El-Melloi II, Reines runs into Flat and Svin arguing about how El-Melloi II gave the class tripled homework as punishment for Flat angering him. When Svin notices Reines he deeply apologizes and tells her El-Melloi II is in his office.

Both of them later travel to the Iselma family's towers to aid El-Melloi II, Reines, and Gray.

Grace Note[]

Svin first appears during a class held by Lord El-Melloi II discussing the nature of curses. After Lord El-Melloi II uses Flat as an example, he has Svin explain it in light of the concept of correlation. Svin does earning high marks from Lord El-Melloi II. Later Svin helps Lord El-Melloi II apprehend the magus who was hired to curse him.[8]

During the Gurdoa Davenant case, Svin is with Caules and Flat chatting about Caules' computer setup. Suddenly, Flat receives a call from Gray, making Svin get jealous. Asking why Flat gets a call from her, Flat reminds Svin that he doesn't have a mobile phone. Svin then decides to get one. Getting down to business, Flat tells Svin that they have to meet up with Gray, because their teacher has gone missing during a case. Heading down to the sewers, the trio find an injured Lord El-Melloi II. While Flat and Gray search for the creature, Svin is asked to carry their teacher back to the Mages Association for treatment. While at the Mages Association, Svin is asked by Lord El-Melloi II to take him back after he finishes making some calls. Doing so, they arrive in time to save Gray and Flat and manage to convince Gurdoa to turn himself in.[9]

During the Rail Zeppelin case, Svin and Flat are recruited by Kairi Sisigou to help rescue Caules.[10] Svin then helps cast a special "Touko Travel" spell with Flat, Kairi and Luvia to send Caules and Reines to the Rail Zeppelin.[11] After the case is over, Svin participates in a graduation ceremony and gets promoted to the rank of Pride. He then attends a celebration party in the classroom and later goes into the city with Caules and Flat.[12]

In the novels, Svin is promoted to the rank of Pride between the events of the Iselma and Rail Zeppelin cases. In the anime, he is promoted after the Rail Zeppelin case.

case. Mystic Eyes collection train[]

Svin is mentioned as unavailable to come to the Rail Zeppelin due to currently undergoing all sorts of ceremonies in Mystile as a result of his promotion to Pride.[13]

case. Atlas Contract[]

Svin and Flat go to Gray's hometown to find Lord El-Melloi II and Gray. They confront Zepia Eltnam Atlasia, who sends them through Logos React to find the world where Gray and Waver are on among billions.[14]

case. Grand Resolution[]

When Doctor Heartless and Faker attack the Department of Modern Magecraft, Svin joins the fight against them with Reines and Touko Aozaki, outfitted with Volumen Hydrargyrum armor courtesy of Reines so he can keep up with a Servant, with Reines as support by fine-tuning the armor in real-time thanks to her Mystic Eyes. The combination of his Bestial magecraft and the Volumen Hydrargyrum armor gives him power and speed superior to any reinforcement and makes him able to harm spiritual bodies.[15]

Other appearances[]

In The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II, it's mentioned that although Svin has graduated he still stops by the classroom often. Even three years after Case Files, Gray still thinks he hates her.[16]

In Fate/Strange Fake he is briefly mentioned by Lord El-Melloi II as an example of alumni the professor doesn't want to call upon about the situation in Snowfield due to the danger.[17]


His elemental affinity is Fire, but it’s been somewhat changed. His specialty in magecraft is Regression.[5] He can use Gandr, but his Gandr has a beastlike ferocity and bloodlust behind it. The bloodlust isn't a special magecraft, it's just a part of Svin's nature.[6]

Svin utilizes Beast Magecraft (獣性魔術?), which allows him to augment his physical abilities by infusing himself with the Mystery surrounding the beasts of the animal kingdom to bring out the bestial nature within himself. Magecraft that borrows the abilities of animals exists all over the world, but the Glascheit family’s strain of magecraft is rather eccentric. It functions not by drawing out a powerful bestial nature, but by transforming oneself wholesale into an animal. Nerves, muscles, bones, and even the cerebrum are rebuilt in a process rivaling the theoretically extinct werewolves.[5] Magical energy wraps around his body in the shape of a werewolf, but if one looks closely his actual self remains unchanged beneath the wolf shape.[18]

This gives him animal-like qualities and abilities. He can encase his body and limbs in magical energy that that can mimic various animals and magical creatures. His most recognisable form gives off the impression of a Werewolf, a legendary Phantasmal Species. However, since he is not actually turning himself into a Werewolf, the term Phantasmal Wolf is consider more appropriate. Through this magecraft, he acquires an overwhelming level of speed and strength that far exceeded simple Strengthening magecraft.[18] He can run even faster than Gray can when she uses Add to boost her abilities.[19]

His beast limbs are able to run faster than a car and slice steel with the tips of his fingers; while doing so, an aura shaped like a wolf's paws and claws appears around his arms and legs. Subsequently, applying this magecraft to his entire body causes him to take on the appearance of a glowing werewolf with muscles and hair with the firmness of metal, allowing him to burst through the stone barrier of a mage's workshop with little to no injury while carrying another person. He is shown to possess an extraordinary sense of smell, able to sense both Gray and Lord El-Melloi II prior to their arrival; it is unclear if this enhanced sense is a product of a spell or an innate characteristic. His howls also have the ability to erase magecraft, as well as the magical energy flowing inside the magic circuits of other mages.

Within the story, Svin acquired the rank of Pride. This is not just an acknowledgement of his personal abilities, but Svin himself, who was the crystallization of the Glascheit family’s research, was also taken into consideration. On top of that, having achieved the rank in his teens is a feat rarely seen in the Clock Tower, so it was understandable for El-Melloi II to be struck by such deep feelings on that occasion.[5]


Creation and Conception[]

Svin was created because Flat being the only genius in the El-Melloi classroom wouldn't help Flat settle down as a character nor be interesting in a group. Svin would be the straight man for Flat's trickster personality.[20]


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    • 身長: 175cm
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    • 好きな物: 美しい香り。必ずしも彼のいう「におい」とは嗅覚に限定されない。ある種の因果を含む概念
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    Magecraft that borrows the abilities of animals exists all over the world, but the Glascheit family’s strain of magecraft is rather eccentric. It functions not by drawing out a powerful bestial nature, but by transforming oneself wholesale into an animal. Nerves, muscles, bones, and even the cerebrum are rebuilt in a process rivaling the theoretically extinct werewolves.
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    Within the story, Svin acquired the rank of Pride. This is not just an acknowledgement of his personal abilities, but Svin himself, who was the crystallization of the Glascheit family’s research, was also taken into consideration. On top of that, having achieved the rank in his teens is a feat rarely seen in the Clock Tower, so it was understandable for El-Melloi II to be struck by such deep feelings on that occasion.


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