Svin Glascheit (スヴィン・グラシュエート, Suvin Gurashuēto?) is one of Lord El-Melloi II's students in Lord El-Melloi II Case Files.





Svin is normally a calm boy with a docile disposition. He often sighs at Flat's mistakes. Svin's calm disposition easily gets broken when it involves Gray as he is head over heels for the female student, and sometimes gets jealous when he sees Flat and Gray talking via cellphone, which promptly makes Svin decide to get a wireless telephone so that he can get Gray's phone number. 


Lord El-Melloi Case FilesEdit

Case. Twin Towers of Izelma (Upper)Edit

  • Flat and Svin arguing in the presence of Reines and Trim.

Other appearancesEdit

He is briefly mentioned by Lord El-Melloi II as an example of alumni the professor doesn't want to call upon about the situation in Snowfield due to the danger.[1]


  • Using Beast Magecraft to catch up to a moving car.
  • Full body reinforcement.
Svin utilizes Beast Magecraft, which allows him to augment his physical abilities by taking on animal-like qualities. He can Reinforce his limbs to run faster than a car and slice steel with the tips of his fingers; while doing so, an aura shaped like a dog's paws and claws appears around his arms and legs. Subsequently, applying Reinforcement to his entire body causes him to take on the appearance of a glowing werewolf, allowing him to burst through the stone barrier of a mage's workshop with little to no injury while carrying another person. He is shown to possess an extraordinary sense of smell, able to sense both Gray and Lord El-Melloi II prior to their arrival; it is unclear if this enhanced sense is a product of a spell or an innate characteristic. His howls also have the ability to erase magecraft, as well as the magical energy flowing inside the magic circuits of other mages



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