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« My power is all for your sake."
"Devour my soul and take flight! Silver meteor!"
"Dead-end... Airgetlám! »

Switch On - Airgetlám: Take Up a Sword, Silver-Colored Arm (剣を摂れ、銀色の腕
, Ken wo Tore, Gin'iro no Ude
Suicchi On - Agātoramu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Bedivere of the "if" history of the Lion King. Having lived over 1500 due to carrying the unreturned Excalibur, he coincidentally made his way to Avalon and turned to stone. Found by Merlin, he granted Bedivere the silver arm to compensate for having only a single arm, as well as the name of Nuada's Divine Construct silver arm, Airgetlám. Replacing his lost right arm, it only bears the name of Nuada's arm to "back up the existence" of Bedivere's, as it is a "transient Noble Phantasm." Its true existence is that of the unreturned Excalibur, concealed by Merlin to be able to return it to the Lion King.

It is a "Continuously Active-Type Noble Phantasm" that he keeps active in combat mode at all times during battle in Fate/Grand Order. Although he normally possesses the output of an average human, performing activation for combat raises his STR, CON, and AGI parameters and grants bonuses for his sword attacks. His status sheet, STR A, END B, and AGI A+, takes these increases into account. Due to its nature and the fact that he is still living during the Camelot Singularity, he is near the end of his existence, and the arms eats away at his soul with each use. It is able to nullify the Gifts of the Knights of the Lion King, but each battle leaves him in great pain.

After Bedivere is able to return the sword and reach the Throne of Heroes after the Singularity, Switch On - Airgetlám, through a special case being made, became instead an "imaginary construction of the Holy Sword", as Excalibur no longer resides in his arm. Rather than eating into his soul, it is activated by the bond connecting Master and Servant. It is in that a sense a "new Noble Phantasm."[2]

Dead End - AirgetlámEdit

Dead End - Airgetlám: Flash, Silver-Colored Arm (一閃せよ、銀色の腕
, Issenseyo, Gin'iro no Ude
Deddo Endo - Agātoramu
?) is a special slashing technique utilizing the silver arm that is concealing a "colossal amount of magic energy." It can only be activated during the arm's "combat activation" mode with a True Name release, a "flashing anti-unit, anti-army annihilation attack" that blazes through the enemy line by means of a "hand swing."


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