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« Pay close attention!"
"Here exist god's thunder! Comeee now, please try to pay attention!"
"System Keraunos! »


System Keraunos: Legend of Mankind - Advent of Lightning (人類神話・雷電降臨システム・ケラウノス, Jinrui Shinwa - Raiden KōrinShisutemu Keraunosu?) is the Noble Phantasm of Nikola Tesla. It is the sublimation of his various exploits and deeds during his life and the mystery of many supernatural legends related to him being raised. It is a powerful Noble Phantasm where its existence emits to the world such a "furious power" that can be likened to the second coming of the gods of thunder and lightning described from various mythologies. It qualifies Nikola Tesla, who made no use of bows or other ranged weapons, for the Archer-class.[1][2]

The Noble Phantasm allows for an extremely powerful electromagnetism manipulation ability even prior to releasing its True Name. He can use the projection of the electromagnetic force as a long range attack. If he performs the release of the True Name, it destroys the entire surrounding area through the generation of "an outbreak of a limited, quasi-like space-time dislocation."[1][2]

It can be used for both offense and defense, but it consumes a lot of energy and so, mana reserves has to be watched closely. The amount of mana used when releasing its True Name is especially high. To compensate for this, Tesla's regular fighting style has him using Galvanism to recharge as he fights.[2]


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