One of the goals of the TYPE-MOON Wiki is have information that is as accurate and trustworthy as possible. This policy is established to reduce or completely eliminate the number of ambiguities, slight errors, and complete mistakes within the information in each article.

Usage of Sources Edit

  • No second-hand sources unless absolutely necessary. This includes resources such as fuyuki and Moonlit World's summaries. Game translations (such as those within these very boards), Nasu's blog, interviews (that other people can actually see) and other information straight from TYPE-MOON itself are perfectly acceptable. Reliable databases such as GameFAQs (for information such as release dates and developers, etc.) are also acceptable. Whatever it is, it has to be verifiable in some way. This is to reduce ambiguities and to make the information as objective and reliable as possible. Obviously, information for material such as Mahou Tsukai no Yoru will have to come from second-hand sources, so second-hand sources aren't completely banned altogether. However, please try not to rely upon them, and try to find something more reliable.
  • If the information comes from TYPE-MOON's own material, make it as specific as possible. For TYPE-MOON's visual novels, noting both the scenario and the chapter will be recommended. TYPE-MOON novels should note which book in the series the source is from, and a chapter/page number. Blog sources need the date of the entry and URL. Magazine interviews should have the volume and issue, while internet articles should have the URL. Ultimately, it is to the editor to determine just how specific the source should be. This will be used to confirm the information within the article.
  • All of the sources should be noted somewhere within the article. There is no need for footnotes, however.
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