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Taiga Fujimura (藤村 大河, Fujimura Taiga?) is an English teacher at Shirou's school, homeroom instructor of Shirou's class and the supervising teacher for the Archery Dojo.



Taiga's grandfather, Raiga Fujimura, is the family head of a yakuza group that operates in Fuyuki City. Her father was adopted into the family as a son-in-law.[3] Like Shirou, she attended Homurahara Academy for her education and is from the same graduating class as Reikan Ryuudou, the older brother of Shirou's friend Issei, and Otoko Hotaruzuka, Shirou's employer.

Taiga was idolized as the star of the kendo club, and was soon known as the "Tiger of Fuyuki" due to her prowess; if not for the tiger strap on her shinai, which was considered bad manners, resulting in her disqualification from official tournaments, it is thought that her name would have become famous across all Japan.

While in school, Taiga got to know Kiritsugu Emiya due to Taiga's friendship with him. Since then, she has been frequently visiting the Emiya residence ever since Kiritsugu moved in.[4] The two eventually became friends, and Taiga would often babysit Shirou when he was younger in Kiritsugu's absence. She had Kiritsugu as her private tutor, but he would only speak to her in English. After Kiritsugu died, Taiga became Shirou's permanent legal guardian and has been living with him for several years.

She became an English teacher at Homurahara Academy and the supervising teacher for the Archery Dojo.


Taiga is a twenty-four-years-old woman with short light brown hair and eyes. She wears a green dress with a yellow and black stripe shirt and white shoes.[1] Her three measurements are unknown but it is said that she is less than Rider but greater than Saber.[5]

In Heaven's Feel true end, everybody else has grown up and matured, but Taiga is the same as ever. It seems like she has not aged a day since twenty.[4]


She is widely called "Tiger" (タイガー, Taigā?), a nickname she dislikes as "Taiga" and "Tiger" sound similar in Japanese. She hates the fact that her name is Taiga, and if you call her Tiger she will get mad and cry.[4] Taiga is irresponsible, clumsy, and prone to sporadic bouts of extreme lethargy or zest. Although flawed, she is bright, cheerful and always bring laughter to others. Due to being born into the Fujimura Group, it was these people and their anything-goes attitude that caused Taiga to turn out the way she did.[3]

Taiga is a cheerful woman who's always showing her bright, yet childish side. She is really affectionate towards Shirou and Kiritsugu. She's always ready to help the former and she's always trying to give him good suggestions, especially on people he meets and those who're strictly involved with him. When she was a student, she developed a crush on Kiritsugu and it was something like love at first sight. Taiga and Shirou are very close, and she regards him as a younger brother. When she first met Shirou, she would always end up quarreling with him when she came over. Eventually, though, they made up, and settled into their current relationship. Shirou refers to her as "Fuji-nee" (藤ねえ?, lit. "older sister Fuji"). Her primary goal in life is to kick back and take it easy at Shirou's house.[4]

Thanks to Waver Velvet and Rider interaction during in the Fourth Holy Grail War, she found that communicating with people is really important. But it was thanks to Kiritsugu's influence that she learnt English from his private lessons, which led to her finally pursuing her job as an English teacher.[6]

She's very proud of her abilities and she think she's one of the best kendo practitioners of the town. She only acknowledges others through a kendo match, such as in the case of Saber.

Taiga is a very nice and protective person although she loses her cool pretty easily. She can't cook at all and that's why she always sticks to Shirou's house at dinner or lunch time, trying to get food made by either Shirou or Sakura, the latter whom she has a very high opinion of. Taiga barely accepts Saber's presence at Shirou's house, but she's easily convinced she could be a good guardian for him.

According to Kiritsugu, Taiga is similar to Shirley.



Taiga in the background.

She was only referenced by Kiritsugu in the epilogue when he was with Shirou viewing the moon. Kiritsugu lived a peaceful life and he was glad that the people he encountered after the Fourth Holy Grail War has not left him. Kiritsugu was fond of Taiga as she resembled his first love Shirley.[7]

In the anime adaptation she makes only a brief background appearance when the Emiya residence is being repaired.

In the Drama CD featured in the collectors boxset, Taiga practices Kendo with Kiritsugu. They discuss how to help Shirou; Taiga rambles on about the sport which gives Kiritsugu an idea on how to help Shirou. He invites her over to have dinner with him which Shirou is making, she leaves after taking a bath but her advice helped convince Kiritsugu to teach Shirou Magecraft.[8]

The Outsiders' Performance[]

In the side story of the special drama CD "The Outsiders’ Performance" as an adult, Taiga tells Saber how she was inspired to become an English teacher.[9] During the fourth Grail War, she was looking for the thief who broke into her friend Otoko Hotaruzuka's store and stole their best wine barrel. She encounters Waver Velvet and Rider during in the night after she fell from the roof. Rider becomes a translator for both Taiga and Waver, as Waver did not learn Japanese before coming to Japan, and Taiga explained to Waver and Rider that she chased after the thief until he flew off.[10][11]

The Outsiders' Performance

Rider was impressed with Taiga who willingly helped out a friend. Taiga, unaware that the criminal was standing in front of her, saw a puppy trapped in the lake. Taiga instantly jumped in the cold water to save the dog,[10] while believing Waver and Rider would also help out. As Waver and Rider helped Taiga out of the water, Waver questioned why Taiga is so persistent on helping people. Taiga replied that she believes in kindness in others. Waver thinks this is quite cute, though Rider says something completely different which left Waver in disarray: Rider claims he wanted Waver to have a romantic experience.[12] Taiga chased after an underwear thief, dragging Rider and Waver to help her.[12] After they handed the underwear thief to the police, they helped reunite the puppy to its owner.[13]

Waver asked Taiga if she helped others, does not she have any problems herself. Taiga claims that she is worried about her love, school and future. Waver and Rider suggested she is suitable in teaching and guide those who seek knowledge.[14]

Waver suggested they should part ways and head back home but Taiga wants to go after the wine barrel thief. Waver and Rider explained that searching for the criminal at night in Fuyuki City is getting more dangerous. Rider admired Taiga who treated friendship with sincerity, claims he will reward her. Taiga tried to introduce herself to the two but Waver hypnotizes Taiga to head back home for her safety. Rider thought of stealing more wine barrels from the market for Taiga but Waver stopped him from creating more trouble, Waver had a plan that could help her.[14] Taiga says an anonymous person sent a dozen barrels of high-class London red wine outside her friend's house.[9]

Taiga claims that after meeting the two men, she thought communicating with people is really important and began to take learning English seriously, which lead to her finally pursuing her job as an English teacher. Saber smiles as she knew the people she met, leaving Taiga curious.[9]

Einzbern Consultation Room[]

Taiga appears in the Einzbern Consultation Room, a metafictionWP segment not part of the actual timeline of Fate/Zero, as Student No. 0 (弟子ゼロ号, Deshi Zero-gō?). With her amnesia, she thought she was saved by Irisviel von Einzbern when she was swept into the Holy Grail War and participated as a candidate Master. However the truth was that she was training in the mountain for her Kendo match, she ate three days of food in one go and had a near death experience from it. She somehow entered the Grail and was chased by a pack of Shade but was stopped by a void-like male figure. Avenger would order the Shades to attack Taiga, but Iri would appear and save her from the Shades by cutting them down with her Naginata. Taiga becomes her student and nicknamed as Zecchan.

In the course of the segment, Zecchan and Irisviel talked to four of the seven Heroic Spirits that were participating on the 4th War; these arrived at the Consultation Room as they were killed in Fate/Zero. After their conversation with Berserker, she realized the truth behind that place and her existence there. She tried to escape with Irisviel encouraging her to leave the Holy Grail by telling her she believes her to be a champion of justice. While running away she encounters Avenger. His body turned out to be an exit and Irisviel finally understood that Zecchan is from a different time period. Iri gives her the Consultation Room's signboard as a parting gift, waving her goodbye.

When she returns to the real world, she wonders if all the time she spent in Einzbern Consultation Room was an illusion. She finds the signboard buried nearby and promises that she will continue Iri's will.

In the epilogue, she opens up Tiger Dojo of Fate/stay night and places the signboard in the center.

Fate/stay night[]


She lives with Shirou under the pretenses of being his caretaker, though she does not cook or clean, instead eating, sleeping, and lounging around at his home. Shirou, however, appreciates Taiga's company, and is more than happy to care for her. When Shirou is in any need of advice, Taiga can be depended on to be a confidante for his worries.

She highly admires Sakura Matou and makes no effort to conceal her desire to see Shirou and Sakura become a couple. In spite of her generally carefree attitude, she initially treats Saber with disdain as she entered Shirou's home under suspicious circumstances. However, as the series progresses, she warms up to Saber, and treats her with as much affection as she does with Sakura and Shirou. Saber, for her part, is bemused by Taiga's childishness, yet simultaneously respects her for her kind, honest nature.

Taiga has no major part in Heaven's Feel.


In Fate, Taiga challenges Saber to a kendo match, where she is defeated; Saber's skill earns Taiga's respect, and at the same time, Saber comes to recognize Taiga's role as Shirou's proper guardian.

Following the end of the war, she and Shirou adopt Illyasviel von Einzbern, although Ilya and Taiga are frequently at odds with one another.

Unlimited Blade Works[]

During Unlimited Blade Works, Taiga is abducted by Caster as a hostage to lure Shirou and Saber to Ryuudou Temple. She is rescued along with Saber after Caster's stronghold collapses.

This is expanded in Ufotable anime adaptation, Taiga claims she has a date, she visited Kiritsugu's grave and talks to his resting place. She tells him about Shirou going on a date and Saber's long distance visit. Taiga was saddened with the thought of not being able to go abroad with Kiritsugu. Meanwhile, Caster was observing Taiga and kidnaps her by casting a sleeping spell. Caster entraps Shirou, Saber and Rin to a Bounded Field on the Fuyuki bridge and reveals herself along with Taiga as hostage. Shirou was willing to sacrifice his arm and his Command Spells for the safety of Taiga. Archer was shown concerned with Taiga's condition.[15]

After the Fifth Holy Grail War, Taiga was looking for Issei and Shirou to pack Souichirou Kuzuki's belongings. She informs them that they didn't hear from him for a month and a new teacher in the next semester will replace him.

Fate/strange Fake[]

Taiga has heard the ghost story about Person A and has banned the students from mentioning the story. Students has mentioned Taiga is usually bold, but she's mentally weak in some weird ways. Taiga makes an appearance and calls out to student about Break time is over.[16]

Fate/tiger Colosseum series[]

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA[]

She is an elementary school teacher in Homurahara elementary and the teacher of Illyasviel. Her first kiss was stolen by Chloe von Einzbern.

Capsule Servant[]

In Capsule Servant, her family are neighbors to the Emiya residence. She was shocked when Kiritsugu adopted Shirou into his family.

She only appears in the true ending, Shirou adopted Little Caren and apparently she's listed on the family register as Taiga's daughter. Taiga was disappointed with her lack of appearance.

Carnival Phantasm[]

In Carnival Phantasm, she and Illya both appear in the next episode preview in her Taiga Dojo.

Today's Menu for Emiya Family[]

Taiga has guest appearances in Today's Menu for Emiya Family. She is featured in episodes 1 and 3.[17][18] A younger Taiga is featured in episode 6.[19]

Other appearances[]

In Fate/EXTRA, Moon Cell created a NPC character based on the real Taiga, Taiga shares the same personality as well as job.

In The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II three years after the Grail War, Taiga is mentioned as having helped Shirou move some of his childhood video games to his apartment in London. Rin has asked that nobody tell Luvia about Taiga, or else Luvia may try to bribe her for information about Shirou.[20]

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2008, she is a heavyweight wrestler known as the Master Tiger (マスター・タイガー, Masutā Taigā?) in the T Moon Fighting Spirit (Tムーン 闘魂, T Mūn Tōkon?). She is the SSF instructor. She uses a lovely katana and a stylized tiger bamboo shinai as weapons and is recognized as a dirty fighter. Her slogan is "I won't allow any boring matches." This means intrusion into other matches, mudslinging or hitting the victor and leaving. No one knows her goals are. Taiga has chosen Cutie Heel Bloomer to be the "Heroine (Future Version)".

In Type-Moon's April Fools' Day 2009, moon.cinemas.jp is a fake movie theater site listing a number of parody films. She was featured in Kill Ciel (キル・チエル, Kiru Chieru?), a parody film of Kill Bill Volume 1WP. Taiga plays as the role of The Yakuza (ザ・ごくせん, Za・Gokusen?), a high school teacher and a target for the Cat.



Taiga is skilled in kendoWP having reached up to five dan at her age,[21] her overall ability in swordplay is about equal to Shiki Ryougi.[22] She uses shinaiWP to fight in matches. Shinai were originally suggested by a prominent swordsman in Japan, Kamiizumi NobutsunaWP, during the Azuchi–Momoyama periodWP as a weapon to be used in matches in place of real swords and wooden swords. While generally made of bamboo, those made of carbon have become popular in recent years. The majority of the bamboo used in the construction comes from SadogashimaWP because it is believed to be of higher quality from being forged in the harsh conditions there.[23] She has the equivalent of EX rank luck.[24] Through sheer coincidence, she caused a butterfly effect during the Fourth Holy Grail War that saved mankind three times over in the course of a night. Her actions stopped a mastermind causing chaos at the bottom of the sea near Fuyuki, caused an unprecedented giant earthquake that was about to happen under Fuyuki City to be avoided, and caused a giant asteroid heading for Fuyuki City to change its course.[11][13]

Taiga favors a shinai called the "Tora-Shinai" (虎竹刀?) that she used five years before Fate/stay night. It has a tiger strap attached under the guard in what is undeniably its greatest feature, which was considered to be bad manners and not permitted in some official tournaments. The other members of her kendo club complained that her name would have been known all over Japan if she had not been banned from regulation matches for attaching the charm to the Shinai, but still felt rather relieved she stayed unknown.

It is still preserved within the Fujimura syndicate as Taiga's treasured sword despite being banned because of it, where it is jokingly called "a demonic sword that will not rest until it tastes blood, still sealed by the Fujimura family." Though quite skilled, she still easily loses to Saber while using only a normal human's level of strength.

If she faces Neco-Arc in a fight, Taiga would obviously lose.[25] If she were to fight against Souichirou Kuzuki, while her abilities are far inferior, her EX rank luck means she may have a chance at victory.[24]


Creation and Conception[]

Taiga initial design

During the plotting stage, she was more of a proper older sister type.[4]

For the Tiger Dojo sessions, it was BLACK's idea to added a section where the user approves whether or not to enter the Tiger Dojo. The section was so different that BLACK was worried that Taiga would come to be known as a loud and annoying character that would blast apart the atmosphere and mood carefully created in the rest of the game. That's why there's a prompt asking for approval to go to the Tiger Dojo. It lets the user switch gears from being directly involved in the story and steels his resolve to enter the Dojo.[26]

While Kinoko Nasu is glad to have the Tiger Dojo. He thinks if it had not been there, Taiga would not have had much impact as a character and would have only been able to make a weak impression. However, in compensation for her big role in those, she's been destined to shoulder a big responsibility, and she gets a major role in Irisviel's Einzbern Consultation Room.[26]

Gen Urobuchi joked about not adding Taiga in Fate/Zero because of how important she is and not touching her with his dirty hands is his way of showing his love.[27]


Taiga is a character loved by the entire staff of Fate/stay night.[4] Nasu commented Taiga is very powerful, she has many fans among staffs and voice actresses. Nasu expressed that Miki ItouWP is naturally like her.[28] Meteo Hoshizora states Miki Itou has a wonderful performance that he think users will receive a deep impression of the character.[29]


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    Takeuchi: Tiger Crush! Taiga has defeated Victim Archetype!

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    Takeuchi: Even a troublemaker can be lovable presence when familial bonds are in play.

    Nasu: I agree. She's not just Shirou's childhood friend or neighbor, but a very real part of his family. That's probably why she seemed increasingly concerned for Shirou when new "roommates" kept tumbling into the Emiya household. Shirou's apparent popularity often made Taiga wonder if Kiritsugu enjoyed a similar level of popularity in his youth. Of course, "as a teacher" she'd never permit more than three girls to be milling about. (laughs) Taiga is not particularly strict about sexual relations, but she'll also be the first to admit she's never seen a relationship through to any level of seriousness.

    Takeuchi: Taiga has a really understanding personality. She gives off a vibe of almost superhuman sensitivity.

    Nasu: She says she's on Sakura's side, but will readily admit that Rin has the best chance of winning Shirou's heart.

    Takeuchi: She sounds more like Shirou's mom than his sister. (laughs) I guess Taiga views the Emiya household as her second family.

    Nasu: And why not? When she gets "home" from a hard day at work, they have a piping hot bath and a delicious home-cooked meal waiting for her. Fresh clementines are there for an after-meal treat, and everyone cleans up after her. (laughs) The Emiya estate was previously maintained by the Fujimura family, but Kiritsugu bought it from them during the previous Holy Grail War. Taiga visited him often because she had a crush on him, and after he died, she felt it was her duty to look after Shirou. I don't know if you could really call her Shirou's guardian because she's more like a semi-reliable sister... For that matter, I'm not sure we should call her feelings for Kiritsugu a "crush". The way she felt about him is basically the same as the way Shirou felt about him. For these two youths, Kiritsugu was their role model for the grownup they wanted to become someday.

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    >The Tiger Dojo

    Nasu: The Tiger Dojo was supposed to be like a help function within the game, but it really only had about three useful tips in total. The rest of it was basically Taiga's comedy act.

    Takeuchi: I don't even know if you could call it "advice"... she basically just told you to go back to a point prior to making a defining choice in story. We basically had to turn it into a comedy corner in order to give it a sense of purpose.

    Nasu: We even made Tiger Stamps. Collecting these stamps is one of the very few mini-game elements in "Fate". Based on feedback, it seems like a lot of people played through the story over and over again to make different choices and collect all of the Tiger Stamps. I'd like to offer up a great big "thank you" to all of the people who showed that much patience and love for the game. I will say that making the Tiger Dojo was only successful because of Taiga herself. It would have been totally different if we had to use someone like Ciel or Neco-Arc. (laughs)

    >The message Taiga Fujimura carries as a character

    Nasu: I didn't really put much thought into what the sub-characters would convey, but I guess we'll go with the message, "Silly sister characters are cute."

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    Shirou gulps that drink

    Shirou: Gramps.... How much longer should I take in this medicine?

     Kiritsugu: Well, once you are old enough to attend Middle school you won't be needing that anymore. Until then, bear with it, will you?

    Shirou: Ehhh?

    Kiritsugu: The healing spell I used on you 2 years ago... Seems to be a little too strong for you. The danger still lurks within you, Shirou. Until you grow up and let your body put on some more antibodies, you will have to rely on this medicine.

    Shirou: Hey gramps.... Instead of this medicine.... Why don't you teach me the proper magics to protect myself? If I can take care of myself, gramps, you too can relieve some burdens off your shoulder right?

    Kiritsugu: No, I can't allow that. It's more troublesome to teach you magecrafts than making that medicine.

    Shirou: I also want to be able to do anything just like you, gramps!

    Kiritsugu: I know that sense of admiration within you as a child.... Even I still remember that sensation... But you no longer needed that....

    Shirou: Why!? I need that! 'Cause I still can see that dream... Even though 2 years have passed.... I still can't get over it... Since you have trained me I won't lose to anyone in fights and I'm not even afraid of my upperclassmen. But.... Once I see that dream.... Even when I wake up, everyone's still looks pale... I couldn't stop trembling.... I am really scared of seeing that dream again.... Even though you saved me yet it felt pointless! So that is why.... I need that confidence to prepare myself so everything will be fine if that happens again! If I become a magician like gramps, I.... won't just end up lying down but I could have done a lot more! Kiritsugu: Shirou.... To be a magus, the very first resolve that you have to make is to accept the concept of death itself... That is not something that will help or support you...

    Shirou: Gramps, you did tell me that before... I don't quite understand, but...

    Kiritsugu: Shirou.... Heh.... Well, let's try if you can get to sleep again... I know you can't calm down yet, but your body should be seeking some rest...

    Shirou: But gramps....

    Kiritsugu: You still have school to attend to tomorrow, right? If you are late again Taiga-chan will get upset, you know?

    Shirou: Cheh.... That's true enough. Fine, I understand...

    Shirou goes back to his bedroom

    Kiritsugu: Sigh... Just when I thought time will make him forget about that tragedy... Instead, he's getting more and more conscious about that tragedy.... He's getting impatient... He did not want to simply grow stronger... He needed a weapon to get over his trauma it seems.... To think that he's haunted by image of death at such a young age.... Heh... The irony when I'm trying to stray him away from magecraft though... Sigh, I wonder why.... I cannot allow Shirou to learn any magecraft from me. It's not something Shirou wished for... It's not a power that can bring happiness to people... It is something that I knew to well about... But I do understand that Shirou wanted that assurance of grasping his own life with his own will.... That is definitely one of the most fundamental mind-set required to practice magecraft... Whilst accepting death... the will to live is yet another important reflection of one's mind... What.... should I do now....

    The next day, Kiritsugu and Taiga are practicing Kendo

    Taiga: Phew! Thank you!

    Kiritsugu: Whoa, you got stronger, Taiga-chan. You can’t call that level that of a high-schooler anymore!

    Taiga: Oh, not at all! There’s still a long way ahead of me! I still have a lot of flaws here and there and that is why I never stopped training up myself every day!

    Kiritsugu: Oh, for real? You have already reached to a level so high that I see no point for you to keep me as a training partner. You won’t gain anything from sparring with people like me anymore, do you?

    Taiga: Hmm…. Kiritsugu, you look as if you are always spacing out but from the way I see it, you seem to be hiding something that I don’t possess somehow. And hence, the reason why I asked you for a sparring session is because you never cease to amaze me with new discoveries within every single seconds of our spar! I’m learning something new every time!

    Kiritsugu: Heh, I find it scary instead when you put it that way. A man who just got dropped out from life like me would only be a bad example, wouldn’t I?

    Taiga: Oh nonono! No such thing at all…. Is what I’d like to say but…. I see…. So, Kiritsugu, you really are aware of your depravity in the eyes of the society huh?

    Kiritsugu: Heh, you possess everything that I held dear for. So there’s nothing for you to learn from me to be honest.

    Taiga: Muuuuuu! Something that Kiritsugu possessed!? Was it your memories of your youthful Exes during your younger days!? If that is so, I really don’t mind reliving your memories with them------

    Kiritsugu: Hahahahaha I guess above all things, your youthfulness shines the most.

    Taiga: Huh? You let it slide just like that? I intended for that to be a joke though~

     Kiristugu: What? That was a joke? Well, I’m aware that I reek like an old gramps. Heck, even Shirou treats me like a grandpa.

    Taiga: Wha--- I may only be a girl here, but as one from the Fujimuras, we will hold responsible for every word that came out of our mouth! Ayyyyy don’t worry about it! This Fujimura Taiga is willing to give you some help in regards to the experience and the status quo or anything of a lively and active high-school girl here! So, come at me! I can even spell out the best trending hair-rinse in the Oricon Chart, you know!?

    Kiritsugu: Hahahaha, you sure know how to take care of people, huh? So do you find yourself advising your juniors often?

    Taiga: Hmm… now that I think about it…. You could say this is my act of virtue here! I was dubbed the Counsellor-of-all-trades in Homurahara actually…. Hmm… Do you think I should start charging the for the advices I give?

    Kiritsugu: You shouldn’t label a price on an act of virtue, ok? Hm… But well…. Maybe I do have one dilemma that only a young person like you would understand….

    Stands up

    Kiritsugu: Taiga-chan. Wanna go for a tea when you are free? Of course, only when you are free enough to entertain this old-man-in-his-mid-age.

    Taiga: Ohohohoho! Of course! Please allow me, OSU!!

    They seem to be enjoying a good tea time now

    Taiga: Waaaahhh…. This beautiful sunlight… This deep bitter fragrance… And that soothing water cane….. PWERFECTT!! This kind of instant is way too perfect!!

    Kiritsugu: This water cane…. Is actually built by Shirou… I wonder just how did that boy get so good in the kitchen.

    Taiga: Isn’t that fine? All those people that accuse him of having sissy hobby are simply not aware of the change in trend. Highschool girls these days actually harbour a secret urge for a butler kind of guy! Please don’t assume all girls love to cook! Sooner or later, the era of ‘King’ is coming soon and Shirou will definitely have no problem in looking for a wife!

    Kiritsugu: Well, truth to be told, that actually helped me a lot though. The fact that he’s taking on the cooking in my stead…

    Taiga: Yes! It’s always good to find one’s specialty! I think he’s too desperate sometimes but… But it doesn’t change the fact that it really did save us from troubles! But now that we think about it, how did he become so good in cooking? What exactly is the difference between me and Shirou? Patience? Our strive for perfection? Or the fact that he properly tastes his own food? What’s the ABC of cooking anyway?

    Kiritsugu: By the way, Taiga-chan. Not really to continue our topic… But can you think of this as a game and try answering a few of my questions? Just like how you give advises to your juniors and friends.

    Taiga: Oh, you are being shy again this time~ Or maybe you are trying to test my debating skills here? Ayyyyy, fine! Come at me!

    Kiritsugu: Hmm… Ok then. Let’s say… There’s a boy who wanted you to teach him the way of Kendo. Not that he likes Kendo nor that he likes extra-curricular activities but rather, he simply wanted to get stronger. His only motivations was strength.

    Taiga: Hmmm… That is not a rare case to be honest. There are quite a lot of freshman that tried to enter our club with that kind of motive.

    Kiritsugu: And there’s the twist…. There’s a real katana reachable within his hands at his home. The administration are so loose that he can take it out just about any time. If you carelessly teach him Kendo, he might just use that katana and hurt somebody one day. So what do you think?

    Taiga: Hmmmmm….. So this kind of questions are only based on situation where options like ‘locking up the katana in a locker’ or ‘throwing away the katana’ are not allowed right? It’s just an instance to see how I would respond as an advisor or a Kendo club member right?

    Kiritsugu: Yup. Exactly. You absorbed real quick, eh?

    Taiga: Ohohohoho it’s quite hard to do it if you already compliment me before I have even started. Ahem, let’s see… An insolent pupil who harbours an ulterior motive in pursuing the path of swordsman but with a really sincere and pure wish to get stronger… Can’t say I don’t know how he feels. Hmm… Even if I reject him he might just pursue Online Lessons or even resort to even worse methods… Hmmm. Welp, I guess I’ll just teach him Kendo first!

    Kiritsugu: Hmm?

    Taiga: BUT!! Only the swings! And I will never allow him to learn any footworks or do any sparring at all! Nothing but only swinging! I will make him swing 10 sets of 100s even during rainy days, windy days, EVERYDAY BEFORE AND AFTER HE SLEEPS!

    Kiritsugu: Is that…..even Kendo?

    Taiga: Nope. I will just teach him some nonsensical essence of Kendo. PAM PAM! I will only make him focus on swinging shoulders and tell him to imagine swinging towards a grandma’s shoulder, massaging her and I will teach him the worst way to handle a Shinai where it’d fall off every time even when he swings seriously.

    Kiritsugu: Ahah…. I see what you did there.

    Taiga: If we make him practice so much of nonsense, no joy but only misery, plus 0 signs of getting stronger. So long he’s not a massive idiot, he’d definitely give up. And I bet he’d say something like ‘Kendo is useless’. Then that’d make him understand that swords will never bring him any good and case closed. But then… if he started thinking like ‘If sword can’t do it, then I’ll go for guns’ and went astray, then that’d be outside the concern of a Kendo practitioner and then I’ll have to look at the case from the perspective of Fuyuki’s justice but that’d beat the purpose of this question, wouldn’t it?

    Kiritsugu: Hmm true that. To be honest, that was a really unexpected answer… Which means that you’d ‘deceive’ him, huh?

    Taiga: Plus, it is fraudulent of that kid to pursue the path of sword for the sole purpose of getting stronger. It is a deception to let him realize of his own mistake, a very sincere lie.

     Kiritsugu: Taiga-chan…. If…. Just an example--- What if, that boy just now actually believed in every single words you said, and yet you don’t want to betray his trust. In that case, would you still use the same method?

    Taiga: Though it pains my heart, in order to stir him off his misconceptions, we’d have to let him walk through the wrong path, and let him foresee the answer of the path he has taken. I think that is the shortest way for him to clear his misconceptions. Plus, you don’t really find any pupils that’d just listen to your lectures or naggings by heart.

    Kiritsugu: So that’d mean all the time and passion he had invested to that nonsensical Kendo will be nothing but a waste of time… huh?

    Taiga: Yes, it’s fine that way. Just think of that as a tuition fee---- Oooooh, I mean, wasting your time is what they meant by youth after all.

    Kiritsugu: Heh, I see. But… What if… That boy still didn’t know of the mistake until the end… What would you do?

    Taiga: If that is so, then that’d be yet again, a very amazing thing to witness. I think I might praise him instead.

    Kiritsugu: Why would you say so?

    Taiga: Because that’d mean that the boy had invested all his time and passion on some nonsense and saw through it till the end, right? That it’d mean what he has been practicing is no longer a nonsense but rather, he has mastered a whole new path different from that of a Kendo. That boy will become a charismatic figure that developed a swinging technique that tests one’s undying will.

    Kiritsugu: impressed

    Taiga: If he has become such a figure then it’d be rather strange for him to even think of hurting someone else. I’m pretty sure he won’t harbour any ill feelings towards his Master that thought him such a ‘nonsense’. Everything will be fine in the end!

    Kiritsugu: Hmph… Taiga-chan, you sure are amazing. You really are something.

    Taiga: Heheheheheh, Awwwww stop it you! I’m the type that’d fly sky high if you compliment me too much! If I get anymore carried away longer at this rate, I might just get a teaching license, ya know!? What’d you do if that happens!?

    It’s dinner time

    Taiga: Nggghhh, this is so good~~~

    Shirou: Fuji-nee, you sure eat a lot…. You’re not worried if you get fat at all?

    Taiga: Pffftttt, my training is not that soft to till I gotta worry about my body fats! If you really want to make me fatter you gotta give me 3 more servings of these! And plus, don’t call me fat. Someone might die here. So please call me in a cuter tone like, Miss Piggy~ or something.

    Shirou: I knew that’s gonna happen that’s why I made more today. If it’s just me and gramps, we might even leave enough leftovers for tomorrow’s breakfast.

    Taiga: Oh, Shirou. Once you got to the growing phase you won’t be saying that again. This impulsive immense appetite of mine…. Welp, it’s just a prelude to my 2nd phase of dynamic nice body in the near future after all.

    Shirou: Hmph, fine. I will try to come up with a menu with less fat so you won’t be able to intake as much fat. So eat up all you want at that time.

    Kiristugu: Shirou… Does that mean we are going to have more… Japanese meals in the future?

    Shirou: Yep. Plus gramps, you get full really soon these days. So isn’t meal with lesser servings but higher nutritional level better for you?

    Kiritsugu: But uh… Don’t you think it’s fine to have like…. Hamburgers once in a while?

    Shirou: Sigh…. Gramps. Listen here. You have already grown so old yet can’t you do something about that childish tongue of yours? What did you eat to make you grow up like that all these time!

    Kiritsugu: Um… Uh… heheh

    Taiga: Now, now, Kiritsugu-san, I will stand by your side when it comes to junk food so no worries~ Seems like the upcoming Bon Festival Dance will have lots of people aking the Doner Kebab ya know~

    Shirou: Hey Ms.Piggy over there, please stop spoiling my gramps over here.

    Taiga: Muuhhh, Shirou~ Onee-chan thinks there’s something wrong with the hierarchy on this dining table~

    Clock rang

    Taiga: Phew, that was a good meal. I’m satisfied~~

    Kiritsugu: I think the bath’s ready by now. Taiga-chan, wanna go into the bath again today?

    Taiga: Ohh~ Then I will go help myself then~ Phew~ What a dream house you have here, Kiritsugu-san~ Bath Bath Bath~~

    Kiritsugu: Shirou, once Taiga returns home, can you come to the Dojo for awhile? I need to talk to you.

    Shirou: Eh? O-ok.

    The sound of the starry night

    Shirou: Hey gramps, are you really going to teach me some mageraft!?

    Kiritsugu: Yep. Shirou… I will only teach you within my capabilities. But the content might not be what you wished for. I’m pretty sure you will be disappointed. If you got tired of it, don’t hesitate to stop, ok? I know I have been saying these a lot of times, but this exercise, is truly unnecessary.

    Shirou: It’s fine! I just wanted to be able to do what gramps, you can do, too!

    Kiritsugu: Listen, Shirou. To learn magecraft, is to depart from common sense. We die when the time comes. We kill when we have to. That is our true nature. We do not live by the living, we live by death. Magecraft is something that destroys oneself from the inside. There’s no other way around. What I’m going to teach you, is something that would stir more conflicts than not. And so… never use it in front of others and it’s also quite difficult so you should take the practice seriously.

    Shirou: nods

    Kiritsugu: Welp, even though I just said that, those are not the important part of it. If situation calls for it, you can just break those rules when necessary.

    Shirou: W-what do you mean by that?

    Kiritsugu: The most important part of a magecraft is…. You musn’t use it for your own sake. You can only use it for other’s sake. With that, Shirou…. You may be able to use magecraft but you will never become a magus.

    Shirou: I see…. It sounds complicated but I more or less understand now. I never wanted to be a Magus, I just wanted to learn magecraft from you, gramps. So I’m fine! I’ll listen to what you have said.

    Kiritsugu: Good. Welp… Let us start from the basic of the basic. The creation of your Magic Circuit. We will first make a line to allow mana to flow through your body. This is different from your nervous system that you are born with but rather, it is something that you don’t have in the first place. This is where you project and image of your entire body, from your organs, to your fingers, to every single nails, even to every strand of your hair, and manipulate them. You must learn to retain that level of focus concentration first.

    Shirou: The first step sounded…. Rather hard.

     Kiritsugu: Well, of course. That is because you gotta rework your body into the equipment to use magecrafts. Imagine you surpassing yourself, and break through your limits. Shirou, this is a battle for you to surpass yourself.

    Shirou: Un. If it’s that so, I will never lose. I will try my best.

    Kiritsugu: The self-assurance required to draw an image. You better think of a word that’d become a trigger to raise your concentration level to the maximum. Just like how you push a button or turn on a switch, you need that one word that can flip your consciousness around. You need that one strong word.

    Shirou: Is that something like…. A magic spell?

    Kiritsugu: Well, not too far off. A spell not meant for anyone else. A spell that only has a meaning for you yourself. A word that would motivate you deep in your heart. Some phrase that’d strike a deep impression for you.

    Shirou: Hmm… I see… Hmm…. It still didn’t come to me somehow.

    Kiritsugu: You don’t need to scratch your head over it. You just need a very persuasive word for yourself and only you yourself. Project and image of your own body, and declare your virtual consciousness. Your double, as if you are going to trace it, and look around it.

    Shirou: ‘Trace’?

    Kiritsugu: It means to copy something, I guess..?

    Shirou: Just like how you push a button…. Just like how you press a switch… To trace yourself…

    Kiritsugu: Yep…. You don’t need to rush your decisions now. Think about it carefully.

    Shirou: Understood….. ‘Trace’…… Trace, huh?

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