Taiga Fujimura (藤村 大河, Fujimura Taiga?) is an English teacher at Shirou's school, homeroom instructor of Shirou's class and the supervising teacher for the Archery Dojo. She is widely called "Tiger" (タイガー, Taigā?), a nickname she dislikes ("Taiga" and "Tiger" sound similar in Japanese), though Shirou refers to her as "Fuji-nee" (older sister Fuji).

The seiyu for Taiga Fujimura is Miki Itou, and her English voice is provided by Julie Anne Taylor.[1]



Taiga's grandfather, Raiga Fujimura, is the Oyabun (親分 family head) of a yakuza group that operates in Fuyuki City. Like Shirou, she attended Homurahara Gakuen for her education and is from the same graduating class as Reikan Ryuudou, the older brother of Shirou's friend Issei, and Otoko Hotaruzuka, Shirou's employer.

Taiga was idolized as the star of the kendo club, and was soon known as the "Tiger of Fuyuki" due to her prowess; if not for the tiger strap on her shinai, which was considered bad manners, resulting in her disqualification from official tournaments, it is thought that her name would have become famous across all Japan.

While in school, she developed a crush on Kiritsugu Emiya, and frequently stopped by his home to see him; the two eventually became friends, and Taiga would often babysit Shirou when he was younger in Kiritsugu's absence. She had Kiritsugu as her private tutor, but he would only speak to her in English. Due to her crush on him and the influence from the lessons, she eventually decided to become an English teacher.[2]

After Kiritsugu died, Taiga became Shirou's guardian and has been living with him for several years. Taiga and Shirou are very close, and she regards him as a younger brother.


Taiga is irresponsible, clumsy, and prone to sporadic bouts of extreme lethargy or zest. Although flawed, she is bright and cheerful who always bring laughs with others.


Taiga is a young woman with short light brown hair and eyes. She wears a green dress with a yellow and black stripe shirt and white shoes.



She was only referenced by Kiritsugu in the epilogue when he was with Shirou viewing the moon. Kiritsugu was fond of Taiga as she resembled his first love Shirley. But more details of her has appeared in the Drama CD and Einzbern Consultation Room.

In the side story of the special drama cd "The Outsiders’ Performance" as an adult, Taiga tells Saber how she was inspired to become a English teacher. During in the fourth Grail War, she was looking for the thief who broke into her friend Otoko Hotaruzuka store and stole their best wine barrel. She encounters Waver Velvet and Rider during in the night after she fell from the roof. Rider becomes a translator for both Taiga and Waver, Taiga explained to Waver and Rider that she chased after the thief until he flew off. Rider was impressed with Taiga who willingly helping out a friend. Taiga unaware that the criminal standing in front of her saw a puppy trapped in the lake. Taiga instantly jumped in the cold water to save the dog while believing Waver and Rider would also help out. As Waver and Rider helped Taiga out of the water, Waver questioned why Taiga is so persistent on helping people. Taiga replied that she believes in kindness in others and Waver thinks she is quite cute. Rider said something completely different which led Waver disarray, Rider claims he wanted Waver to experience a romantic experience. Taiga chased after the underwear thief dragging Rider and Waver to help her. After they handed the underwear thief to the police,they helped reunited the puppy to it's owner. Waver asked Taiga if she helped others, doesn't she have any problems herself. Taiga claims that she is worried about her love, school and future. Waver and Rider suggested she is suitable in teaching and guide those who seek knowledge. Waver suggested they should part ways and head back home but Taiga wants to go after the wine barrel thief. Waver and Rider explained that searching for the criminal at night in Fuyuki City is getting more dangerous. Rider admired Taiga who treats friendship with sincerity, claims he will reward her. Taiga tried to introduce herself to the two but Waver hypnotise Taiga to head back home for her saftey. Rider thought of stealing more wine barrel from the market for Taiga but Waver stopped him from creating more trouble, Waver has a plan that can help her. Taiga says an anonymous person sent a dozen barrels of high-class London red wine outside her friend's house. Taiga claims that after meeting the two men, she thought communicating with people is really important and learnt english seriously and finally pursuing her job as a english teacher. Saber smiles as she knew the people leaving Taiga curious. In the anime adaptation she makes only a brief appearance when the Emiya house is being repaired. In the Drama CD, Taiga practises Kendo with Kiritsugu. They discuss in how to help Shirou, Taiga rambles on about the sport which gives Kiritsugu an idea on how to help Shirou. He invites her over to have dinner with him which Shirou is making, she leaves after taking a bath but her advice helped convinced Kiritsugu to teach Shirou magecraft.

Einzbern Consultation Room

Taiga appears in the Einzbern Consultation Room segment of Fate/Zero as Student No. 0. She was training in the mountain for her match but was swept into battle until she was saved by Irisviel von Einzbern. She had amnesia but she is nicknamed by Iri as T-chan.

Fate/stay night

She lives with Shirou under the pretenses of being his caretaker, though she does not cook or clean, instead eating, sleepi
Fujimura taiga

Taiga in the Fate/stay night anime

ng, and lounging around at his home. Shirou, however, appreciates Taiga's company, and is more than happy to care for her. When Shirou is in any need of advice, Taiga can be depended on to be a confidante for his worries.

She highly admires Sakura Matou and makes no effort to conceal her desire to see Shirou and Sakura become a couple. In spite of her generally carefree attitude, initially she treats Saber with a distant disdain, as she entered Shirou's home under suspicious circumstances. However, as the series progresses, she warms up to Saber, and treats her with as much affection as she does with Sakura and Shirou. Saber, for her part, is bemused by Taiga's childishness, yet simultaneously respects her for her kind, honest nature.

Taiga has no major part in Heaven's Feel.


In Fate, Taiga challenges Saber to a kendo match, where she is defeated; Saber's skill earns Taiga's respect, and at the same time, Saber comes to recognize Taiga's role as Shirou's proper guardian.

Following the end of the war, she and Shirou adopt Illyasviel von Einzbern, although Ilya and Taiga are frequently at odd ends with one another.

Unlimited Blade Works

During Unlimited Blade Works, Taiga is abducted by Caster as a hostage to lure Shirou and Saber to the Ryuudou Temple. She is liberated along with Saber after Caster's stronghold collapses.

Other Appearance


Taiga in Fate/Extra shares the same personality as well as job. She assists the Protagonist by providing quests to complete similar to those in traditional rpg games. Her rewards range from items to furniture which you can use to decorate your private room with.

Carnival Phantasm

In Carnival Phantasm, she and Illya both appear in the next episode preview in her Taiga Dojo.



Taiga is skilled in kendo, and she uses shinai to fight in matches. Shinai were originally suggested by a prominent swordsman in Japan, Kamiizumi Nobutsuna, as a weapon to be used in matches in place of real swords and wooden swords. Taiga favors a shinai called the "Tora-Shinai" that she used five years before Fate/stay night. It has a tiger strap on it, which was considered to be bad manners and not permitted in some official tournaments. The other members of her kendo club complained that her name would have been known all over Japan if not for the Shinai, but still felt rather relieved she stayed unknown. It is jokingly called "a demonic sword that will not rest until it tastes blood, still sealed by the Fujimura family." Though quite skilled, she still easily loses to Saber while using only a normal human's level of strength.

In Fate/tiger colosseum and Fate/tiger colosseum UPPER, Fujimura Taiga apparently created the Tiger Cup and launched her version of the war the Holy Grail, the Tiger Grail War. Actually, who gave power to the Tiger Cup is the Kaleidostick Ruby. With these powers, Kotomine Kirei, Emiya Kiritsugu, Irisviel von Einzbern and Avenger returned to life as a result of events in the two games.


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