Me: At first, I was planning on giving Assassin’s Master the ability to change his face and his overall appearance by rotating a revolver-based tattoo on his chest, but then I figured that would be kind of excessive, so I tossed that idea.
Nasu: That sounds great!
Me: Really!?
Nasu: We could make his nickname ‘the Sixfold Cylinder’, and have him jam up from time to time. Ah, wait. I guess revolvers don’t jam....
Me: A cross-dresser ...?
Nasu and Me: And he’s really a little girl!
Me: I’ll do it!
Nasu: This is your brain on video games....
“cross-dresser” 「男装」and “cylinder” 「弾倉」are homophones (dansō) in Japanese

And so, Assassin’s Master, Jester, ended up having the power of the Sixfold Cylinder. When he runs out of “faces” to use, he reverts to his true form: a little girl (or maybe a toddler, or maybe a cougar). And then, it’s yuri time. There you have it—a Nasu production. Nasu said that he “couldn’t see Assassin giving up the Grail to any man, given how super-tough she is”, so I tried to realize those hot-blooded and valorous ideas in the story.

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