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People need to see that Knight of Honor was translated by mistake because the katakana was misread. Everywhere you see the Japanese name, especially in the material books (mind you, even the most updated FGO material II has it), it is always: ナイト・オブ・オーナー

オーナー = Owner

オナー = Honor

A credible online Japanese dictionary, jisho, can attest to this.

I used this English to katakana converter to also get the same results.

Even Google translate will give you the same thing.

Now, unless someone can provide the NP's Japanese name to be ナイト・オブ・オナー in official Type-Moon sources, let's stick to Knight of Owner, despite how goofy it sounds.

Todavía llamándolo caballero de honor, su sonido mejor, pero bien, no es un problema con la verdadera Translation

Ufotable wrote "Knight of Honor" instead of "Knight of Owner". The last one is really odd.

Yes but that is wrong, the literal translation from the Japanese is Owner, not Honor. That is just how it is. Ufo made a mistake in it's localization. Even it is what was used that doesn't mean it's not wrong.Iceblade44:Sieg (talk) 15:39, June 29, 2018 (UTC)

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