questions and inconsistencies Edit

"The capacity of the actualization is proportional to the scale of the elemental"

Does that mean that all elementals are able to use marble phantasm? Even those without a physical body?

"The spiritual realm isn't a world separated from the real world, but localized regions thought of by the elemental that creates them; hence it is possible for a human to stray into it."

What about the rest of Spirits/elementals that are said to be everywhere and serve as nature's sense of touch that only have a spiritual body? They wouldn't create dwellings in the physical world since they're intangible. Don't they also form the spiritual world? What about wraiths and apparitions? Wouldn't that also imply that humans straying into an elemental's dwelling could suddenly perceive spirits?(by entering into the spiritual realm)Scorpion91 (talk) 04:04, January 2, 2015 (UTC)