Akiha's plundering and Tohno SHIKI's immortal body should not be here. They come from being in a mixed bloodline. In no way are they psychic abilities.

They are born with a mutation, be it from a mixed bloodline or being born with it, it is an abnormal ability and this qualifies them to be on this site.

Relation to Reality MarblesEdit

This page makes Psychic powers sound a lot like Reality Marbles. Are they in any way related? A Reality Marble comes from an "Alien" perspective. Psychic powers come from the brain being able to process an "inhuman" perspective. Is that the only difference? A Reality Marble is the next level? And that it's a part of the mind rather than the brain? And,(lastly) that Psychic Powers don't require the use of Thaumaturgy to actualize? Dragonlover553 (talk) 22:44, October 16, 2015 (UTC)

Unified LanguageEdit

Kurogiri's use of the ability itself may come of genetic abnormality, but the language and its supposed historic use prior to the appearance of Kurogiri is not in and of itself a Psychic Ability. The only thing that *could be* a possible Psychic Ability is Kurogiri's *access* of the language -- and if you want to suggest that this ability of his was Psychic in nature, then any other ability possibly based in abnormal genetics or genetic predisposition must be explicitly Psychic as well.

That is to say, we know only that Kurogiri's use of Unified Language comes of genetic abnormality, but not that it's a Psychic ability per the canon. The ability may or may not be Psychic. Locking in on one interpretation or another would be matter of speculation. In other words, if you insist on adding Unified Language to this article, then at the least, revise the passage to reflect this.

-- Fallacies (talk) 05:20, October 12, 2017 (UTC)

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