Tamaki Kitano is the younger sister of Tatsumi Kitano who is a Master in the Tokyo Holy Grail War of 1991 in Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver.



Tamaki is the younger sister of Tatsumi Kitano, one of the Masters in the First Tokyo Holy Grail War. They used to live together as a famiy in Setagaya until their father got a job transfer. However, Tatsumi opted to stay behind in Tokyo for school, instead of moving to Hiroshima. Tamaki still visits him from time to time though.


Tamaki is a kind and caring person. She is rather laid-back, but she worries about her brother a lot.


Tamaki has short dark brown hair and brown eyes. She wears a white jumper, a blue coat and a pink polka-dot scarf.


Day 11Edit

Tamaki Kitano first appears on a train heading towards Setagaya on the 11th day of Holy Grail War, after not hearing from her brother for a while. Unaware that Tatsumi has been killed and turned into a Living Dead, Tamaki goes to his apartment to check on him. Finding him not there, she is disturbed to find a goodbye memo in one of her brother's notebooks. After contemplating on whether or not she should call the police, Tamaki decides to go buy some groceries, make dinner, and stay the night at her brother's apartment. Ringing up her mother who is worried sick about both her and Tatsumi, Tamaki tells her mother not to worry for she will stay the night and wait for Tatsumi. She then proceeds to do so.

Day 12Edit

In the morning, Tamaki leaves a note for her brother which states that she and her mother are worried about Tatsumi and desires for him to contact them, before heading back home. After this day, Tamaki continues this routine of repeatedly visiting and staying the night at her brother's apartment each day for a week until the last day of the Holy Grail War.

Day 17 - AftermathEdit

On the cold morning after Saber seals the Beast class Servant, Tamaki wakes up and realizes that something has just ended. Sensing that her brother may be gone, Tamaki rings her parents who come up to Tokyo to file a missing person's report with the police. Over the next few days, Tamaki stubbornly refuses to leave her brother's apartment on the belief that he may come back, which even shocks her parents by how stubborn she's being. Tamaki then spends the next week crying while waiting for her deceased brother to show up. Shes is forced to give up when her parents come to the apartment to bring her back home as Tamaki starts high school in spring. After some convincing, Tamaki packs her stuff and says goodbye to her brother with tears in her eyes before leaving the apartment a final time.

Later at the JR Tokyo station, Tamaki would have two chance encounters with both Elsa Saijou and the man who would later become Archer (Gilgamesh's) Master during the 1999 Tokyo Holy Grail War prior to boarding her train to Hiroshima.



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