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FGO Caster.pngTamamo-no-Mae
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Tamamo-no-Mae(WP) (玉藻の前(WP)?), Class Name Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?), is the Caster-class Servant available to be chosen by Hakuno Kishinami in the Moon Cell Holy Grail War in Fate/EXTRA and Fate/EXTRA CCC. She is one of the Servants of Ritsuka Fujimaru of the Grand Orders conflicts of Fate/Grand Order.



A woman of astonishing beauty that served as a courtesan for Emperor Toba(WP) toward the end of the Heian era(WP) (794-1185).[2][7] She is publicly known as a Kitsune (狐, lit. "Fox"?), and is credited for catalyzing the downfall of the Shang dynasty(WP), among other powerful regimes. In the Genpei Seisuiki(WP), she is associated with Dakiniten(WP), a tantric deity whose Japanese interpretation rode upon a fox; her power is invoked in one of Taira-no-Kiyomori(WP)'s schemes for political influence.[2][7][1]

In the Nasuverse, Tamamo-no-Mae is a soul originating directly from the sun goddess Amaterasu as a Divided Spirit and therefore a higher order of being than the Earth Spirit of myth. Her manifested form is actually a Yakan(jackal) (野干(ジャッカル)?), who suffers the fate of bearing cursory resemblance to a Nine-Tailed Fox Spirit(WP). She is also frequently mistaken for an Uka no Mitama(WP), or one of the many fox spirit messengers under the employment of Inari Ookami(WP).[2][7][1]

Regarding her background, she became curious about the lives of her worshipers, whose seemingly inconsequential lives were a source of fascination. Most perplexing was their devotion toward a deity with no name or shape. At first, she wanted to scold these creatures for their weakness, and enact divine retribution upon evil-doers as was wont of the kin of a goddess. However, as she continued observing the human condition, she learned of their great capacity for perseverance.[2][7][1]

Able to smile in happiness despite the dark acts of their brethren or their frail stature, one generation could easily shrug off the regrets of the last and continue to love. Tamamo-no-Mae soon desired to become a human so that she could experience these emotions. She then relinquished her divinity and memories to reincarnate, as a young human girl, in the old province of Izumo(WP). Her childhood name while alive was Mizukume (藻女?).[2][1]

As a child, she was said to be the human form of a white-faced, gold-furred nine-tailed fox. At the age of eighteen, she started serving the court of Emperor Toba, who had fallen in love with her at first sight. She became a court lady and called herself Tamamo-no-Mae. She would be his lady-in-waiting under her current name and was his favorite, possessing great beauty and knowledge.[2][1][7] However, her divine origins would eventually be her undoing.

One morning, her head had sprouted fox ears; she managed to conceal them for a month.[2] From there, the exact accounts vary, but what is clear is that she was exposed as a fox by an Onmyouji. By her accounts, it was Abe-no-Seimei, who had been investigating the cause of Toba's mysterious illness. Whether or not Mizukume led the emperor on or their love was real is uncertain, and countless tales of the matter had differing answers.[1][7]

Tamamo during life.

She fled from the inner sanctum of the Imperial Court. They sent hounds after her, and it was the first time in Japan that a fox had been hunted by Hounds. She fled and cried in the fields of Nasu(WP) (那須?) because she was hunted by those who claimed to love her. Foxes gathered around her, saying things like "you have come a long way", and "what a rough journey you had". She wished the foxes to understand her feelings and hoped they would encourage her. It was then she realized who she truly was when the fox comforted her, stating "aah, what a fool I was". She was betrayed and hunted by the humans who feared her. She did nothing wrong, she only tried to help them prosper. She was forced to flee the village simply because she was not human. Her infamy grew at the plains of Nasu after fleeing from the court, where she met an eighty thousand man army that was dispatched at the behest of the retired emperor to kill her. The soldier came screaming "kill the fox demon!", and she tried to apologize to them but nobody listened. She fought back, yelling "all right, let's do this!", and killed everyone.[1][7]

During the second encounter against the force, she regretted her actions and tried to reason with them. It rained arrows for three straight days and night and nothing seemed to click with them. Standing in a hail of arrows covered in blood, she cried "I was not trying to fool anyone. I'll leave now so please just forget all about me." The assault continued from the humans who were filled with hatred, and she realized humans were fragile and their lives were precious. They were narrow minded, filled with hatred and self-righteousness. She was wrong from the beginning, much like the humans and religion. Her perspective influenced her belief. Even though a goddess, she was a fool and she didn't realize her mistake until her final moments. No matter how much humans respect God, and through priesthood try to understand and be one of them, their efforts are wasted. "There is no way for a human to become a god", Tamano no Mae died screaming when shot by an enchanted arrow. She was hunted and killed as an enemy of mankind. She doesn't want revenge because there are things that even a goddess can't do. She was killed trying to defend herself against an army of 80,000 soldiers sent by the emperor.[7]

Her corpse was said to have become the Killing Stone (殺生石, Sesshō-seki?), which released a problematic cursed poison that killed approaching people and animals until it was shattered by the monk Gennou Shinshou (源翁心昭, Gennō Shinshō?) and its fragments dispersed to three places in Japan named Takada(WP). Furthermore, the remnants that were scattered at that occasion became Osaki Kitsunes and Inukamis and said to have been turned into familiars by many Magus from various places.[1][7]

She cannot be called a human-spawned Heroic Spirit as the facet of a goddess, but she willingly embraces the role in order to "become a good wife." Accepting the limits inherent in the role of a Servant, many of her original powers have been sealed away.[7] Even before becoming a servant, she killed untold numbers of people, possibly holding the world record for murder.


Tamamo is a therianthrope(WP) being with the appearance of a human possessing fox characteristics such as the ears and tail. She doesn't mind being called a fox since she thinks they are cute especially their fluffy ears. Tamamo has yellow eyes and long pink hair that she keeps tied up.

She has a Shapeshift (変化, Henge?, localized as "Transformation") skill that allows her to borrow and change to appearances with other people, however she does not feel like making much of using this skill due to a trauma of the past that resulted in her death. It is said that she is equivalent to China's thousand year old Huli jing(WP) (狐狸精, Kori-sei?, lit. "Fox Spirit"). Daji is a Huli jing from the Shang Zhou Revolutionary Period, being well known within the Fengshen Yanyi(WP) (封神演義, Hōshin-Engi?) Chinese novel. Daji also possesses this skill and the ability to somehow identify with Tamamo-no-Mae.[2][7][1] Assassin, whose origin is from China identifies her to be Daji, calling her uncivilized and vicious fox.

  • Blue Witchcraft-User's Clothes (蒼色の呪術服, Ao-iro no Jujutsu-fuku?) is her standard outfit and it is within these were she feels her most relaxed. She does not however feel that they are aggressive enough for modern standards.[8] As seen in Fate/EXTRA CCC, when Tamamo was Twice's Servant, she had a more mature appearance, choosing to wear her hair in a high ponytail with the same ribbon. The patterns at the ends of her sash reflect the number of tails she is missing, as they are seen to reduce in number as she gains tails in concept art for Fate/Grand Order.
  • Jet Black of magic clothes (漆黒の魔術服, Shikkoku no Majutsu-fuku?) is Tamamo's S&M bondage style and Gothic Lolita(WP) dress fusion design in Fate/EXTRA CCC. Even though she puts up a front pretending to dislike her attire she actually loves it, “As long as it’s cute, anything’s okay!”[9]
  • Spring coloured modern clothing (春色の現代服, Haru-iro no Gendai-fuku?) is her casual clothing. In Takeuchi original design, she was in her human form.
  • Sexy Bikini (せくすぃーびきに, Sekusyī Bikini?) is her bikini type swimsuit.
  • Mythological Mystic Code of the Sun (太陽の神話礼装, Taiyō no Shinwa Reisō?) is a costume identical to Amaterasu.
  • Summer Vacances (サマー・ヴァカンス, Samā vuakansu?) is her swimsuit costume in Fate/EXTELLA.
  • Beach Flower (ビーチフラワー, Bīchi furawā?) is Tamamo's swimsuit form in Fate/Grand Order and her costume in Fate/EXTELLA LINK.


A beautiful half-human half-beast girl with fox ears and tail who always smile but has a wicked tongue. Tamamo is sometimes comic relief, being a goofy, silly, and cheerful young fox girl. It is better to say that her personality is light than cheerful. She is, admitted by everyone and herself, a Gal-type Servant who uses modern language, enthusiastic. Her cheerful personality at times is a brave face she puts on to hide her loneliness. Occasionally, she takes the battle and the situation each week of the game seriously. She doesn't think too much about the consequences of killing. Sometimes a variety of katakana and beyond understanding remarks pops out of her mouth, but the root is a freedom god realist. She is quite mean and wicked tongue, that some can even say "What an evil soul", "lustful soul, how evil", etc. However she acts completely opposite when it comes to Master and Servant relationship.

She becomes infatuated easily and she can't help liking the person she serves. She devoted herself to Hakuno and stood with Hakuno until the very end. To stand by her master until their spirit transcends reincarnation is all she wishes for. She falls in love with Hakuno, placing herself in the role of their wife regardless of their gender. She doesn't need the Holy Grail as her wish is to be a devoted wife of Hakuno and expresses that the most important thing over anything else is love. Her affection towards love came from observing humans, stating it was strange that that they were so happy in worshiping her personification of Amaterasu. Seeing so many people fawn over her, she wanted to do the same for someone else. Drawing from her own fate and the actions she took, she believes the intent of person is always important. She will only serve those whose intentions and actions are ultimately good. While stating she would be fine with serving anyone in general, Tamamo states the person would ultimately need to be good or have good intentions to obtain her service. It doesn't matter if they are male or female, child or adult, or even a saint or sinner, only their intentions matter. That is one principle she will never betray. Regardless of her notoriety, she wanted to serve someone with content. She likes to cook but not the actual food itself, she enjoys providing meals for her partner and watching them eat it. She also likes to receive presents from her partner but frowns upon cheap gifts.

Tamamo is easily jealous, citing frustration over Hakuno's relationship with Rin/Rani and refusing to lose to them. She is often quite suggestive to Hakuno and can make some crude remarks. When angered or insulted, she can become quite harsh, throwing vile insults and threats to enemies who insult her and Hakuno. She was quite surprised with Rani's level of astrology that surpassed her and wished to meet her professor.

It is said that Tamamo would get along with Arcueid Brunestud because they share the same basic origins.[10] When Assassin calls Tamamo as Daji, Tamamo was offended by his statement, she calls Daji an "evil, sadistic mongrel". There is a moment where Tamamo felt relatable to Vlad III, as someone who is also misconception as a monster "how you love too much, nobody can understand you anymore. And what people don't understand, they fear".

She likes trips to hot spring resorts (but not hot spring baths), and love-filled cooking (at least while doing the cooking), and giving presents to herself. She hates dogs, only somewhat handsome guys, and people who disrupt her time alone with her Master. She’s not too fond of loveable 100% airhead characters. She seems to have well learned the lesson that her half-baked airhead act never seems to come out ahead of the real deal.[9]



Caster is one of the selectable Servants in Fate/EXTRA along with Saber and Archer. She is described as a magical fox girl. She responded to Hakuno summon because she heard Hakuno's calling. She claims it was like an arranged marriage since there was no spiritual connection between the two.[11][12]

It is revealed that she was once the servant of the game's final antagonist Twice H. Pieceman before he gained Saver. Twice keeps losing and respawning in the war, eventually he lost Caster.

Caster sympathizes with Dan Blackmore because he prays for his wife's soul in the church. Caster mocks Archer for being a hero hiding in the shadows and speaks bluntly how Archer is becoming more like Dan Blackmore. Archer was flustered from Caster's response and almost unleashed his Noble Phantasm.

When Caster faces Gawain, she doesn't get along with Gawain as they both have the sun domains. She claims that Leo is a cool prince but that that is not necessary for a great king. She compares him to Toba and believes Hakuno will win over Leo.

After re-encountering her former master, Twice asked Caster her opinion about his plans. She claims that the Twice she once knew is gone and she refused to change sides.

Though she is not the chosen Servant of Hakuno Kishinami in the manga version, she does appear in the omake chapters. She does however make an appearance in Twice H. Pieceman's flashback when he tells Hakuno, Saber and Rin of his backstory.


Caster is again selectable as one of the servants for Hakuno Kishinami.

In the prologue, Hakuno hears Caster's voice begging Hakuno to wake up and remember her, but Hakuno has no memory on who the voice belongs to. Once Hakuno is devoured by BB's shadows, Hakuno once again hears Caster's voice and reaches out to her. Caster breaks the barrier to save Hakuno and took Hakuno to the new school. When she reached to the Far Side of Moon Cell, she wore her new costume.

In Chapter bad end, BB separates Hakuno from Caster. Hakuno travels to the World of Logo to search for her. Hakuno eventually regains Caster, unseals her noble phantasm and they both face BB's shadow Requiem.

She develops a rivalry relationship with Elizabeth Báthory. In chapter 7 Hakuno enters inside Caster's Innercore Harmonics. Hakuno temporary formed a contract with Elizabeth, they fought against the Zero Model of Caster.

In Caster's ending, Hakuno returns to the Moon Cell Holy Grail War as seen in Fate/EXTRA. While Hakuno waited to be deleted by the Moon Cell at the end of Extra, Caster trains for a 1000 years and grow back her tails. With her new power she able to go back in time to save Hakuno by giving the Moon Cell one hard kick. Tamamo’s kick destroyed the Moon Cell’s Core, it recovered itself and switched to environment supply mode, SE.RA.PH became a new frontier for not only mankind but aliens from other planets as well. However Caster didn't like her extra 8 tail so she removed them and threw them in the imaginary number space. Caster would later live happily in the country side in the SE.RA.PH until 97% was conquered by the Tamamo Nine. Hakuno decided to stop them and Caster energetically agrees.[13]

In Sakura's ending, after beating Kiara Sessyoin, the Moon Cell does a reset and appears to be deleting Caster. However, it turns out that the moon cell didn't have the power to delete her and her supposed deletion is revealed to be only an act to leave a lasting memory on Hakuno since they were going to be with Sakura. Caster would last be seen walk off into a bright light.

The past versions of Twice H. Pieceman and Caster appear as a bonus boss fight. Twice's Caster attempts to act more seriously and has different hairstyle.

Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail[]

In Fate/EXTRA CCC Fox Tail, Caster is the main heroine and Servant of the male Hakuno. She fights Suzuka Gozen in the Sakura Labyrinth, until Kazuhito Sakagami orders Suzuka to withdraw.[14][15][16][17] Tamamo then infiltrates Kingprotea to rescue Hakuno.[18] After a while, she goes to the Hot Spring along with the rest of the Student Council.[19] She battles Suzuka again in the Ninth floor of the Sakura Labyrinth.[20][21] She fights Violet.[22][23][24][25][26]


Caster returns as a selectable playable character. This time, she will be facing other parties in an upcoming war and her main party consists of herself, her adjutant Karna, Elizabeth, Medusa, and Lu Bu.


In the retold events of Fate/EXTRA leading to Fate/EXTELLA, Tamamo was Atrum Galliasta's Servant, and encountered Hakuno and Nero during 4th round. Artrum ordered her to seduce Hakuno into giving up the war, but she fell in love with Hakuno instead. During the Elimination fight, Atrum lost to Hakuno, so he used his sacrificial magecraft to burn Tamamo as a scapegoat. Hakuno used a Command Spell to form a contract with her, and she fully recovered and bypassed the firewall. Later, when Hakuno and Nero reached the Angelica Cage, Tamamo is unable to enter as she's the Servant of a defeated Master. Knowing Hakuno cannot enter as long as she is with them, she bid farewell to Hakuno and Nero.[27]

Flame Poem[]

Tamamo orders Elizabeth to invade Nero Claudius’ territory of Mare Aurum, but it’s ultimately suppressed by Nero’s forces. She reveals herself when Nero is preparing to take Hakuno to her room to heal their sudden fatigue. Nero tells Hakuno that they allied with Tamamo during the war, who was planning to take the Holy Grail for herself. Her aspirations came to nothing though as Tamamo accuses Nero of pushing her off the path to the Angelica Cage, but Nero denies the accusation. (Nero and Tamamo are in truth telling their own version of what transpired in the war’s climax due to their love rivalry with Hakuno.) Saying Hakuno will be hers soon, she agrees with Nero that Hakuno needs to rest. Declaring war on Nero, she shows she also possesses the Regalia, the ring of authority in SE.RA.PH, to Nero’s shock. Another Hakuno then appears, and Tamamo mocks Nero’s confusion at the existence of two Hakunos. She proclaims herself and her Hakuno as the rulers of SE.RA.PH. She reveals she already conquered half of SE.RA.PH within in the last few days. Telling Nero to prepare herself and she cannot be stopped, Tamamo leaves with the other Hakuno.[28][29]

Later, Tamamo and Hakuno’s Soul encounters Nero and Hakuno’s Mind when they came to her territory of Mare Luxuria. Nero infuriates her for wanting to steal her Master in order to restore her own. Rejecting Nero’s request of surrender, she calls her naïve, and challenges her as she tells Mind she’ll free them from Nero. Returning to her palace, Tamamo orders her forces to attack Nero and her forces. However, she and her forces are defeated by Nero’s forces and herself. Lamenting her defeat, she waits to be executed by Nero when Soul appears to protect her. Soul’s faith in her overjoys her, and she considers herself foolish for getting them involved in her conquest of SE.RA.PH. After confessing her love for Hakuno, she is spared by Nero. The appearance of the system engineer, Archimedes, however interrupts any discussion on the Hakunos. Tamamo decides to give her Regalia to Nero, as per the terms of her surrender. She remains true to them even after Archimedes reveals unifying the Regalias means unifying the Hakunos, despite Nero’s concerns. Suddenly, Elizabeth appears and steals the Regalia from her, declaring she’ll to conquer SE.RA.PH. However, the Regalia overload after Elizabeth put in on as it rejects her. After the Regalia destroys itself, Tamamo retreats with Soul, warning Nero of her upcoming burdens as ruler of SE.RA.PH.[30][31]

Orchid Words[]

Greeting the newly awoken Hakuno over the intercom, Tamamo orders Elizabeth to bring them to the throne room. There she speaks to them in a threatening demeanor. But seeing they aren’t falling for it, she drops the act, and properly greets them. She then orders Elizabeth to announce her as the ruler of SE.RA.PH and wielder of the Regalia. Tamamo corrects her that Hakuno rules alongside her, then tells Hakuno of their victory in the Holy Grail War. She asks Hakuno if they remember everything of their relationship, and she’s delighted to hear they do. Tamamo explains how they became the rulers of SE.RA.PH with their victory in the war, but she’s interrupted by the appearance of Archimedes. He pledges his loyalty to her and Hakuno, and Tamamo thanks him for bringing her Master back to her palace. However, she quickly threatens him for interrupting her moment with Hakuno. Apologizing for his impertinence, Archimedes tells her of the oncoming danger to SE.RA.PH, which he says only Tamamo and Hakuno can resolve. Tamamo explains to him they need to defeat all opposing Servants first. However, Archimedes tells her again she needs to resolve the threat to SE.RA.PH, which enrages her. After Hakuno calms her down, she states the danger to SE.RA.PH doesn’t concern her as she only wants to live happily with Hakuno. Tamamo electrocutes Elizabeth when she says Tamamo will keep searching for joy beyond Hakuno. She tells Hakuno she wants to live a luxurious life with them, not caring about anything else. Archimedes realizes he can’t force her to take action when Tamamo senses intruder in the palace. Medusa suspects the intruder is Assassin, calling palace security to useless. Tamamo introduces her to Hakuno as a Solo Servant she recruited as a spy. Lu Bu and Karna then appear to introduce themselves to Hakuno, which makes Tamamo concerned about their priorities when there’s an intruder. After introducing her generals, she orders them to stop the intruder.[32]

Outside the palace, Tamamo forcibly absorbs Hakuno into the Regalia to keep them safe with her as she heads into battle. After defeating Li Shuwen, she boasts to Hakuno how they’ll govern an eternally peaceful SE.RA.PH, but Nero appears to criticize her intent. Nero announces she’ll stop Tamamo, which Tamamo considers futile. She is shocked Hakuno remembers fighting alongside Nero in the Grail War. She regards Nero as an enemy though, recalling how Nero pushed off her the path to the Angelica Cage in the war's climax. Tamamo is initially left confused by the appearance of another Hakuno whose asked by Nero regarding Tamamo’s claim. However, she already knew Hakuno was split into their Mind and their Soul, which is the one she’s with. Nero states the true threat to Moon Cell approaches, but Tamamo considers everything besides Hakuno to be trivial. Nero announces to her she’ll stop her from ruling SE.RA.PH, and absorbs Hakuno’s Mind into her Regalia. Tamamo is angered that she has the other Regalia and activates her Moon Crux form to fight Nero. However, neither of them can overpower the other, even though Nero hasn’t activated her full power. Nero leaves disappointed in Tamamo following her selfish desires, which Tamamo agrees with. She and Hakuno then return to her throne room before heading to her room to rest since she used too much mana. She later disagrees with Hakuno on not wanting her to fight Nero.

The next morning, Tamamo greets Hakuno the very moment they wake up as she lies atop of them. She declares to them she’ll stay by their side forever as their beloved. Further infatuated by Hakuno’s silence at her words, Tamamo prepares to make love to Hakuno. However, she is interrupted by Elizabeth, whose promptly electrocuted as punishment. Tamamo prepares to punish her further with fire, but she stops when Elizabeth apologizes for transgression. No longer amused by Elizabeth’s torture, she tells Hakuno to go to the throne room.[33]

There Archimedes tells Tamamo to defeat Nero, which gladdens Tammao to see he finally sees her way. Archimedes then explains to her how her and Nero’s Regalia can become one, and that she’ll need to invade Nero’s territory to defeat her. Elizabeth comments they need to save Mind, but Tamamo dismisses her. She says there’s no need to save Mind since she already has Soul with her. Declaring they only need to restore the Regalia to conquer SE.RA.PH, she heads to the battle with Hakuno.

Her forces invade Mare Mellum while Nero’s forces were conquering it to take over the neutral sectors before Nero’s forces do. After conquering Mare Mellum’s neutral sectors, Tamamo returns to her room with Hakuno. She prepares to make love to Hakuno again, but she is interrupted when Altera talks to Hakuno through a vision. Tamamo appears in the vision to save Hakuno and deduces Altera as the threat to SE.RA.PH. After Hakuno reawakens, Tamamo declares Altera to be an enemy, finally recognizing why Archimedes considers her a threat. She electrocutes Elizabeth twice for entering without permission. Afterwards, she orders Elizabeth to leave in response to Hakuno’s compassion for her. Later that night, Tamamo asks Hakuno if they admired Altera. Hearing their answer, she apologizes for doubting Hakuno’s love, and returning to sleeping next to them.

Tamamo congratulates her generals on their victories. Archimedes reports that her continuous victories have weakened Nero’s forces, and Nero’s base of Mare Aurum has been located. Tamamo’s forces prepare to march onto Mare Aurum, but before that she has Hakuno promise to let her make all battle decisions.

Arriving in Mare Aurum, Tamamo and Hakuno are confronted by Elizabeth. Tamamo reminds her to clean the palace, but Elizabeth reveals she resigned and her plans to turn SE.RA.PH into her personal playground. After Elizabeth says she’ll steal the Regalia, Tamamo asks her who put that thought into her head. She mocks her further by offering her a position as her court jester. After Elizabeth leaves declaring war on her, Tamamo tells Hakuno that Elizabeth is just someone’s puppet as she further insults her. She and Hakuno then fight their way through Nero’s forces, also defeating Gawain.[34]

Arriving in Nero’s palace, Tamamo dismisses Nero’s declaration that she’ll free Hakuno from her, stating Moon Cell chose her, not Nero. Declaring Mare Aurum is at its end, Tamamo and Nero fight each other. Tamamo defeats Nero and dismisses the latter’s words about saving the Earth since she lost. She prepares to finish Nero off, but Mind appears to protect Nero. She tells Mind that there’s no need to protect Nero since she lost and will lose her Regalia soon. She asks Mind to join her, but they refuse to leave Nero. She confesses how happy she was when the Regalia appeared on her finger after she failed to reach the Angelica Core in the war. However, she shocked to see the Regalia on Nero’s finger. Taking Nero’s Regalia, she declares herself ruler of all of SE.RA.PH. After Nero retreats with Mind, Archimedes appears to congratulate Tamamo on her victory. She calls him impatient for wanting to restore the Regalia immediately, not trusting his words that it’s for the tranquility of SE.RA.PH. Rather cautious of the situation, she tells Hakuno to not move. Suddenly, Elizabeth drops in from above, and steals the Regalia and puts it on. As the Regalia begins to overload, Tamamo orders Elizabeth to take it off. She is shocked it doesn’t shatter, calling it impossible that Elizabeth now wields the Regalia.

Elizabeth declares herself the ruler of SE.RA.PH; Tamamo sees herself mirrored in her. Everyone then watches in utter confusion as Elizabeth eats the Regalia. After Elizabeth is transformed from her act, Tamamo expresses her shock at what Elizabeth did. She and Hakuno then witness as Archimedes is obliterated by Elizabeth’s Báthory Erzsébet. She defends Hakuno from Elizabeth when Altera suddenly emerges from the Zero Dark. She and Hakuno then witness Elizabeth being destroyed by Altera’s Void Cells. Tamamo defends herself and Hakuno when Altera attacks them with her sword. Recognizing the strike as a regular attack and not a Noble Phantasm, Tamamo realizes Altera specializes in destruction. She isn’t surprised when another Hakuno appears next to Altera, deducing them to be the Body. She is able to recognize Altera from their prior encounter in her room and asks her who she is. Altera refuses to answer and prepares to attack again, so Tamamo uses the entirety of her Moon Crux to retreat with Hakuno.

The next day, Tamamo tells Hakuno that her territories have been destroyed, and Karna, Medusa, and Lu Bu are trying to hold off Altera’s forces. Despite being unsure of victory even with the Regalia, she chooses to fight. Elizabeth then arrives suddenly. Tamamo deduces her new appearance to be from the power of Velber, the alien threat from 14,000 years ago. She is able to recognize Velber’s power, though not the name itself, since she is an avatar of Amaterasu. Elizabeth explains how Velber nearly destroyed both Moon Cell and civilization on earth with Sefar fourteen millennia ago. Tamamo deduces from her words that the Regalia is a tool to defend the Moon Cell against Velber. She refuses to join Elizabeth and declares war on Altera, but not for the sake of SE.RA.PH. She explains her hatred for Altera, despite being an anti-hero, is because she despises inhumane monsters. She tries to attack Elizabeth, but the latter blocks it and leaves. Karna then reports that Gilgamesh destroyed the territory he was guarding.[35]

Later in her room, Tamamo wonders why Body is with Altera and if Archimedes might’ve known something. After returning from defeating Gilgamesh, Tamamo learns Karna that Gilgamesh’s defeat saved a portion of Mare Luxuria from his bombardments. Heeding Karna’s advice, she uses the Regalia to see that her territories are still being attacked by another force, which Lu Bu is pursuing. Medusa suspects Altera leads it, but Tamamo tells her and Karna to relax. After they leave, she tells Hakuno that she’ll guarantee their safety from Altera’s army. She says their fight against their enemy will be a message that their brilliance will never fade. Later in her room, she tells Hakuno they’ll likely head into the Zero Dark to battle Velber’s forces. She continues their fight started because of her greed, not caring to protect either SE.RA.PH or Earth. Despite calling herself neither protector nor savior, she cannot abide Altera.

After Hakuno awakens from another dream of Altera talking to them, Tamamo becomes jealous of Altera when she demands the Regalia. Later into the night, she confesses to Hakuno that her and Altera’s natures are the same as they were both born to be enemies of humanity. She understands how Altera can forcibly dominate humans as they’re both monsters, and it’s easier for heartless creatures. Telling Hakuno to dismiss her words if they make them hesitate, she wishes them a good night and goes back to sleep.

The next day, Tamamo and Hakuno take a stroll outside for their date. Hakuno asks her how they’ll get into the Zero Dark. Tamamo answers she can create a portal to it. After creating the portal, she and Hakuno have a meal in preparation for their fight against Altera. She believes becoming a goddess would give her power on par with Velber, but that’d also remove her existence as a Servant as she doesn’t want to leave Hakuno. Afterwards, she and her forces invade Altera’s territory of Mare Origio through the portal she made.[36]

Fighting her way through the enemy, she eventually confronts Altera in her palace. She questions why Altera is hesitating to kill her. She notes the contradiction between Altera’s destructive power and her doubt, which Altera herself understands. Tamamo refuses to give the Regalia to Altera, partially because of her own jealously. Refusing to listen to her anymore, she fights Altera. She defeats Altera and uses a digital decoy with Regalia’s remaining power to avoid Teardrop Photon Ray. She then uses Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu to ambush Altera from above with her strongest spell: Gyokutenhou. However, Elizabeth appears and transforms Altera into her original form of the White Titan, Sefar. Tamamo points out to Hakuno that their Body is standing on Sefar’s shoulder. Fearing it may be the end, she confesses to Hakuno she was playing the part of a tyrannical harlot out fear of loneliness. She reveals that since she is an avatar of Amateratsu she knew about the destruction Sefar caused 14,000 years ago. She knew Sefar would return beforehand, but was too paranoid of the end to say anything. Seeing that Hakuno accepts her no matter what, Tamamo fights Sefar to protect SE.RA.PH for their sake. Following Sefar and Bodyʻs deaths, she and Hakuno return to Mare Luxuria. She tells Hakuno to enjoy their peaceful days together until Velber inevitably arrives. They then go shopping together for tonight’s dinner.[37]


Tamamo and her army invade Mare Origio to save Body. Deciding to speak with Altera, she is able to recognize Body when they emerge from Altera’s Regalia. She reveals Hakuno’s Mind and Body will eventually fade out of existence, and offers a surrender in exchange for Body coming with her. She reprimands Altera for allowing Body on the battlefield as even the smallest wound could mean their demise, not believing Altera didn’t know that fact. Altera ends negotiations, and her affection for Hakuno surprises Tamamo. She questions at first what kind of power Hakuno gives Altera, but decides to fight instead. Altera defeats her, but she manages to retreat.

Altera’s forces later invade Mare Luxuria. Tamamo is already prepared to face Altera when she enters her palace. Seeing negotiating won’t work again, she prepares to fight Altera again. She admits Hakuno would try to understand both her and Altera, even if they both enemies of humanity. She again offers to let Body join her, but they refuse to abandon Altera. She understands that to be Hakuno’s nature and then fights Altera without the intent to retreat. As she disappears with her defeat, Tamamo tries to say some final words to Soul, but she is finished off by Altera.

Golden Poem[]

Tamamo orders Lu Bu, Medusa, and Karna to invade Mare Aurum, but it’s ultimately suppressed by Nero’s forces. Later, she encounters Nero when the latter invades Mare Luxuria. She transforms into her Moon Crux form to fight Nero for the Regalia, but she’s eventually convinced by Mind to talk. Deactivating her Moon Crux form, she apologizes to Soul for letting her jealously towards Nero get the better of her. She and Nero then witness as their Regalias and Mind and Soul begin to fuse. She dismisses Nero’s concern for Body, believing them to impure and no longer the Hakuno they knew. She also reveals she also received Bodyʻs message from a previous parallel world, but stops talking of them so not to sully their name. Changing the subject, she tells Nero that unless Velber’s return is stopped, both the Earth and the Moon are doomed. Recalling the destruction brought about by Velber’s last visit, she declares both she and Hakuno want to prevent it from happening again. Following the fusion completing, Tamamo and Nero run to Hakuno and fight over them. Hakuno hits them both with a Code Cast to stop their arguing. Agreeing to settle the matter of Hakuno later, Tamamo and Nero witness Altera emerge from the Zero Dark.

They protect Hakuno despite their fear of Altera’s power. After blocking attack from Altera’s sword to her surprise, they fight her together. They struggle against her though; Tamamo warns Nero to be caution even with the Regalia. The fight is stopped when Hakuno emerges from the Regalia to negotiate with Altera. As Hakuno talks with Altera, Tamamo asks Nero about her current mana supply as she’s running low, to which Nero answers she’s the same. Tamamo tells her Altera’s sword isn’t magical nor divine, but she doesn’t explain any further. She lets Hakuno continue talking with Altera, believing their lives hinder on Hakuno’s words and how Altera perceives them. After Altera leaves, Tamamo states negotiations are at a standstill, but is glad to have been spared. She tells Hakuno not to be disheartened by Altera’s refusal to be saved from her fate, which they agree with.

Tamamo accompanies Hakuno and Nero back to Mare Aurum so she wouldn’t be alone. Nero explains Hakuno lives in Mare Aurum, and she wanted Tamamo to move her base to hers. Deciding to settle the matter of Hakuno’s living quarters later, Tamamo states the roman territories are the perfect point to plan their attack on Velber, as they're both easy to defend and difficult to attack. Her generals already gathered, she joins in a strategy meeting with Nero and her generals. During the meeting, she warns the Regalia lost its ability to produce attack programs for an unknown reason when she hands it to Nero. After Nero declares she’ll defend SE.RA.PH, Tamamo suggests to her generals they stay behind to defend Mare Aurum. They agree, and Nero thanks her. Tamamo tells Hakuno to leave home defense to her. After the meeting, she catches Nero kissing Hakuno, which results in her and Nero arguing over Hakuno.

The next day, Tamamo tells Hakuno and Nero that Sefar destroyed all who fought it, thus she’s surprised by the two’s plan to save Altera. Stating to leave to home defense to her, she asks Nero to protect Hakuno before they depart for their next battle.[38] After Nero destroyed the Ark of the Stars, a fragment of Velber in the Zero Dark, Tamamo detects from Nero’s throne that Velber’s forces in the Zero Dark are gone. Nameless says it’s a result of the Ark’s destruction, confirming it means their victory. Tamamo is shocked that Nero could destroy the Ark, as not even the gods could do it. While still jealous of her, she nonetheless believes Nero earned her victory.

Later, she competes with Nero for Hakuno’s affections, with each presenting a feast of their own to them. As they argue for Hakuno to eat their individual cooking, Altera interrupts them when she inquires about the food. Tamamo and Nero decide to end their competition with a draw, and enjoy the feast with Hakuno and Altera.


She returns as one of Hakuno's servants to fight against the new threat to SE.RA.PH.

Fate/EXTRA Last Encore[]

According to the script, she is the servant inhabiting the 4th floor (which was skipped in the anime, but the way Nero referencing it is supposed to be a hint of her talking of her rival). It is unknown if she is there alone or there is a Master with her.

Fate/Grand Order[]

Fourth Singularity: London[]

Tamamo materializes from the Demonic Fog, having accompanied Sakata Kintoki's summon. She is annoyed London is abandoned and surrounded by fog when she realizes its facing destruction. She only came so she could rehearse her honeymoon with her Master. She supports Kintoki in his fight against Nikola Tesla, but her spells aren't very effective on the activated fog. The fight leaves the pair exhausted, so they leave the rest to the recently surfaced Ritsuka, Mash, and Mordred after Kintoki used Golden Spark to disperse the fog. Tamamo commends Kintoki as truly being one of Minamoto-no-Raikou's kings. She is annoyed though that they have to leave the rest to the group.[39]

She and Kintoki later join the others in the chamber of the fog’s source, Angrboda. She is perturbed by Hans Christian Andersen for wanting Mordred to slay her. Suddenly a mysterious figure emerges from a Rayshift-like distortion. He expresses disappointment in Gilles de Rais, Romulus, Jason, and Tesla for their failures. Tamamo wishes to flee, feeling as if merely looking will taint her. The figure then reveals he is the mastermind behind the Incineration of Humanity, Solomon. He reveals the ring of light seen in the skies of the Singularities is his third Noble Phantasm, Ars Almadel Salomonis. Out of his interest in Mash, he summons only four of the Demon Gods and attacks the group. The group kills one of the Demon Gods, however, Solomon kills William Shakespeare, Kintoki, and Tamamo.[39]

Event: Saber Wars[]

Tamamo, Nero, and EMIYA interrupt Artoria Lily's training when they come to investigate the crash site of Mysterious Heroine X‘s ship. However, they end fighting Ritsuka and the others when X suddenly attacks Nero. After the fight, Tamamo is pleased to see Ritsuka and Mash. She explains she accompanied Nero because she heard there was an appliance that could cook and do laundry. But X's ship has no such machine. X eventually allows Nero to stay when EMIYA offers to be Artoria’s training partner. In response to Nero's comment that she played a minor role in London, Tamamo claims she didn't want to steal the spotlight from Mordred. She hopes there will be a Japanese stage, and thus will remain behind the scenes until then. She then goes into X's ship since it seemed to have air conditioning.

Later, as Nero gives her "Only Heroic Spirits of the now can alter the past and future" speech, Tamamo points out that Charles Babbage, Nikola Tesla, and Sakata Kintoki have come. She comments that Kintoki's attitude is why Shuten-douji drinks, though it's more for entertainment. Kintoki notices Tamamo and asks her not to call Shuten. Tamamo replies she wouldn't call Shuten even if Kintoki asked her to. She prefers Kintoki and Shuten's relationship to remain private.

When X reveals she traveled from the future to save it. Tamamo wonders if Nero holding a world tour in the future is the cause. Nero is insulted, believing her concert would save the future. But X reveals it destroyed Space Rome, adding that it even caused Altera to flee. X then reveals that the future is in economic crisis due to the oversaturation of Sabers. Thus she came to the past to destroy the Saber class before that can happen. Nonetheless, she will spare Artoria Lily since they’re alike, unlike Nero. She is then shot by Ultra Heroine Z while protecting Nero. Z is a paradoxical version of X and fights the group. With the others supporting her, Artoria Lily defeats Z.

Event: Onigashima[]

Unable to wait any longer for her to be in a Japanese-themed event, Tamamo goes to Onigashima and forces herself into the event.  But she couldn't do it sober out of self-respect. So she got herself drunk on wine at Shuten and Ibaraki-douji's teahouse. She then decided to guard the second gate with the great oni Wazahamimaru.[40]

When Ritsuka's party comes to the second gate, Tamamo complains about not having a major role, even though they're on Onigashima from the tale of Momotarou. So on the subject of Momotarou, she asks why she isn't the dog companion. Then, explaining why she came, Tamamo fights the group for the dog role.[40]

After she and Wazahamimaru are defeated, Tamamo confesses she only wanted a chance to play a role in the story. But she also wanted a new  Noble Phantasm, a new Skill, a new Craft Essence, and a new costume. She then hears a revelation telling her there will be more Japanese-themed events for her to participate in. Though she is doubtful, Tamamo says she'll wait and disappears.[41]

Summer Event: Chaldea Summer Memories[]

Tamamo and several other of Ritsuka’s Servants are accidentally rayshifted to a remote island where they’re unable to contact Chaldea. She has no recollection of the island.

As the group waits for Blackbeard's observation report of the island, Tamamo wants something to keep herself preoccupied. Karna tells her that all her dreams are about to come true, directing her to look at the shore. Tamamo is disappointed when it turns to be more giants crabs. After the crabs are killed, the group learns from a near-dead Blackbeard that their location is still unknown, and it’s nearly impossible to leave by ship. Agreeing with Artoria Pendragon‘s suggestion to leave the island to contact Chaldea, they decide to build a ship capable of leaving the island. Scáthach alters their Spirit Origins to give them swimsuits to accommodate their current environment. The group goes to gather materials for Scáthach to build their escape ship and other facilities.

Later, the group discusses what their first task of island life should be when a storm suddenly rolls in. They enter a small cave spotted by Mordred to escape the rain, but they run out due to a massive swarm of bugs. Outside the cave, the group decides they need to build a cabin to take shelter in. Tamamo and Kiyohime both agree on a wood cabin. Artoria accidentally insults them, though, by comparing a wooden dwelling to stables.

After that is built, followed by a water supply system, Ritsuka, Mash, Tamamo, and Marie Antoinette go fishing with Cú Chulainn. While finding it relaxing at first, Tamamo soon gets frustrated that she hasn't gotten a single bite. She considers trying her hand at spearfishing but realizes that isn't something a sophisticated woman would do. Soon, though, she and the others help Marie reel in what turns out to be a monster, which they promptly slay.

Tired of barbecue, the group decides to build a proper cooking facility. Tamamo recommends a hearth, calling it the perfect embodiment of practicality and versatility. She also says it's perfect for cooking rice. She finds Artoria useless for her indecisiveness, saying only Ritsuka's opinion matters at this point. If the hearth is built, she and Tamamo serve Ritsuka rice balls. They stare at them intensely until Ritsuka gives a positive reaction to their cooking.

Next, the group decides to build a bathing facility. Tamamo suggests an open-air bath. When Martha worries inappropriate situations may ensue if men and women bathe together, Tamamo assures nothing of the sort regardless of what is chosen.

If the open-air bath is chosen, Tamamo enjoys it with Ritsuka. She claims them bathing together is to assess if they can make proper use of the bath. For that reason, she brought along a few things. One such item is a flask, which Ritsuka downs after being assures it's only water. Tamamo believes their moon-viewing party would be lively if Shuten was around, though she can see it quickly getting out of hand. She then says she'll answer any question Ritsuka asks her, including about what she's doing with her tail. She even offers to let Ritsuka go around and touch it.

Next, after cultivating a vegetable field, the group decides to make a grain field. Tamamo calls rice supreme to Japanese Heroic Spirits, and it is love itself. She then says, "The boughs that bear most hang lowest!" a proverb that says even the greatest people should be humble. Tamamo used it because it sounded good.

If the rice field is cultivated, Tamamo says the color of the rice matches her tail. So she hopes Ritsuka will want to stroke her tail whenever they're eating rice balls. She is glad to see that Sasaki Kojirou is eager to help, saying harvest season is always a pain. She then nearly wishes Tawara Touta was here until she remembers his Noble Phantasm creates infinite rice. It may be convenient, but Tamamo feels it takes the fun out of harvesting. So she's glad to hear Ritsuka say rice tastes best when harvested by hand. When Sasaki starts to recall Touta's Noble Phantasm, Tamamo tells him it's pointless to complain about something they don't have. She then compares rice to a child, which prompts Kiyohime to appear. She thinks Ritsuka had a child with another woman. Tamamo tells her that isn't the case and asks her to stop spewing flames.

Afterward, the group decides to raise some livestock. Tamamo suggests sheep since they use their wool to make clothes and their meat for provisions.

If sheep are chosen, Tamamo says she can use their wool to make a futon. She gets embarrassed by the implications, though. Martha then arrives and remarks sheep need a shepherd. Tamamo forgot there was such an occupation, though she sees herself as sheepdog if anything. As for a shepherd, she believes David would be ideal if he was here. But she believes that'd be too boring and asks if there are other shepherds with them. Artoria then shocks her and Martha by saying she heard Romulus was a shepherd. Tamamo imagines it and finds she wouldn't entrust Romulus with sheep.

The next night, Tamamo joins the others in chasing the boar piglet accused of eating their crops. The group eventually finds the piglet with two others defending the crops from a demon boar. Realizing it is the true culprit, the group kills the demon boar. Afterward, Scáthach contracts the piglets to protect the crops. Tamamo agrees only because of Ritsuka and warns the piglets she may hunt them if she's hungry or if they ever walk by her.

The next day, the group builds a pathway. If the wooden path is built, Tamamo finds it so rustic as if there's a farm ahead. If she's not careful, her feral nature will trigger, and she'll start running. Mash asks her if she'll start running around cheerfully like Tamamo Cat. Tamamo answers yes, but she's holding it in out of embarrassment and declares her swimsuit version is entirely different from Cat. However, unable to hold back any longer, she decides to start running to vent her wild side. If she comes across a rabbit or otherwise, shell bring back to Ritsuka.

After building a more efficient water system, the group constructs a bridge for Ritsua, as Tamamo suggested.

Later, Tamamo takes Ritsuka and Mash out on a picnic. All the food was prepared by her personally. While Scáthach knows what is edible or not, Tamamo is confident in her ability to turn those ingredients into a delicious dish. On that note, she asks Ritsuka and Mash to try her acorn cookies and acorn bread. Ritsuka asks if it's possible to eat acorns. Tamamo answers it's not normally due to acorns' high toxicity inducing a bitter, astringent sensation. She then shows mochi tochi made from horse chestnut and tea made from medicinal herbs she gathered herself. Ritsuka gets curious as to why she's cooking from than before.  Tamamo admits she was originally going to have a relaxed style before realizing Ritsuka would potentially ignore or even forget her if they didn't have any physical contact. So she rerouted all her magical energy to strengthen her body and became an elegant socialite.

After the picnic, Tamamo brings Ritsuka and Mash to a demon boar and a poisonous swamp. She caught its scent and found it before the piglets did. After the demon boar is slain, Tamamo is relieved she can return to being an elegant socialite while suppressing her wild side. She declares the one who ailed to notice her will realize they always loved her by summer's end. She then goes to fetch Scáthach and Martha to cleanse the swamp.

Later, the group decides to make a garden. Tamamo is surprised by Kiyohime's choice of a normal, unremarkable garden, expecting her to arrange the stones to spell "MASTER LOVE" or have a totem that consists only of Ritsuka's face.

Sometime after the play area is built, Ritsuka, Mash, Tamamo, Martha, and Kiyohime notice C and Karna sneaking off somewhere again. They follow the men and eventually come across Sasaki wearing a mask, calling himself Island Mask. After they defeat him, he brings him to a secret village built by the men. Kiyohime and Tamamo are somewhat jealous that the men’s buildings are better constructed than theirs.

Later, Tamamo suggests they build a lookout tower, which she imagines as a romantic building. She recommends a five-story pagoda, praising it as the epitome of Japanese high society.

If the pagoda is built, Ritsuka asks what the halo-looking decorations on the top are. Tamamo explains they're called Kurin, and they represent the Five Wisdom Buddhas and the Four Bodhisattvas. That includes Vairocana, which Tamama claims to mean Amaterasu. She then further claims that because Ritsuka noticed the Kurin first, it means they're concerned about her above all things. She then calls the pagoda a dedication of faith to her, albeit a roundabout one. Liking even more if she thinks of it that way, Tamamo asks Ritsuka to take care of it as if it was her.

Next, the group decides to upgrade its residence. Tamamo suggests a samurai residence. However, she also agrees with Marie's suggestion of a castle.

If the castle is built, Tamamo declares herself suited to castle life. She wouldn't even consider it strange for there to be portraits of her. When Marie recounts Versailles' size made her feel like she was always encountering strangers, Tamamo agrees that a castle becomes less "homey" when they require more people to maintain it. Then, when Artoria declares Ritsuka the castle's king, Tamamo declares herself to be their ideal wife shrine fox maiden, who'll cast deadly curses on their enemies when needed.

Afterward, the group prepares to construct a statue as they reach final preparations for their escape ship. A giant demon boar suddenly arrives, but the group forces it to retreat. Afterward, they construct the statue.

If the statue is of Tamamo, she says she cannot fully express her feelings. She thanks Ritsuka and calls herself truly fortunate. With nothing holding her back, all of her energy and attention are laser-focused. She then tells Ritsuka to feel the loving blessing of her statue.

The next day, the ship has finished construction.  The group then fights the giant demon boar to protect the piglets when it returns, despite its wounds. However, its stamina proves to be tremendous and charges at the ship to destroy it. The group is able to make it to the ship, thanks to the piglets protecting it. After defeating the giant demon boar, the group and the men board the ship and set sail.

Summer Event: Chaldea Heat Odyssey[]

The group eventually makes landfall on a desolate wasteland. They hear a cry for help, which to their surprise, is coming from a boar piglet. They defeat the Shadow Servant chasing the piglet, showing itself to be a demon boar in disguise. The piglet calls the group goddesses and asks them to save this world.

The piglet leads the group to city ruins, where they meet the boar piglet chief. Hearing of their circumstance, the chief thanks the group for saving his grandchild. He tells them the buildings were from advanced civilization built by the piglets. Unfortunately, it ended when the demon boars and Shadow Servants arrived fifty years ago. The chief recounts a legend in his clan about nine goddesses called the Nine Sisters who gave the piglets civilization. As they were said to take human forms, the chief’s grandson assumed the group were the goddesses. In exchange for the piglets’ help, the group agrees to redevelop the island. When the chief's description of a tenth goddess who eats boar piglets matches her, Tamamo insists that it's a coincidence. Artoria tries to comfort her by saying her being summoned as a Servant is proof she changed her ways. She then calls Tamamo her comrade regardless of how many piglets she may have eaten. Tamamo insists it wasn't her.

As the group rebuilds the piglets' civilization, Tamamo helps construct a building. The piglets suggest either a skyscraper, a Japanese-style building, or a neon-sign building. If the skyscraper is built, Tamamo asks the piglets how they can even build, which they refuse to answer.

Tamamo later joins Scáthach’s search party to the coast, along with Ritsuka, Mash, Marie, and Mordred. Along the way, she asks if she's only imagining the piglets' fear of her. Scáthach assumes it's because she is the devil who eats piglets. Tamamo insists she only ever thought about eating one, blaming it on her animal instincts. The group then encounters and destroys automatons followed by a giant demon boar that transformed into Heracles. After it's slain and Scáthach reveals it was guarding an ash tree, the group move on to the coast.

There they see the broken remains of the statue they built, making them realize they’re on the same island from before. Scáthach explains they sailed on a straight course away from the island only to return after 2,000 years passed on the island. She further explains time doesn’t progress normally on the island; an hour on the island equaling a tiny fraction of time passing everywhere else. The island has been cut off from the rest of the world for 2,000 years, which means no heroes of mage existed here. It was only a world where the piglets lived in peace until the group arrived and established civilization to be later worshiped as the Nine Sisters.

Returning to the others, Scáthach tells them of what her search party learned. She then reveals the ash tree the giant demon boar was guarding is the same one she planted 2,000 years. After the tree absorbed all the poison in its soil, the island became a perfect habitat for the piglets. Scáthach points out sailing away from the island will cause another thousand years will pass on the island and the piglets may be extinct when they return. She then states they need to discover why the island’s space-time is distorted as they continue to redevelop the island and make contact with Chaldea. The group later learn Beowulf is on the island as an enemy.

Sometime after constructing an amusement center, Tamamo is invited to the piglets' concert by Marie. She declines, but Marie rejects her refusal. She confirms to Tamamo that she will stuff the invitation into her hands after knocking her out with her beach ball. This prompts a fight with Tamamo, which she loses, and Marie forces the invitation on her. At the concert, Tamamo suspects the piglets' songs will not be fit for the ears of humans and Servants. Her suspicion is proven to be correct when the piglets perform songs of a dark nature.

Later, Thomas Edison, who gave the boar piglets electricity 100 years ago, is woken from cryosleep by Ritsuka, Mash, Scáthach, Artoria, and Mordred. The group learns he needs the Holy Grail to build an escape device to contact Chaldea.

Completing more construction projects, the group goes to the demon boars’ lair as they likely have the Grail. As they near their destination, they notice many demon boars guarding the cave. Since the demon boars outnumber them, the group goes with Mordred’s plan to break through the enemy line and hold them off so Ritsuka, Mash, Scáthach, and Edison can enter the cave.

After the escape device is built, the group leaves the island. As they do, they're contacted by Romani Archaman. They learn they were only gone for an hour before rayshifting back to Chaldea.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

She is amongst the "London" Singularity Servants to aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods Pillars at the 4th Throne lead by Barbatos.[42]

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

Tamamo and Nero visit Ritsuka’s room, both excited that spring break is here. Tamamo is surprised Nero doesn’t have a swimsuit, wondering if she lacks confidence in her figure. Nero dismisses her words, claiming she gave up her place for Mordred‘s sake last time. she boasts of her swimsuit figure and decides to bide her time on the same deserted island Ritsuka was on for a month in 2016 until summer. Tamamo warns her it wasn’t nearly as fun as she might think. EMIYA then enters the room and reprimands Nero and Tamamo while offering to continue Ritsuka's magecraft training. Nero and Tamao agree his crafty nature is why he’s still Ritsuka’s tutor. Everyone then hears Mash over the intercom announcing Chaldea will receive their regular report from Seraphix. Nero asks what Seraphix is, so Tamamo and EMIYA explain what it is. Tamamo gets an ominous feeling from the name Seraphix, but she nonetheless agrees to accompany Ritsuka there. Everyone then goes to the command room.[43]

Chaldea attempts to contact the facility, but they receive no audio or visual, despite both feeds being active. They receive an SOS message (sent by a staff member with BB’s help), saying everyone is being digitized. When the connection is abruptly cut, Leonardo da Vinci authorizes the use of SHEBA to observe that Seraphix no longer exists. Chaldea soon receives a video message from BB, who instructs them to check the Mariana Trench in 2030 A.D. The staff confirms Seraphix is 200m below the surface, along with the existence of a Singularity. BB tells Chaldea to save Seraphix's staff before the facility sinks 10,000m while dealing with the Singularity manifesting there. While rayshifting to the future is normally impossible, Da Vinci realizes BB can verify the existence of Ritsuka's party since 2030 is her present. BB warns Seraphix will reach the bottom of the trench in a few hours, at which point the water pressure will destroy it. Ritsuka, Nero Claudius, Tamamo, and EMIYA then rayshift to Seraphix. However, BB supposedly hacks the rayshift to separate the group to random locations in the facility (in truth, it was Kiara who was responsible for the separation).[43]

Tamamo, Nero, and EMIYA are captured by BB/GO and made into her Sentinels. They're eventually freed from her influence by Ritsuka.[44] Everyone then goes to the central area after a series of adventures which EMIYA claims couldn't be shown due to "time constraints". Confronting BB/GO, Nero expresses her frustration at her for not getting a part in the Kiara incident. Tamamo feels as if she played a bigger role in that than she actually did. She expects EMIYA feels the same way because EMIYA Alter played a role. The group then defeat BB/GO, and return to Chaldea after she yields her Spirit Origin to BB in order to let BB merge with her.[45]

Event: Oni Pagoda Festival[]

On the 60th floor of the Oni Pagoda, Tamamo, Kiyohime, and Osakabehime are having a party arranged by Shuten. Osakabehime freaks out when Ritsuka arrives as she thought the party was supposed to be an online friend-only IRL meetup and accuses Tamamo of tricking her. Tamamo tells Osakabehime she wouldn’t have left her room if she didn’t. Ritsuka tries to speak to Osakabehime, only for her to scream and hide. Kiyohime and Tamamo then get a text from her, asking them to buy her time while she makes herself more presentable. Tamamo reminds her not to text them when they’re next to her. She also tells her it’s pointless to hide from Ritsuka since they already know what they’re like. She then describes the party as a singles mixer and a girls’ night out combined, thus everyone is welcome. Tomoe Gozen tells them she has no time for chitchat. In response, Tamamo describes their discussions as a battle and an exchange of collaborative information, calling it the Deadly Spider Lily Romance Talk Murder Party. She strongly insists Ritsuka and Tomoe stay. She then realizes Kiyohime has been drunk the whole time, which explains why the latter is already doing her yandere talk. Tomoe says talk of romance gives her enough reason not to take part. Tamamo finds it unhealthy and morbid for her, a widow, to spend her time playing violent video games. Tomoe tries to correct her misconception by saying that besting her opponents always makes her smile. She then declines Osakabehime's offer for them to stay and game together, as they need to proceed to the next floor. But Tamamo says she and the others are obligated to Shuten since she organized the party to not let anyone pass without a fight. Ritsuka's party then proceeds to defeat the girls. Tamamo declares girls' night out as officially over. Osakabehime sends her a text expressing how much fun she had, which annoys Tamamo as she's right next to her. She then asks Osakabehime to send Kiyohime down on one of her origami cranes, which Osakabehime agrees to.


E-Pal Wars[]

Tamamo drags off Ritsuka and Mash to a beach so she can send selfies of them being "lovey-dovey" to Kiyohime and Osakabehime. While she insists she remains committed to Hakuno (despite not remembering Hakuno's name or even the circumstances in which they met), she wants to take the time to show her friends how well she gets along with her Master. The beach turns out to be a Lamia spawning ground, and she and Ritsuka fend off the attack.

Unfazed by the battle, Tamamo brings Ritsuka and Mash to a mountain inn to relax. Tamamo receives another text from Kiyohime about a shopping trip with her Master, provoking Tamamo to go on a tangent about Kiyohime's tendency to see love where it doesn't exist. They are again interrupted, this time by wyverns, and Tamamo uses the opportunity to vent her frustrations in battle.

The next day, Ritsuka and Mash are asked by Tamamo to help her calm down Kiyohime, who is on a rampage following a breakup.

Nine-tailed Fox[]

Tamamo-no-Mae's second interlude goes into detail about Tamamo's nature as an Evil Spirit and her nine-tailed form.[46]

Other appearances[]


Tamamo-no-Mae is a soul that was created from the essence of the sun goddess Amaterasu, and as such, she is not a mere Earth spirit, but an actual unique facet of the goddess from which she came.[7] Her true form is that of a Divine-class Spirit,[9] and as such, it'd be a monumental mistake to classify her as one of the many human-spawned Heroic Spirits. However, she willingly embraced the role of a Servant so that she could, in her own words; "become a good wife." By deliberately accepting the limits inherent in that role, many of her original powers have been sealed away,[1][7] putting her on the same level as other human Heroic Spirits.[9] Tamamo is also an Anti-Hero,[9] as she is considered one of Japan's Three Great Monsters.[7] It is said that a hero by the True Name of Abe-no-Seimei defeated the white-faced nine-tailed fox in the past, although further detail is not given.[47] Since the number of Heroic Spirits related to foxes is quite limited, Suzuka Gozen was able to successfully hypothesize Tamamo's True Name. Tamamo states that having her true identity exposed to the enemy doesn't pose much risk for her.[19]

Nine Tails[]

Tamamo's final Ascension has 3 tails, and therefore a power of 729.

Supposing that we represent an A rank Servant with a numerical power level of 100 (not including Noble Phantasms), Tamamo with 1 tail would have 9% of its power.[9] However, when the number of her tails increases and her spirit rank goes up to the highest level, it becomes impossible for humans to comprehend her full power.[1][9] This is only natural, as the foundation of her being came from an offering to the sun. Thus, the scale of her existence is equivalent to it.[9] For each tail that Tamamo grows back, her power is multiplied by 9, giving her nine-tailed form a power of 387,420,489,[9] just like Amaterasu.[48] Whereas she could never hope to defeat an A rank Servant with just one tail, as the number of tails increases, it becomes ridiculous to even compare the two.[9] In fact, if Tamamo got serious, she'd become an Evil Spirit capable of easily beating 100 or more Heroic Spirits.[1][7][49] Where she to transform into such a hideous monster,[7] she would become a great demon strong enough to destroy 3,000 worlds. An avatar of the apocalypse itself and a threat great enough to rival the King of Magecraft and his Human Incineration Order.[46]

The White Titan Sefar possesses a power level of 300,000,000 in her seventh stage, which is comparable to that of the legendary Golden White Face’s nine-tailed form.[48] Altera has a bonus modifier against the world, so gods who embody the aspects of nature are at a disadvantage against her. Most god's Divinity comes from Earth, but the Sun belongs to the universe. In terms of raw force, Tamamo states that She could be on par with Velber.[36] However, Tamamo later stated twice that she was among the gods that were vanquished by Sefar.[37][38] When Sefar was finally released in the Moon Cell, she stated that there is no way to stop Sefar, and that she had known she wouldn't be able to save Hakuno Kishinami all along. As the embodiment of the Sun, Tamamo knows everything that happened 14,000 years ago. Thus, she admitted having lost to the White Titan before, and that she knew in her very bones that they would be no match for the Umbral Star.[37] Out of all the gods that fought Sefar, none were able to bypass her Magical Energy Absorption skill, which converts the Magical Energy of her opponent's attacks into fuel and energy for Sefar's use. Only the Holy Sword and Zeus after combining with the other Olympians were powerful enough to defeat Sefar.[50]

True Name Raw Power
Tamamo/Amaterasu (9 Tails) 387,420,489
Sefar (7th Stage) 300,000,000
Tamamo (8 Tails) 43,046,721
Tamamo (7 Tails) 4,782,969
Tamamo (6 Tails) 531,441
Tamamo (5 Tails) 59,049
Tamamo (4 Tails) 6,561
Tamamo (3 Tails) 729
A rank Servant 100
Tamamo (2 Tails) 81
Tamamo (1 Tail) 9

Tamamo's other tails. Tamamo Nine

As a Servant, Tamamo-no-mae is usually summoned with just 1 tail. In Chaldea, even after reaching the limits of Ascension in Grand Order, she will only return to a three-tails form.[2] During the CCC Incident, in order to save Hakuno Kishinami from being deleted by the Moon Cell, Tamamo was forced to grow back all her nine tails. By going through 1000 years of "sage training to level up", Tamamo was able to regain her past strength, conquering the Moon Cell in the process.[13] In order to reach the Moon Cell Core, one must first break through the Time Barrier, a 404 light-years space located between the 7 arenas and the core. BB had been able to achieve this by expanding the Sakura Labyrinth and moving through the Imaginary Number Space at the speed of light to break through this perfectly spherical spiritron defense wall that cuts through 8 dimensions.[51] However, Tamamo was able to crush it effortlessly in an instant thanks to her "Thousand Light Years Dash," by ignoring the time axis, laws of cause and effect, consistency, and so on. After reaching the core, she simply kicked it, immediately shutting it down. The official name of the spinning kick she performed is called "FLARE SKIRT BUNKER BUSTER", an attack capable of causing extremely high preassure on underground constructs. Once she had saved her Master, Tamamo traveled with Hakuno to a remote countryside on the edge of SE.RA.PH that even commercial mails traveling at the speed of light can't reach.[13] After doing so, she cut off her tails, which surprisingly do not only have tremendous power but can also act as independent Heroic Spirits. Hakuno calls them the “Tamamo Nine”.[1][13] For all these reasons, Tamamo is essentially a "cheat character."[9] The other characters to have ever been referred as such are Arcueid, BB, and Gilgamesh.


Despite being such a great Divine-class Spirit, at the start of the Moon Holy Grail War, Tamamo is the weakest Servant in the entire game. With her paper-thin Endurance and inability to use her Noble Phantasms it’s an easy game-over if you let your Guard down.[9] Throughout a large part of the War, Tamamo could not access her full power. Due to Hakuno Kishinami's deficiencies as a "pseudo-Magus", Tamamo was unable to manifest her full glory. Although all of her parameters are an extremely low E rank at the beginning, with Aoko's and Touko Aozaki's help they gain a medium growth rate. By performing an Alteration of the Soul, Aoko was able to link Hakuno's and Tamamo's Souls.[11] Through Hakuno, they are able to modify Tamamo's Magic Circuits,[12] so that as long as Hakuno increased her rank as a Master, they would be able to strengthen their link by hacking into each soul and choosing what to improve.[11] Sculpting their spiritual bodies maximizes the flow of Magical Energy from Master to Servant.[12] However, due to being a Caster, even at full power, Tamamo-no-Mae lacks brute Strength, and her physical attacks are not worthy of praise. This is especially true in her Endurance, which is still ranked E.[14] During the CCC Incident, Tamamo's rival is Passionlip. Under normal circumstances Tamamo is on the verge of death after taking a normal punch attack, so Passionlip’s huge one-shot lip attack means that she is an instant death monster as far as Tamamo is concerned.[9] The reason Lu Bu is known as "Tamamo Killer" is that he can kill Tamamo in one hit even if she Guards.[32]

Being a Caster, Tamamo's true strength are her Curses.[14] Due to being a specialist in cursing techniques, Tamamo was able to repel a fragment of Kingprotea's Infantile Regression.[18] Some of these curses can be used to keep other Servants under control by electrifying them with a lightning bolt. Elizabeth Báthory says she is able to endure them thanks to being a Demi-Dragon, and that she'd definitely be super-dead otherwise. Elizabeth was able to train herself to be completely lightning-proof, to the point where Tamamo would need to hit her with a million volts to actually injure her.[33] This lightning curse returns in Fate/EXTELLA LINK as one of her active skills in battle, called Curse: Thunderclap (呪相・雷霆, Jusō - Raitei?)​; and in the collaboration event between Fate/EXTRA CCC and Fate/Grand Order, Tamamo Cat utilized the skill Curse: Void Cleft Great Chaos Heaven (呪相・空裂大密天, Jusō - Kūretsu Dai Mitten?)​ to lock Suzuka Gozen in place. Meltryllis recognized that it's Caster Tamamo's "final secret technique" and was surprised that Cat could also use it.

Tamamo's attack patterns are basically two: 1. Blows using her mirror, and 2. Long range attacks using Curses.[21] Since Tamamo isn't that resilient to damage, her blows with her mirror are mainly meant to keep her enemy in check. She needs to take some distance in order to make the best use of her Curses.[20] During Tamamo's first fight with Suzuka Gozen, Tamamo was weakened due to having low Magical Energy and Hakuno Kishinami having lost all his Experience Points. Since Tamamo is a Caster and has E rank Endurance, fighting a Saber such as Suzuka means that things will only get worse for her the closer her opponent gets. Although Tamamo's mirror can be used for both offense and defense, it isn't enough to shake off Suzuka's three sword style.[15] When Suzuka finally uses the Heavenly Demon Rain, Hakuno states that there's no way for Tamamo to dodge all of the projectiles and that all she can do is grit her teeth and bear the attack. However, considering her low Endurance, she would die even if she used Guard. Tamamo was able to block it by combining the two Curses; Mantra Aphotic Cave, which lowers damage and absorbs MP from the enemy's skill, and Mantra Bestial Sky, which greatly increases magic ability for one turn.[16] Although Kazuhito Sakagami tried to finish Tamamo off by boosting Suzuka's Agility with a Codecast, Hakuno reacted in time and used Heal on Tamamo. With all of Tamamo's wounds healed and the Aphotic Cave still activated, Kazuhito orders Suzuka to withdraw.[16][17]

Although Tamamo's first battle with Suzuka Gozen proved that Tamamo can fight at close range with her to a certain degree, during their rematch, Suzuka is able to read Tamamo's moves thanks to her Blessing of Wisdom Noble Phantasm, which grants her the wisdom of a Bodhisattva. Suzuka is able to counter Tamamo's Curse: Fiery Heaven with Water Kneading, an attack performed with Daitsuuren. However, since she is a Saber, Tamamo states that such makeshift Caster-like attacks can't match a true caster like herself. Although Tamamo tries to attack Suzuka again, Suzuka simply evades midair by using her floating swords as footholds, and breaks through Tamamo's Guard with Guard Break. She's able to accurately attack every opening in Tamamo's defense, overwhelming her pretty rapidly.[20] Although Suzuka is better at anticipating her enemy's moves, Tamamo is better at controlling the battlefield. Tamamo uses the recoil of Curse: Chaos Heaven to jump into the air and evade what would have been a fatal blow otherwise. Then, she uses her mirror as a foothold like Suzuka had done previously, and propels herself back at Suzuka, breaking through her Guard. Tamamo states that had she been alone, she would have used Fiery Heaven and it would have been blocked and halved by Suzuka's guard. It was only thanks to Hakuno Kishinami that she was able to arrive to this solution. Before Tamamo can finish Suzuka off, Karna intervenes and sends Tamamo flying back with just a light touch of his hand, despite being extremely weakened under Jinako Carigiri.[21]

During Tamamo's fight with Violet, Violet is not receiving Magical Energy from her Master,[23] however, she is still able to dodge Tamamo's Fiery Heaven and Chaos Heaven without much difficulty.[22] Although Violet is able to freeze Tamamo's movements with her Crack Ice, giving her an opening to attack Tamamo, Tamamo didn't take fatal damage from her consecutive strikes, and could keep fighting thanks to Hakuno Kishinami using a healing Codecast.[22] Thanks to Tamamo's and Hakuno's coordination, Tamamo is able to block Violet's whips with Chaos Heaven.[23] After Tamamo uses her mirror to pin them down, Tamamo kicks Violet and sends her flying several meters away. It is here revealed that Tamamo can use proficient close quarters skills thanks to the muscle training she had gone through in the first six rounds of the previous Moon Holy Grail War, following the path to the "Master castration fist required for smashing the harem route." The reason she had been keeping them hidden is that she wanted to maintain Hakuno's image of her as a frail lady. Violet says that having grasped Tamamo's reaction speed, she can now raise her speed so that Tamamo can't counter her attacks. Shinji Matou however warns Violet that fighting Tamamo in close quarters is a bad idea, and that she should still keep using the hit-and-run strategy.[24] Tamamo can escape from the time paralysis by hiding out of Violet's view, but her attacks can easily be dodged in that position. Although Violet has superior Parameters, Tamamo has greater battle experience.[26] Since Violet's attacks are too simple, Tamamo is able to predict where she opens her worm-holes, taking advantage of them to attack her.[25] When Violet uses Crack Ice once again, Tamamo reflects it back with her mirror, freezing Violet in place. She then fires Curse:Frigid Heaven, Fiery Heaven, and Chaos Heaven, seemingly overpowering Violet. Before Tamamo can finish her off, however, Violet partially transforms into the Gorgon, gaining the upper hand. Tamamo then counters with her secret move, Land of Eternal Bane, which causes magic damage and a poison effect. For its activation, Tamamo's HP must be below 30%. This grants Tamamo the victory, as she claims that "the one who shows their trump card first loses." That little bit of wisdom decided this battle.[26]


Class Skills[]

  • Territory Creation (C Rank): This skill allows one to create a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus. Unfortunately for Tamamo-no-Mae, her personality is ill-suited for the task of manipulating reality and she has great difficulty even creating a small-scale crafting studio for creating minor amulets and other types of low-level talismans.[1][7]

Personal Skills[]

  • Curse Arts (EX Rank): Caster uses is all physical phenomena performed with her own body. While common Magecraft is a program that "recomposes what exists around", Curse Arts is a program that "recomposes the raw materials in one's own body." It is related to Dakiniten methods (ダキニ天法, Dakiniten Hō?), and includes methods to discern one's time of death, secret arts to obtain influence, methods to attain status and fortune (for men) and methods to gain the favor of influential individuals (for women). Due to a number of very harsh lessons impressed upon her in the past, Tamamo-no-Mae no longer makes use of her still formidable skills in these areas.[1][2][7]
  • Shapeshift (A Rank): This refers to the abilities of either changing ones appearance or borrowing the physical form of another. As a kitsune, or fox spirit, Tamano-no-Mae is able to alter her appearance and even species at will. However, due to a traumatizing event in a past incarnation that resulted in her death and temporary damnation, she rarely, if ever, uses this ability.[1][7]
  • Fox's Wedding (EX Rank): The Skill Item Construction that received various of her own peculiar tampering.[1][2] She invented this skill after seeing the Noble Phantasm of a certain JK rival. “Tenkiame is MY specialty!!!”.[1] By one-sidedly declaring a wedding, a sun shower of blessings is shed and souvenirs are pushed on ally-like individuals in congratulations; truly a Cheat-Skill that can only be described as miko-fox. Please, restrain yourself, Amaterasu.[1][2]

Noble Phantasm[]

Tamamo-no-Mae's Noble Phantasm is her mirror called Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu. This ability would allow Tamamo to counter Violet's Crack Ice, however, she choses not use it against her in fear of revealing her True Name to Hakuno Kishinami.[22]


Fate/EXTRA / CCC - Caster Skills list
  • Curse: Fiery Heaven (呪相・炎天, Jusō - Enten?) - A fire attack that uses 30MP. Inflicts magic damage and Stun against BREAK.
  • Curse: Frigid Heaven (呪相・氷天, Jusō - Hyōten?) - An ice attack that uses 30MP. Inflicts magic damage and Stun against ATTACK.
  • Curse: Chaos Heaven (呪相・密天, Jusō - Mitten?) - An air attack that uses 30MP. Inflicts magic damage and Stun against GUARD.
  • Charm: Spirit Theft (呪法・吸精, Jusō - Kyūsei?) - It absorbs energy from the enemy. In game, it absorbs enemy MP when using BREAK and requires 20MP.
  • Curse: Void Cleft (呪相・空裂, Jusō - Kūretsu?) - It is a skill that Caster uses when she was Twice's Servant. A Void magic attack.
  • Mantra: Aphotic Cave (呪層・黒天洞, Jusō - Kokutendō?) - A self applied skill that lowers damage and absorbs energy from enemy. It lowers damage and absorbs MP from enemy Skills and it requires 40MP. Decrease damage taken to 10%.
  • Mantra: Bestial Sky (呪層界・怨天祝祭, Jusō-Kai - Onten Shukusai?) - Her magic ability greatly increased for one move. It boosts magic damage to 250% on her next move and it uses 30MP.
  • Mantra: Merciful Sky (呪層界・怨天祝奉, Jusō-Kai - Onten Shukuhō?) - Magic ability greatly increased for one move. This Skill replaces Mantra: Bestial Sky and uses 50MP. Boosts magic damage to 400% on her next move.
  • Distant Land of the Torn Blossom (常世咲き裂く大殺界(ヒガンバナセッショウセキ), Tokoyo Saki Saku Daisakkai(Higanbana Sesshō-seki)?, localized as "Land of Eternal Bane"), is a Skill that involves the use of the Red Spider Lily Killing Stone (彼岸花殺生石, Higan-bana Sesshō-seki?). In the game, this Skill gives magical damage to the enemy while also causing a Poison status. However, it can only be activated when Caster's HP is below 30%.
  • Charm: Gyokutenhou (呪法・玉天崩, Juhō - Gyokutenhō?) - A series of powerful kicks that were referenced in the English Fate/EXTRA as "Polygamist Castration Fist" (一夫多妻去勢拳, Ippu-tasai Kyosei-ken?). It critically strikes against male enemies.
  • Tamamo-chan increase (増えるタマモちゃん, Fueru Tamamo-chan?) - The value of experience after battle is increased by 5%.
  • Breath of the Soul (魂息吹, Mitama-ibuki?) - Slight MP restoration at the end of battle. Restores 10% of Caster's total MP after battle.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]

Mythological Mystic Code of the Sun[]

In the final arc of Fate/EXTRA CCC, Tamamo-no-Mae unlocks her Origin in order to fight BB, just like Hakuno's other servants (Nero Claudius, No Name or Gilgamesh depending on the player's preferences) do in their respective paths.[13]


In this form, Tamamo's outfit resembles Amaterasu's. The only notable differences between the two, other than the size, is that Amaterasu has 9 tails, whereas Tamamo only has 1.[13]


The moment BB gained complete control over the core of the Moon Cell, there was nothing Tamamo and Hakuno Kishinami could do against her, and they were forced to retreat immediately the moment she started erasing the space they were on.[51] Although they didn't find a way to seal BB's "Ten Crowns", the student council was able to devise countermeasures. As a result of analyzing the data from the Ten Crowns they gained from Robin Hood, Rani VIII and Rin Tohsaka acquired rights to access "original power" from the Moon Cell. The Ten Crowns is the beginning of human history, the dawning of the light of civilization. To summarize, it is the power of the Origin that began the human genome. It is something all human beings hold within them. By entering Tamamo's virtual mind/body to access the Heroic Spirit core directly, Hakuno was able to reach the heroic spirit's root that the Moon Cell had sealed away, and release the Mythological Mystic Code. This is an origin that even the person themselves, in this case, Tamamo, can never know. The farthest point that became the cause of the birth of the entity known as Tamamo. In other words, zero.[13]

By removing the limiter placed on her, Tamamo would be able to acquire the same level of "fundamental truth" as BB due to now being able to raise her spiritual rank according to her will. Because this is a very powerful engine, this power places much burden on the Servant. Sakura claims that the basic Servant frame is not capable of withstanding the power output of the Mythological Mystic Code, and she asks Hakuno to limit its use to one time only. With this power alone, the student council estimated that Tamamo and Hakuno would have a 0.9999% chance of victory against BB. In order to help Tamamo and Hakuno in the final battle, even if just a little, Rin Tohsaka redirected all the power that had been previously protecting the school building to stop BB and the Alter Egos from entering, and all the resources that comprised the building were transferred to Tamamo, to further empower her. By the point Tamamo finally faces BB, her power is increased to the same rank as hers. Being able to match BB in capability and rank of powers wielded, the battle between the two becomes rather competitive. In the Bad Ending, where BB gets to use her Noble Phantasm Cursed Cutting Crater, Tamamo loses and is vanquished. Hakuno blames themselves, saying they were just one step short, and that they're sure that if they were given another chance, they'd definitely be able to corner BB. In the Good Ending, Hakuno and Tamamo are successful in preventing BB from using her Noble Phantasm by severing her connection with the Moon Cell, defeating her in the process.[13]

In the Sakura route after defeating BB, Tamamo and Hakuno face Kiara Sessyoin, who by absorbing Passionlip, Meltryllis, BB, and Sakura Matou to form her core, taking complete control of the Moon Cell, and Hans Christian Andersen pouring all his Noble Phantasm into her, metamorphosed into a divine Daemon, becoming a similar existence to a True Daemon and Buddha. With her new powers, Kiara blasted Tamamo away to the ends of the galaxy, only for her to return shortly after. Although the world inside the Moon Cell may be a conceptual space, it's not a distance Tamamo on her own should be able to close off in a single instant. To do so, she flew faster than the speed of light. Tamamo claims that the reversal of time is nothing special as well, and that she just reduced to zero the distance from the Horsehead Nebula(WP) to this galaxy(WP) in order to perform that feat.[13][52]

Although Kiara Sessyoin had ascended to the position of a god after gaining complete control of the Moon Cell, she ended up defeated by Hakuno Kishinami, a mere human, and Tamamo. Being regarded by Andersen as an omnipotent being, there surely was no reason for her to lose against them. Surprisingly, Hakuno just happened to be the only person she couldn't use her "omnipotence" against. Kiara had not only based her powers in BB and Sakura, but the Alter Egos as well. It was because those girls whom she had taken as her core kept opposing her desperately inside her to protect their own love that Kiara lost. She fought head-on all confidently while being unaware of her own weak points. Had she know this beforehand, Kiara claims that she would have just blown them away to some random realm, just to later destroy that realm alongside them.[13]

Noble Phantasms:
Tamamo-no-Mae's Noble Phantasm is Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu.

Moon Crux[]

Tamamo possesses a Spiritrons-enhancement Mystic Code that can wear with the power of the Regalia in Fate/EXTELLA. Moonlight Mystic Code. The Moon Cell version of the “Big Crunch.” It is made by collecting all of the pseudo-spiritrons (light cells) within the Moon.[53]


Tamamo-no-Mae's Form Change combines the luxuriousness of a dangerous beauty with the duality of yin and yang. No matter how you slice it, she looks like the boss of an expensive Ginza(WP) hostess club. Back in the planning stages, there was also a yakuza wife-themed outfit, a kimono with chest bindings and tattoos from the neck to the shoulder, but that was unfortunately scrapped.[53]


The Regalia is an Anti-Velber defense mechanism created by the Moon Cell. At the core of its concept, the Moon Cell is built to survey and observe, not to fight or defend, even if it can see a threat coming. That's why it chose Nero Claudius, the winner of the Moon Holy Grail War, as its defender.[30] However, due to Archimedes' plot, the Regalia was split in three, allowing Tamamo to gain one one-third of the Regalia's Authority. The Moon Crux transformation is a hidden power from the Regalia with which Tamamo temporarily gains special admin access to the Moon Cell, drawing Magical Energy from it to power herself.[28][31] It is also infused with Anti-Velber technology.[31]

Despite Tamamo having a seemingly physically fragile body, thanks to this form, her great power allowed her to single-handedly defeat Li Shuwen in combat. However, fighting him left her exhausted.[32] Normally, Gilgamesh's Spiritual Core outclasses Tamamo's by leaps and bounds. Howerver, she states that with the Regalia's Royal Authority and the support of her destined husband she would have better reasons to win.[35] In a similar way, Tamamo is confident that despite Nero Claudius having access to her own Regalia, she would have nothing to fear from her.[33] However, she still lost to Nero.[29] According to Archimedes, due to Nero’s superior experience and skill, her defeating Tamamo was a mathematical certainty.[31]

Karna warns Tamamo that fighting Gawain powered by the Sun would be unwise, and recommends her leading Gawain to Lu Bu instead, who should be on par with him. While Lu Bu keeps him occupied, Tamamo destroyed the markers that were empowering him by drawing sunlight into the Moon Cell. After Gawain loses the sun buff, Tamamo defeats him.[34]

Even with the Regalia, under normal circumstances, Tamamo would be unable to defeat Altera due to having no way to get close enough to strike her down before being blasted away by her Noble Phantasm, Teardrop Photon Ray. However, during their fight in the "Orchids Words" arc, Tamamo defeated her by using a decoy that allowed her to pull off a perfect surprise attack. Tamamo played on Altera's knowledge of her recklessness, then tricked her into lowering her guard. By using most of the Regalia's resources, Tamamo constructed a perfect body double that got hit by Teardrop Photon Ray. The real Tamamo took this opportunity to hide and expend all the remaining resources of the Regalia to give herself an ability similar to an innate presence-blocking skill, at the cost of destroying the ring. When the moment to sneak attack Altera arrived, she used her most powerful spell, Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu, to strike Altera five times consecutively, defeating her in the process.[36]


« Yes? A beauty AND a swimsuit; is there any problem? »


Even while wearing a swimsuit, as expected, she still the usual Tamamo-no-Mae. However, thanks to being in a vacation this time around, she has completely exhausted her magic energy and turned into a beast of summer. That is the reason behind her abnormally high physical ability. Maybe due to an overflowing complacency, she seems more refined and high-society than the usual Tamamo. She herself seems to under the assumption of an elegant mannequin. But a true lady wouldn't be cheerfully carrying a swim ring, with the full intention of playing around.[54]

When talking about summer, it is the beach. When talking about beach, it is the parasol. When talking about parasol, it is yours dependable miko-fox. This is, surely, the common sense of the Ashihara no Kuni(WP)...! A solar explosion. Making a wet T-shirt and a swim ring as her weapons, Lancer Tamamo-chan, sunshining on the southern countries![54]

Tamamo-no-Mae is a good-wife-aspirant, extravagant miko shaman. In the deathbed of the Heian Period, this peerless beauty served the retired emperor Toba. It has been said that she is the disguised appearance of the nine-tailed fox Hakumen Kinmou, and also said to be a Divided Spirit of Amaterasu Oomikami. Since she has that much of a career, it should be fine to come about a life of fully enjoying a vacation in the southern countries... so thought Tamamo-chan.[54]


Class Skills:

  • Riding (A Rank): Talent for riding. It is natural for the Lancer class, but it feels like the rank is very high.[55]
  • Territory Creation (A Rank): What “trauma from the past”? Summer beach is my hunting ground, needless to say it’s the power to create territory. Be elegant at any time and any place, the beach parasol is not just for show.[55]
  • Divinity (A++ Rank): A Divided Spirit of a Divine Spirit...or avatar, or incognito...that is what supposed to be. But this is the result of summer. Shining like the sun on the beach! As if that sexy pose is the normally suppressed Divinity. What is going on, good wife fox?[55]

Personal Skills:

  • Beach Flower (EX Rank): Truly, the incarnation of a sunflower. A goddess of summer has descended here. "No no, I am in fact a deity." While the Tamamo of summer appeals her beauty as a woman, this is not the attitude of making love-traps whenever she has a chance. When it comes to summer・beach・parasol, it is about a chance to appeal her refinement. A strategy of putting up more charms than usual in the summer beach, so that the other party is already madly in love by the time they return to their ordinary days. "Instead of a lady, isn't that a hunter already?" "Indeed, that's exactly right master. Despite being the original, she is a Tamamo-no-Mae who stuck one foot into the Tamamo-Nine... the hunter of the sea, also known as Tamamo-Shark".[54] Is she really the incarnation of a sunflower? Attack power of allies are raised and additional effects are granted for male Servants. Her figure is just like a goddess of summer. “No no, I am an actual deity right?”[55]
  • Midsummer Curse Arts (A Rank): Powerful charm ability. Although the enemy suffers from various debuffs, at the same time charge gauge increases due to their mood being lifted. A skill that requires getting used to, but a very powerful and convenient skill when used right. Turning demerit into merit![55]
  • Goddess Metamorphosis (B Rank): Highest form of Shapeshift skill. User transforms into a goddess, gaining a feast of buffs. But then she is stunned afterwards. Apparently there was a holy woman in a certain cyberspace who acquired this Skill. Incidentally, Tamamo's Divinity has casually became A++, but that is because her aspects as Amaterasu leaking out under the summer sun modifiers, or something like that.[55]

Noble Phantasm:
Tamamo-no-Mae's Noble Phantasm is Everlasting Summer Sunlight.


Creation and Conception[]

Nasu Kinoko claims that Caster was the last character to be picked out of the three playable characters, at that time Nasu already decided to have Red Saber and Archer for Fate/EXTRA. It was thanks to Kazuya Niinō who helped Nasu design the character, he said to Nasu "I hope Caster is a very cute girl with Japanese style furry ears". Nasu thought it would be a good occasion to debut a character with cute animal ears for the male players. Nasu further explains that if he wrote Caster, she'd become a character with a lot of neurotic attributes, so he decided to pass it along to other writers to write. However Nasu gave Caster the top priority to start scripting because Archer already has a high popularity in "Fate" but his role was weak.[56]

Takeuchi Takashi was the character designer for Caster and it was Arco Wada who refined the final design. Arco Wada didn’t expect a character with fox ears to come to life like she did, so Arco was very surprised about that and personally thinks Caster is an adorable character.

Nasu wrote her scenario in Fate/Grand Order.[1]



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    Character Description
    Voice Content
    NAME Caster
    HEIGHT 160cm
    WEIGHT 49kg
    3SIZE B86/W57/H84
    HOME Japan?
    BIRTHDAY Unknown
    WEAK POINT Tail may be embarassing?
    FETISHISM Soul fetish... Tamafeti?

    ◆What do you look for in a partner?

    • Whatever your heart wishes.

    ◆What’s your favorite color of underwear?

    • Truth will be in the bathroom...!

    ◆How do you spend your free time?

    • I am currently attending Uzume-chan's cooking classes.

    NAME キャスター キャスターでも、タマちゃんでも、むちろんハーニーでもOKです。ま、ご主人様に限りますけど。
    HEIGHT 160cm みこーんと可愛いお耳を除いて、160cmにございます。なでなで、なでなでプリーズ!
    WEIGHT 49kg 雨にも負けず、敵にもまけず、鍛えに鍛えたこの体。恥ずかしい事などないのです!
    3SIZE B86/W57/H84 ぶっちぎりナイスバディー…のはずなのに、ここの人たちまじモンスター。遠慮とか平均とか知ってます?
    HOME 日本? これはまた難しい事聞きますねえ。えーと、んー、日本…かな?
    BIRTHDAY 不明 残念ですが、人の暦で表すのは…あ、いえ!せっかくなので、今日と言う事いたしましょう!プレゼントはもちろんあ、な、た…った、痛!
    WEAK POINT 尻尾は恥ずかしいかも? タマモ~尻尾は~ちょっと恥ずかしい~かも?モフる前には“食べちゃうぞ”宣言をお願いします!
    FETISHISM 魂フェチ……たまふぇち? イケメン魂には本能でキュンときっちゃうのです。


    • 貴方様の御心のままに。それをお側でお支えするのが良妻たる私の役目でございます。


    • きゃー!ご主人様ったらいつになく積極的!真相はお風呂場で……!LET'S SHOWER TIME!え?なぜいつまでも、入ってこない?


    • ウズメちゃんのお料理教室に通っております。ところでご主人様、好きなおかずは何ですか?

    1. 独占願望





    2. 料理下手





    3. 金毛白面








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    • Master: Main protagonist
    • Identity: Tamamo no Mae
    • Gender: Female
    • Height, Weight: 163cm/49kg
    • Alignment:Neutral Evil
    • Strength: E
    • Endurance: E
    • Agility: B
    • Mana: A
    • Luck: D
    • Noble Phantasm: B

    Class Skills
    Territory Creation: C

    Personal skills
    Witchcraft: EX

    Shapeshift: A

    Noble Phantasm
    Eightfold Blessings of Amaterasu on the Weight Stone under the Sunlit Watery Heavens
    Rank: D
    Type: Anti-Army
    Range: 3 ~ 30
    Maximum number of targets: Up to 100 people


    • マスター:主人公
    • 真名:玉藻の前
    • 性別:女性
    • 身長・体重:163cm/49kg
    • 属性:中立・悪
    • 筋力:E
    • 耐久:E
    • 敏捷:B
    • 魔力:A
    • 幸運:D
    • 宝具:B




    「今回はムーンセルからの制約で一つしかありませんが、本来なら多数の尾から百万の軍勢を生み出せるのです!」 とはキャスター本人の弁。実に眉唾である。

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    Tamamo no Mae

    • Height: 163cm
    • Weight: 49kg
    • Blood type: Unknown
    • Birthday: Unknown
    • Image Color: Pink
    • Talent: Serious Break
    • Likes: 4½ tatami mat of happiness
    • Dislikes: The her on the earth
    • Natural enemy: Dark Studmon Seimei


    • 身長: 163cm
    • 体重: 49kg
    • 血液型: 不明
    • 誕生日: 不明
    • イメージカラー: 桃色 
    • 特技: シリアスブレイク
    • 好きなもの: 幸せ四畳半
    • 嫌いなもの: 地の自分
    • 天敵: 暗黒イケモン・セイメイ

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    Class: Caster
    Master: Player
    True Name: Tamamo-no-Mae
    Noble Phantasm: The Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu
    Keyword: Maleficum, Red Lily of the Killing Stone of Nasu
    Strength: -, Defense: -, Agility: -, Magic: -, Luck: -
    Area Creation: C, Maleficium: EX, Transformation: A


    01 - The Eightfold Blessing of Amaterasu
    A mirror wielded by Tamamo-no-Mae. It is one of the sacred treasures brought down from the Heavens by the god Takehinateru-no-Mikoto and was oringally kept in the great shrine in the Izumo Province. According to passages in the Chronicles of Japan, the mirror was later moved to a site in the Kawachi district as the behest of the Imperial Court.

    The mirror is also known as Yata-no-Kagami and is frequently used in rites honoring the sun goddess Amaterasu. In addition to its importance in ritual observances, it is also thought to possess the power to bring the dead back from the afterlife. However, since Caster's rebirth as a Servant, this power is no longer accessible.

    02 - Maleficum
    The Witchcraft that Caster uses is all physical phenomena performed with her own body. While common Magecraft are programs that "recompose what exists around," Witchcraft are programs that "recompose the raw materials in one's own body."

    According to Caster's own word:

    "This time there is only one due to the constrains of the Moon Cell, but originally I could produce a million troops from my multiple tails!"

    That is really suspicious though.

    03 - Red Lily of the Killing Stone of Nasu
    This skill involves the use of the infamous Killing Stone of Nasu. After her death, Tamamo-no-Mae's spirit began to haunt the area around this stone and also imbued it with a terrible curse that killed any creature that came near it.

    Originally located in the Nasu highlands of Tochigi Prefecture, the stone was shattered by a virtuous monk by the name of Gennou who then scattered the peces across three places in Japan.
    It is believed that the shards of the rock evolved into fox spirits known in Japanese as kitsune and inukami. The legends go on to say that these newly-born spirits were bound as familiars by wizards powerful enough to establish contracts with the divine.

    01 - 水天日光天照八野鎮石(すいてんにっこうあまてらすやのしずいし)




    02 - 呪術



    03 - 常世咲き裂く大殺界(ヒガンバナセッショウセキ)



    Territory Creation [C]
    This skill allows one to create a reality tailored specifically to their skills as a magus.
    Unfortunately for Tamamo-no-Mae, her personality is ill-suited for the task of manipulating reality and she has great difficulty even creating a small-scale crafting studio for creating minor amulets and other types of low-level talismans.

    Maleficium [EX]
    The sacred rituals of the Dakini goddesses. The rituals confer the abilities to perform such actions as foretell the time and place of one's death and manipulate the hearts and minds of both men and women. Due to a number of very harsh lessons impressed upon her in the past, Tamano-no-Mae no longer make use of her still formidable skills in these areas.

    Transformation [A]
    This refers to the abilities of either changing ones appearance or borrowing the physical form of another. As a kitsune, or fox spirit, Tamano-no-Mae is able to alter her appearance and even species at will. However, due to a traumatizing event in a past incarnation that resulted in her death and temporary damnation, she rarely, if ever, uses this ability.





    01 - Character Background
    In the final years of the Heian period, there was a beautiful courtesan in service to the Emperor Toba known as Tamamo-no-Mae. Born Misukume, she first entered the court as a servant at the age of 18, but quickly became a well-respected lady and a favorite of the emperor himself due to her incredible beauty and the depth of her intelligence.

    While the stories become somewhat murky on this point, the most widely excepted theory is that an itinerant fortune teller visiting Emperor Toba's court discovered Tamamo-no-Mae's true identity as a nine-tailed fox spirit. Tamamo-no-Mae was denounced as the cause of the emperor's lingering illness and was driven out of the palace and onto the plains of Nasu, where she was killed trying to defend herself against an army of 80,000 soldiers sent by the emperor. While no one knows exactly what happened to her afterwards, it is believed that she was transformed into the legendary killing stone.

    02 - "Dakini Deva"
    While Tamano-no-Mae is generally believed to be a nine-tailed fox spirit with many of the attributes associated with the tantric deities known as Dankini, she is frequently mistaken by many as one of the Inari or sometimes even a manifestation of Buddha.

    In the Fate/EXTRA universe, Tamamo-no-Mae is a soul that was created from the essence of the sun goddess Amaterasu, and as such is not merely a Earth spirit, but is actually a unique facet of the goddess from which she came. With this being said, it'd be a monumental mistake to classify her as one of the many human-spawned Legendary Souls.

    However, she was willingly embraced the role of a Legendary Soul so that she could, in her own words "become a good wife." By deliberately accepting the limits inherent in the role of Servant, many of her original powers have been sealed away.

    On a final note, as most deities are neither truly good nor evil, there are instances when Tamamo-no-Mae can be summoned as an evil spirit. Should this happen, she will transformed into a hideous monster capable of defeating a hundred heroes at once. In fact, when in this form, she is considered one of the Japan's Three Great Monsters.

    01 - 人物背景:


    02 - 『ダキニ天』




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    Caster (Fox) [Servant]
    Caster is one of the main Servants who can make a contract with the main protagonist.
    She is always smiling and has quite the precocious tongue. She is the trademark beauty of Extra with those lovely fox ears. She is usually called Cas-ko.
    Just as the class name Caster implies, she is a magic user. She also features a Japanese-style design. “I’m gonna zap you ☆!”
    She refers to herself with 私 (watakushi). She is unreserved like a gal (gyaru), and when trying to be cute for a boy she uses アタシ (atashi).
    Unusual for a Fate game, she is so smitten with the protagonist that you might do a double take,
    “Damn they even put this in?”
    Her goal is to become the protagonist’s wife. She’s a realist and also devilishly cute in all areas unrelated to her goals or dreams.
    She has a carefree attitude and always has love on the mind. She is an admittedly gal-esque Servant. However, fundamentally she is a logical realist. For example, she treats “god” as a system like existence. Sometimes this trips her up and she blurts out lines which don’t suit her usual carefree mentality.
    According to Red Saber “She puts up a loose airhead front, but that girl’s true nature is really sharp.”

    Cas-ko’s true form is an anti-heroic spirit, God-class… she is more or less a god.
    Having lost most of her power, she is now on the same level as other human heroic spirits, however when the number of her tails increases and her spirit rank goes up to the highest level, it’s impossible for humans to comprehend her full power.
    This is only natural, as the foundation of her being came from an offering to the sun. Thus, the scale of her existence is equivalent to that of the sun.
    By the way, for each tail that returns, Cas-ko’s power increases by 9x. This means that in her max power state with all nine tails her power has increased by 99.

    Supposing that we represent an A rank Servant with a numerical power level of, say, 100 (not including Noble Phantasms), Cas-ko with 1 tail has a power of about 9, and as you can see could never defeat an A rank Servant. But, as the number of tails increases… well it’s silly to even try comparing.
    Her true name, which is something that should remain a secret, is quickly revealed from the start of the game. Having no interest in the Holy Grail War, and with a unique perspective of the world, she is clearly different from the other servants. Not to mention she is essentially a cheat character. She is the embodiment of a natural phenomenon: a god-class spirit. Why does she posses such a low spirit rank in game? Why does her behavior mimic that of humans? Please refer to her Special My Room to find out.

    Despite being such a great god-class spirit, in the game she is the weakest Servant.
    With her paper thin armor and inability to use Noble Phantasms it’s an easy game-over if you let your guard down. I understand, I understand, if only the setting had been made so that she was your childhood friend, then she would’ve truly been the best character, right!?
    In any case, I would like players who choose Cas-ko to have the resolve to surmount the border of life and death.
    On the other hand, after Cas-ko’s stats are upgraded, the second half of the game is a sure-victory cakewalk, regardless if the enemy is a weakling or a boss. The alteration of her soul boosts her magic power like crazy!
    She likes trips to hot spring resorts (but not hot spring baths), and love-filled cooking (at least while doing the cooking), and giving presents to herself.
    She hates dogs, only somewhat handsome guys, and people who disrupt her time alone with her Master.
    She’s not too fond of loveable 100% airhead characters. She seems to have well learned the lesson that her half-baked airhead act never seems to come out ahead of the real deal. Dear Cas-ko, what happened in your past?


    In CCC Cas-ko appears featuring an S&M bondage style + Goth Loli dress fusion design.
    Even though she puts up a front pretending to dislike her attire she actually loves it, “As long as it’s cute, anything’s okay!”
    The Heroic Spirit of Sweets doesn’t have the same pride that the other few Japanese style Servants do.
    In CCC her rival is Passionlip.
    Under normal circumstances Cas-ko is on the verge of death after taking a normal punch attack, so Passionlip’s huge one-shot lip attack means that she is an instant death monster as far as Cas-ko is concerned.
    Furthermore, it seems that a narrow-minded tendency lingers from Passionlip’s yandere past, and this can prove to be quite irritating to Cas-ko.
    Also, when talking about Cas-ko it’s impossible to skip over the amazing preferential treatment we gave her ending.
    Who who imagine that she’d get a two CG ending event!? What is this recklessness?
    And that ultra special final CG!!
    Not to mention the ending differs depending on whether your character is male or female!
    The “Say Aahhh” ending CG wasn’t in the plan from start, but after a developer meeting it was decided that the final event CG would be the Tamamo Nine. At that point we were short on time and budget but after consulting with Wada Arco we were able to make something out of nothing and helped us realize the “Say Aahhh” ending CG.






  10. [v] Fate/EXTRA - Arcueid Brunestud (Berserker) Matrix [T]

    Class: Berserker
    Master: Monji Gatou
    True Name: Arcueid
    Noble Phantasm: Blut die Schwester
    Keyword: Vampire...?, True Ancestor
    Strength: A+, Defense: B, Agility: A, Magic: C, Luck: D
    Blind Rage: A→C, Demonic Eye: A→C, Origin of All: EX→×


    01 - Blut die Schwester
    An oath between blood sisters.
    Although considered a Noble Phantasm, this power is more akin to a special quality inherent to her very being. As an extension of the mother Earth, her very touch transform the area around her into a part of the Earth's environment (a process known as terraforming). However, as the Moon Cell is bound by the physical attributes of the moon, this process introduces incredible levels of gravitational stress on the system and anyone within its event horizon will suffer gravity six times normal level.

    02 - Vampire...?
    A demon said to feed on blood.
    A being some claims to be of the undead, and painted as evil and ungodly by those whole hold to a religious view of the world. In addition to the need to feed on the blood of humans, creatures such as this also are seemly immortal and are able to control lesser demons.

    03 - True Ancestor
    This is the general term used to describe all species that survive and thrive off the consumption of blood. As for creatures given appellation True Ancestor, they are considered the embodiment of the consciousness of the planet. Despite this, however, every legend regarding these creatures agrees that they not only drink the blood of humans for nourishment, but also out of sadistic pleasure.

    01 - プルート・ディ・シェヴェスタァ

    02 - 吸血鬼……?

    03 - 真祖


    Blind Rage [A→C]
    Raises all basic stats at the cost of impairing high-level cognitive thought...the effects of which have been made more severe due to the incompetency of the Master.

    Demonic Eye [A→C]
    Those who possess the ability of Demonic Eyes are capable of influencing the outside world...the effectiveness of which has been severely reduced due to the incompetency of the Master.

    Origin of All [EX→X]
    The Ultimate One.
    By receiving support from the planet itself, one's entire being is raised one class above the opposition's. Unfortunately, this ability has been rendered useless due to the incompetency of the Master.





    01 - Character Background
    A lone survivor from the True Ancestor's royal line, which was the foundation of the vampiric species...or so it is believed. While her image as a vampire commands the most attention, she is also an Elemental that dwells within the Earth's embrace.

    It becomes much easier to understand her existence if one regards her as a destructive force of nature akin to typhoons and earthquakes. Rumor also speaks of her as a creation of the Moon Cell.

    02 - "True Ancestor"
    A true Ancestor who has been twisted and warped by Monji Gatou's delusions.

    Because she is first and foremost an Elemental of the Earth, her presence and activities in the Moon Cell causes excessive stress within the systems. Although categorized as a Berserker, her original class was actually more akin to "Temptress" than anything else. If she were summoned as a Temptress, her powers would be like the following:

    A Blood Drinker that drains the life from her opponent; A Life Eater that consumes her foe's vitality; A Financial Crisis where electronic trading decimates an entire nation's economy; In other words, her actions, while evil and without justification, would come as naturally to her as breathing.

    Although summoned by Monji Gatou, her true "Master" is apparently a young Japanese student by the name of Shiki. And on a totally unrelated note, the fox-eared Caster gets along very well with her as it is believed that they share the same basic origins.

    01 - 人物背景:


    02 - 『真祖』:



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    A skill unique to Titan Altera and the key skill in her character design.
    It allows her to take on a giant form in order to destroy civilization.
    This is a passive skill that allows Altera to absorb the lives, creations, and concepts she destroys as spiritron-information, making her grow even larger. It is not a skill that she can remove of her own volition.
    Her HP increases by an order of magnitude2 when she absorbs the same amount of mana as her current HP.
    When her body reaches a size that is twice as large as her previous proportions (at 16, 32, 64,128, 256, 512, and 1024 meters), all her parameters increase by one level as she transitions to the next part of her titan adjustment.
    (For example, her Strength is A-rank, so if you think of it as 150 points, adding one level at A+ rank would double that number, putting it at 300 points.)
    And if the Titan adjustment is added to that, 300 points at the first stage would become 3,000 at the second stage, 30,000 at the third stage, and so on. At the seventh stage, it would be 300,000,000.
    This is an energy mass on the scale of a star, comparable to the power level of the legendary Golden White Face’s nine-tailed form (387,420,489).
    This is just some extra trivia, but the “Crest of the Star” skill possessed by the Altera in Fate/Grand Order is missing one character.


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    Exclusive skill of Attilaight Cell.
    The body of the Titan, composed of spiritron collectors, will unconditionally absorb "magical energy processed into techniques" and covert it into HP and Armor values.
    Techniques equate to skills, knowledge, and civilization. To an Anti Cell, there is no better form of nourishment.
    Any form of attack (interference) designed by intellect - however undeveloped the theory behind it may be - will only grant more power to Altera.
    The large firepower of greater magecraft and strategic weapons of science and technology will fuel the fire further.
    On the other hand, while pure magical energy - what can be called life-force itself - will also be mostly absorbed, it can still exert its regular effect.
    Facing against an Anti Cell, it comes down to simply "bludgeoning" it.
    Although this is a troublesome skill that can absorb even physical attacks boosted with Mana Burst, one thing can deal an effective blow. The energy discharge of the holy sword.
    The White Titan that had once appeared upon the surface was repulsed by the holy sword tempered in the inner sea of the Earth.

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    A spiritron-enhancement Mystic Code that Servants can wear with the power of the Regalia.

    Moonlight Mystic Code. The Moon Cell version of the “Big Crunch.” It is made by collecting all of the pseudo-spiritrons (light cells) within the Moon.

    Nero’s Moon Crux is made in the image of a Roman gladiator, combined with the princess of a new empire. Her legs really do look beautiful in those red tights. There was a helmet as well for maximum cool factor, but it was super-hot when she tried it on, so she ended up taking it off immediately.

    Tamamo no Mae’s Moon Crux combines the luxuriousness of a dangerous beauty with the duality of yin and yang. No matter how you slice it, she looks like the boss of an expensive Ginza hostess club. Back in the planning stages, there was also a yakuza wife-themed outfit, a kimono with chest bindings and tattoos from the neck to the shoulder, but that was unfortunately scrapped.</poem>

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