Tamamo Cat (タマモキャット, Tamamo Kyatto?), Class Name Berserker (バーサーカー, Bāsākā?), is a Berserker-class Servant summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



One of the Tamamo Nine. After Tamamo-no-Mae underwent a millennium of training and attained divinity, she cut off her other 8 tails when she returns to her one-tailed form. Each of her tails is left a portion of her divinity and becomes a Heroic Spirit.[1]


Compared to Tamamo-no-Mae, she has more muscles than the original and is a little heavier.[1] She has cat's paws in the place of hands and feet.


She is the crystallization of Tamamo's more pure and sincere aspects, as well as the more feral parts of Tamamo's nature. She is something like a wild cat that one cannot tell what it wants to do, nor what sort of mess it will make. As a dignity of a wild beast, once someone is served as a "lord" (主?, reads also as "owner"), she devotes her allegiance until the end. After forming a contract, Tamamo-Cat will turn into a guardian beast that wants nothing but to be helpful to her master (主人, shujin?, reads also as "husband"). Once things become like this, protecting the Master, the happiness of the Master becomes foremost and Cat stops thinking about her own joy.[1]

As a Berserker, it is basically difficult to come to a mutual understanding. However it is hard to call it a maddening since Tamamo-Cat had little reason to begin with, but nobody is really mindful for the circumstances are similar. Occasionally she surprises the people around her by the words of wisdom interspersed within her incomprehensible mixed metaphors and bizarre non sequiturs. She shows no interest anything but tasty things, fun things, everyday fully enjoying a hunting lifestyle according to her whims.[1]

As she also inherited Tamamo-no-Mae's domestic skills, Tamamo-Cat enjoys cooking and domestic work. Her favorite food is carrots, her hobby is café management (which she uses as part of Chaldea's cafeteria staff alongside EMIYA and Boudica), and she has a minor vocal tic where she randomly adds "woof" to the end of her sentences.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Second Singularity: Septem[]

Cat materializes on the Shaped Isle, along with Elizabeth Báthory, after Stheno materialized there. They made her to test out her so-called Hero’s Cave before Ritsuka, Mash, and Nero Claudius arrive. Cat was supposed to come out of the chest at the cave’s end as the final trick following the chimera. That never had happened though, because she apparently ate it. After the group completes her cave, Stheno introduces Cat and Elizabeth; they have difficulty understanding Cat’s nonsensical speech. She asks her why she didn’t come out of the chest, but she deduces what happened when Cat responds nonsensically. Neither Cat nor Elizabeth help fight Caligula when he arrives on the island to kill Nero.

Halloween Event: Singing Pumpkin Castle Adventure[]

Summoned by Elizabeth using a fragment of the Grail she found in Orleans, Cat is recruited as a maid. After Ritsuka, Mash, and Kiyohime enter the castle, Cat expresses her doubts that Ritsuka is the last fool to come, though Elizabeth is confused by her strange commentary. She is then asked by Elizabeth if all the preparations for her grand entrance are finished, to which she answers that all the food has been cooked. After the group had defeated Mata Hari and Carmilla, Cat states the group is suffering when Elizabeth asks her.

Eventually, Cat is confronted by the group in the castle’s banquet hall. After threatening to sharpen her claws on Kiyohime’s kimono after mistaking her statement of her suddenly appearing as an unwanted compliment, she sends monsters at the group. After the group defeat the monsters then her in battle, Cat mistakenly believes that she was victorious. However, after Kiyohime corrects her, she leads the group to Elizabeth. Cat then leads the group to where Elizabeth is, which to the group’s surprise is Ritsuka’s room filled with Halloween decorations. After Elizabeth reveals the event was an elaborate scheme to give Ritsuka a personal concert by her in their room, Cat tells the group to voice their opinion on the foolishness of Elizabeth’s scheme. She then calls forth some monsters for the ensuing fight after Kiyohime becomes enraged by Elizabeth’s scheme. After the group defeat Elizabeth, Cat notices Ritsuka convulsing slightly from Elizabeth’s singing, and asks the others if they’re okay.

Musashi Trial Quest[]

Cat guards the second gate, calling herself Tamamo Cat Woof. She is upset at Ritsuka for buying a new year's meal at a convenience store while she was busy preparing the meal since the end of last year. Her sadness at Ritsuka for not understanding why new years meals are so elaborate and homemade caused her to split into three. The three Cats decide to start a maid cafe and force RItsuka to be its owner. They are defeated in the ensuing battle.

Subspecies Singularity: SE.RA.PH[]

Cat is a Sentinel serving under BB. Ritsuka’s party encounters her when they come to SE.RA.PH.’s arm. Ritsuka recognizes her as the Tamamo who originally rayshifted with them before BB hijacked the rayshift. Cat, however, only remembers waking up in SE.RA.PH. by herself. BB found her and placed on a total subjugation collar her to ensure she repays her debts for saving her. Cat warns because of that she has no control over her actions. She fights the group, but she is defeated because she didn’t use her Karmaphage. BB sends her down a pit for her idiocy, ordering her to wait at her designated position. Cat complies with the order as she fall.[2]

Ritsuka’s party encounters her again when they come to the Flank Operator. She asks Ritsuka if they want to defeat her so they don’t have to deal with more Servants in their party. Their answer delights her, and she fights the group. After she is defeated, EMIYA Alter seemingly fatally shoots her. However, she lives because he used his knowledge of Magic Circuits to target and destroy the parts of her Spirit Origin infected by the Karmaphage. Now free of BB’s control, Cat joins the group.[2]

Returning to the chapel, Cat introduces herself to Tristan and Mable Macintosh. She then takes a nap, leaving the complicated matters to the others. Ritsuka is able to discern her meaning when she indirectly reveals how to flip SE.RA.PH. over to access its back side.[2]

Joined by Cat and EMIYA Alter, the group arrives at the Flank Separator. Ritsuka hits the Separator, and SE.RA.PH starts shaking. BB contacts the group, and sends a Sentinel, Elizabeth, to punish them for their transgression. The group defeat her, but Passionlip approaches. Gawain holds her off, while Ritsuka successfully flips SE.RA.PH. over.[2]

The group arrives on the back side. Cat agrees with Ritsuka that Gawain is still alive, believing Passionlip’s enormous chest would motivate him even more. Suzuka Gozen confronts them, but Cat infuriates her by calling her a fake fox girl. Cat realizes she has a history with her original self and explains her origins to Suzuka. She then points out Suzuka’s high school girl act, prompting Suzuka to ignore BB’s orders to escort the group and fight them instead. After the fight, Cat asks Suzuka why she became a Sentinel, as she herself had no choice. She assumes it was the same for Suzuka, but Suzuka claims it was because her skills impressed BB. BB then orders her to return to the temple. Suzuka tells the group to check out the Nape if they plan to head to the Command Roon. She then leaves saying the Seraphix’s crew brought the crisis on themselves, and Seraphix was never just oil rig. The group soon comes to a gate reserved for employees that reported directly to the Animuspheres. They’re forced to destroy its defenses when they fail to present identification. They eventually meet Robin again, who warns Passionlip is waiting for them on the front side. He also reveals BB developed a weapon that can break “the shackles” on Passionlip’s heart, along with her restraints. He then takes everyone except EMIYA Alter back to the front side

The group arrives back on the front side, being approached by Passionlip. BB reveals the only way to defeat Passionlip is to use the Maiden Coaster, a battle to conquer the mind. Meltryllis realizes that it’s connected to the Code Cast Ritsuka bought earlier. Ritsuka only needs to place their hand on Passionlip’s chest, but the group will need to pin her down first. Gawain then arrives to hold Passionlip long enough for Ritsuka to touch her chest. Upon doing so, they’re converted into Psuedo-Spiritrons by BB in order to enter Passionlip’s mindscape. Following the mental battle, Passionlip’s Karmaphage is removed, and she collapses. Cat then carries her back to the chapel.[3]

Back at the chapel, Cat encourages Passionlip to introduce herself. She is delighted to see Passionlip smile, but she asks Tristan if he’s fine with her since he despises Alter Egos. He replies it is fine for now since neither Passionlip nor Meltryllis are under BB’s control now. After Ritsuka views another record, Meltryllis confesses she knew Zepar summoned BB to serve as his navigator by running SE.RA.PH. BB however placed restrictions on her and Passionlip to prohibited them from revealing SE.RA.PH’s true origin and purpose. EMIYA Alter surmises Zepar somehow learned of the Moon Holy Grail War from a different timeline and summoned BB to transform Seraphix into SE.RA.PH so he can be reborn. Meltryllis reveals BB summoned Servants to procure the Psuedo-Spiritrons needed to keep SE.RA.PH running. The group decides to defeat the Sentinels and BB before stopping Zepar’s plan.[3]

The next morning, everyone discovers Gawain was killed while they were sleeping. Meltryllis and Passionlip are accused by everyone except Ritsuka and Cat because they’re Alter Egos. Meltryllis asserts they were outside at the time, and Gawain was too wary of her to allow her to ambush him. Seeing the lack of evidence, Tristan asks Ritsuka to continue exploring SE.RA.PH while he continues to stay behind to protect Mable and Arnold Beckman. He also asks EMIYA Alter to accompany Ritsuka so they can keep an eye on him. He is suspicious of both the Alter Egos and EMIYA Alter, but he understands the Alter Egos wish to protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter isn’t especially concerned. Thus, he’ll have the Alter Egos protect Ritsuka while EMIYA Alter keeps an eye on the Alter Egos.[3]

Returning to the back side, Cat was impressed Julius Caesar could last so long with his smooth-talking until he faced her. Passionlip praises her claws, so Cat decides to teach her how to cook. The group then head towards the Spine, the center of SE.RA.PH. Meltryllis reveals it is where Suzuka’s temple is, and Suzuka is in charge of the back side. Cat believes they should defeat Suzuka by breaking her spirit. The group, however, finds the Spine gated off. They’re then contacted by Beckman, ordering them to flip SE.RA.PH. once they’re at the Spine to arrive at the planetarium. He also reveals SE.RA.PH will the reach the bottom of the trench in 15 real world minutes, or 24 hours in SE.RA.PH time. He ends his transmission, saying he’ll meet them at the planetarium.[4]

Entering the Spine, the group soon arrives at Suzuka’s temple. Suzuka proves too fast and strong for the group to pin her long enough for Ritsuka to open her Maiden Coaster. Arnold suddenly contacts them to warn SE.RA.PH has started to sink faster, so he orders them to defeat Suzuka quicker. Ritsuka asks Suzuka if she’s fine with being Zepar and BB’s flunky. Angered by their question, Suzuka insists she only wants to win the Grail War and grant her Master’s last wish of not wanting to die for nothing. In response to her conviction, Cat uses her ultimate technique to trap Suzuka. Ritsuka uses this opportunity to open Suzuka’s Maiden Coaster with the key they bought from BB earlier. Following the mental battle, Suzuka tries to jump off a cliff. Cat stops her, though, and convinces her to join them. Suddenly, a Demon God emerges from the ground that knocks Meltryllis into the dump. After it’s killed, Beckman warns there are only eight hours left before SE.RA.PH reaches the seabed. Ritsuka and Suzuka go down into the dump to save Meltryllis using a tow cable provided by EMIYA Alter. Passionlip and Cat aren’t able to come because Passionlip is too heavy and Cat is too exhausted from her earlier spellwork.[4]

Later everyone is sent to the Cruel Thenar (Meltryllis’ former territory) by BB. Meltryllis explains Seraphix’s true purpose was to investigate Leylines. She then asks Ritsuka to open her Maiden Coaster, knowing they bought the key to it from BB earlier. If defeated in her mindscape, her Karmaphage will also disappear, and the area will be unlocked. Following the mental battle, Ritsuka brings Meltryllis back to the chapel to recover. When the group enters the chapel, they see no sign of Arnold, Mable, or EMIYA Alter. BB then announces SE.RA.PH will soon reach the seabed and offers the chance to fight her at the planetarium. Ritsuka, Tristan, Cat, Passionlip and Suzuka leave for the planetarium while Meltryllis stays to rest.[4]

The group arrives in BB’s studio in the planetarium and fight her. After BB seemingly disappears, the room becomes pitch black and muffled. Someone tries to ambush the group, but they fail in their attempt. The group then finds BB’s studio gone and discovers 128 Coffins with people still inside. They’re the Masters who summoned the 128 Servants. EMIYA Alter explains their purpose, and confesses he destroyed their power source. He then prepares to kill Ritsuka to remove all knowledge of the planetarium’s existence, goaded by the unseen voice. Robin then arrives to help defeat EMIYA Alter, whose Saint Graph was warped by an unknown force. After he’s defeated, Mable suddenly appears and reveals herself to be Kiara Sessyoin, Beast III, the Beast of pleasure. She and Passionlip both explain how Zepar used her body as catalyst to turn Seraphix into SE.RA.PH after linking her with another version of herself. Since Kiara served as the basis of SE.RA.PH, Meltryllis and Passionlip were salvaged from her to become Sentinels. Suzuka and Cat attack her with their Noble Phantasms after realizing her monstrosity when SE.RA.PH. cracks the seabed. It will continue to sink until it reaches the Earth’s core, and once it arrives, Kiara will become one with the planet. Kiara proclaims this will let her bring salvation to humanity. Before that however, she easily kills everyone except Ritsuka when they try to fight her. She tries to consume Ritsuka, but BB rayshifts them to safety.[5]

Cat, along with everyone else, has her death undone when BB reserved time. They are then transported to classroom used to keep Hakuno and the other Masters safe during the CCC incident. BB reveals she was summoned to stop Kiara’s plan, and that Kiara forced her to manage SE.RA.PH until now with the Grail War’s conclusion. She also reveals Kiara used SE.RA.PH to become Beast III/R, though she’s still bound to it. The group then prepares to fight Kiara to prevent her from fusing with the planet and unleashing her full power.[5]

Cat and Suzuka stay with BB at her studio during the battle with Kiara. After Kiara is destroyed, Cat congratulates Suzuka on helping BB halt SE.RA.PH's expansion. She then returns to Chaldea, intending to ensure there's delicious food ready when Ritsuka arrives.

Summer Event: Servant★Fes[]

As the Chaldea group becomes more accustomed to creating manga through each loop, Jeanne Alter reveals her desire to start upping the quality of their product. At Robin Hood's suggestion that they begin expanding their group, Jeanne Alter agrees that she would take anyone who could help, "even a cat!" which prompts Tamamo Cat to barge into their room, dragging Boudica with her. Tamamo Cat is immediately hired for her previous experience with working on screentones, and she persuades Boudica to make her and the rest of the group a meal that will keep them energized for the rest of the week.


In her interlude Overflowing Wildness, Tamamo Cat tells Ritsuka that she wants to go to hunting, and proceeds to have Mash join them by threatening Cath Palug. After rayshifting to the Shaped Isle, the group is attacked by a pack of werebeasts. After the group slay the pack, Tamamo Cat proceeds to go into the forest to catch salmon in its river. However, at the river she encounters Asterios, who has claimed the river as his territory. Tamamo Cat then proceeds to fight Asterios with the others after she mistakes him for five-star beef. After the group defeats him, Asterios retreats, which saddens Tamamo Cat since she wanted to be friends with him. However, she quickly changes back to her usual happy disposition now that she can catch salmon. Proceeding to exit the forest, the group find themselves in a large plain, where they're attacked by David, who has mistaken them for sheep thieves. After David retreats after being defeated by the group, Tamamo Cat ask Ritsuka to stop her should she get out of control. Then, after taking one cattle, she reveals that the salmon and the cattle are the ingredients for the dinner she plans to make for Ritsuka. After Ritsuka and Mash express their surprise at Tamamo Cat's ability to cook, the group return to Chaldea, where she serves Ritsuka a large variety of food items.

Other appearances[]

Along with the eight other Tamamo Nine members, she appears in Caster's ending in Fate/EXTRA CCC.


Tamamo Cat's Noble Phantasm is Opulence of Sunlight and Catnap.

Mad Enhancement: Tamamo Cat's Class Skill. It increases her parameters by one Rank, but most of her reason is robbed in return. However, it's hard to call this maddening, as she didn't have much reason to begin with.

Shapeshift: A Personal Skill, that allows her to change her appearance into foxes and badger spirits, that are affiliated with Tamamo-no-Mae. Tamamo-no-Mae showed restraint when using this skill, but Tamamo Cat does not, as she has no self-restraint, self-respect or self-control. Only self-destruction.

Curse Arts[]

Self-named Cat Curse Arts (キャット呪術, Kyatto Jujutsu?), related to the DakinitenWP methods (ダキニ天法, Dakiniten Hō?). Originally she had mastered this powerful Magecraft, but she has forgotten almost everything due to taking this form.

  • Cursed Layer: Little Sunshine (呪層・小日照, Jusō - Shōnisshō?)
  • Cursed Layer: Feline Sunshine (呪層・猫日照, Jusō - Byōnisshō?)
  • Cursed Reading: Void Cleft Great Chaos Heaven (呪相・空裂大密天, Jusō - Kūretsu Dai Mitten?) recognized as Caster Tamamo's "final secret technique" and is rather surprising that Cat is able to use it


Creation and Conception[]

Arco Wada is the character designer for Tamamo Cat.[1]


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    [v] Fate/Grand Order - Berserker Profile [T]

    Tamamo-Cat - Berserker

    Illustrator and Voice actor
    Illustrator: Arco Wada
    Voice Actor: Chiwa Saito

    Strength: B+
    Endurance: E
    Agility: A
    Mana: A
    Luck: B
    Noble Phantasm: D

    Personal Skills
    Monstrous Strength: B
    Witchcraft: E
    Shapeshift: B

    Class Skills
    Mad Enhancement: C

    Noble Phantasm
    Sansan Nikkou Hiru-yasumi Shuchikurin
    Rank: D
    Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm

    One of the Tamamo-Nine.
    After Tamamo-no-Mae raised her divinity by means of 1,000 years of training, she cut loose eight tails so to return to her former one-tail self.
    Each and every one of them acquired divinity and transformed into Heroic Spirits as split-spirits.
    The crystallization of the (relatively) sincerely pure side that Tamamo-no-Mae possesses.

    Level 1 Bond
    Height/Weight: 160cm・52kg
    Source: Fate/EXTRA CCC
    Region: SE.RA.PH
    Alignment: Chaotic Good  Gender: Female
    With more muscles than Tamamo-no-Mae, she is a little heavy.

    Level 2 Bond
    Something like a wild cat that one cannot tell what it wants to do, nor what sort of mess it will make.
    As it is a Berserker, it is basically difficult to come to a mutual understanding.
    Show no interest anything but tasty things, fun things, everyday fully enjoying a hunting lifestyle according to her whims.

    Level 3 Bond
    "Sansan Nikkou Hiru-yasumi Shuchikurin"
    Rank: D  Type: Anti-Unit Noble Phantasm (self)
    Something derived from the Suiten Nikkou Amaterasu Yano Shizu-Ishi.
    Shuchikurin was a torture game in which "you let a tiger run free on the woods, and then had fun throwing people in there", but there was a change in its meaning nowadays.

    Level 4 Bond

    • Shapeshifting: B

    Also called borrowed-body molding. A method employed by the millenary foxes and badgers spirits of China that are regarded in the same light as Tamamo-no-Mae.
    The technique used to possess・transform into the Daji of the Shang Zhou Revolutionary Period (Fengshen Yanyi). She was once showing self-restraint due a past trauma, but there is no self-restraint・self-respect・self-control in Tamamo-Cat. There is only self-destruction.

    Level 5 Bond

    • Mad Enhancement: C

    All parameters are Rank-Up, but most of reason is robbed away.
    It is hard to call it a maddening since Tamamo-Cat had little reason to begin with, but nobody is really mindful for the circumstances are similar. Occasionally she surprises the surroundings by muttering suggestive words.

    As a dignity of a wild beast, once someone is served as a "lord*", she devotes her allegiance until the end.
    After forming a contract, Tamamo-Cat will turn into a guardian beast that wants nothing but to be helpful to her master**.
    Once things become like this, protecting the Master, the happiness of the Master becomes foremost and Cat stops thinking about her own joy.

    • reads also as "owner"
      • reads also as "husband"

    タマモキャット - バーサーカー



    怪力 B
    呪術 E
    変化 B

    狂化 C

    燦々日光午睡宮酒池肉林(さんさんにっこう ひるやすみしゅちにくりん)


    出典:Fate/EXTRA CCC
    属性:混沌・善  性別:女性


    ランク:D  種別:対人宝具
    さんさんにっこう ひるやすみしゅちにくりん。




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