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The Alter Ego - Tamamo Nine (アルターエゴ・タマモナイン, Arutā Ego - Tamamo Nain?), better known as the Tamamo Nine, includes Tamamo-no-Mae and eight Alter Egos of her. They were formed after Tamamo's scenario in Fate/Extra CCC in which she regrows her tails to defeat the Moon Cell and save Hakuno Kishinami. She then severs the tails, and seals them in the Imaginary Number Dimension. But they somehow escaped and went on a rampage. Divine mystery was granted to each and they became independent Heroic Spirits. The eight bear a grudge against the original for "betraying" them.


While all the members share the same figure and affection toward their master like Tamamo no Mae they all have different appearances and personalities. Each of them wears different colored kimono and has their own signature hairstyle, such as Tamamo Cat with red kimono and blunter sidehairs when compared to the original.


  • Tamamo-no-Mae and her eight Alter Egos
  • Idol "Tamamo"

While all designs for all nine members have been shown, only three have directly appeared. Four others have been given names, but they have not been attributed to specific designs. Three of the nine are said to have their "settings" "suitably changed" in accordance with the trends of the time. The unnamed Assassin of Cosmos in the Lostbelt appears to be a member of the Nine, having the same colored ribbon and matching hair length as the magenta Tamamo.

In Fate/Extella, one other Tamamo appears before Hakuno and Tamamo, styled in a highschooler sailor uniform that Tamamo had worn in a previous scene where she roleplayed as a highschool girl using her Territory Creation skill. Self-described as an aspiring idol, this Tamamo states that although her name is also Tamamo she isn't the same person as the existing Tamamo, who doesn't know if she is related to the Tamamo Nine or not.

Name Color Note
 (玉藻の前, Tamamo no Mae?)
BlueThe original one
Tamamo Cat
 (タマモキャット, Tamamo Kyatto?)
Red The "wild beast"
Crystallization of Tamamo's more pure and sincere aspects
Tamamo Vitch
 (タマモヴィッチ, Tamamo Vicchi?)
MagentaThe "talented beautiful secretary"
Tamamo Gucci
 (タマモグッチ, Tamamo Gucchi?)
Unknown Likes expensive things
First mentioned during Tamamo's ending in Fate/Extra CCC.
Tamamo Dermo
 (タマモデルモ, Tamamo Derumo?)
Unknown The "supremacy of the home"
Tamamo no Hime
 (タマモノヒメ, Tamamo no Hime?)
UnknownThe "noncommittal princess"
Tamamo Aria
 (タマモアリア, Tamamo Aria?)
Unknown The "strange one"


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