Tamamo Vitch (タマモヴィッチ, Tamamo Vicchi?)[1], Class Name Alter Ego (アルターエゴ, Arutā Ego?), is an Alter Ego-class Servant working alongside Beast VII in the Lostbelts of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. While working in the same capacity as the three apostles of the Alien God, she is an independent agent currently attempting to become one of the seven Beasts. Specifically she is a candidate for Beast IV, the role currently filled by Cath Palug. She assumes the name TV (Tamamo Vitch) Koyanskaya (TV(タマモヴィッチ)・コヤンスカヤ, TV (Tamamo Vicchi) Koyansukaya?), acting as a human with the Russian "NFF Services". She is hired as Goredolf Musik's assistant before revealing her true motives.[2]

She also appears as an Assassin (アサシン, Asashin?) summoned by Ritsuka Fujimaru, under the True Name Light Koyanskaya (光のコヤンスカヤ, Hikari no Koyansukaya?).



While using the name Tamamo Vitch, Koyanskaya claims that she is not one of Tamamo-no-Mae's severed tails. She says she was copied from the Divine Spirit Tamamo-no-Mae, but she likens herself to being "the Tamamo-no-Mae from another world." When asked for her True Name in Olympus, she declares she does not have a True Name. The King of the Third Lostbelt identifies her as Daji (妲己?), the favorite concubine of the ancient king of China, Zhou of Shang, who was also portrayed to be an evil fox in Investiture of the Gods.

During Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant, she worked in human society as a business consultant, and this personality of hers was the cause of her success. The CEO and number one NFF Services agent in terms of ability and achievements. The NFF Services became the world-leading private military company in a mere month after it started its activities in 2017.

Within our categories of beings oppressed/persecuted by humanity and beings used by humanity for oppression/persecution, Koyanskaya falls under the "used for oppression/persecution" side... Simply put, she became a Divine Spirit encompassing all the murder tools created by humanity.

When displaying her divinity, she refers to herself as Tamamo Vitch Koyanskaya Weapon (タマモヴィッチ・コヤンスカヤ・ウェポン?), the Greater Goddess of Weaponry Ikusautsuwa-no-Oomikami (戦器の大御神(いくさうつわのおおみかみ)?), as she homages the culture that originated Tamamo-no-Mae.[3]


Alter Ego appears to be a voluptuous young woman with long pink hair and gold eyes. When she first appears she wears a white suit jacket that is strategically a few sizes too small, a matching skirt that isn’t, and a pink scarf.[2]

Koyanskaya wears two accessories that hint at her true identity as (a) Tamamo. Her earrings have the same geometric 'fox-head' shape as the symbol on Tamamo Lancer's bikini. Also worth noting is that her gold eyes are the exact same color as Tamamo’s, though their hair colors differ slightly, with Koyanskaya having a lighter shade of pink.

In the Chinese Lostbelt, Koyanskaya had her ears and tails out in the open and hair arranged in buns and wears a Chinese qipao with a frontal cutout in the same geometric fox-head shape as her earrings that shows off her lower chest, with a bell hanging from the center.


Alter Ego acts very professional at first and tries to act cute but is very sadistic and has no remorse when taking out lives of other Chaldea crews and is unwilling to let anyone go alive during the attack.[2] She takes great pleasure in making people suffer in any way she can, forcing the Yaga to kill each other in order to afford the food she sells at exorbitant prices and taunting Ophelia about the destructive nature of her Mystic Eyes.

As noted by Rasputin, she has a strong sense of self-preservation and will prioritize her survival above all else, like a rat fleeing a sinking ship. This is best shown during the Yuga lostbelt, where after having been beaten by Arjuna Alter's forces, Vitch shamelessly begged for aid from Chaldea to avoid being killed via a hastily written hitch-hiking sign. She states her goal is to become a nine-tailed fox, one separate from the original Tamamo, and thus a new Beast of Calamity of her own design.

Her endgame goal is becoming one of the seven Beasts.

A captivating beauty who bewitchingly leads humans around by the nose, following her policies of free and uncontrolled wildness.

She regards all human activity as filthy, but that doesn't mean she dislikes any of it. Some things are only fun because they're dirty. Indeed, entertainment, games, business.

While she's a pseudo-deified retaliation mechanism of the natural world, she has a strong demand for entertainment value, probably due to being modeled after Tamamo-no-Mae. "I'll get the job done, but I need a little bit of fun in my life☆". And her biggest secret is that no matter how much she gains enmity against humanity and loses her marriage aspirations, Tamamo-no-Mae's servile nature never goes away.

Her original plan was to incorporate the Alien God into her 8th tail and finish the set with Ritsuka Fujimaru in her 9th, but due to some technical difficulties with the 6th tail, she had an immediate change of schedule. Next task → Her ultimate goal: The Plan.

Due to her great amount of pride as someone who lives in the wild, she is upright about repaying profits with profits, no matter who she gained them from, and always keeping promises.

Her stance is to grant their superficial desires while cleverly trampling their essential hopes (dreams for the future, ideal self, etc). Any human who contracts Koyanskaya will be successful and enjoy every day of their lives, but will ultimately lose everything, fall into despair, and become a dejected failure.

However, now that Koyanskaya learned that her purpose in life is to watch her Master realize that all the pampering made them lose their chance to become their ideal self, she'll get her Master back in their original state so that she can savor her life purpose again. That's the start of an infinite loop of setback → motivation → setback → motivation.

Who wins and who loses in the end depends on that Master's social grace.[3]

The only human Koyanskaya has ever expressed any respect for is Hugh Hefner, who impressed her with his arrogance, work ethic, and disregard for the opinions of others.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Prior the events of Cosmos in the Lostbelt, Tamamo Vitch met Goredolf, becoming his secretary and seducing him. He, at one point, proposed to her, which she deflected by claiming to have poor experiences in the past while privately finding his attempts to woo her quite comical. She convinced him to buy Chaldea and become its director, and assassinated every competitor in the way so Goredolf could have the sole monopoly over the observatory.[4]


Alter Ego was seen walking alongside Father Kotomine.

Second Prologue[]

Koyanskaya confronts Ritsuka Fujimaru after their interrogation, but is interrupted when Fou attacks her. She subdues him with little effort, grinding him under her heel, and implies that she knows both of his true nature and that his powers and sapience are significantly reduced. She proceeds to coerce Ritsuka into a small interrogation of her own in exchange for freeing Fou.[2]

Anastasia: Permafrost Empire[]

Koyanskaya is meant to lead the Oprichnik. Instead, she distributes food to the Yaga at exorbiant prices, essentially forcing them to rob each other just to afford for it.[5]

Ritsuka and Mash find her at Yaga Smolensk. Koyanskaya doesn't understand what Ivan the Terrible was thinking when he created the Yaga by combining humans with animals. They lost the innocence of the latter and the intelligence of the former, cancelling out any good bits from either half. Koyanskaya is disguise they call themselves a new species just because they can barely survive in the Lostbelt. A Yaga argues against her criticism when one of her Oprichnik kills him in reaction to her anger. Koyanskaya then starts selling the food at triple the price from the last time. Knowing they can't afford, she entices the Yaga to kill each other for the money.[6]

She then notices Ritsuka and Mash. Mash shields Ritsuka, but Koyanskaya knows she lost her abilities as a Dem-Servant. She decides not to kill the pair today as she isn't done with her work. She also wants them to gain something of a fighting chance against Kadoc Zemlupus. She criticizes Sherlock Holmes for letting RItsuka and Mash out with protection. If any other Servants had been assigned to Russian instead of her, Ritsuka and Mash would've been killed. Sherlock asks her for her True Name, her Master's identity, how Servants are among their number, and what the Singularity is truly called. Koyanskaya however refuses to answer any of his questions, saying Chaldea will have figure it out their own. While she is Chaldea's enemy, she isn't an ally to Russia or Kadoc either. She calls the Yaga another branch of human evolution, and therefore, an object of her hatred. Thus, she brutually and thoroughly exploits them, though such exploitation of the poor was invented by humans. She calls using violence to destroy what you detest the height of human folly. She says humanity brought destruction on themselves, saying she refuses to stoop to their level. Mash understands that she's letting them go because they're not worth her time. She then leaves, promising to see them again if they survive Russia as she is an advisor to the Crypters.[6]

She later goes to the palace to confirm Ivan's condition. She comments with Grigori Rasputin on Kadoc and Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova's relationship. Since she completed her work in Russia, Koyanskaya prepares to leave for her next assigned destination, especially since Kirschtaria Wodime sent out Caenis too. She then leaves after agreeing with Rasputin that the lostbelt is devoid of hope for her to dash.[7]

Götterdämmerung: Eternal Icy Fire Century[]

Koyanskaya informs Ophelia Phamrsolone that the Russian Lostbelt has been destroyed. She also knows about Ophelia's fear of Sundays.[8]

Later, speaking with Scáthach-Skadi, she delights in the fact that the castle wasn’t made to accomodate humans. Skadi calls humans weak and frail in constant need of a god’s boundless love to sustain them. Koyanskaya admits to her disappointment that the Lostbelt is filled with Skadi’s love, despite the population being kept at 10, 000. Skadi comments she will not let humans die out, considering all of them her beloved children. The same applies to every creature in her domain. However, if they are an enemy, she will kill them. She then tells Koyanskaya how she’s made sacrifices to the giants to keep the population constant and the giants pacified.[9]

When Ritsuka’s party is escaping the castle,[10] Koyanskaya uses the giants she borrowed from Skadi to stop the group’s escape. After the group breakthrough the giants and escape, she lets them live. While she has no interest in either Chaldea or the Crypters, she makes an exception when it comes to Ophelia. She wants to watch in delight as Ophelia ends up destroying the Lostbelt with naivete.[10][11]

Later, visiting Ophelia in her room, Koyanskaya tries to insinuate they are similar in their devotion. But Koyanskaya is disgusted that Ophelia cannot fully commit to Kirschtaria’s cause, even though she loves him. Koyanskaya suspects it’s because Ophelia never had a friend before. Ophelia tries to deny this by asserting a mage doesn’t need friends. Koyanskaya wonders if Ophelia is incapable of swallowing her pride or if she is afraid of being honest about her inability to trust anyone. Ophelia tries to deny this, but Koyanskaya asserts it is the truth. She tells her there is no need to fear Sunday, calling the Lostbelt a never-ending Wednesday. Ophelia threatens to kill her if she says another word. She demands Koyanskaya to leave, threatening to send Sigurd after her if she isn’t gone by the time she returns from the terrace. After Ophelia leaves, Sigurd appears. Koyanskaya calls him "Your Majesty", knowing of his true identity.[11]

As Surtr heads for the northern mountain with Ophelia on his shoulder, Koyanskaya tells Caenis that Skadi's inability to conceive of Surtr's resurrection is why the Lostbelt was pruned, Though she doubts Skadi would have do anything about him even if she knew of his relation to Sigurd. She says Skadi's way of thinking limits the Lostbelt's potential. She then leaves, expecting to Caenis again in the Atlantic Lostbelt.[12]

SIN: Synchronized Intellect Nation[]

At a Crypters meeting, Koyanskaya confirms the destruction of the Norse Lostbelt. She also confirms the death of Ophelia; Hinako Akuta sees right through fake sorrow. Koyanskaya says she would’ve kept Ophelia if Ophelia gave her Mystic Eye to her before it was destroyed. She criticizes for Hinako grieving for Ophelia when she did nothing to help Ophelia, instead focused on her own isolation. Scandinavia Peperoncino interjects and stops the conversation before it can turn hostile. After Hinako leaves, Kirschtaria has Koyanskaya confirm Ophelia abandoned her duties as a Crypter to help stop Surtr. He confirms Koyanskaya’s suspicions that he knew about Surtr, revealing he had Ophelia keep Surtr around as insurance in case Skadi ever sympathized with Chaldea. Then, suspecting Chaldea reached the Wandering Sea, the Crypters discuss how they can track them down now. Koyanskaya admits that even with her ability to travel between Lostbelts, she cannot enter the Wandering Sea unless she knows its location. But she agrees with Beryl Gut to go there and assassinate Ritsuka.[13]

Using the connection to her lipstick she gave to Goredolf Musik long ago, Koyanskaya sneaks into the Wandering Sea. There she plants a poisoned cake meant for Ritsuka, even leaving a note. But Ritsuka only eats half of it while Goredolf ate the other. After she is detected, Koyanskaya tries to ambush Ritsuka, but Captain protects them. She unveils herself, shocking Goredolf into abruptly revealing her True Name: Tamamo Vitch. Vitch leaves after explaining her original plan.[13]

Arriving in Epang Palace with her fox ears and tail revealed, she warns Qin Shi Huang that Ritsuka is an enemy he cannot afford to ignore. She claims Chaldea has brought monsters with them that threaten the populace.[14]

Later in the treasury, Hinako expresses annoyance at Vitch for bringing Chaldea to the Lostbelt. Koyanskaya confesses she did it because she thought it would be better to fortify their defenses, rather than try to hide the evidence. She denies she ordered the monsters she brought with her to kill people, saying they’re only doing their best to survive in an unfamiliar environment. Hinako questions the point of Vitch releasing monsters from another Lostbelt, and warns her she’ll be in trouble if Shi Huang ever finds the truth. Vitch comments on the first subject by saying it’s a long-standing project of hers.[14]

After Hinako reports she treated from her first battle with Chaldea, Li Shuwen suspects Hinako and Vitch of being Chaldea's advanced guard. Vitch denies this, saying she and Hinako came to serve the emperor while Chaldea has only caused trouble since they arrived.[15]

Following Hinako’s second failed attempt to eliminate Chaldea, Vitch expresses surprise by Shi Huang’s decision to release Xiang Yu. She suggests wiping Chaldea out in a single strike if Shi Huang truly sees them as a threat. But she knows he doesn’t believe sending Xiang Yu after Chaldea will be a decisive blow. She suspects he is instead testing Hinako, which Shi Huang confirms. Shi Huang then admits he underestimated Servants. He finds it horrifying that the Proper History’s perilousness allows such beings to exist, saying he wouldn’t permit them in his peaceful empire. Vitch comments she doubts the Counter Force would ever take root in the Lostbelt. Shi Huang then orders Li Shuwen to release the heroes at Mt. Li from cryosleep.[16]

Vitch is surprised that Qin Liangyu and her army are helping Chaldea, having thought Shi Huang sent them as reinforcements for Hinako. Shi Huang explains he ordered Liangyu to find Hinako and Chaldea, and lend her aid to the losing side. He is also using this situation to determine which side truly benefits his empire, and which doesn’t. He tells Vitch to offer something more valuable than the Shadow Border if she and Hinako wish to negotiate after agreeing with Han Xin to seize the vehicle. Annoyed at being always called the wrong name, Vitch asks Shi Huang if he's doing it on purpose. Shi Huang confirms he is, and calls her Daji. Vitch tries to escape, but Li Shuwen knocks her out.[17]

Taken to Ankang, Vitch has powers sealed with a sage arts talisman. Hinako visits her, though the former refuses to help. After Hinako leaves, the Priestess of the Alien God appears. Vitch tries to convince her to remove the talisman, claiming Shi Huang might cut down the Fantasy Tree before it can start producing seeds. Shi Huang interrupts her, completely unaware of the Priestess’ presence. He tells Vitch that he has passed judgement on Chaldea, and now it’s time to judge her. While he now sees Chaldea as an enemy, he will still punish Vitch for releasing monsters. But since he needs to focus on Chaldea, he has automatons torture her instead. Vitch pleads him to stop the torture, saying she’ll never return to the Lostbelt. But Shi Huang refuses, understanding Vitch would only torment other Lostbelts if allowed. He also wants to keep her as a research subject, having seen the incredible weight of her Spirit Origin. Ultimately, he decides to have Vitch tortured until a proper sealing ritual for her is devised.[18]

Eventually Vitch meets Sherlock Holmes when the Border crew are sent to Ankang. She agrees to provide an antidote to her poison in exchange for Chaldea’s help. Ritsuka’s party eventually free them, but Prince of Lanling and the guards block their escape. Vitch summons a Jotun with her hair to kill the guards, while Ritsuka’s party deals with Lanling. After Hinako uses her last Command Spell, Vitch activates a bomb beneath her. It doesn’t kill Hinako though, and Vitch tells the others to let Lanling reach his Master. They fail, and Hinako absorbs Lanling’s Spirit Core through his blood, revealing she is like a True Ancestor. Her form is now different, with her injuries healed. Lanling reveals she is Yu Mei-ren. Vitch is disappointed that Sherlock didn’t deduce Hinako’s true identity long ago, especially given her obvious affections for Xiang Yu.[19] Yu Mei-ren easily overwhelms the group when she retreats after speaking with Qin Shi Huang. After Yu Mei-ren has left, Vitch confirms she and Marisbury Animusphere knew Hinako's true idenity all along. She suspects Marisbury brought Yu Mei-ren on as a backup plan in case Rayshifting was impossible for humans.[20]

After escaping Ankang, Vitch is tied by her hands and feet. She gives the antidote to her poison, but there is only one dose. Goredolf is given the antidote since he ate half of the poisoned cake compared to Ritsuka. Sherlock then deduces Vitch came to the Lostbelt because of the Fusang Tree. Vitch reveals her poison was distilled from it, and it no longer exists in the Proper History. She came to the Lostbelt after learning Fusang Tree was discovered and preserved there by Hinako, as an antidote could be distilled from it.[20] The group are then approached by the Qin's counterfeit Shadow Borders. After destroying the vehicles, they rendezvous Mordred and Nezha while en route towards Xianyang.[21]

Arriving in Xianyang, the group see all artistry is dedicated purely to Shi Haung. Vitch compares them to livestock, though she doesn’t enjoy seeing human living as such despite her hatred of them. She prefers humans to be selfish and arrogant, following wherever their desires take them. The group then confronts Liangyu and kills her.[22] Afterwards, Vitch reveals the Fusang Tree is in the treasury. But she suggests going to the Ministry of Technology first since the Shadow Border is there.[23]

The group enters Epang Palace’s Ministry of Technology and finds the Border there. They fight Han Xin’s soldiers, his commands strengthening them. Li Shuwen then arrives to help Han Xin. After achieving victory, the group takes the Shadow Border to the Fusang Tree.[23]

Arriving in the treasury, Vitch takes bark and leaf samples from the Fusang Tree for the purposes of distlling an antidote. She then offers to lead the others to the actual tree, but Sherlock suspects she's leading them into a trap. His suspcions are confirmed when Yu Mei-ren and Xiang Yu arrive. Sherlock realizes the Fusang Tree is the Fantasy Tree. Vitch reveals the Tree is called Mayall while admitting she led the group to its location so Yu Mei-ren and Xiang Yu can kill them. After Xiang Yu and Yu Mei-ren are defeated, Vitch has Mayall activate. She reveals it has existed within the Fusang Tree, spreading its roots without exposing itself. Shi Huang realizes he was being told the truth about the fact that his world was pruned. But instead of feeling dejected like Vitch expected, he is elated to know his world existed at all thanks to his greatness. He then declares he will prune away all other worlds. Vitch realizes that is why Hinako had hidden Mayall. She then teleports aways as Epang Palace starts to crash.[24]

Before leaving the Lostbelt though, Vitch distills the antidote and leaves it in Ritsuka's room in the Border.[24]

Yuga Kshetra: Saṃsāra of Genesis and Terminus[]

Initially, unbeknownst to God Arjuna, Vitch takes the items he erased along with the people he deemed "evil" and put them back in their original locations. She does this to remind people their owners existed so she can delight in their despair as they struggle to remember.[25]

As she watches God Arjuna reconstruct the world, she criticizes him for failing to destroy Chaldean when the chance presented itself. Ashiya Douman warns her that God Arjuna will erase them both for being defective and unnecessary if he was listening. He also tells her that one of the Lokapala will be sent after Chaldea once God Arjuna deems them a threat. Vitch finds Douman's ravings about bringing about a perfect word exasperating. She notes that she should be especially wary of him of the Apostles because he's the type who repeatedly wrecks everything in his path. The Priestess gives her a look that Vitch interprets as the Priestess suggesting she dislikes Douman because they're similar. Vitch demands the Priestess to say something, questioning if her role is solely to observe. The Priestess leaves with a look that VItch interprets as the Priestess saying, "I can already see where this is going." She decides she'll make do with modest gains in the Lostbelt and focus on discovering Douman's plans, not wanting him to disrupt her own future plans.[26]

She later goes to the South American Lostbelt and brings Daybit Sem Void and his Grand Servant to the Indian Lostbelt on his request. She returns him to his Lostbelt after he finishes speaking with Peperoncino.[27]

She delights in Chaldea's plan to reduce the people's faith in God Arjuna to weaken him. She wonders though if they're aware everything they're doing is ironically speeding up God Arjuna's plans for a perfect world. Ashwatthama appears and confronts her about putting back the items God Arjuna erased with their owners. Vitch confirms she has, though she claims she did it to identify undesirables for God Arjuna to erase so to speed up the yuga. But Ashwatthama tells her that God Arjuna ordered him to kill her. Douman had told God Arjuna that Vitch's actions are fueling the Resistance. Vitch is enraged at Ashwatthama for thinking a mere Servant can kill her and at God Arjuna for sending him. She then fights Ashwatthama in the belief she can easily kill him.[25]

Tamamo Vitch Indian Dress hitchhike.png

But she underestimated Ashwatthama and is forced to escape, suspecting Douman equipped him with powerful sutras. She states she cannot bring out her tails now as that would bring her too close to her original as her goal is to become an entirely nine-tailed beast. But now that she has been deemed as defective, her concern now is how to escape God Arjuna's Mahāpralaya. She tries to transport herself out of the Lostbelt but finds she is too weak to do so. Realizing it's her only choice, she decides to hitch a ride on the Border and hastily writes a sign to get the crew's attention. To further encourage them to give her a ride, she charges a large ball of magical energy with a smile that suggests she'll blow herself and take Chaldea with her. Ultimately, the Border picks her up with Ritsuka's party.[28]

Inside the Border, Peperoncino denies Vitch's accusation of having betrayed the Crypters. He admits he doesn't trust her and the other Alter Egos, which is why he decided to help Chaldea to gain some insight on a different perspective. He suspects that the goals of the Crypters and the Apostles of the Alien God don't align, especially since Douman has been pushing God Arjuna to unwittingly turn the Lostbelt into a world of nothingness. As that risks losing the Lostbelt and Fantasy Tree forever, Peperoncino questions why neither Vitch nor Douman has done anything to stop it. Vitch explains her goal is separate from those of the other Alter Egos and the Crypters. Her business contract with the Alien God forbids her from divulging anything about the Alter Ego. However, despite their different approaches, the Apostles all seek to nurture the Fantasy Trees. Vitch also reveals Rasputin left the Russian Lostbelt because he knew it would fall. The group agrees to allow Vitch to accompany them. The Yuga Cycle resets, and the group head for Bichu.[29]

There, they discover Ajay, and the people of Dewar were erased. Lakshmibai confesses the goddess inside her isn't Lakshmi but Alakshmi. After Rama convinces Lakshmibai to continue helping, Vitch guides the group to Ashwatthama’s location.[29]

By the first day of the second Yuga, the group finds Ashwatthama in the mountains. They fight when they discover he has Krishna’s curse after noticing how painful regenerating is for him. Peperoncino realizes God Arjuna placed the curse on Ashwatthama after stealing his contract with him. Ashwatthama confesses in his rage that he followed God Arjuna’s commands to escape from his eternal suffering. With his rage further increasing his power, he fights the group again. Rama then transfers his curse to himself since he and Krishna are both avatars of Vishnu.[30]

Joined by Ashwatthama, the group leave the mountains. He suggests they deny the Yuga to weaken God Arjuna by surviving and rejecting his Noble Phantasm. Ganesha and Lakshmibai decide to use their Noble Phantasms to help achieve this. Ashwatthama decides to send them into the past, which he can do thanks to God Arjuna’s constant resting damaging space-time. He will send them to the beginning of God Arjuna's rule, from which they will have to become an ever-present element. If they can do that, it will prove God Arjuna’s imperfection and weaken him in the present. Holy beasts then start approaching, so Lakshmibai uses Alakshmi's power to call upon the Kali to distract them. As the others fend off the holy beasts, Lakshmibai and Ganesha activate Nahi Doongi and Ganesha Vighneshvara. They then enter the rift opened by Ashwattham’s Mahakala Shakti. The monsters soon overwhelm the group when the Border arrives. The group board it, and Goredolf uses evasive maneuvers to retreat from the monsters.[31]

Time advances to the last day of the Kali Yuga. Goredolf maneuvers the Border to evade the Vimana’s shooting. They soon arrive at God’s Skyboulder and realize Lakshmibai and Ganesha’s Noble Phantasms created it. After breaking through the Kali protecting it, Ritsuka touches it to free Lakshmibai and Ganesha. Ashwatthama then disappears due to using his Noble Phantasm and God Arjuna severing their contract. However, to most of everyone's surprise, Karna returns from God Arjuna's "trash dump" thanks to Ashwatthama relinquishing his own body and Spirit Core to him there earlier.[32]

God Arjuna descends to face Karna as the end of the final yuga approaches. Douman also arrives. Mash tries to ask Vitch about him, but Vitch is already gone.[33]

After Fantasy Tree Spiral is destroyed, Peperoncino calls Vitch to transport him to the Atlantic Lostbelt.[33]

Olympus: Interstellar Mountainous City[]

Avalon le Fae: Fairy Round Table Domain[]

Koyanskaya is plotting with Muryan. She is in the Lostbelt to secure her sixth tail.

Other appearances[]

Along with the eight other Tamamo Nine members, she appears in Caster's ending in Fate/EXTRA CCC.


As a blessing from the Alien God, Tamamo Vitch has the ability to move between the Lostbelts.[34]

Like the original Tamamo-no-Mae, Tamamo Vitch is capable of using Curse Arts. She's captured a decent number of monsters from the various Lostbelts and trained them under her command. These ones are marked by having a "NFF" logo somewhere on their sprite in-battle. She can summon them at will with only pieces of hair as a catalyst. She is also skilled in the use of sniper rifles and other firearms, although she considers participating in combat to be beneath her. Her Authority allows her to wield all man-made weapons with unparalleled ability, so long as they are used for the purpose of killing humans.

She is able to copy the information of Phantasmal Species through their hair and make it part of her. She is limited to nine large ones, which are to be her tails.[35]

She somehow managed to grant a D'Vol Tron Hydra and Muspel Giant the ability to drain and assimilate the spiritual cores of their cannibalized kin, much like how a Dead Apostle gains energy by leeching it off their undead spawn.[36]

Tamamo Vitch weaponizes her cooking abilities while trying to assassinate Ritsuka in the leadup to the third Lostbelt by cooking a cake too delicious to resist and mixing just the right amount of poison into it so that the flavour would fool even a mage.[13]

She has the right to use every weapon created by humanity and the Authority to wield them at their maximum capacity.[3]


Class Skills[]

  • Riding (Rank B): As a woman who rides the trends and eras, she can do a pretty decent job.[3]
  • Independent Manifestation (Rank C): The proof that she's a SPY. Drifter abilities. Due to her Beast traits, Koyanskaya can visit any alternative world or alternative reality. When Koyanskaya was a Beast in the making, she could use this Skill to freely move between Lostbelts and the blank Earth, but due to the big rank down on this Skill, she can't move as freely as she previously could.[3]
  • Independent Action (Rank EX): Surprisingly and terrifyingly enough, Light Koyanskaya doesn't need a Master. She abides by her Master's Command Spell for a single reason. Only her pride telling she'll never break a promise or contract.[3]
  • Shapeshift (Rank A): This was originally a Skill to raise defense, but Koyanskaya uses it as her favorite tool for SPY activity.[3]

Personal Skills[]

  • Aptitude for Slaughter (Man) (Rank A): A variation of a personal Skill of Archimedes, the founder of mathematics. Archimedes accidentally created massacre weapons that surpassed the state-of-the-art weaponry of his time, but Koyanskaya gained this Skill on purpose.
    The Skill allows her to use any weapon used by humanity from the era she's in, and the weapons become multiple times more powerful than they were in human hands and able to instantly perform the natural cycle of retributive justice (karma normally takes it slow, occurring liberally through the span of a few centuries).
    Fitting for a former Beast in the making, this Skills represents the fact that, on paper, humanity doesn't stand a chance against her in this era. That said, this Skill serves only to assert dominance on humanity, so it's not nearly that absolute of a Skill against Servants or Monsters.[3]
  • Innovator Bunny (Rank A): The Authority to improve profit-making systems and creates cycles dedicated solely to tormenting (exploiting) humans... or so she claims with the smuggest shit-eating grin on her face. It's actually just a hobby and a talent of hers.[3]

Noble Phantasm[]

Koyanskaya's Noble Phantasm is Iz Tula Seven Drive.

Forms and Alternate Versions[]



Alter Ego temporarily manifests as a Beast, but she has yet to fully reach that status. She is a candidate for Beast IV. She gains the Demonic and Divine traits while as a Beast. Called Beast of Treasuring (愛玩の獣?), she possesses the following Skills:

  • Nega-Weapon
  • Eternal Darkness Gradiation
  • Fear Me, Respect Me (おそれ うやまい?)
  • Cursed Swelling (のろい ふくらみ?)
  • Dim Radiance (かすみ かがやき?)

Beast of Treasuring uses the Noble Phantasm Star of Calamity (まがつぼし?).


Creation and Conception[]

Arco Wada is the character designer for Alter Ego.


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