Tarasque (タラスク, Tarasuku?) is the mount of Saint Martha, summoning it as her Noble Phantasm.[1]



Tarasque, the Giant Iron Armored Dragon (大鉄甲竜, Dai Tekkō Ryū?), was known as the tyrannical dragon that was tormenting the people of southern France in the 1st Century.[1]. It was reported to be the son of the Leviathan as written down in the Old Testament. Being one of the Dragon Kind, and viewed as a monster that can freely move on both land and water, the Tarasque lurked in the Rhône River, sinking ships and eating people. Its hard shell entirely repelled all the blades and arrows of the warriors called upon to subjugate it, and it went to breathe out fire at them until they burned out. The one who suppressed such an invincible monster was Saint Martha.[2]


Tarasque is a beast possessing a gigantic head, a shell that grows sharp spikes on it, six legs, and a long tail with spikes containing a poison similar to a scorpion’s.[2]



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