Tatsuko Gakumazawa (嶽間沢龍子, Gakumazawa Tatsuko?) is a character in Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA.



Tatsuko family runs a dojo and two known part time jobs at a beach and festivals. Aside from that, she is a friend and fellow classmates of Illya,Suzuka, Nanaki, Mimi, and later Miyu and Chloe.


Childish and immature, Tatsuko has become a running gag throughout the series, usually causing her friends trouble. As the daughter of a family dojo, she highly respects her brothers and father for their strength.



While Tatsuko carries the overall stature of an elementary school student she is considered the weakest among her fellow classmates and friends.

Despite being the daughter of martial art dojo, she is rather feeble, untalented in physical abilities and usually causes more harm no matter her intentions. This also conveys how she is not really atheltic in sports such as dodgeball.[1]

Ironically, she is notable to be comically resilent towards various incidents that are normally very harmful if not life threatening, usually getting away with only minor injuries. [2][3]


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