Tatsumi Kitano (來野 巽, Kitano Tatsumi?) is the Master of Berserker in the First Holy Grail War of Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver.



A high school boy who lives in Setagaya, in the metropolitan area. He was raised like any other ordinary child without the knowledge of the magic world. He wasn't even aware of his inherited Mystic right eye until recently.

His mother, father, and younger sister, Tamaki currently live in Hiroshima while he lives alone in an apartment in order to attend school. He was a second year high school student at Setagaya High School [1].


Tatsumi was considered, by the people around him, to be an ordinary young man, both in grades and sports. His hobbies were bird-watching and reading. The only thing that he had pride in was in his photography and animal watching. His favorite food is Japanese Spanish Mackerel.

While he is a living dead, he show some signs of his former self such as his sense of justice, however, he is still only capable of speaking a few words.


Tatsumi Kitano has brown hair, brown eyes and the average physicality of a boy his age. He normally wears casual clothes such as sports jerseys and runners. His Princes command spells are located on his left shoulder.


  • Zombified Tatsumi
  • Assassin hugging Tatsumi
  • Tatsumi and Berserker at a convenience store.

Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver Edit

He wound up becoming involved in the Holy Grail War after unexpectedly summoning Berserker with his deceased grandfather's mementos that had been sent to him by his parents. 

He's been kissed by Assassin's poisonous lips and his corpse is reanimated later by Caster as a gift to her. At one point, the Living Dead Tatsumi tries to prevent Manaka from sacrificing some of the kidnapped girls. However Assassin stops him.

His reanimated corpse is later killed again by Assassin in a act of mercy.


Tatsumi's mystic eye

Tatsumi's Mystic Eye

Having become a Master, it is reasonable to assume Tatsumi possesses at least a basic knowledge of invocation ritual, having called forth a Servant. His right eye is a Mystic Eye, which turns red when activated and can stop the movement of anything that enters his field of vision. Similar to the Mystic Eyes of Petrification, it can be activated even without eye contact, such as through the viewfinder of a camera.


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