Territory Creation (陣地作成, Jinchi Sakusei?, localized as "Area Creation"EX) is a Caster-class Skill. It is the Skill to build a special terrain that is advantageous to oneself as a magus, such as for the purpose of collecting mana.

Rank User(s)
EX Black Iri, Artoria Avalon
As a queen, she's able to reproduce her castle anywhere she goes. To modern magecraft, this extraordinary ability would be equal to Temple-level, but Skadi herself claims that she's 'not very good' at creating territory. If so, one must wonder how incredible the God of Magic Odin's abilities would be.[1]
Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova
While she is summoned as a Servant, a diameter of a few meters around her functions as a Tsar territory. She can keep expanding this territory by combining this Skills with other Skills.[2]
By gathering specific materials, it is possible to create a Hanging Gardens, superior to a "Temple".[3]
Sherlock Holmes
Rather than creating territories such as a magus workshop like normal Casters do, Holmes is continuously expanding a great library of memory inside his brain. Using that, all manner of knowledge checks gain bonuses.[4]
She possesses an abnormal Territory Creation skill.

Protea herself, who keeps hypertrophying her own Saint Graph, is a Temple — synonymous with a territory.

Surtr (Lostbelt)
He expands his own territory by heating the ground with each step.
Kiara Sessyoin (MoonCancer)
Due to acquiring some Mystery, she can create spirits beyond the present world.
Hephaestion Mnemosyne
A Skill she only has in Fate/Grand Order. Mnemosyne's Skill. Due to being an Autonomous Observational Existence Verification System, she's practically a type of workshop, in a sense. Hephaestion mixed with Mnemosyne can operate this "workshop's" features inside herself.[5]
EX (D) Thomas Edison
Creates the Laboratory of the great Edison, King of Inventors. Those who work under Edison as a Servant are forced to work non-stop 24 hours a day.[6]
A++ Scheherazade
One can create an advantageous position for themselves as a mage.

Scheherazade happens to create a "sleeping quarter" for the sake of her own survival.[7]

A+ Xuanzang Sanzang
Strictly speaking, because the orientation of her school of magecraft is different, the position created by Xuanzang Sanzang is not designated as a "Workshop". Also, it excels in timeliness in regards to its creation, so the practicability of creating a position immediately = a powerful Bounded Field.[8]
Freely calls the Seven Gates of the Underworld. The place in which Ereshkigal stands becomes the Underworld in which death easily conducts itself.
Nero Claudius (Swimsuit)
This time, she got it on an extraordinary rank due to the stories of making the theater and her good administration of the Colosseum.[9]
The fact she locked herself up for years on end is not for show.
A Creation of a "Temple", which is superior to a "Workshop", becomes possible.[10]
Gilgamesh (Caster), Helena Blavatsky, Leonardo da Vinci, Marie Antoinette (Swimsuit), Nitocris, Paracelsus von Hohenheim, Tamamo-no-Mae (Swimsuit), Astraea
Artoria Pendragon (Swimsuit)
This Skill is also Mana Burst (Water).
A dream-like effect by means of the protection of the fairy princess Vivian, which boosts the morale of companions, raises Luck, raises accuracy rate, clears irritation and, on top of that, makes them refreshed. A cheat Skill in regards to survival games. By displaying this Skill, Artoria will become the champion of the world tournament of water blitz, but that is another story.[11]
As a mage, he can create a “workshop”, a territory advantageous to him. Because he possesses an A-rank skill, it is also possible for him to create a “temple” which surpasses a “workshop”. Naturally, such a place is nothing but a consultation room, a treatment room, or an operating room for the sake of medical practice to him.[12]
She can construct powerful territories as a ruler-type underclassman. The Sakura Labyrinth that makes a girl’s heart into a protective wall, areas with the Sakura Rules – 25 prohibitive rules where if violated, causes the violator to die – the Dog Space that forces one to live out a life of crawling on all fours, the Cattle Space that forces one to live out a lazy life where they can only eat and sleep, the Bug Space that shrinks one to the size of a bug and breeds them as such, the nostalgic old school building that can protect her precious ones, and so on, as though there is nothing she cannot do.
BB (Swimsuit)
This skill does not seem to be blocked/frozen, but its orientation is different from that of the usual BB.

A repulsive Territory Creation skill that erodes into reality, cuts it out, and preserves it for eternity as a "different world".

That ability of his that had created the Temple of Jerusalem is of the highest peak of Territory Creation.
A witch from the Age of Gods, she can create a "Temple", which is superior to a "Workshop".[13]
Nursery Rhyme
"The smallest door, the maddest tea party,

The checkered board in the rainbow meadow, the riddles of the chatty twins,
But my favorite of all can only be this one,
The invitation to the nameless forest,
where all can be forgotten!"[14]

Senji Muramasa
Muramasa's whole workshop just never stops following him. Senji Muramasa's own workshop ――― acts with a smithy as its base. Obviously it's completely different from that of a mage, but apparently the class skill of Casters was given as an interpretation at the moment of manifesting as a Servant. As the most excellent of craftsmen, he has an exceptional Territory Creation ability.
A skill granted by the nature of the witch Louhi. Can create a special territory that comes under the category of 「cave」, 「darkness」.[15]
Having built the Temple of Israel, he is regarded as the greatest authority in regards to Territory Creation.[16]
Zhuge Liang
Creation of the Stone Sentinel Maze, which is superior to a "Workshop", becomes possible.[17]
B+ Kiichi Hougen
No information available.
B Creation of a "Workshop" becomes possible.[18]
Gilles de Rais (Caster), François Prelati, Irisviel (Dress of Heaven), Ashiya Douman (Limbo), Morgan
Creation of a "Workshop" specializing in Golem casting becomes possible.[3]
The feast of abundant crops becomes an “altar” to extol the goddess Hecate.[19]
Cú Chulainn (Caster)
He can create a territory that simulates Scáthach's gate Noble Phantasm, although that is a secret, even to Scáthach. That is because if his childish mentor ever found out, she would have assaulted him while shouting "You copier—!" Therefore, he refrains from using it.[20][21]
Elizabeth Báthory
Constructs the Prison Castle ČachticeWP and confines girls therein for the exploitation of blood. According to the record, the lady of this castle would capture five virgins a day, execute three of them to bathe in their blood, and treat one as a pet so as to relish in killing her later. The final one remaining was given the right to challenge her fate, the possibilities including: "Stay and be killed", "Be betrayed by the people I planned my escape with and be killed", "Be captured by the castle guards and be killed", "Fall from the castle and die by accident", and "Barely escape with my life and bring the demon to justice". The chances of achieving the fate where one "escapes successfully" is 1/1000. While originally an ability of the Caster class, she acquired this as a special exception due to her life history.[22][23]
Elizabeth Báthory (Halloween)
She obtained the power of a Holy Grail, particularly the power to forcibly redesign the Prison Castle ČachticeWP into a Pleasure Castle, a feat worthy of praise.[24]
Fujino Asagami
The eyesight can be considered preeminent because her abilities include a distant sight ability close to Clairvoyance. Her power to comprehend the space around her and see her target behind shelters comes close to being a form of Bounded Field.
Instead of a closed workshop, he creates an impromptu camp, making good use of the geography to his advantage. Grants a bonus to everyone's combat abilities.[25]
Medea (Lily)
As a treatment magus, creation of a "Hospital" becomes possible.[26]
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
In the case of Mozart, the territory will have a form of a "Performance Venue".[27]
C+ Mephistopheles
Although smaller in scale compared to a Workshop, he is able to create an extremely efficient "Laboratory".[28]
Murasaki Shikibu
Ranked B+ only when creating a book paradise, like a library or an archive.
C Chen Gong, Leonardo da Vinci (Rider)
Because it seems that her personality is not suited for it, Tamamo-no-Mae has difficulty in even manufacturing a Workshop.[14]
William Shakespeare
He does not make a Workshop but rather a "Study", where he can spin stories.[3]
Since he tends to gets tired of it, usually he just tosses it away halfway.[29]
Elizabeth Báthory (Brave)
This time it's the specialization of the ability to create campsite. A hero adventures on the field all week. The skill to swiftly establish a tent is the true mark of a leader.[30]
Queen of Sheba
As a magician, she can construct a territory beneficial to her. She becomes the queen of a small kingdom concealed by an ephemeral, often unstable mirage.
D Merlin (Prototype)
To create a workshop, a territory to one's magecraft's advantage. She's not too experienced with Territory Creation, probably due to her life policies as a free spirit who can't stay in the same room for too long.
Hans Christian Andersen
In the case of Andersen, it was not intended to intercept incoming enemies, but rather, it is a type of territory that will bewilder even his own Master's eyes, not to mention his enemies too. He makes a Study in a place that no one will find and provides support, or rather, the movements of his writing brush, from there. A certain Master who had lost her patience for the first time in her life in regards to this Servant's extensive support, or rather, negligence, made a small box, confined Andersen in it and urged him to continue writing.[31]
E- Oberon Vortigern
The ability to create one's own workshop and base as a Mage. He used to be the king of the Fairy Forest, but his territory was lost over time and he has now become nothing more than a wanderer in stories. As a result, his Territory Creation skill is the lowest rank possible. Paradoxically, this skill shows that Oberon is now "all but a king in name only." Oberon keeps this a secret, and does his best to hide the fact that his Territory Creation rank is low.
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