Testarossa Maiden: The Iron Maiden that Races in the Dead of Night (夜闇を駆ける鉄処女
, Yoyami o Kakeru Tetsu Shojo
Tesutarossa Meiden
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Carmilla in her swimsuit.

Her "Phantom Maiden" remodeled into a red luxury. A rush attack that jumps on a sports car and kills with the elegance of a celebrity. In other words, for the swimsuit Carmilla, this car is the "Phantom Maiden". "Testarossa" is the Italian word for “red head” and has nothing to do with a real super car. Perhaps.

Originally the torture device wasn't an "object", but an "illusion", so even if the shape changes, the meaning does not change. She arranged the illusion's shape a little. It is said to certain parts are unchanged such as "things that distort the face of your favorite virginity with fear", "things that make you scream", "things that you can't escape once you get in (if you enter)"....

No matter how much a celebrity and beautiful lady invites you to a party, a young woman, don't get in the car lightly. Your heart and body will be stolen and you will never be able to get down again. It seems that such a new ghost story is being born.

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