A Texture (テクスチャ, Tekusucha?) is a layer of the fabric of reality. Multiple Textures make up the surface of the World.[1][2]


The Textures are layers of reality which wrap around the planet's surface, including the 'present world' bound by the laws of physics in which humans currently live and the Reverse Side of the World beneath it.[1][2]

It is possible for certain beings and artefacts of immense power to alter, weave or remove Textures.[3][4][5] There are lynchpins which prevent Textures from peeling away from the surface of the World, such as Rhongomyniad, which fastens the outer layer.[1][6]


In 1000 BC, during Ragnarök, the Fire Giant Surtr burned away the Norse Texture with his flaming sword, bringing the Twilight of the Gods and ending the Age of Gods in Scandinavia.[7][5]

Fate/Grand OrderEdit

During the events surrounding the Ishtar Cup, Ishtar used a Holy Grail to impose a Venusian texture upon the soil of Connacht as part of a plan to recreate Gugalanna.[3][8]

After blanking the surface of the Earth at the end of 2017, the Alien God rewrote the world's Texture in order to fix the Lostbelts to the planet's surface.[4]


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