Tezcatlipoca (テスカトリポカ, Tesukatoripoka?) is a Divine Spirit of Aztec mythology from Mesoamerica.



Tezcatlipoca is a spider and jaguar deity. Quetzalcoatl earned Tezcatlipoca's resentment through his actions as a god, causing the two to battle. Quetzalcoatl was defeated by Tezcatlipoca, in part due to Quetzalcoatl consuming alcohol. Upon planning to leave the Aztecs, Quetzalcoatl burned down his own temple to keep Tezcatlipoca from taking claim of his treasures.


Tezcatlipoca is said to be an evil god, Quetzalcoatl describing him as "The worst, disgusting Divine Spirit no matter the time or place." He has apparently taken a liking to some aspect of modern civilization. Quetzalcoatl hypocritically criticizes him for it, saying he should be ashamed of himself as a god, despite her own liking of lucha libre.


Tezcatlipoca manifests before Quetzalcoatl at some point, and she describes his form as "the worst form", saying, "Really, you’re so dirty-looking to the point that I want to smash you to pieces."




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