The Domination Beginning: The First Emperor (始皇帝
, Shikōtei
Za Dominēshon Biginingu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Qin Shi Huang.

The Noble Phantasm of the national prestige of the system of centralized authoritarian rule that Qin Shi Huang laid out. The lone Zhenren Emperor protected his subjects with his policies founded on the concern for their welfare. Using these laws as a curse-like binding force, the Noble Phantasm coerces the world itself.[1]

However, its scope is limited by the population of the territory he recognizes as his own so it does not fall strictly into the Anti- World category.[1]

It utilizes the Great Wall of the Lostbelt. Due to having no more threats upon the Earth that could threaten Qin, the original ""Ten-Thousand-Li Great Wall" was no longer required to protect Qin's domain because it had become the entire Earth itself. Deciding that the only threat would be that of alien invasion, Qin spent three hundred years building the One-Hundred-Thirty-Four-Thousand-Four-Hundred-and-Twenty-Li Great Wall, simply called the "Great Wall" for convenience, able to stretch over sixty seven thousand kilometers into space. It is to allow for the detection and defense against threats from space. It also allows Qin to communicate with and view anyone upon the Earth.


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