The Mist: Darkened Misty Metropolis (暗黒霧都
, Ankoku Kirito
Za Misuto
?) is a Bounded Field Noble Phantasm generated from an antique lantern that re-enacts the phenomenon of the "Mist of Death". The mist, heavily mixed with sulfuric acid and created with mana, is the Noble Phantasm. Upon opening the shutter and gently touching the candle inside, the lit flame instantly begins to generate smoke-like mist from the bottom of the lantern. The mist, wrought of magical energy, forms a Bounded Field around an area over a dozen of meters that has a negative effect on all those who enter within the perimeter, even although it can be a means of keeping people out. Normal humans will quickly faint from pain upon coming in contact with the dense cloud of enveloping smoke as simply breathing it in burns their throat and direct contact with eyes causes them to fester. They start to suffocate due to being unable to breathe, and they cannot see anything as they writhe in pain. She can easily use this time to selectively kill them, or she can simply wait for them to be inflicted with death within a few turns. Magi will not immediately perish, but they will receive continuous damage and makes it difficult for them to use Magecraft if they do not take countermeasures. Heroic Spirits will not receive damage, but they will have a Rank Down in Agility.[1]

Jack is able to direct the mist as she wishes in order to select which targets within the Bounded Field are affected, allowing her to leave a blank space around her Master. She is also able to limit it to only a specific area, allowing her to activate it just inside a building. The ability is continuously activated while she is under Mad Enhancement, and it will instantly target all entities possessing magical energy within the range of the ability. It also affects the sense of direction of those within the field perimeter, making them lose their bearing of the area. Even within a familiar enclosed space, the mist deceives all those trying to escape into running around in circles in the same place without them realizing it. Normal humans will always die in agony without ever being able to escape. The only means of escape for magi and Servants is the employment of Magecraft or a Rank B or higher in Instinct to guide them. It is extremely difficult for Servants to see and track Jack within the mist. Thanks to this Noble Phantasm, Jack can almost unconditionally fulfill one of the three conditions of Maria the Ripper. The Mist quickly clears upon being deactivated.[1]

The ability is not something gained only upon becoming a Heroic Spirit, but something similar to Magecraft that she used during life. Upon finding her victims, the mist would begin to thicken suddenly, and she could approach them without being noticed. They were only able to tell she was there when she spoke while standing directly before them. Similar to London's nickname of "The Old Smoke", The Mist is a recreation of the smog, the mixture of London's cold fog and the smoke and soot released during the burning of coal that plagued the city countless times from the 19th to the 20th Century because of conditions during the Industrial Revolution. The use of coal emitted large quantities of smog that eventually resulted in a crisis wherein a thick mist of sulfuric acid plagued the city in the 1950's. The worst of it was the Great Smog of 1952 where the mist covering London caused over ten thousand deaths.[2] By Jack the Ripper's time, this problem was already becoming quite serious, and the serial killer took advantage of the fog to attack prostitutes.[1]


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