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« Beyond beyond the rainbow plains, black and white squares, the King of Games. Run, run, the maze of mirrors, farewell, oh pitiable rabbit~~ »

(Alice and Caster, Fate/EXTRA)

The Queen's Glass Game: Perpetual Engine - Maiden Empire (永久機関・少女帝国
, Eikyūkikan - Shōjo Teikoku
Kuīnzu Gurasu Gēmu
?, localized as Maxwell's Demon - Maiden's Empire: Queen's Glass Game) is an Anti-World Noble Phantasm used by Caster. She assumes the form of her Master's desires, and it can be called the ultimate manifestation of Alice's dream. It winds back the battle to the first turn upon its activation, meaning that the girls’ game will continue on forever if they are not defeated by a set turn.[2]

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« The story will go on forever.
(As long as) the slender fingers return to the first page,
as if picking up the next volume.
Once again denying reality to the reader. »

(Caster Matrix)

This ability can be activated under preset conditions. For example, if Caster's monster is defeated, Saber, Hakuno and Rin would find themselves back at the moment where they entered the Third Floor for the first time.[3]


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