The Seven Arrows of the Big Dipper (北斗の七矢, Hokuto no Nanaya?) is a technique utilized by Atalanta, causing meteor arrows to rain incessantly from the "seven stars of the Ursa Major" in the heavens. It is possible to produce seven consecutive attacks, but only the first strike can be used to designate a target. The subsequent attacks converge on that target and cannot be altered, but the target dying mid-attack will cause the remaining strikes to be divided between other targets on the battlefield at random. The basis of the Ursa Major is Callisto, one of the nymphs serving Artemis, who had her figure transformed into a bear as divine punishment for breaking the vow of chastity and was later raised to a constellation. It is listed as a Noble Phantasm in Fate/complete material IV, but was later removed from her profile as of Fate/Apocrypha.[1]


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