Dead Apostle Ancestors
Tsukihime (2021)

The Dead Apostle Ancestors present at the "French Incident".

The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors (死徒二十七祖, Shito Nijūnanaso?) are a grouping of twenty-seven Rank IX Dead Apostles. The very apex of all Dead Apostles, the title represents their way of being.[1]


The Ancestors have existed for three thousand years. They are primarily individualistic, with the exclusion of the five representing the League of the Age of Gods (神代連盟, Jindai Renmei?), and not all of the Ancestors are enemies of mankind.[1] The original twenty-seven were those who were able to escape their existence as "emergency rations" for the True Ancestors. As of the modern day, there are the "elders" of the BC era and the "upstarts" of the AD era.[2]

As of modern day, some positions have been rendered empty, the total verified being twenty-one as of the 2010s AD. Their complete defeat is an irregular occurrence. Two are sealed by the Holy Church, but such a process takes one hundred years to accomplish for a single Ancestor.[1]

The rank of Ancestor only exists in Tsukihime Worlds, so the grouping is not present in Fate Worlds. The Dead Apostles who would make up the grouping still exist in Fate Worlds, but their activities and statuses may differ. In Fate worlds, Zepia Eltnam Oberon never becomes the Night of Wallachia, Gransurg Blackmore is destroyed between 300AD and 500AD and Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg does not become a Dead Apostle but becomes immortal through other means. Their rank reaches that of Superior Dead Apostle.

Idea Blood[]

Idea Blood: Hemonomic Principle (原理血戒(イデアブラッド), Ideaburaddo?) is the blood that makes an Ancestor an Ancestor, said to be the "mandate (戒め, Imashime?) of the Original Cause (大本, Ōmoto?, "Root/Origin") engraved upon their soul". A "Truth" that they have each attained, the worldview that makes up the foundation of their "thirst". It can be called a Dead Apostle's thesis, purpose for living and their undying curse. A singularity that paints over the planet's physical laws just by circulating blood. Wherever an Ancestor asserts their Idea Blood becomes their territory, subject to the influence of their Principle curse. Arcueid compares it to a "crown" as the inheritance of the Idea Blood will raise the inheritor to a Rank IX Ancestor regardless of their original rank.[3] The inheritor must possess a "millennium-class foundation" for it to function properly and be able to create and use their Bounded Field,[3] typically inherited by a Rank VIII Successor created by the previous Ancestor.[4] Typically a lesser Dead Apostle of a few hundred years, such as the former Rank VI Vlov Arkhangel, would be crushed by the curse of the Idea Blood, but he was able to withstand it due to the combat experience he had cultivated in his capacity as a knight of the dark ages in the medieval era and his own tenacity,[3] which defeated the Curse that encompassed the entirety of his flesh. A pride on the level of a mere twenty years surmounted a madness that exceeded a thousand years.

The Idea Blood remains after the defeat of an Ancestor. It can be utilized to facilitate magecraft, Ciel using Chromclay Petastructure's Idea Blood to utilize a variation of Chromclay's Bounded Field and using Be'ze's Idea Blood to actualize a spell.

Each Ancestor has a Principle (原理, Genri?) associated with them. It is a sort of curse that manifests as a unique power distinct from their other properties as a vampire. The Principle is linked to the Idea Blood, and is granted to the Idea Blood's inheritor. It is also possible for new Idea Bloods to be created, as Magi who became Dead Apostles and then later became Ancestors are those who created their own Idea Blood through a vast amount of time and research. According to Mario Gallo Bestino, most of the Ancestors' Principles originate from something that the individual vampires studied when they were human, and after they became vampires, such Principles become their "purpose for living" and path to obtaining true immortality.


List of the Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors

Some names are only partially visible. Names ending with * are incomplete.

# Name Principle Notes
1 The Dark Six ???
2 Brunestud of the Crimson Moon ???
3 Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg ???
4 Millennium* ???
5 ORT ???
6 Rizo-Waal Strout ???
7 Einnashe ???
8 Fina-blood Svelten ???
9 Altrouge Brunestud ???
10 Nrvnqsr Chaos ???
11 Stanrobe Calhin ???
12 Lululily A. Paranodahlia ???
13 TATARI/* ???
14 Van-Fem ???
15 Rita Rozay-en ???
16 Gransurg Blackmore ???
17 Trhvmn Ortenrosse ???
18 Enhance ???
19 Zaria Offenbaum Freezing Vlov Arkhangel's parent Dead Apostle
Killed by Vlov
19 Vlov Arkhangel Freezing
20 Merm Solomon ???
21 Sumire ???
22 Chromclay Petastructure Castle, therefore kingdom Killed by Ciel
Idea Blood in Ciel's possession
23 Zuckham Eri R* ???
24 El Nahat ???
25 Be'ze ??? Known as a swordmaster
Killed by Ciel
Idea Blood in Ciel's possession
Inspired Ciel's Ritual, Calavria's star
26 Agape ???
27 Caubac Alcatraz ???
?? ??? Harvest (実り?)
?? ??? Forest (森?) Killed by Ciel
?? ??? Sword (剣?)
?? ??? Melting (熔ける?) Sealed by the Holy Church
?? ??? Four Limbs (四肢?) Sealed by the Holy Church
28 Michael Roa Valdamjong ??? Only considered such by the Holy Church
Not recognized as a peer by other Ancestors


First announced in 2012, Kinoko Nasu stated the designs for the list of Ancestors was only half complete and that some had been removed due to restructuring for the remake of Tsukihime.[5] As of 2021 following the announcement of Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon-, Nasu stated that they had officially updated the list of Ancestors. Due to the increasing scope of abilities since the release of Fate/stay night, such as the world-threatening antagonists of Fate/Grand Order, the level of power to be made into a top rank Ancestor in the original release was lacking in comparison. The Ancestors of the original release who were deemed "relatively amazing" were those who were cut, Nasu deciding that "having decent strength and abilities doesn't cut" for the new standard of Ancestors. Taking the Remake's final scope into consideration, Nasu compiled the members to be removed, the members to be added, and the existing members to be upgraded. He regrets not having made them stronger in the original release.[6]


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    In their three thousand year long history some seats have emptied, and apart from those six that are Offenbaum's - Vlov's parent's - "idea" as well as the ideas of 「ripening」,「castle, therefore kingdom」,「sword」, and then the「melting」and「four limbs」 that are sealed by the Church, the remaining ones whose existence has been verified number twenty-one.

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    Their lifescale differs on an individual basis, but they can be categorised into the "elders", active from before the Common Era, and the "upstarts", whose activities began in the Common Era. Vlov, having killed the Ancestor that had been his parent of the last hundred years, became one such new "upstart" Ancestor.

    吸血鬼IX階梯 : 祖

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    The Dead Apostles who inherited this blood would always rise up to become Ancestors no matter their rank; Arcueid compared it to a "crown".

    On the other hand, a millennium-class foundation is needed for the Hemonomic Principle to function, and even if a Dead Apostle with hundreds of years of activity were to inherit it they would be crushed by that curse. Properly speaking it was not something that Vlov could withstand, but thanks to a technique given to him by a certain Dead Apostle as well as his desire for revenge against that person he managed to retain his sanity until the end.


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    Q: I would really like to see a visual of all 27 Dead Apostle Ancestors, with the ones yet to show up.

    A:: I want to see that too!
    However, rumour has it that it is only about half done. Due to the remake, it seems some of them actually have been fired due to restructuring. ....Life is tough in the world of vampires...


    でも、風の噂によると半分ぐらいできてるらしいよ。 リメイクの影響でリストラされたヤツもいるらしいよ。 ……まったく、吸血鬼界も世知辛いぜ……

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