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« This is... Spartaaa!!"
"Thermopylae Enomotia!! »


Thermopylae Enomotia: Guardian of the Hot Gates (炎門の守護者テルモピュライ・エノモタイア, Honō-mon no ShugoshaTerumopyurai Enomotaia?) is the Noble Phantasm of Leonidas I. Thermopylae Enomotia is the re-enactment of the legendary 300 people that participated in the Battle of Thermopylae, which is accounted to the name known as Leonidas to the world.[1]

Normally, it is a counter-attack Noble Phantasm. Three hundred Spartans are summoned, each possessing C~E Rank Endurance. They protect not only Leonidas but also his Master. As they are summoned as a Noble Phantasm, the 300 people would endure the enemy's attack along with Leonidas and they will amount a strong counterattack afterwards. The more number of people that endured the enemy's attack, the more powerful the counterattack would be on the next turn.[1][2] As it recreates the historical deed within an instant, it can be activated even after the opponent's attack.[2]


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