Thomas Alva EdisonWP (トーマス・アルバ・エジソン, Tōmasu Aruba Ejison?), Class Name Caster (キャスター, Kyasutā?), is a Caster-class Servant able to be summoned Ritsuka Fujimaru in the Grand Orders of Fate/Grand Order.



Thomas Edison was the King of Inventors (発明王, Hatsumei-Ō?) and lifelong rival and nemesis of Nikola Tesla. Born in the 19th century, he was an American inventor whose vast number of achievements are such that they need not be said. He was one who, rather than coming up with inventions on his own, was "extremely proficient at reconstructing the work of other pioneers into easily proliferated forms." He was extremely dedicated to his work, sleeping only three to four hours per day and otherwise fully exerting himself in work at all times. He held cordial relationships with many other inventors, such as Alexander Graham BellWP and Charles Babbage, but his rivalry with Tesla was the one exception.


Due to his unique summoning, Caster's body is different from how he was in life, and his proportions differ from historical records.


Although granted a lion's head due to the summoning, Caster's intellect is undiminished, allowing those familiar with him to realize "ah, this is indeed Edison" after a bit of conversation. He has a very straightforward personality, and it is said there are not many points of caution for the Master when dealing with him as a Servant. He does unconsciously repeat the work habits he had in life, so careful attention is recommended to the Master so as to keep him from sleep deprivation or overwork.

Due to his rivalry in life with Tesla, they will have all relations inevitably break down into a fistfight upon both manifesting as Servants.


Fate/Grand Order[]

Fifth Singularity: E Pluribus Unum[]

Edison took control of the American forces left broken by the Celtic Army, founding the United Western States, anointing himself its President-King. He created the Mechanized Infantry, robots based on Charles Babbage's design, albeit powered by electricity. He also recruited Helena Blavatsky and Karna, with the former being an old friend. With their help and his robots, the Americans were able to even odds against the Celts, yet they were still unable to completely defeat them.[1] Edison, affected by the accumulated thoughts of the presidents, so obsessed with winning the war that he turned into a despot.[2] He had the army force civilians to work in his robot factories.[3]

He meets Ritsuka’s party when Helena and Karna bring them to his castle in Denver. After congratulating Ritsuka on resolving four Singularities, having been told by Nikola Tesla, Edison details how he helped the Americans even the odds against the Celts. They lack the Servants to turn the tide though. Edison then declares he’ll have 20 hour work days to keep the mass production of his robots going, seemingly unaware of physical limitations. He calls it unnecessary to correct the era, instead he’ll use the Holy Grail to create his ideal America on a different timeline. This act could destroy the other eras. Florence Nightingale tries to attack Edison, but Karna restrains her. Edison then gives Ristuka three minutes to decide. Ritsuka refuses to join, so Edison has his robots subdue the group. Overwhelmed by the sheer number of robots, the group is sent to the underground prison.[1]

When the group return to Denver, Edison hacks Romani Archaman‘s communications. He accuses them of joining the Celts until he’s corrected that they were merely defeated. He wonders if he came for his protection. After refuting Nightingale’s claims that he’s sick, Edison’s hacking end. While Karna is fighting the group, Edison calls him to the throne room. There he fights the group alongside Karna and Helena. They’re defeated, but Edison refuses to give up and tries to drink an elixir to transform himself. Karna throws it on the floor however. Nightingale informs him the Celtic army is infinite while his is limited. The reason for his tyranny is then revealed. Nightingale tells Edison that America is equivalent to the children of many nations, so it is his duty to protect the world. Instead, he focused only on protecting his own nation, which is why he suffers and lost against Nikola Tesla. After recovering from the resulting backlash, Edison admits his mistakes. He struggles what to do now though, but Helena and Karna encourage him to continue like always. He apologizes to them for his behavior and joins the group.[2]

Later, the group strategize on how to defeat the Celts. The Celts will be invading Denver via the northern and southern routes. If they conquer any more of America, the era will no long withstand its separation from reality and collapse. The group eventually decides with a two prong attack with two armies to attack along the northern and southern routes. One army will hold its ground against the Celts while the other will breakthrough to the White House. The group leave the decision of what Servants will go with what army to Ritsuka.[4]

Ritsuka announces their decision the next day. The north army will have Elizabeth Báthory, Robin Hood, Edison, and Helena, while the south army will have the others. Edison says he’ll equip boosters on the south army’s robots so they can keep up with the Servants. The north army then departs to await the battle three days from now at dusk. Before leaving though, Edison thanks Karna for accepting his request. Ritsuka calls him a role model, which invigorates him to accomplish his mission.[4]

On the northern front, the north army continues to fight the Celts. They soon encounter Beowulf, who proceeds to fight Elizabeth and Robin Hood. Edison asks Helena to help them, but she’s busy holding the Celts back. Eventually though Li Shuwen arrives to fight Beowulf himself. Soon however Medb uses the Holy Grail to summon Clan Calatin to attack the north army before she perished.[5] Edison becomes extremely discourage by the overwhelming odds. Helena encourages him to continue fighting, reminding him that his greatest merit was to reject the unknown and dream of the future. Edison returns to the fight to save Elizabeth from being killed. He eventually attempts to self-destruct himself by overloading his Noble Phantasm to protect the others. He’s stopped though by the sudden appearance of Tesla, who arrived to save the era to repent for his actions in London. Realizing their attacks are effective, Tesla and Edison unleash their Noble Phantasms simultaneously to seal Clan Calatin off. Arjuna then arrives and sacrifices himself to launch a restricted Pashupata to destroy Clan Calatin. Afterwards, Edison and Tesla fight each other.[6]

After the Singularity is resolved, Edison realizes that not even America can stand alone. He admits he gave into despair, and only thought of protecting America. Helena reminds him though that his patriotism kept America safe before Chaldea arrived despite his mistakes. Tesla tells him he encounters needless troubles because he blindly rushes toward challenges without understanding theories. Edison refutes this by calling out Tesla's empty theories. After Helena disappears, Edison and Tesla express their surprise at them joining forces. Edison declares he'll be summoned again as a Servant of Ritsuka, alongside Helena and Karna, and disappears.[6]

Summer Event: Chaldea Heat Odyssey[]

A hundred years before the event, Edison provided the boar piglets with electricity, advancing their civilization to the modern age. He then predicted the Nine Sisters (the female Servants who accompanied Ritsuka to the island and granted the piglets civilization) would return in a hundred years. Knowing they would need his help escaping the island, he created a cryosleep device and a gramophone alarm clock. He then found a cave, set the clock to go off at the precise time, and placed himself in cryosleep.

A century passes, and Edison awakens from cryosleep, letting out a laugh that sounds like he perfected it for this exact moment. He then fights Ritsuka, Mash, Scáthach, Artoria Pendragon, and Mordred to confirm if they're the ones he's waited for. After being bested, he properly introduces himself to the group. He then asks for the current status of the boar piglet civilization he helped create. Scáthach tells him it’s currently in ruins, prompting the inventor to run out to check if that is true.

Seeing the ruins, Edison declares he will send the demon boars to the meatpacking factory and end world hunger. He then explains why he placed himself in cryosleep. Artoria, however, finds it difficult to believe that he is Edison as his appearance doesn't match any historical photo. Edison assures he is but allows Artoria to confirm it herself. Unfortunately for him, she checks by painfully pulling on his face.

Afterward, he returns to the city with the others. There he tells everyone that he requires the Holy Grail to build an escape device.

Eventually, the group goes to the demon boars’ lair as they likely have the Grail. As they near their destination, they notice many demon boars guarding the cave. Since the demon boars outnumber them, the group goes with Mordred’s plan to break through the enemy line and hold them off so Ritsuka, Mash, Scáthach, and Edison can enter the cave.

The group finds a factory and another Artoria inside the cave. However, Edison notes she is a fake by the smell of oil and metal she exudes. Artoria states she’ll destroy the piglets as they accept their own destruction with joy. Scáthach realizes Artoria is the same giant demon boar they defeated 2,000 years when the latter mentions waiting 2,000 years to exact vengeance. Artoria reveals she reached the realm of a divine beast, which Scáthach notes is thanks to using the Grail. She then reveals Artoria is Twrch Trwyth, having taken the real Artoria’s form in retaliation for her defeating him centuries ago. Twrch Trwyth recalls his defeat by Artoria. Unable to forget the humiliation he faced, Twrch Trwyth wandered for 3,000 years until he found the Grail on the island, using it to become a divine beast. He then transforms into a giant mechanized boar, making Edison realize the former used the Grail and mechanized himself to survive for 2,000 years, even though he should be dead. The group defeat Twrch Trwyth, who questions why he’s defeated again. Scáthach tells him it was his fate from the moment he decided to steal. She tells him not to hate them as it would be a pathetic end for a divine beast, which makes Twrch Trwyth finally accept his end. After he dies, the group retrieves the Grail and returns to the city.

Edison completes the escape device and tells everyone to finish up what leftover business they may have before they leave. The next day, the group leaves the island. As they do, they're contacted by Romani. They learn they were only gone for an hour before rayshifting back to Chaldea.

Final Singularity: Solomon[]

Edison is one of the "E Pluribus Unum" Singularity Servants that aid Chaldea against the Demon Gods of the Armory.[7]

GUDAGUDA Meiji Restoration[]

He appears under the name Saigou Edimori. His company, United Satsuma Corporation, and its rival, Choushu Industries owned Katsura Tesla, both manufacture weapons for Oda Nobukatsu.[8]

Meeting with Nobukatsu at Ikedaya Inn at night, Edimori and Tesla argue about whose company is better for mass production. Nobukatsu convinces them to join forces for the sake of their common goal, forming the SatChou Alliance. Okita Souji and Ritsuka then burst into the room, prompting Nobukatsu to escape. Okita tries to give chase, but Edimori's Mecha Nobbus block her. She and Ritsuka breakthrough them, only for more to appear. Fortunately, Hijikata Toshizou arrives and helps destroy the Mecha Nobbus. Edimori surrenders afterward, and he is captured for interrogation. Oda Nobunaga and Chacha then arrive with a captured Tesla, who surrendered after the Nobbu UFOs were destroyed. However, the two inventors flashbang the group, and escape while Nobunaga and Hijikata argue. While escaping, Edimori reveals his factory in Toba is producing tens of thousands of Mecha Nobbu, and Tesla reveals his company in Fushimi is testing a powerful weapon.[8]

The next day at Tobi-Fushimi, Edimori and Tesla has amassed an army of Mecha Nobbus and Nobbu UFOS.[9]  Ritsuka's party destroys their army and defeats the two inventors. Edison regrets he wasn't productive enough and disappears, saying he'll try for 36-hour workdays next time.[10]

Event: Al the Statesmen![]

Edison invented the Spiritual World Communicator. While experimenting with it, he and Leonardo da Vinci discovered a Singularity in North America. But that left Chaldea vulnerable to invasion from another world. Observing everyone's strange behavior, Edison hypothesizes it is the result of his Spiritual World Communicator making contact with the Singularity. He, therefore, decides it's best to investigate the Singularity to determine if his hypothesis is correct. Da Vinci agrees and sends Ritsuka and the others.

Unfortunately, upon arriving in the Singularity, Ritsuka's party loses contact with Chaldea. Edison informs Ritsuka of this when they wake up, adding that they're currently trying to repair the Spiritual World Communicator and restore communications. Geronimo returns from scouting and reports they're definitely in North America, though there isn't any technology beyond the 19th century. The group are then attacked by Wendigos, which they struggle against until Paul Bunyan helps with her giant strength. Afterward, Bunyan walks away as she is unable to hear the group's voices. The group decides to follow after her.

Ritsuka's party eventually runs into Bunyan again, albeit in a more regular size. Edison asks her what she is. Bunyan answers she is a lumberjack who got summoned by someone and ended up alone in the forest. She agrees with Mash's assumption that she is a Servant and Heroic Spirit since she was summoned. Ritsuka notices her magical energy is low and decides to become her Master. Edison asks Bunyan where in North America they are, to which she answers North Dakota. This distresses Edison since the state's low population means it may be a while before they reach civilization.

As the group treks through the forest in the hopes of reaching civilization, Bunyan says it'd be easier if she had her favorite axe. Her summoner took it away, though, because it was dangerous. She is unable to remember what they're like, only recalling they went far east. Edison and Geronimo then encourage her to build a new version of her favorite axe.

After Bunyan makes her new axe, the group watch as she cuts the forest down. Eventually, nothing is left of the forest but a neatly stacked pile of lumber. Edison finally realizes who Bunyan is, recalling the newspaper stories that essentially depict her as the creator of America. Assuming Bunyan's summoner possesses the Grail, thereby, the one who created the Singularity, Geronimo tries to ask her something. Bunyan interrupts him, however, as she sensed something approaching. A light crashes down, from which Billy the Kid and Altera (calling herself Wyatt Earp) emerge ready to punish the group for illegal deforestation.

After Altera retreats following the fight, Billy reveals he, Altera, and Bunyan were summoned by the same person. That person controls everything from Chicago, which is the same direction Altera went. After Billy disappears, the group makes their way to Chicago.

On their way to Chicago, the group comes across a decrepit house. There, they encounter Jack the Ripper and Nursery Rhyme. They are waiting for their summoner, who went to Chicago. A stampede of rampaging buffalo then hits the house, so the group goes out to take care of them. While eating the buffalo they killed and cooked, the group encounter Altera (now calling herself Buffalo Bill) again. She decides to punish them for killing the endangered buffalo, ignoring Geronimo's statement that the herd was berserk and none of their parts were wasted. After being defeated, she retreats, warning the group not to go any further. Now joined by Jack and Nursery Rhyme, the group continue onwards to Chicago.

Eventually reaching Chicago, the group split off in search of clues. But rendezvousing later that night, only Geronimo has useful information. He informs them of a shop called the "Club High Society", a place he assumes is backed by the Mage's Association. Edison bribes a bouncer to let them in; Jack and Nursery Rhyme aren't allowed since they're children. There they encounter Mata Hari, who proceeds to use her Noble Phantasm on them. However, it is disabled thanks to the barrier that Geronimo, Edison, and Nursery Rhyme made around the club beforehand. The group then fights her and the bouncers. Mata Hari s defeated and disappears, telling the group that Bunyan's summoner is at World's Columbian Exposition.

Arriving at the Columbian Exposition, Edison is disgusted by its use of AC. Altera (now calling herself Davy Crockett) arrives with Tesla and sends Edison into a rage by calling DC bad civilization. Following the battle, Edison gets frustrated at Tesla for disappearing like he won. He quietly admits though that his own technology isn't used much in the modern-day. Altera leaves, warning Ritsuka and Bunya they'll encounter their worst nightmare if they go any further.

At the center of the fair, the group finds a poorly constructed Japanese Pavillion. There they encounter a bizarre girl who is introduced as the Nameless Master, one from a parallel Chaldea. She reveals herself as the one who summoned every Servant the group encountered, except for Bunyan. Bunyan is a Phantom born from a joke between North American settlers with no basis in myth or belief in her existence. The Nameless Master allowed her to possess udon dough and hoped to shape her into a powerful welfare Servant for the game's second anniversary. But considering her a useless low-rank Servant, she trapped Bunyan in the Singularity. She then decides to eradicate the group for bringing Bunyan, whom she wanted her to disappear in the forest. Despite them being all high-ranking Servants, the Nameless Master's Servants were underleveled and easily defeated. After she disappears, the group heads back home.

Later, as Bunyan expands Chicago to cover much of the globe, Edison and Geronimo investigate the truth behind the Singularity and Bunyan. They were able to determine Edison's Spiritual World Communicator opened the way to the Singularity and Bunyan is its core. But that is when the lab is blown up by Goddess Columbia.

Faking his death, he later stops Geronimo from sacrificing himself to open a way out of Bunyan's unconsciousness. He then uses his Noble Phantasm to reveal the truth that Bunyan pursued: the scene of a peaceful city. To maintain this scenery, Edison will continue to use his Noble Phantasm. He then leaves the matter of Bunyan to Ritsuka, suspecting she is at the edge of the city.

After everything is resolved, everyone returns to Chaldea and eat hamburger steaks with Bumyan, who's been registered to the Throne of Heroes.

Summer Event: Dead Heat Summer Race![]

Edison and Tesla's argument over which one of them won last year's barbecue contest quickly devolves into a fight. Helena stops their fighting and sends them out of the room. Edison and Tesla return to the room as Helena mumbles to herself, thinking Ritsuka is calling her a fraud like the SPR did in life. Her mumbling soon evolves into a nervous breakdown about how everyone criticized her about Mahatma. Edison and Tesla both agree that they're partially to blame for Helena's current state, but they also know it's mostly Sherlock Holmes' fault. The inventors then cooperate to remind her not to respond to every criticism with anger, saying they only want her to be happy. Their words and Ritsuka's apology almost bring Helena out of her spout of depression, but Edison and Tesla realize she needs something to forget her troubles. They then see a flyer for Ishtar's race and suggest to Helena that she take part. Helena, now feeling better, accepts and uses Mahatama Change to instantly change into a swimsuit and class change into an Archer. She is worried, though, about her partner since her Kumara Wheel only seats one person. Edison and Tesla decide to be her partners and build her a custom vehicle. They then start arguing about what electric current it will use until Helena suggests it use both.

At the racetrack, Edison points out to Ritsuka that Helena is still upset about the other day. Ritsuka apologizes for their part in it. Edison asks them to take responsibility by cheering Helena on to victory. Ishtar then shows everyone the ritual tools, which are key to erasing the Singularity, and indicates a team is a legit participant. They’re designed to integrate into the vehicles, and any vehicle trying to race without them is automatically disqualified. After commentary on each team from Ishtar, the race begins.

A group of thugs soon appear before the racers. After the thugs are defeated, their leader, Atalanta, arrives. She considers the thugs to be her children to the racers’ confusion. Calling the wasteland the Atalanta Plains, she tells the racers that its roads lead to where she and her children planted Seed Apples. They are essential to her children‘s future, so she cannot permit them to be destroyed in the race. Everyone ignores her but soon learns she planted land mines to protect the seed apples. Atalanta is eventually defeated, and the racers move on to the next area.

The race brings everyone to an active volcano, where they meet Boudica at its crater. She offers to cook them something, only to turn hostile. Her hostility is due to what happened to Britannia and the fact she doesn’t have a playable swimsuit version this year despite modeling in one last year. She has become an Avenger, believing she must utterly break the racers’ spirits to protect her homeland. She will do so through a game of chicken to the mouth of the volcano, setting it up so the racers can’t cross the volcano until they beat her. The racers accept her challenge. Helena realizes something, but Edison and Tesla interrupt her and argue about which one of them she should ditch in the volcano. Helena demands they stop, saying their antics distracted from realizing how strange the volcano is. She then explains that volcanoes have been believed to hold mystical power since ancient times. Edison stops Tesla from trying to give a scientific explanation about the lights frequently spotted nearby when a volcano is on the verge of erupting.

Eventually, the racers arrive at a river. Penthesilea appears and explains the more beautiful they are, the faster they will go. She introduces them to the judges: Mister B, who judges their personal beauty, and Leonardo da Vinci, who judges their vehicles’ beauty. Edison and Tesla have Helena change into her one-piece swimsuit from last year. Mister B gives a positive reaction, therefore granting Helena's team a boost in speed. Frankenstein's team also gets a speed boost. While the other teams beat up Mister B (who turns out to be Blackbeard in disguise) for his double standards, Frankenstein and Helena's teams become neck in neck in the race. But near the end of the course, they see Penthesilea, who swam all the way there. Given the course's rules, Penthesilea believes her beauty gave her a boost in speed. Refusing to be considered thus, she tries to force the teams back to the start. Frankenstein and Helena's teams defeat her and continue the race. Edison and Tesla agree to give rHelena shoulder massage with their AC/DC apparatus.

The racers soon enter the fourth area, which has breast-shaped hills. Artemis and her copies fire upon them, warning they cannot go through Artemis Valley as they please. She will allow them to pass if they can find the real Orion among his copies and return him to her.

Afterward, the racers reach the final area, a bridge over a large ravine, with the Ishtar Temple at the finish line. With victory on the line, Helena has Edison and Tesla activate their vehicle's ultra acceleration feature. However, everyone is sent plummeting when someone cuts down the bridge.

Summer Event: Death Jail Summer Escape[]

The racers find themselves at the bottom of the ravine. They’re attacked by the Hessian Lobo security system, which overwhelms them. Medb then arrives and arrests the racers for placing weird textures on her land without permission. The racers fall unconscious and wake up in Medb’s prison. They find out that their powers are negated within prison. Medb tells the racers that she locked their vehicles up somewhere outside the prison after sensing a strange power from them. The racers are then brought to their cells, where they soon meet Ishtar’s avatars. They then encounter Carmilla working as a prison guard. Carmilla determines they're too weak to escape and opens their cells.

In the courtyard, the racers meet Gorgon, who's only brought out of solitary confinement for exercise. She agrees to tell them about the prison if they help with her exercise. However, the fight is soon interrupted by Florence Nightingale, who leaves after Gorgon says none of them are injured. Minamoto-no-Raikou deduces Gorgon is a projection of her real self inside her cell. Gorgon confirms this then reveals it's impossible to destroy the prison’s barrier from either the outside or the inside. However, the racers can take advantage of Medb’s overconfidence in her Prison Field to find blind spots to escape. Carmilla then brings the racers back to their cells.

The next day, the racers still haven’t found an escape route. They see Quetzalcoatl training other prisoners to be luchadors After some sparring, the racers are sent back to their cells. They then follow Ritsuka’s advice to dig their way out of the prison.

However, the racers' tunnels all converge onto Gorgon's cell, chained there by divine steel. Gorgon agrees to help them escape if they defeat Nightingale, who's about to spray her with reptile sanitizer. After Nightingale is defeated, Nero Claudius determines they can use Gorgon’s acid to clear any obstacles that bar them while digging. Since they had a deal, Gorgon spews acid into special containers for each team.

Unfortunately, while digging, they discover the Prison Field extends underground. They return to Gorgon's cell, who seems to be enjoying their predicament. After venting their frustrations, the racers realize they have no choice but to kill Medb to disable the Prison Field. Gorgon reveals there was another prisoner who tried escaping by killing Medb. She defeated them and revealed she has a conceptual weakness to projectile cheese. But Medb is always protected by her warriors. Gorgon reveals Medb always takes a shower in her warden’s office at the same time every day. James Moriarty, Edison, and Tesla point out they need someone intelligent as them and Charles Babbage, who also knows the prison’s layout if they want to successfully snipe Medb from outside her bathroom window. Gorgon reveals there is a prisoner who knows everything about the prison, despite being in solitary confinement. She then gives the racers general directions to that person's cell.

They dig into the prisoner’s cell, who turns to be Enkidu in tight restraints. After Raikou cuts their restraints, Enkidu has the racers spar with them to see if they’re fully functional. Enkidu afterward then agrees to provide the racers with the necessary calculations. Carmilla arrives to feed them, and attacks everyone after seeing Enkidu unrestrained. After defeating Carmilla, Enkidu, Babbage, Edison, and Tesla make blueprints for their cheese-apult.

After building it with the materials Ritsuka provided, the racers use the cheese-apult to assassinate Medb while she’s in the shower. However, Medb kicks the cheese away thanks to training her body to automatically react to incoming cheese. Edison is particularly upset by this turn of events, shouting that it's not fair. Enkidu reveals there is another way to remove the Prison Field, one only they know of. They reveal the control device for the Prison Field is a stone above the ground. The racers soon realize it’s in the statue of Medb in the courtyard. Enkidu then reveals there is a prisoner who is master of disguise that the racers can use to trick Quetzalcoatl into disabling the Prison Field. The racers then dig their way to the prisoner’s cell.

They arrive in the prisoner's cell, only to find Carmilla there to their shock. They fight her, but in the midst of it, she turns into Nightingale. After being defeated, she reveals herself to be Yan Qing in disguise. He agrees to disguise himself as Medb to trick Quetzalcoatl into disabling the Prison Field in exchange for fighting him. But Raikou has him sit in the corner and lectures him until he gets sore. Afterward, Yan Qing (disguised as Med) gets Quetzalcoatl to disable the barrier underground, allowing the racers to reach their vehicles in the warehouse.

The racers escape to the outside. Edison tells Helena that it may be best for her not to recall vague memories of being in a subterranean world before. Medb and Quetzalcoatl then confront the racers. Medb deflects shots from X's cheese blaster and decides to execute the racers, accusing them of covering Connacht with textures of another place. The racers defeat Medb and Quetzalcoatl, then return to the race once they disappear.

If Helena's team is in the lead, Helena orders Edison and Tesla to put the Thunderdome (calling it the Hierarchy Engine) to full power. Tesla assumes Hierarchy Engine refers to a mystical engine bestowed by Mahatma. Helena admits she only said it because it sounded cool, and her vehicle doesn't have an actual engine. Tesla then prepares to overcharge the Thunderdome, but Edison is concerned that will launch Helena into enemy territory. Helena tells them to stop bickering but thanks them for their help. She says they'll meet again after she crosses the finish line as she is launched at high speeds.

After the race, however, an enormous storm moves toward the track as if it has a will of its own. Ishtar reveals this was her plan. Unbeknownst to the racers, their vehicles’ tires were carving magical energy into the Venus textures she placed on the land. She then reveals her temple to be a giant ATM called the Ishtar Quantum Power System. The racers confront her when the relics she had them install in their vehicle are suddenly removed. The relics converge at the Ishtar QPS, which gathers the magical energy expended in the race. At the same time, the relics were storing the heat created by the friction of the racers’ tires running across the Venus textures for each relic to reach an excited state. The purpose of all this was for Ishtar to create a new Gugalanna. After using the relics and the Ishtar QPS to do so, she declares she can use him to destroy the Singularity. Da Vinci points that would work, but it’d also destroy Connacht. The racers then fight Ishtar and Gugalanna before he’s completely formed, but they struggle against him. Quetzalcoatl then arrives to attack Gugalanna, revealing the her that disappeared before was Yan Qing in disguise. After she destroys Gugalanna, the racers and the race’s administrative staff get their picture taken by Georgios.

If Helena's team won, Edison and Tesla are glad to see Helena so happy. Both agree that her smile is brighter than any direct or alternating current. Helena thanks them both for their hard work. Then, returning to Chaldea, she notes how the hectic nature of the race reminds her of her carefree days before founding the Theosophy Association. She thanks Edison and  Tesla once again for their help, but she wonders how to use their winnings. Edison and Tesla use the money to modify the Kumara Wheel into the Crimson Thunderwheel as a token of appreciation for everything Helena does for them. Helena decides to take it for a test drive and orders the inventors to get into the Thunderdome, even though they designed it to function without support.

Subspecies Singularity IV: Salem[]

Edison calls the Salem Singularity a barren land of darkness that doesn’t suffer even a single watt to pass. When shown the sketches made by the medieval automata that successfully returned, he is surprised they’re of 17th century Salem instead of modern day. Calling the situation an invasion, Edison asks about the condition of 50, 000 living there. He lets Geronimo tell the founding of Massachusett, accepting that the atrocities committed against the natives are still part of American history. He is surprised that the people inside the Singularity are leading normal lives, expecting they would be panicking instead. He decides he’ll be the first to investigate the Singularity, only for Hans Christian Andersen to tell him he can’t. William Shakespeare then explains the scenario they wrote. Edison shares Mash’s concern about sending Medea into Salem, given that it’s famed for witch hunts. He dismisses Andersen, Sherlock Holmes, and Shakespeare’s mocking his concerns as unamusing, saying the lives of the people trapped in Salem are more important. After Ritsuka’s party rayshifts to Salem, Edison is concerned that the Medea who accompanied them is an impostor.[11]

When Raum transforms into his true self and the Mist surrounding Salem dissipates, Edison gets excited that the U.S. Army is ready to move in. However, Ritsuka and Geronimo both agree that would inadvisable. Geronimo reveals magical energy is being rapidly consumed across the continent, primarily in heavily populated areas. Because this phenomenon seems to ignore the old Bounded Fields, he believes the very basis of magecraft itself is becoming fractured. Edison takes this mean to there are casualties among normal humans as well. Therefore, he believes winning against Raum is paramount.[12]

Valentine Event The Bountiful Chocolate Gardens of Valentine[]

Edison builds a chocolate factory, with Semiramis' choco-golems being his employees.  Later, as predicted, he catches Tesla modifying his factory. He and Tesla then fight until Semiramis comes out and yells at them for disrupting her sleep. However, she becomes curious about  who can produce more electric power. To determine this, she will provide them each a separate factory for them to power at the same time. Each will have the same number of golems, with the only difference being the power they provide. Semiramis will determine which is superior by seeing which produces more chocolate. Edison and Tesla accept, so Semiramis has the golems bring the inventors to their separate factories.

Christmas Event: Holy Samba Night[]

Edison and Bunyan are partners in the Santa Tag Team Tournament representing America. He is very much into the theatrics of wrestling, with his ring name being Direct Current Superhuman Lionman. He has no interest in becoming the “true” Santa himself, only wanting the eternal Christmas Black Quetzal Mask (Quetzalcoatl’s evil self) had promised. His motive for wanting a never-ending Christmas is so all forms of mass production synonymous with the holiday, all of which will run on direct current, will always run at full capacity. To him, Christmas is all about mass production and mass consumption.

He and Bunyan are Bradamante and Quetzalcoatl’s third match, but instead of practicing for the match the day before, they practice for a flashy entrance. On the day of the match, initially, Edison is the only one in the ring and when asked where his partner is, he answers they’re already here. Bunyan then grows to nearly the size of the temple, returning to normal once Edison asks her to stop because the vibrations were making him nauseous. She then joins Edison in the ring, where they both explain their motives for entering the tournament. Bradamante considers what Edison wants to be nothing more than blatant self-serving commercialism. Bradamante considers what Edison wants to be nothing more than blatant self-serving commercialism. Edison then shows his wrestling persona is a heelWP by showing he replaced the ring’s ropes with electrified ones. They won’t harm Bunyan, thanks to her outfit being specially insulated, and make it impossible to aerial lucha moves.

However, during the match, Buyan accidentally electrocutes both herself and Edison. This baffles Edison, as his suit should be insulated from external direct current shocks. He thinks the only way it could happen is if someone replaced his direct current with alternating current, though Mash isn’t sure how that would affect his suit’s insulating properties. Quetzalcoatl then demonstrates she doesn’t need rope to do aerial moves by having Bradamante launch her to defeat Edison with an aerial move.


As a person born in the 19th Century, Edison boasts worldwide fame, however, his capacity as a Servant is somewhat inferior due to being one of the most recent Heroic Spirits. In order to compensate for that in this summoning, all the Presidents of the United States of AmericaWP throughout history granted him a Mystic Code that "would reinforce the concept of 'Edison'." With the exception of luck, all of his abilities have been augmented, making for a strange distribution of his parameters and Class Skills where they are either E or EX.[13] Caster also has a superhuman elixir that, if imbibed, can turn him into Thomas Mazda Edison; however, in exchange, Caster will lose his humanity.[13]


Class Skills[]

  • Territory Creation (EX (D) Rank): Creates the lab of the great Edison, king of inventors. Those who work under Edison as a servant are forced to work non-stop 24 hours a day.[14]
  • Item Construction (EX (D) Rank): Edison is famous for the invention of many items that remain used today. Some say he only improved on the inventions of others, but his achievements still remain undeniable. As a servant, Edison can upgrade the weapons and NPs of other servants. The success rises the lower the divine mystery level of the target is. However, NPs that are derived from achievements (like God Hand) cannot be upgraded.[14]

Personal Skills[]

  • Single-Mindedness (B Rank): The ability to immerse oneself in something, exhibiting a superhuman degree of focus. It was said that Edison slept for an average of only three hours.[15]
  • Mass Production (A Rank): The ideal form of the world (America) that Edison's inventions led to. He can mass produce a nearly infinite number of soldiers to act as his subordinates. There seems to be some sort of balance being kept, but its being done by someone or something that is not around him. The resources being consumed are from a place unrelated to America, so he has no qualms with exploiting it fully.[15]
  • Concept Improvement (A+ Rank): The special right and unfair advantage of improving any tool, from any given time or place. A bow becomes stronger, a sword becomes sharper, an axe becomes heavier. By combining this skill with Mass Production, he is even capable of mass-producing weapons that demonstrate the same destructive power of a low grade Noble Phantasm. The amount by which something can be improved depends on the rank of the skill. At A+, he is able to bestow conceptual improvements on almost anything outside of Divine Constructs.[15]
  • Shapeshift (C Rank): Though he has transformed to have the head of a lion, his intelligence and charisma remain unaffected. However, due to his body being filled to the edge of bursting, he is unable to control it well, causing his parameters themselves to be quite low.[15]

Noble Phantasm[]

Edison's Noble Phantasm is World Faith Domination.[13] Although its power output is lower than Nikola Tesla's System Keraunos, by slowly but continuously overloading it, he is able to sync it with Tesla's in order to momentarily seal Clan Calatin. If he completely overload's it, its power would be greatly increased, however, doing so would result in his death.[16]


pako is the character designer for Thomas Edison.


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