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« Your turn now, my genies.”
“A golden opportunity is here.”
“Solve this riddle, if you can?”
“The concealed question at the bottom of this empty box shall become the commandment that measures and ascertains you. Write it down! Achat! Shtayim! Shalosh! "Three Enigmas"! »


Three Enigmas: Three Riddle Tellings (三つの謎かけ
, Mitsu no Nazo Kake
Surī Enigumazu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of the Queen of Sheba. Three spirit demons (jinn) that serve her manifest, and present the enemy with difficult (physical) questions. The three jinns are respectively called "Achat", "Shtayim", and "Shalosh".[1]

Once, the Queen visited Jerusalem, carrying vast treasures on hand in order to receive the wisdom of the renowned sage, Solomon. All three riddles she had prepared to test Solomon with were completely seen through, and the Queen admired the way Jerusalem prospered.[1]

The Queen and King Solomon exchanged gifts, and she departed back home.[1]


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