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« Now, time for a quick draw duel. You can pull it out first, you know? Since I'm faster anyways... Fire!! »


Thunderer: Thunderbolt of Broken Sound (壊音の霹靂サンダラー, Kaion no HekirekiSandarā?) is the Noble Phantasm of Billy the Kid. The Colt M1877 double-action revolver (a.k.a. Thunderer), whose use Billy the Kid said to have favored, coupled with his signature counter-like triple-burst shot, are sublimated into this Noble Phantasm.[1]

Strictly speaking, the Noble Phantasm is not the gun, but "this gun being fired by Billy the Kid", so it is more like a Personal Skill than a Noble Phantasm when viewed in such a comprehensive manner. The most unique characteristic is that a large part of this Noble Phantasm is incorporated into the greater section called "Billy the Kid's techniques", greatly reducing the mana cost to the point that it is equivalent to an E-rank Noble Phantasm.[1]

As one who has the perceptions of a Servant, time slows down for Billy's senses and his surroundings and he completely grasps the situation before countering his opponent's attack before it has reached him. Whether it is an Archer's sniping or a Saber's slash heading towards him, he fully grasps his opponent's location and their attacks, before making a maximum of three consecutive shots at their vital points.[2]

As a Servant, the range of this technique is several times greater than in life. However, this is a counter that is understood only as a means to an "avoidable attack", attacks that he can actually dodge in other words, and would not work against attacks that cannot be avoided.[2]


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