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« Please respectfullyyyy obey meeeee!!"
"Both eyes, flank, knee, spinal cord. Installation complete!"
"Ticktock Bomb!! Ahahahahaha!! »


Ticktock Bomb: Dozing Bomb (微睡む爆弾
, Madoromu Bakudan
Chikutaku Bomu
?) is the Noble Phantasm of Mephistopheles. It is a type of curse that intentionally introduces bugs into the Magic Circuits and the spiritual bodies of Servants, and then makes them explode by attacking them. Concretely, they appear as something like a combination of a pocket watch and a bomb. He sets them up on the field, so as to explode on contact... or rather, that is how he pretends to use them.[1]

When their "True Name" is released, the bombs become inserted into the body of targets that are within a medium range. At this time, a resistance check against curses occurs. The maximum amount of bombs per person is five, and including the ones set up on the field and the such, Mephistopheles can set up a maximum of 30 bombs. Of course, he can just detonate the bombs inside the body of the opponent and end everything right there, but Mephistopheles also likes to make them conscious of the bombs and coerce them into following his orders. One could say that this vicious Noble Phantasm embodies Mephistopheles' trickiness and cruelty.[1]


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