Time TravelWP (時間旅行, Jikan Ryokō?), is the process of traveling to a different time axis, typically through the power of the Magic.[1]


The Second Magic, the Operation of Parallel Worlds, possesses the ability to actualize time travel. The Fifth Magic is also able to perform a form of it as a side effect, but time travel isn't its actual domain.[2]

Other processes[]

  • Holy Grail - Saber during the Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War believed she could use the Holy Grail to alter the past and save Camelot by preventing herself from pulling Caliburn out of the stone.[1] Francesca Prelati at least believed it would have worked, but implies that the Holy Grail Mud may time slip with her.[3] Romani Archaman likewise claims it is impossible to travel through time and change the past without a Grail.[4] In Fate/Grand Order Arcade, Draco used the Holy Grail to send Nebuchadnezzar II's soul back in time to possess Gilgamesh's corpse, where "Gilgamesh II" then began to expand Babylon, turning it into a city of sin.[5]
  • Rayshifting - Through pseudo-spiritron transference, individuals with aptitude can be projected into a different time axis.[6]
  • Hourglass Mystic Code - Kanata Akagi time travels after accidentally activating a Mystic Code prepared by Tsukumo Fujimiya. It is unknown how it performs the action.[7]
  • Lion King — Possesses the unusual ability to travel through time without Rayshifting as shown when she reached the Camelot and Solomon Singularities on her own.[8][9]
  • Mahākāla ShaktiAshwatthama's third Noble Phantasm, containing a minor part of Shiva's Authority over Time and awakens Mahākāla, the manifestation of Shiva inside him that can control time itself, allowing him or others to travel back in time.[10]
  • Ars Almadel Salomonis - Gathering immense amounts of magical energy, Goetia planned to enact a return to the origin of the planet to guide its creation.[11]
  • Digital worlds - Within digital worlds like the Moon Cell, time travel is able to be accomplished more easily so long as it is performed within a three hour period of a Time-Lock period.[12]
  • Water Mirror — A powerful magecraft ritual belonging to Morgan, which once activated, the sky seems to turn into still water and a bolt of lightning shoots down from the water and sends its target back in time.[13]
  • When summoned as Beryl's Servant in the British Lostbelt, Morgan le Fay used a technique similar to Rayshift to send her knowledge and memories to her Lostbelt counterpart 2000 years ago in exchange for her life. Thanks to this, Tonelico survived the fall of Orkney in the "first" Fairy Calendar. She then averted the Great Calamity, withered Seyfert, and established the Queen's Calendar.[14]


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    A magical accelerator rather than a quantum accelerator was installed around the walls of the outer periphery of Chaldea, and it was supposed to be spun at maximum output to convert 48 Masters into Spiritrons and Rayshift them, but……
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    3. Beginning of separation into Pseudo-Spiritrons. A supercomputer is fully mobilized to calculate the deviation of history and causality caused by the absence of the Master, their body and fate, and to apply a provisional numerical formula to correct history properly. It consumes a huge amount of electricity and magical power, but that’s covered by the accelerator.
    4. Usage of the data from the human history map CHALDEAS, which are guaranteed up to 100 years ago, and confirmation of the status of the destination of the Rayshift. Beginning of Spiritron projection.
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    6. The Master will materialize in the era of the Rayshift. Usually falling from the sky.




    1. コフィンに入る。マスターの全パラメーターを調査、定義。
    2. 魔術的な「生きているが死んでいる箱」を作成。マスターの生命活動を「不明」状態に。
    3. 擬似霊子分解、開始。スパコンも総動員して人体とその運命力、マスターが不在になるコトで起こる歴史やら因果関係やらの狂いを計算し、仮の数式をあてて歴史をきちんと補正する。膨大な電力・魔力を使うが、そこは加速器でまかなう。というもの。
    4. 一〇〇年先まで保障されている人類史マップ・カルデアスのデータを利用して、レイシフト先の状況を確認。霊子投影開始。
    5. レイシフト先にマスターの霊子がすべて投射された段階でコフィンと外界を完全に遮断。コフィン内部は無の定義となる。
    6. マスター、レイシフト先に実体化。たいてい空から落ちる。


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