This article lists the most relevant events in the connected worlds of the Nasuverse ordered in chronological order. Not all events take place in all worlds.

For more information about the different eras that comprise the History of the Nasuverse see Human History.

Common Timeline[]

This is the Timeline containing the events common to all major TYPE-MOON works, along with alternate events that resulted on divergent timelines.

Event Date World Notes
Timeline divergence:
Creation of the Moon Cell
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4.6 Billion BC[1] Fate/EX Worlds
Formation of the Earth
Birth of the Dragon of Albion
4.5 or 4.6 Billion BC[1][2] All Worlds
Age of the DinosaursWP ???~65 Million BC All Worlds
An asteroid impacts the Earth: 65 Million BC[3][4][5] All Worlds
First Humans appear A few Hundred Thousand years before modern day[2] All Worlds
The Machine Gods are sent by Chaos to humanity's universe to find a suitable planet to colonize. Thousands of years before 12,000 BC All Worlds
The Machine Gods perform an emergency landing on Earth Sometime before 12,000 BC All Worlds
Titanomachia: Zeus overthrows Kronos and becomes the Chief God of the Olympian pantheon Sometime before 12,000 BC[6] All Worlds
Earth is attacked by Sefar: 12,000 BC[7][8] All Worlds
Lostbelt divergence:
Atlantean pantheon avoids destruction.
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12,000 BC[8] Atlantic Lostbelt
Lostbelt divergence:
Sefar succeeds destroying the World due to the Six fairies not forging Excalibur.
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12,000 BC[9] British Lostbelt
Potnia Theron originates from the Goddess of Çatalhöyük 6000 BC[10] All Worlds
Creation of Pandora 4000 BC[11] All Worlds
Timeline divergence:
Pandora doesn't open Pandora's Box
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4000 BC[12] Miyu's World
Creation of Gilgamesh 2600 BC All Worlds 2600 BC is an approximation. Gilgamesh is confirmed to have returned from his quest to obtain the Potion of Youth in 2655 BC.[13] By that point he was twice as old as when he had started said quest.[14]
Arash puts an end to the war between PersiaWP and TuranWP 1,709 BC[15] All Worlds The war lasted 60 years, and Arash died 3,700 years before 1991 AD.
Gigantomachia: War between the Twelve Olympians and the gigants 1500 BC[6] All Worlds Greek Heroes such as Heracles are said to have participated in the battle.
Reign of Ozymandias
Peak of the Egyptian Empire
14th~13th Century BC[16] All Worlds
Ragnarök: End of the Norse Age of Gods 1000 BC[17][18] All Worlds
Lostbelt divergence:
Surtr devours Fenrir, killing all the Norse gods
1000 BC[19] Norse Lostbelt
Daji brings ruin to the Shang dynastyWP 1000 BC[20] All Worlds
Solomon receives the Ten Rings from God 999 BC[21] All worlds
Death of Solomon.
End of the Age of Gods.
900 BC[21] All worlds The date usually given is 931 BC.[22] Later corrected in the Solomon movie as 900 BC.[21]
Lostbelt divergence:
Qin Shi Huang gains immortality.
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210 BC[19] Chinese Lostbelt
Celtic and Ulster legends such as Cú Chulainn 100 BC~100 AD[23] All Worlds Cú Chulainn had already died decades before 60 AD.
Birth of the First Magician.
Start of Mage's Association.
1 BC (Night before AD)[22] All Worlds
Ether's existence is proven.
Start of Atlas and the Wandering Sea.
20 AD[22] All Worlds
Director and associates spread magecraft.
Age of Gods morale and energy return.
Dead Apostles begin appearing and attack mages.
20~100 AD[22] All Worlds
Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg defeats Crimson Moon 300 AD[22] All Worlds
Timeline Divergence:
Crimson Moon bites Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, turning him into a Dead Apostle.

Crimson Moon remains active.

Formation of Dead Apostle Ancestors.
Gransurg Blackmore continues living.
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300 AD[24] Tsukihime Worlds
Timeline Divergence:
Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg defeats Crimson Moon without getting bitten.
Crimson Moon remains inactive for the rest of eternity.

Death of Gransurg Blackmore.
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300 AD Fate Worlds Zelretch obtains Immortality through other means without becoming a Dead Apostle.
Decline of Mage's Association influence.
Rise of Holy Church influence.
300~500 AD[22] All Worlds
Legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
True Ether vanishes from Britain.
Clock Tower is established.
500 AD[22] All Worlds
Clock Tower excavates the Spiritual Tomb of Albion.
The World of Magecraft is reinvigorated.
600~900 AD[22] All worlds
Birth of Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern.
Third Magic is proven.
900 AD[22] All Worlds
Barthomeloi family arrives at the Clock Tower 1000 AD[22] All Worlds
Sakata Kintoki's campaign against Mt. Ooe Sometime after 1008 AD[25] All Worlds The legends of Abe-no-Seimei, Ashiya Douman, Minamoto-no-Raikou, the Four Heavenly Kings, Shuten and Ibaraki-douji take place on this time period.
Richard I's lifetime. The "Wandering King" was the last king with one foot in an age when Faeries and Runes were still out in the open. 1157~1199 AD[26] All Worlds
Clock Tower becomes center of World of Magecraft.
Monarch system is established.
1200 AD[22] All Worlds
Lostbelt divergence:
Asteroid strikes the Earth and begins an ice age.
1570 AD[19] Russian Lostbelt
The Clock Tower's Policies Department is split out.
Eleven departments are left.
1700 AD[22] All Worlds
Industrial RevolutionWP of England begins.
Technology negatively affects the world of magi.
Holy Church negatively affects the world of magi.
Aristocratic and Democratic factions form.
Modern Magecraft is formed as the 12th department.
1800 AD[22] All Worlds
Tunguska eventWP June 30, 1908 AD All Worlds
Events of Tsuki no Sango 3000 AD[27] Tsuki no Sango
Events of Angel Notes 88th Year of the New Calendar[28][29] Notes. It takes place in an unspecified future, with its own "new calendar"[29]

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Fate worlds[]

Out of all the TYPE-MOON worlds, Fate is the only one were Servants can be summoned. Kinoko Nasu says that the Tsukihime Worlds and Fate Worlds are mostly the same, but the details are different. Speaking about the basis, the only difference is whether or not "Crimson Moon" is active. As said by Makoto Sanda in a twitter post, Kara no Kyoukai takes place in the same world as The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II,[30] which takes place some years after both Case Files and Fate/stay night.[31]

Event Date Notes
Timeline Divergence:
Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg defeats Crimson Moon without getting bitten.
Crimson Moon remains inactive for the rest of eternity.

Death of Gransurg Blackmore.

300 AD Zelretch obtains Immortality through other means without becoming a Dead Apostle.
Zepia Eltnam Atlasia becomes director of Atlas
Still leads in present day
1400 AD[22]
MesoamericanWP gods such as Quetzalcoatl and Jaguar Man are in the open. 1400 AD[3][32]
Initial preparation of the Fuyuki Holy Grail War 1790s AD[33]
First Fuyuki Holy Grail War 1800s AD[33]
Edmond Dantès kills Michael Roa Valdamjong permanently.[34] October 1837 AD[34]
Second Fuyuki Holy Grail War 1860s AD[33]
Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War August 1939 AD[33] "Held during the 1930s, on the eve of World War IIWP."[33]
World of Fate/Apocrypha divergence:
Einzberns summon Ruler Amakusa Shirou Tokisada instead of Avenger Angra Mainyu.
(See more)
August 1939 AD[33][35][36] "Held during the 1930s, on the eve of World War IIWP."[33][35]
Birth of Kiritsugu Emiya November 11,[37] 1965 AD[38]
Birth of Kirei Kotomine December 28, 1967 AD[39]
Events of Fate/Zero Another Story: Heart of Freaks Possibly 1978 AD[40] Heinrich Zepter says: "Years after all of you look at this video, I am no longer in this world in 1978.” Suggesting the year of the story.
Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA☆ILLYA divergence:
The Fourth Holy Grail War doesn't take place due to Kiritsugu Emiya running away with Irisviel and Illyasviel von Einzbern
1994 AD
Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War (Fate/Zero) November[41] 1994 AD[22]
Events of Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files Grace note Episode 1 1995 AD It takes place six months after Zero.
Events of Kara no Kyoukai August 1995 AD~March 1999 AD[42]
Events of Murder Speculation (Part 1) August 1995 AD~March 1996 AD[42]
Events of The Hollow Shrine March 1996 AD~June 1998 AD[42]
Events of Remaining Sense of Pain July 1998 AD[42]
Events of Future Gospel – Möbius Ring August 1998 AD[42]
Events of Future Gospel Extra Chorus - Feline August 1998 AD[42]
Events of Overlooking the Scenery September 1998 AD[42]
Events of Future Gospel Extra Chorus - Daylight October 1998 AD[42]
Events of Paradox Spiral November 1998 AD[42]
Events of Future Gospel Extra Chorus - Say Grace December 1998 AD[42]
Events of Oblivion Recorder January 1999 AD[42]
Events of Murder Speculation (Part 2) February 1999 AD[42]
Events of Epilogue March 1999 AD[42]
Events of Garden of Oblivion July 1999 AD[43] Shizune Seo mentions that Fujino Asagami's accident that left her with poor sight happened one year ago.
Events of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files September 2003 AD~February 2004 AD Ten years after Fate/Zero
Slightly before Fate/stay night
Intersects with F/sn[44]
Events of Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files Grace note Episode 0 2003 AD Happens before the Adra Castle incident, in the novel, Gray mentions it to Luvia in the prologue of Volume 1.
Events of the Adra Castle September 2003 AD[45]
Events of the Iselma Towers October 2003 AD[46]
Events of Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files Grace Note Episodes 2-6 October~November 2003 AD Happen after the Iselma Towers case but before the Rail Zeppelin case.
Events of the Rail Zeppelin Late November 2003 AD[47]
Events of Lord El-Melloi II's Case Files: Rail Zeppelin Grace Note - Special Episode December 2003[48] It happens around and on Christmas.
Events of the Atlas Contract January 2004 AD[49]
Events of the Grand Resolution Late January~early February 2004 AD Ends on the day Saber is summoned.
Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War (Fate/stay night) February[50][51][52] 2004 AD[22][53]
Events of The Adventures of Lord El-Melloi II Summer 2007 AD The GranTokyoWP tower, opened in 2007, appears in volume 2 under construction but nearly finished[54]
True and False Holy Grail Wars (Fate/strange Fake) 2009 AD[55] Takes place about 15 years after the Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War[55]
Events of Future Gospel - Möbius Link August 8, 2010 AD[42] Happens 10 years after the events of Kara no Kyoukai. In the movie, the date shown is August 8, 2010.
Dismantlement of the Fuyuki Holy Grail 2014 AD[33] 10 years after the Fifth Holy Grail War[33]

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Apocrypha world[]

Event Date Notes
Timeline divergence:
During the Third Holy Grail War, the Einzberns summon Ruler Amakusa Shirou instead of Avenger Angra Mainyu
August 1939 AD[33][35][36] "Held during the 1930s, on the eve of World War IIWP."[33][35]
The German Third Reich steals the Greater Grail with the help of Darnic Prestone Yggdmillennia August 31, 1939 AD[35]
Great Holy Grail War Autumn[56] 2004 AD[35] The Fourth Holy Grail War would have taken place ten years before had the ritual stayed in Fuyuki[35]
Doubles Subcategory Holy Grail War 2014 AD[57] 10 years after the Great Holy Grail War, the year after FrozenWP released[57]

EXTRA worlds[]

The Fate/EX worlds are characterized for the existence of a supercomputer located in the Moon known as the Moon Cell. Allthough the Moon Cell has existed since the formation of the Moon, the World's Human History doesn't truly diverge until 1970 AD.[58]

Event Date Notes
Timeline divergence:
Creation of the Moon Cell
4.6 Billion BC[1]
Moon Cell is attacked by Sefar 12,000 BC[7] In this timeline Sefar first attacks the Moon, and then uses it to produce an avatar of herself in the outside world to attack Earth. There, the events happen just as they did the main timeline.
2nd Timeline divergence:
Mana begins to dry up due to a ritual in England
1970 AD[58][59][60]
Birth of Twice H. Pieceman April 30,[61] 1970 AD[62]
Discovery of the Moon Cell by mankind 1973 AD[63]
Death of Twice H. Pieceman 1999 AD[62]
Kiara Sessyoin's cult is reformed 2018 AD[64]
Kiara Sessyoin's cult ends
All members kill each other
2020 AD[64]
Moon Holy Grail War 2030 AD[58] The publication date of the 2032 December issue of Fate/the fact makes it the end of 2032 or early 2033 instead.
CCC Timeline divergence:
BB gains feelings for Hakuno Kishinami and takes partial control of the Moon Cell right before the beginning of the sixth round of the Holy Grail War.
CCC Incident takes place. (Fate/EXTRA CCC)
2030 AD
FoxTail Timeline divergence:
BB creates the Sakura Five. Kazuradrop steals 7/8 of her data resources.
CCC Incident takes place. (Fate/EXTRA CCC FoxTail)
2030 AD
Events of Fate/EXTELLA 2032 AD[7] Follows the story after the events of Fate/EXTELLA Zero.[65]
Events of Fate/EXTELLA LINK 2032 AD Direct sequel to EXTELLA.
Events of Fate/EXTRA Last Encore 3020 AD[66] Follows the story of a bad end after the fight with Saver.

Fate/Grand Order worlds[]

Event Date Notes
Babylonia Singularity 2655 BC
Septem Singularity 60 AD
Heian Distortion Somewhere in the Heian periodWP (794~1185 AD)
Heian-kyō Lostbelt 1008 AD 5th Year of Kankou (寛弘)
Camelot Singularity 1273 AD
Orleans Singularity 1431 AD
Okeanos Singularity 1573 AD
Sengoku Singularity 1584 AD
Shimosa Singularity 1639 AD
Edo Singularity Somewhere in the Tokugawa periodWP (1603~1867 AD) Lady Kasuga normally dies in 1643 AD.
Salem Singularity 1692 AD
North American Singularity 1783 AD
London Singularity 1888 AD
Tunguska Special Territory 1908 AD
Imperial Tokyo Singularity 1945 AD
Chaldea's LAPLACE is completed 1950 AD[67][68]
Chaldea's CHALDEAS is completed 1990 AD[67][68]
Chaldea's SHEBA is completed 1999 AD[67][68]
Shinjuku Singularity 1999 AD
Agartha Singularity 2000 AD
First Fuyuki Holy Grail War January 30, 2004 AD[67]
Fuyuki Singularity January 30, 2004 AD[67]
Chaldea's FATE is completed 2004 AD[67][68]
Chaldea's TRISMEGISTUS is completed 2015 AD[67][68]
Human Order Incineration Incident (Fate/Grand Order) 2015 AD~2016 AD[67][68]
Remnant Order (Fate/Grand Order: Epic of Remnant) 2017 AD[69]
Human Order Revision (Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt) 2018 AD~[70]
SE.RA.PH Singularity 2030 AD

Chinese Lostbelt[]

Event Date Notes
Qin Shi Huang gains immortality 210 BC
Qin Shi Huang finally obtains complete dominion over the World 13th Century[71]
Qin Shi Huang begins the construction of the Great Wall 18th Century[72]
Qin Shi Huang completes the construction of the Great Wall 20th-21st Century[72] It took Qin Shi Huang 300 years to complete the Great Wall

Atlantic Lostbelt[]

Event Date Notes
Atlantean pantheon merges to avoid destruction 12,000 BC[8]
Construction of Olympus 8000 BC[8] Adele and Macarios have been immortal for over 10000 years, ever since the day the Twelve Machine Gods built Olympus.
Gigantomachia 1500BC (Approx) Approximately 3500 years before modern day[6]
Olympiamachia ???[8] Said to have happened "a few thousand years ago"[8]

British Lostbelt[]

Within the context of the Lostbelt, BC is refered to as the Fairy Calendar and AD is refered to as the Queen Calendar.

Event Date Notes
Sefar succeeds destroying the World due to the Six fairies not forging Excalibur 12,000 BC[9]
The original 6 faeries that were supposed to forge the Holy Sword slacked off on their job to play.
Everything is turned into a sea of nothingness.
Troubled, the faeries decided to shift the blame onto Cernunnos for not motivating them to work, and they worked together to deceive the god and assassinate him.
And so they began living on his corpse.
[Now his body won't keep floating up!]
The Priestess of the Beast God was then used as a Tool (Model Case) to produce (craft) [Humans].
The Humans of this world proceed to be born, lacking with reproductive functions.
Cernunnos leaves behind his curse, and the Priestess leaves behind her prophecy.
The world is born from the sea of emptiness.
And in that sea of void a small, small island appears.
The beginning of the Lostbelt.
12,000 BC[73]
The First Calamity
Among the six faeries, the Sub-Bells of the Beginning, two of them perish.
Sub-Bells are not incarnated in a [Successor] when they die, unlike their Descendants.
However, there are rare occasions when a [Sub-Bell Return] happens: A fairy is born with the same level of power as their ancestor Sub-Bell.
And so every 1000 years, the Fairy Country will meet certain destruction.
As a result of [Soul Wounds], some faeries begin to perish without any Successors.
11000 BC[73]
[The Spring War]. The lands spread until its edges reached till the area of Manchester.
An encounter occurs with the Northern Fairy Clans, that had been relying on the forest born from the Last Dragon of Albion's corpse.
After the faeries that owned Humans living in South Britain won the battle, they massacred all the Northern faeries.
And the corpses of the innocent Northern faeries remark, [Next will be you guys].
*The lands of Britain reach the area of Scotland by the end of the war due to the dead faeries.
6000 BC[73]
Upon the land of [The Spring War], the Rain and Mirror Clans build their kingdoms. The Rain Clan establishes their city in Orkney. 5000 BC[73]
The [Fairy of Avalon] Morgan drifts to the shores of Orkney.
At the hands of other clans, Orkney and the Rain Clan that protected Morgan are obliterated. Proper Human History's Morgan le Fay arrives via Rayshift and provides information of her history.
Morgan begins to act as [Tonelico]. She repeats a cycle of suppressing the calamity and going back into hibernation.
At the same time, the Sage Grim answers to Tonelico's summoning.
The Legend of the Saviour, Tonelico.
A sole fairy saved Britain which was about to collapse from the war between Clans, and lost their life. The Saviour Tonelico.
4000 BC[73]
The [Summer War] where Queen Mab's [Northern Faeries] from Ireland engage in war with the [Southern Faeries]. After the conflict is mediated by the Saviour Tonelico, the current 6 Clan system is established.
Mab was able to corner the [Southern Faeries] but just before victory, her human lover betrays her, and Tonelico uses that advantage to defeat Mab.
2000 BC[73]
A Returned Sub-Bell is born among the Fang Clan - Wryneck the Brave, inheritor of organs of the waste heat of the planet. 1000 BC[74]
Tonelico fights and triumphs over Waste Heat Lord Wryneck. They become fast friends.
Henceforth, Wryneck does not accompany Tonelico on her adventures due to his position as the Chief of the Fang Clan, but does everything he can to help her from behind the scenes.
He rationalizes it as, "I can never accept the mission of the Fairy of Paradise, but I'm fond of Tonelico's strength." (To Ector, his feelings are as clear as day)
800 BC[74]
The fabled Arbitration, one day before the coronation at Londinium.
In attendance are Uther, Tonelico, Ector, Grimm, and the First Fairy Knight.
Wryneck can't stand Uther (for obvious reasons) and refuses to attend the coronation. Instead, he goes off to hunt Mors on the western coast.
"But... even if I send a delegate, it would be poor form if the Fang Lord didn't show up, wouldn't it..."
On the dawn of Coronation Day, Wryneck reluctantly makes up his mind to return to Londinium.
Everything is over by the time he arrives.
Politics prevent Wryneck from defending Tonelico as all of the fairies accuse her. Wryneck comes to agonize over his decision for the rest of his life into the Queen's Era.
"Maybe if I had been there, things would have been different... ...No. Nothing would have changed. Nothing at all. I, a fairy of Britain, could never have saved Tonelico."
400 BC[74]
The [Autumn War], when the [Round Table] led an uprising.
A human knight named Uther regulates over the Faerie clans, and is crowned as Britain's first King of the entire nation.
Via Morgan's [Water Mirror], Mashu was sent into this era.
There she encounters the Saviour Tonelico and her entourage.
Several months later, Uther is poisoned and dies during the Crowning Ceremony which incites an internal uprising, and the [Round Table] collapses.
Londinium, the base of the [Round Table] is obliterated.
Tonelico is "executed" and the Saviour never appears in Britain again.
400 BC[73]
Following a Great Calamity, Fairy Civilization is obliterated and 90% of the Faeries die. 1 BC[73]
Using the Fantasy Tree's mana, Morgan creates the new Fae Britain.
The start of the [Winter War] where Morgan invades from Orkney, subjugates all of Britain, and becomes Queen.
The beginning of the Queen's Calendar. Morgan lays out the current system as Queen.
*Queen's Calendar shares the same year system as Proper Human History (AD).
0 AD[73]
Tension between Northern Faeries and Camelot over the creation of Human Farms.
A secret agreement between Mab and Morgan.
[I will break off relations with you. I will maintain the Northern Faeries] and so Mab builds her city in the North.
Mab enters eternal sleep. The Queen's City - Edinburgh appears.
400 AD[73]
The [Fang] Clan commits a dedicated massacre of the [Wing] Clan. The [Wing] Clan perishes with only Muryan left. 800 AD[73]
The [Mors War Campaign]. One of the Great Calamities. The Mors "King" battles the Queen's Army. Wryneck, one of Morgan's vessels since the Fairy Calendar, perishes.
The successor, Woodwose, suppresses and defeats the Mors "King".
The "King" leaves a curse upon the [Fang Clan], [Next will be you guys].
1000 AD[73]
The Great Calamity, the Mors Campaign, begins.
Aged Wryneck takes to the battlefield, his resolve grim.
"Begone, King of the Mors. This is her nation, the land she suffered so much to build. I'll never let you take it from her."
So falls the greatest of the Fang Clan, clearing the way for the next generation.
1000 AD[74]
A strong fairy is born in the [Fang Clan].
The fairy-eating Barghest.
Aurora arrives at the city of the [Mirror Clan].
In the [Dark Swamp], Melusine is born again.
1600 AD[73]
The [Caterpillar War]. The gifting of the name: Fairy Knight Gawain.
Cornwall's Lord, Foul Weather, perishes.
1800 AD[73]
“The Caterpillar War”. Massive outbreak of caterpillar Mors. Morgan in a bit of a conundrum. (She hates bugs)
At the beginning of the war, she goes out onto the plains once, and then after slamming them with Lordless she simply says “I can’t. I’m going home” with a straight face, and then returns to Camelot.
Defeated by Foul Weather, Gawain. → Morgan annihilates Cornwall and appoints Barghest as Fairy Knight Gawain.
The position of “Fae Knight”, restored.
Through Gawain’s actions, the “Land-eating Calamity” is expelled.
Morgan appoints Gawain as the Lord of Manchester.
1800 AD[75]
The shocking manner-battle pertaining to the position of Head of the Fang Clan.
Woodwose proposes the manner-battle. A handicap against Boggart, born from Woodwose’s arrogance.
Boggart trains his manners like his life depends on it and accepts the match. Contrary to Woodwose’s expectation, Boggart puts up a great fight. In fact he’s in the advantage.
But Boggart messes up at the final after-dinner fork placement.
Woodwose, hard-fought victory.
Woodwose’s comment: “I suppose you’re nothing but a cliff lion. T’was a grasping technique befitting of thee, Muhahahaha!”
1889 AD[75]
In the Queen's City, Mab's successor is born.
The birth of Knocknarea.
The gifting of the name: Fairy Knight Lancelot.
The gifting of the name: Fairy Knight Tristan.
Darlington is destroyed by the Calamity of [Resurrection] and relocated to New Darlington. Tristan is appointed as the City Lord.
1900 AD[73]
Ainsel, Chief of the [Mirror] Clan, leaves behind a prophecy.
"The saviour who will deliver Britain has been born. The true king will appear to overthrow the false king."
2001 AD[73]
The Mirror Clan is obliterated. 2011 AD[73]
Beryl Gut arrives in the British Lostbelt as its assigned Crypter.
He summons Proper Human History's Morgan le Fay.
Morgan performs a Rayshift into the past to Fairy 4000 to pass information to the Lostbelt's Morgan (Tonelico), and perishes after that.
Chaldea arrives in the Fairy Country of Britain.
2017 AD[73]

Servant Universe[]

Event Date Notes
Origin Universe exists
Prolific worship of regions of space produces goddesses
Ashtart Origin is the goddess of Venus
Over 5 Billion years ago[76]
Origin Universe is overwritten in Universe Update
Ashtart Origin is last remaining goddess
5 Billion years ago[76]
Ashtart Origin is defeated Two thousand years ago[77]

Miyu's world[]

Event Date Notes
Timeline divergence:
Pandora doesn't open Pandora's Box
4000 BC[12]
Darius Ainsworth finds Pandora 1000 AD
First Holy Grail War ???
Second Holy Grail War ???
Third Holy Grail War ???
Fourth Holy Grail War 1999 AD The giant shadow at the end of the war was stated to have happened 5 years before the Fifth War.
Fifth Holy Grail War 2004 AD
Sixth Holy Grail War 2004 AD

Imperial Capital Holy Grail Strange Story[]

Event Date Notes
With Archer as the victor,[78] the Third Holy Grail War[79] abruptly ends with the disappearance of the Holy Grail and the Servants.[80] The conclusion also causes a localized earthquake in Tokyo.[81] Shōwa Era Year 18 (1943 AD)[80]
Tokyo erupts in a mysterious explosion, causing the death of about 200,000 citizens and changing the landscape into a gulf May 8, Shōwa Era Year 20 (1945 AD)[82] (Original Timeline)
Fourth Holy Grail War[83] (Fate/type Redline) August,[82] Shōwa Era Year 20 (1945 AD)[84]
Kanata Akagi accidentally travels back in time to 1945 AD. 2020

Prototype world[]

Event Date Notes
First Tokyo Holy Grail War (Fate/Prototype: Fragments of Sky Silver) February 1991 AD[85]
Second Tokyo Holy Grail War (Fate/Prototype) February 1999 AD

Requiem world[]

Event Date Notes
Chitose and Lancer win the Holy Grail War, ending World War III. 2011 AD The war ended 14 years prior to the start of the story.
Events of Fate/Requiem 2025 AD[86] It is 56 years after Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.[86]

Tsukihime worlds[]

Kinoko Nasu says that the Tsukihime Worlds and Fate Worlds are mostly the same, but the details are different. Speaking about the basis, the only difference is whether or not "Crimson Moon" is active.

Event Date Notes
Timeline Divergence:
Crimson Moon bites Kischur Zelretch Schweinorg, turning him into a Dead Apostle.

Crimson Moon remains active.

Formation of The Twenty-seven Dead Apostle Ancestors.
Gransurg Blackmore continues living.

300 AD[24] Within Fate Worlds, Zelretch doesn't become a Dead Apostle and finds immortality through other means; the rank of Ancestor and the organization don't exist; and Gransurg gives into despair at the death of his master and is killed by a pair of Executors.

World of Tsukihime[]

Event Date Notes
Birth of Arcueid Brunestud 1100s AD[87]
Birth of Ciel May 3, 1976 AD[88]
Emergence of Roa within Ciel 1992 AD 16 years after Ciel's birth[88]
Events of Tsukihime October 1999 AD[89]
Events of Kagetsu Tohya 2000 AD Takes place one year after the events of Tsukihime and before the events of Melty Blood.
Events of Melty Blood August 2000 AD[90] Takes place one year after the events of Tsukihime following a non-existent Satsuki Yumizuka route.
Events of Melty Blood Actress Again August 2001 AD Takes place one year after the true ending of Melty Blood.[91][92]

World of Tsukihime Remake[]

Event Date Notes
Fabro Rowan joins the Wandering Sea Around 1000 AD[93]
Birth of Arcueid Brunestud Around the year 1200 AD[94]
Birth of Michael Roa Valdamjong.

Founding of the Burial Agency.

Late 15th Century[95] Roa founded the Burial Agency alongside Narbareck when he was still human and a member of the Holy Church.
Lugh Beowulf is found by a werewolf village 18th Century[96]
Birth of Ciel May 3, 1989 AD[97]
Events of Mahoutsukai no Yoru November[98]~December[99] 1989 AD[100] Mahoutsukai no Yoru takes place in the same world as Tsukihime,[101] however it cannot be in the same as the original continuity due to the Kuonji mansion being in the same place as the Tohno mansion.[102]
Events of An Adventure Of First Love: Mahoutsukai no Yoru March 1990 AD[103] The second sentence of the first chapter says: "It was the first March since Soujuurou had come down to the city." and later other chapters saying it's right before the second-year final exams.[104]
Events of Mahoutsukai no Yoru Extra Side Story: Potete dormire, ma nessun rida Fall 1990 AD Happens in the fall after Aoko and the others become third-year students.
French Incident December 24, 2001 AD[105] Happens the night before Christmas and Noel's birthday.
Nanaya clan massacre 2004 AD Shiki got adopted by Makihisa after the event, which according to the latter's diary in one bad end, he adopted Shiki 9 years before the game, however it also mentions that it happened in 2004.
Inversion Incident 2006 AD Shiki's accident that left him scarred was mentioned to have happened 8 years before the events of the game.
Events of Tsukihime Remake series 2010s AD Unlike the original series, the remake series happens in the 2010s.
Events of Melty Blood: Type Lumina 2014 AD Takes place 10 days before the remake as an "earlier possibility."
Events of Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- 2014 AD[105][106] As noted by Nasu himself, it can be calculated using details in the game. Notably the "French Incident" taking place 13 years prior to the story, in 2001.
Events of Tsukihime -The other side of red garden- 2014 AD[106]
Events of Clock Tower 2015 2015 AD Clock Tower 2015 takes place in the same world as Mahoutsukai no Yoru and Tsukihime, separate from the world of Fate/Grand Order.[101]


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    Strength: ★, Endurance: ★, Agility: ★, Magic: ★, Luck: ★
    Golden Grail: EX, Self-Modification: EX, Potnia Theron: EX


    01 - Cursed Cutting Crater (C. C. C.)
    An attack on the world by BB in control of the Moon Cell.
    Also called the spiritron imaginary pit.

    A World Purge through event rewriting that makes maximum use of the EX skill "Conception of All Animals"(Potnia Theron) BB has acquired.

    The goddess who is the mother of earth mother goddesses that created earth is, in other words, the 'root' that created all creation. This anti-world Noble Phantasm outputs that information through an ultra-precise 3D printer and crushes the present world with the world the user desires.

    The space eroded by BB becomes imaginary space and a curse that consumes reality. "CCC", as the name suggests, is a cursed pit that bores out reality.

    In addition to scattering all objects inside on an atomic level and reconstructing them, it is capable of overwriting and reprinting information in fields such as luck and coincidence. While theoretical, it is also thought possible to distort the time axis by interfering with gravitational fields and rewrite the law of cause and effect.

    When used in combat, BB's familiars, the shapeshifters, engulf the target and, after turning into a sphere, are wiped out of existence along with the target and the whole dimension.

    Normally, a structure in which sense of values can be shared cannot be created in the Far Side of the Moon, which is an imaginary space. What established BB's internal world as the Sakura Labyrinth was the power of this Noble Phantasm.

    02 - Advanced Level AI
    Artificial intelligences configured according to their programs.
    In this age, they are treated as things that "function as programs", but "do not exist as actual beings". In other words, things that "are" right in front of your eyes but "are not". They are merely mechanisms for smooth progression of human lives.

    The same applies in the SE.RA.PH. They are virtual lifeforms that are created along with the commencement of the Holy Grail War and disposed along with its conclusion.

    Humanoid virtual lifeforms at the SE.RA.PH include NPCs that perform single objectives, AIs who have been granted capabilities for self-judgement, and advanced level AIs who have been entrusted with capabilities for self-judgement and management of sections.

    Advanced level AIs are beings made to efficiently promote the Moon Cell's primary objective of "human observation". As perfect reproductions of humans, they have been programmed with even souls, but the souls only "exist" and their contents are colorless.

    Virtual lifeforms made in the SE.RA.PH are reset with each round of the Holy Grail War. NPCs and AIs return to zero, but advanced level AIs retain just their personas while their records are reset—as if they never existed.

    When the Holy Grail War is over, the only one left alive is the Master standing at the top. This applies not only to the Masters but also to the virtual lifeforms made in the SE.RA.PH.

    It appears that BB, like Sakura, is an advanced level AI entrusted with management of Masters' health. However, as she is rampaging for reasons unknown, the methods of "managing the Masters" have become extreme.

    03 - Khakkhara of Domination
    The teacher's pointer that BB carries.
    A device that lets her make full use of her authority as an advanced level AI. Although limited to the Far Side of the Moon, this allows BB to modify the spiritron laws(game rules) within the SE.RA.PH.

    "Ten Crowns of Domination" worn by the Beast of Babylon converted into a teacher's pointer.
    This is the male principle corresponding to the female principle of the seven-headed beast, and its true nature is a phallus (erect rod).

    The symbol of the king of the world who was granted throne and authority by a great dragon and received the right to, for 42 months, spit out as many insolent words as desired and desecrate all things.

    The beast's heads were the seven hills of the Roman Empire... Capitolium, Palatium, Aventinus, Esquilinus, Caelius, Quirinalis, Viminalis. In other words, they meant the Roman Empire itself, and the ten horns symbolized the emperors... Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, Nero, Vespasianus, Titus, Galba, Otho, Vitellius.

    01 - C. C. C.(カースド・カッティング・クレーター)








    02 - 上級AI







    しかし原因不明の暴走により、『マスターを管理する』 方法が極端なものになってしまったようだ。

    03 - 支配の錫杖




    アウグストゥス、ティベリウス、カリグラ、クラウディウス、ネロ、ウェスパシアヌス、ティトゥス、ガルバ、 オト、ウィテリウス……を象徴している。


    01 - Golden Grail [EX]
    The golden grail that BB owns. Also called the Holy Grail.
    A negative grail that grants its owner's impudent and selfish wishes.

    The grail held by the great whore of Babylon who appears in the Revelation to John. Though it is a fake Holy Grail, it is for that reason that it has become a "genuine" Holy Grail that grants the desires of humans regardless of right or wrong.

    To the Christians who considered honorable poverty a virtue at that time, a grail molded from a symbol of wealth like gold no doubt had connotations of corrupt wealth, avarice, and vanity of trying to adorn oneself.

    As the grail held by the great whore of Babylon who personifies the Roman Empire, this grail clearly symbolizes treasures on earth, which is the inverse of the Christ's words "Do not store up treasures on earth."

    "I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was full of blasphemous names, and it had seven heads and ten horns."

    According to the Book of Revelation, this is the description of the beast of destruction that appeared in the Holy City and the woman straddling that beast. A huge beast with sevens heads like a hydra appeared from the sea and landed at the Holy City. This beast and the woman, while two, are as one, and it is impossible to think of them separately.

    As the woman was said to give birth to all evil, those who were imprudent or greedy could not resist her allure and became corrupted by that grail.

    On a side note, the red Saber who calls herself the emperor was regarded the same as this beast and viewed as an enemy by the believers after her death.

    02 - Self-Modification [EX]
    A skill that allows restructuring of oneself.
    AIs made by the Moon Cell were given an absolute command: "You must not improve own function."

    However, BB, who escaped from that yoke due to her breakdown, began to expand her own functions. To boost her calculation power, she preyed upon/disassembled NPCs, AIs, and finally, Servants with black noise, then used as her own memory.

    Though they are like appendix building additions that do not heed self-collapse, as the result, BB has changed into a hyper level AI with enormous capacity.

    That condition resembles a city on reclaimed land that continues to build while submerging or Frankenstein's monster.

    03 - Potnia Theron [EX]
    Conception of All Animals(Potnia Theron).
    The authority of the goddesses that BB compiled and absorbed from the abyss of the mooncell.

    It embodies the power of all creation possessed by the mother goddesses—originating from a forgotten goddess approximately 8000 years ago (the goddess of Çatalhöyük) and branching to Tiamat and Cybele, Ishtar, Inanna, Anat, Astarte, Gaia, Hera, Artemis, Aphrodite, Demeter, Athena, etc.

    Many are depicted with mural crowns. This is because many of these goddesses were also guardian deities of cities.

    The symbols of this authority include holes opening the earth and the sky (caves and the moon), whirling tides and waterspouts of the sea, calderas of the volcanoes, etc., and from these, evils that bring all manners of death are birthed. However, after these evils have spread death, they promise certain good harvest and fertility. This authority is none other than the power of bringing death as well as giving life.

    The earth mother is worshipped by the people and protects them as a guardian deity, but at the same time, she is the very sacrifice that nurtures them with crops born from her body and beasts of the fields and the forests.

    The earth mother nurtures men with her flesh and blood, kills men as time passes to restores herself with her own nourishment, and once again nurtures men with her restored flesh and blood.

    This process is the cycle of the food chain, and this cycle of life and death can be said to be the true nature of the earth mother. With this authority, most of the goddesses gave birth to countless monsters and giants, posing threats to gods and men, or they gave birth to heroes, thus protecting people.

    As representative examples, Tiamat and Gaia became threats, while Hera is a mother of heroes.

    Those born on this earth cannot defy the authority of the mother goddess, as that would mean rebelling against the very system of life. However, when they leave this earth, head to space, and end the childhoood as intelligent lifeforms, they will have broken this authority.

    The wish of Çatalhöyük is the coming of that day.

    01 - 黄金の杯:[EX]









    02 - 自己改造:[EX]



    03 - 百獣母胎:[EX]

    約8000年前のすでに名の失われた女神(チャタル・ヒュユクの女神)より発し、 ティアマットやキュベレー、イシュタル、イナンナ、アナテ、アスタルテ、ガイア、ヘラ、アルテミス、アフロディーテ、デメテル、アテナなどに派生した、母なる女神の持つ万物を生み出す力の具現である。












    01 - Spiritron Imaginary Pit
    Spiritron Imaginary Pit(Cursed Cutting Crater).

    The official name of this stage.
    Formerly just an imaginary number space for storing malignant information, "this place" was established as a real number space in the present, past, and future by the fact that BB had reached the Moon Cell core. It was reconstructed by her hands into the “far side of the moon” where even Masters can exist.

    With the power of the primordial goddess at hand, BB succeeded in quantifying the "nothingness" before the birth of life. She transformed into the master of the imaginary number space where both time and space and ambiguous.

    Although the Moon Cell cannot be hacked no matter how much time is taken, BB took over it by placing herself in "unlimited time".

    02 - The remnants of peaceful days
    During the preliminaries, when Kiara liberated her free will, she was unable to control that status condition and went into overload.

    Since NPCs can only do routine work, they ignored self-destructing Sakura as something "non-existent", and since the Moon Cell's check only takes place at the end of the day in the preliminaries, Sakura was at risk of termination.

    Witnessing this condition, [Kishinami Hakuno] called out to her, "Are you okay."

    The observation that she "is here" by another let Sakura recover the unconscious on the verge of termination, and due to the nursing afterwards, she gained an ego that clearly "wanted to be here". Her self-termination was averted.

    What happened afterwards no longer need to be said.
    When the next day comes, everything will be erased by the Moon Cell. Wanting to continue this one day miracle, Sakura used her advanced AI privilege to repeat "the day she came to know [Kishinami Hakuno]" for 69 days.

    However, as days passed, Sakura became distressed by her self-contradiction as an AI and the facts surrounding [Kishinami Hakuno].

    "Masters participating in the Holy Grail War will all die except one. No, to begin with, [Kishinami Hakuno] is..."

    Sakura continued to be distressed by her selfish desire to continue the loop for eternity and her feelings for [Kishinami Hakuno]. In conclusion, she chose to seal the 69 days worth of memory... the "love" she acquired, so she could return to being a normal AI. AIs cannot delete records. Because of that, she moved the memory to a backup frame to reset herself.

    She believed that to be the most correct choice for [Kishinami Hakuno].

    But even if recollections of the mind are lost, memories recorded by the body live on. Though she should have forgotten everything and returned to being a normal AI, she was shaken by unidentified emotional values every time she talked with [Kishinami Hakuno].

    Meanwhile, the backup to whom the memories were transplanted couldn't tolerate herself like that, and she decided to act as BB the rebel who destroys the Moon Cell's system for a certain objective then made her move.

    The timing when she seized the Far Side of the Moon was "the Holy Grail War: the end of fifth round ~ before the start of the sixth round". The four who were not eliminated yet—[Kishinami Hakuno], Leo, Rin, and Rani—and the irregular, Jinako, were kidnapped to the Far Side in the middle of the Holy Grail War while they were still alive.

    Masters Matou Shinji, Gatou, and Julius were moved to the imaginary space "0.00001 seconds before" the moment the firewall terminated them after their defeat from the Holy Grail War, prolonging their instants of life.

    In either case, C. C. C. is a dream by BB. If the dreamer disappears, the world ought to return to the reality where nothing happened.

    On a yet another side note, everyday scenery of the prologue that [Kishinami Hakuno] saw in the nightmare was an artificial paradise modeled on the discarded 69 days.

    After pulling [Kishinami Hakuno] to the Far Side, BB placed the digital body in the old school building, put it in a deep sleep, and locked them in an unwaking dream.

    Normally, they would have lived peacefully in the looping everyday life, but the strong bond with their Servant or [Kishinami]'s will rejecting the peaceful everyday caused cracks in the artificial paradise, and [Kishinami Hakuno] came to notice the abnormality.

    To put [Kishinami Hakuno] in a deep sleep once more, BB reset the school building and tried to remake the dream, but [Kishinami Hakuno] escaped the reset as well and leaped into an even deeper part of the imaginary space.

    It was a bottom deeper than the bottom of Id. "Death of the collective unconscious" beneath the unconscious. What saved [Kishinami Hakuno] who leaped into a region even BB cannot reach was the voice of the Servant whose fate was shared with theirs.

    Thus, the contract was sealed, and [Kishinami Hakuno] woke up in the old school building left in the Far Side.

    01 - 霊子虚構陥穽
    霊子 虚構 陥穽(カースド・カッティング・クレーター)





    02 - 日々の名残













    彼女が月の裏側を掌握したタイミングは、現実時間で“聖杯戦争 五回戦終了~六回戦開始前”。









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    A life form that had a pair of wings, and compared to the other Aristoteles's, it was close to this planet's species
    According to the records, it was shot down in the mission by the Knights in the 83rd year of the new calendar, and it fell somewhere on the continent. Originally, it was a life form that lands on the earth of a planet, rooting itself, and spreading its spore as it eats away the planet.
    It can also be described a gigantic carnivorous plant.
    ...It was put to an eternal sleep by the Black Barrel.

    天の亡骸 [type:venus]

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    1800s - The First Holy Grail War
    The first Holy Grail War. The rules were not laid out properly, and the Masters' sense of being “participants” was weak. Because there were no Command Spells as in the present, the Servants did not comply with orders, and so the rest of the ritual failed. The Descent of the Holy Grail was at Ryūdō temple.

    1860s - The Second Holy Grail War
    In light of the failure of the First, the ritual was held only after detailed rules were developed. The so-called "Command Spell System” was perfected/completed, so that it became possible for the Master to enslave the Servant, though the War was a failure. The Descent of the Holy Grail was at the Tōsaka Residence.

    1930s - The Third Holy Grail War
    Held on the eve of WWII. There were battles over the Lesser Grail with the Imperial Army and the Nazis as well, and the fighting unfolded in the Imperial Capital, but the Lesser Grail was destroyed and the ritual failed. The evocation site of the Grail was at Fuyuki Church. Angra Mainyu was taken in and the Greater Grail was contaminated.

    1990s - The Fourth Holy Grail War

    2000s - The Fifth Holy Grail War
    Events told in "Fate / stay night", the latest and final battle.

    2010s - The taking apart of the Holy Grail War.
    Ten years after the Fifth War. Lord Emelloi II (real name, Waver Velvet. One of the Masters of the Fourth War) arrived in Fuyuki and together with the head of the Tohsaka line, set out to completely take apart the Great Grail. The Association was planning on bring back the Greater Grail, so the two sides were completely opposed. After the end of the great turmoil of the same magnitude as the Grail War, the Greater Grail was completely dismantled. The Grail Wars of Fuyuki came to a complete conclusion here.

    1790年頃 - 聖杯戦争の準備

    1800年頃 - 第一次聖杯戦争
    最初の聖杯戦争. ルールはロクに規定されておらず, マスターたちの"参加者"としての意識は希薄, 現在のような令呪がないためサーヴァントは命令に従わないなど儀式の休をなさず矢敗した. 聖杯降臨地は柳洞寺

    1860年頃 - 第ニ次聖杯戦争
    第一次の失敗を踏まえ, 細部のルールを整備して執り行われた回. "令呪というシスタム"が完成し, マスターがサーヴァントを思い通りに使役することが可能になったが, 儀式は朱敗に終わる.聖杯降臨地は遠坂邸

    1930年頃 - 第三次聖杯戦争
    第二次世界大戦前夜に執り行われた回。 小聖杯を巡り帝国陸軍やナチスを交え、帝都を舞台に戦いが繰り広げられたが、小聖杯が破壊され 失敗。聖杯降臨地は冬木協会。 アンリマユを取り込み、大聖杯が汚染された。

    1990年頃 - 第四次聖杯戦争

    2000年頃 - 第五次聖杯戦争
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    Things he hates: Familial affections
    Worst enemy: Saber

    Takeuchi's comment
    Kiritsugu as a child. He looks like the protagonist of a shonen manga. [Takeuchi]

    Comment for Kiritsugu
    Takeuchi:Tentatively, the protagonist of Fate/Zero... but even so, in terms of artwork, his presence was small. The two times he appeared on the cover, one shot only showed him from the back, the other had him in silhouette.
    Urobuchi: Because he abstains from the flashiness of the Heroic Spirits. Rather, the best solution was to make him so unnoticeable. After all, a character who spreads justice should speak with their backs!
    Takeuchi:Despite being so shady, his first person pronoun is "boku", so it makes him sound rather moe.
    Urobuchi: That's the charm of Nasu's initial design. Urobuchi could not come up with that sort of self-address.

    Comment for Kiritsugu

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    Freelance magus.
    He passed away at the age of 34.
    For better or for worse, he was the one decided Shirou's way of life.
    Kiritsugu was Shirou's foster father.
    The Master of Saber during the previous Holy Grail War, and he emerged victorious at the end.
    He favoured guns, and practiced a special magecraft called Innate Time Control.
    His aptitude as a Master was unremarkable, but he was an adept when it came to "slaying the opposing magi".
    In a way, he was the hitman of the Mages' Association. Because of this reputation, he earned the contract and favour of the Einzberns.
    During the Holy Grail War, he deceived an opposing Master, held his lover as hostage, and detonated a building. He was a villain not unlike the young Kotomine. ... Really, Kotomine was also quite young at that time.
    Maybe it was the fate of gentle man, Kiritsugu naturally had wife and lover.
    When not working as a magus, he was extremely chivalrous. He told little Shirou that "boys who make a girl cry will end in ruins".
    ...Hmm? Was this guy really a feminist?
    After the Holy Grail War, he passed away from the corruption of "All the World's Evil" due to Kotomine.

    聖杯戦争時は敵マスターを骗すわ恋人を人質にするわ建物ごと爆破するわ、そりやもう言峰が若々しく思 えるほどの悪役っプリすたったらしい。……いやまあ、 実際その頃の言峰さんは若いのですが。
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    “The minds of people became used to being managed and regulated, and civilization stagnated. There are no great tragedies, however there are also no new discoveries. Everyone is pessimistic in this flavorless world where you can only await death. This is our “reality”.”

    Fate/EXTRA is set on Earth in 2030.
    The world of EXTRA differs from that of Fate/Stay Night in that it has a different time line and events starting from 1970. History took a different path.
    Mana, the energy required to carry out large scale magic, has dried up, and real magic has been lost from Earth.
    The magicians of old have disappeared from center stage, and the era of magic has drawn to a complete close.
    From then on those who called themselves “Magus” came to represent Spiritron Hackers, a new generation of mankind.


    Fate/stay nightとは違う、1970年代から異なる歴史を歩んだイフである。

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    Q: What is the reason of the Mana depletion in the world of Extra?

    Q: What is the reason of the Mana depletion in the world of Extra?

    A: Gonna leak you some info. It is the "what if scenario" caused by a "certain ritual" that occurred in the 1970's. This ritual is not expected to happen until the year 20XX.



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    Mana Depletion [Circumstances]
    Overcount 1999. In 1970, a ritual performed in a certain local city in England in 1970 set off the depletion of the Earth's magic energy filling its atmosphere.
    It caused a pole shift, a crustal movement of global magnitude later to be called the Great Collapse.
    Having survived through two periods of decline – the end of the Age of Gods and the beginning of the AD calendar – magecraft finally became a fairy tale of the past.
    In the EXTRA world, all that remains of the old world magi are the Atlasian alchemists of Egypt.


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    Twice H. Pieceman

    • Height: 175cm
    • Weight: 58kg
    • Blood type: A
    • Birthday: 30th April
    • Image colour: Grey
    • Talents: Fieldwork
    • Likes: Study, Growth
    • Dislike: Self-destruction, Stagnation
    • Enemy: El Draque, Main Protagonist


    • 身長:175cm
    • 体重:58kg
    • 血液型:A型
    • 誕生日:4月30日
    • イメージカラー:灰色
    • 特技:フィールドワーク
    • 好きな物:研究、成長
    • 嫌いな物:自滅、停滞
    • 天敵:エルドラゴ、主人公

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    Pieceman is a medical researcher and scientist who lived from 1970 to 1999.
    He specialized in the use of cybernetics to improve prosthetics, while also doing significant work in brain surgery, electronic engineering, and even development of the network.
    He is an individual who played a big role in laying the foundation for the infrastructure that is used in the present (2030). He is a great man whose many meritorious achievements include analyzing the amnesia syndrome disease, and providing medical assistance in war zones among others.
    He was born in the 70s, in the midst of a so-called proxy war taking place in Southeast Asia, as the mixed-race son of a local and an American soldier.
    Born in the fires of war, which would claim the lives of both his parents by its end (that being said his father died early on in the war after being sent to the front lines). He lived as a war orphan, but was eventually adopted for his potential as a Wizard. The name Pieceman belongs to his adoptive father.
    (It’s reasonable to assume that he is not aware of this. Twice was adopted when he was around the age of five, and it is assumed that he no longer has memories of that time. His adoptive family went as far as altering their family registry, and even up to his death he never found out that he was a war orphan.)
    After graduating from University, he was offered a promising future working at the think tank of a famous conglomerate, but he declined this to follow the ideals he strongly believed in, and so he left the safety of home. After that, disregarding the opposition from the people around him, he headed to strife-filled, war-torn areas, “To experience war firsthand.” and became widely known for his work as an engineer.
    In 1999 he traveled to an experimental future city in the Far East to help as a volunteer in the aftermath of a disaster. He helped save many people, but then died in a terrorist attack.


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    Moon Cell's Discovery [Incident]
    Moon Cell was discovered in 1973.
    After the magus of the old world were cut off from their mana, a wizard employed by the United Nations managed to infiltrate Moon Cell, and Moon Cell’s existence was revealed to all.
    The following are the words from a hacker who returned alive from Moon Cell’s first layer.

    “That thing on the Moon is a computational device that could never be produced by present-day mankind.
    There is no physical way to infiltrate it. Even if you were to fly up to the Moon on a rocket, it would be impossible to access the device.
    The thing on the Moon is simply too different from us humans, a civilization that relies on physical matters. It is something impossible to analyze or understand using existing human technology and language system.
    However, through a spirit-like information body, even if the format of information is different, understanding its “meaning” is still possible.”

    After that, this astounding supercomputer came to be considered as the product of an otherworldly civilization, and the West Europe Plutocracy started to monitor it.




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    Shingon Tachikawa School [Concept]
    Shingo Tachikawa is a branch of Shingon Vajrayana (Shingon secret tantra teachings) that is based on “Rishu-kyo” and its teachings revere dakini-deity.
    In the Kamakura era, a high monk of Shigon Buddhism, Ninkan, failed in an attempted assassination of Emperor Toba (Eikyuu Era [Eternal Era]) and was exiled to Izu as punishment. It is said that there, in the province of Musashi, Ninkan gave birth to the fundamental systems of Shingon Tachikawa in cooperation with the Onmyouji (spiritual medium) Kenren (from Tachikawa).
    After that, the Tachikawa Sect spread and prospered to the point where it came to be the largest faction within Shingon Buddhism.
    Furthermore, with the decline of the Kamakura Shogunate in sight, the Tachikawa Sect schemed to have the Imperial Family change its loyalties to prioritize Tachikawa over other sects. Emperor Godaigo, who mastered the secrets of Tachikawa, starting from Yoshino, spread it across the lands of the Southern Dynasty. After that, the Tachikawa Sect teachings were almost always present with the Southern Dynasty.
    So with the decline of the Southern Dynasty, the Tachikawa Sect also fell into ruin.
    …The suppression of the Tachikawa Sect didn’t occur because it was heretic or there was some problem with it’s teachings, it was due to its connection with the Southern Dynasty. Mount. Koya (the birth place of Koya-san Shingon Buddhism) lies within the territory of the Northern Dynasty, and almost all the authority figures in Koya held contempt for the Tachikawa Sect, and has all the Tachikawa scriptures destroyed.


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    Chaldean Timeline
    1950 A.D.
    Success of the Cyber-Daemon “LAPLACE”
    Chaldea, start of establishment in XX

    1990 A.D.
    Completion of the Global Environment Model “CHALDEAS” (Prototype No.1)
    (Transported from XXXXXXX)
    Due to a lack of funds and materials, the activation of CHALDEAS is abandoned

    1999 A.D.
    Completion of the Near-Future Observation Lens “SHEBA”

    2000 A.D.
    Development of Heroic Spirit fusion unit at Chaldea
    Birth of Mash

    2004 A.D.
    Marisbury, success in the summon of a Heroic Spirit at a certain place
    Victory in the Holy Grail War
    Beginning of the CHALDEAS test operation
    Drafting of the Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning System “FATE”

    2005 A.D.
    Romani Archaman, new appointment at Chaldea

    2010 A.D.
    Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning No.2, success in spite of the refusal to manifest Spirit Origin
    Roman becomes Mash’s primary physician.
    Establishment of the Guardian Heroic Spirit Summoning System “FATE”

    2012 A.D.
    Animusphere Director, death
    Guardian Heroic Spirit No. 3, summoned. However, it refuses to contract with a Master and remained as a Rogue Servant

    2013 A.D.
    Olga Marie, new appointment

    2014 A.D.
    Mash, 14 years old
    Debuts working as a staff

    2016 A.D.
    The lights of civilization disappear from CHALDEAS
    Start of the main story


    地球環境モデル カルデアス 完成

    近未来観測レンズ シバ完成。

    カルデア 英霊融合素体を開発

    カルデアス テスト稼働開始
    守護英霊召喚システム フェイト 立案


    守護英霊召喚システム フェイト 成立





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    • Gender: Female
    • Age: 17 (self-proclaimed)
    • Blood type: Unknown
    • Height: 167cm
    • Weight: 52kg
    • Birthday: December 25th (self-proclaimed)
    • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • Likes: Movies, novels, going out, at home dates, Shiki’s verbal abuse, kitties
    • Dislikes: Snakes, boredom, pollution, Shiki’s verbal abuse
    • Natural enemy: Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Retrograde Canal

    Comment from the illustrator: True Ancestor, a vampire born as one. One of the main heroines in A Piece of Blue Glass Moon, and the poster girl for Tsukihime as a whole. A character designed after idea of an un-vampire-like vampire. Not the best person to have as an ally and the absolute worst to have as an enemy. Her long skirt form at the second half of Ciel’s route was meant as little surprise. It goes to show how much I can’t let go of my habits.

    Explanation: A True Ancestor who, around the year 1200, spawned naturally, as True Ancestors always do. It was soon discovered that her specs were a far above the True Ancestor standard. It was decided impromptu that she was to be educated for anti-corrupted True Ancestor purposes. She woke up only to kill corrupted True Ancestors, and went to sleep after defeating her target. Somewhere along this cycle, she was tricked by the mage Roa into drinking human blood, causing her to go haywire. After killing all the True Ancestors who raised her, she regained her sanity and locked herself in the Millenium Castle. After that, she formed a new cycle where every time Roa reincarnated, she would visit the world outside the castle, punish him, and return to sleep. This princess is a killer machine who never experienced anything other than fighting and doesn't care for "useless" matters. Or rather, was.

    The main heroine of the story. She has the appearance of a woman around 16-17. Her real age is about 800-900. That said, the total time she's been active is less than an year. She's a genuine bloodsucker who came to Souya town in pursuit of the vampire Roa. An invigorating heroine with looks and a personality unbecoming of a vampire, who gets killed by the protagonist in her introduction scene. She gets interested in Shiki's murder skills and asks him for his help. She's Chaotic Good. Introverted (extroverted when it comes to Shiki), cheerful, and active. Since her appearance is stuck in an late teens form, her mental age is also not matured. Not caring about details is in her personality. She got happy-go-lucky ever since Shiki killed her, but she still has her vast knowledge and dry humor (her logical nature as a True Ancestor), resulting in an unbalanced personality, carefree yet intellectual.

    After being broken as a True Ancestor beyond repair, she grew greatly interested in Shiki, and this interest eventually developed into affection, which was taken to extreme level of loving Shiki's life, so she wants to protect not only Shiki himself, but also everything Shiki approves. Except when she is rampaging or awakened. In Ciel's route, the awakened Arc's directive was to first obtain Shiki, and only then respect his life. And to obtain Shiki, she chose the frightening method of eliminating all obstacles.


    • 性別:女性
    • 年齢:17歳(自称)
    • 血液型:不明
    • 身長:167cm
    • 体重:52kg
    • 生日: 12月25日(自称)
    • 属性:善性・中立
    • 好きな物: 映画、小説、おでかけ、お部屋デート、志貴の暴言、子猫
    • 嫌いな物: 蛇、退屈、環境汚染、志貴の暴言
    • 天敵: 直死の魔眼、逆行運河

    「真祖」と呼ばれる生まれながらの吸血種。本作『-A piece of blue glass moon-』で描かれるメインヒロインであり、月姫という物語全体の顔役となるキャラクター。

    西暦1200年頃、他の真祖たち同様に自然発生した真相だったが、そのスペックが他の真祖たちより遥かに優れたものである事が判明。 気頃、 対「堕ちた真祖」用としての教育を施される事となった。
    自分を育てていた直祖たちを殺め尽くしたのち、正気を取り戻した彼 女は自らを「千年城」に封じ込める。
    その後はロアが転生するたびに千年城から外界に赴き、処罰しては成 に戻って眠るという事を繰り返していた。
    戦闘しか経験した事がなく“無駄”という事柄を知らないキラーマシー ンみたいなお姫さま――だった。

    本編のメインヒロイン。女性、外見年齢は16〜17才前後。実年齢は 800〜900年ほど。といっても、実際に活動していた時間は1年に満た ない。吸血鬼ロアを追って総耶の街にやってきた純正の吸血種。吸血鬼 にあるまじき外見・性格をしており、登場するなり主人公に殺されるさ わやか系ヒロイン。志貴の殺人スキルに興味を持ち、協力を求めてくる。
    中立・善。内向的(志貴に関わる事なら外向的)、陽気、能動的。外見 午前の十代後半で止まっている為、精神年齢も成長していない。細かい のスにしない、さっぱりした性格。志貴に殺されてからは人のヌボ く」な性格になるが、本人の豊富な知識とドライさ(真祖としての合理性) もあり、お気楽なのに理知的というアンバランスな性格になっ ている。


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    • Birthday: January 1
    • Height: 134 cm
    • Weight: 35 kg
    • Likes: The person who gave him his first defeat
    • Dislikes: Annoying things
    • Day of Decisive Battle: None in particular
    • Magecraft System: None in particular
    • Regression to the Age of Gods/Quality: A
    • Regression to the Age of Gods/Quantity: C
    • Regression to the Age of Gods/Composition: Phylogenetic Tree up to the 18th century

    Nasu's comment: A still living, genuine phantasmal species. His origin itself was long long ago, but it wasn't until the 18th century that he fell as a droplet on the werewolf village. A two thousand year class vintage monster. He is the natural enemy of the magi of the Common Era. In a contest of pure magical energy, attacks may still work on him, but when it comes to magecraft, it'll be absolutely invalidated. He's a life-form that's sort of like a relative to Arcueid, so he has an aura similar to Arc. It is a bit boorish to mention it but he doesn't have the concept of gender. Although it is very unlikely, in the case that he found a partner, he would be able to freely choose his own gender to compliment theirs. It's just like the manga "They Were Eleven!"

    Koyama's comment: As a werewolf, I drew various forms of him. Between the complete wolf form and bipedal form, Beo can transform on the spot into the most fitting form for the action that he wants to do. Just as humans don't put any conscious thought into moving each induvial finger when they eat food with chopsticks, if he wants to run he does it on 4 feet and if he wants to grab something he does it with his "hands". Conversely he's also able to consciously control them. Normal werewolves can't take the form of a full wolf and their transformation is slow. In Beo's opinion that's so half baked it's meaningless, and it's so funny to look at that it spoils his mood. That's all I know. His clothes are supposedly to Touko's taste.


    • 生日: 1月1日
    • 身長: 134cm
    • 体重: 35kg
    • 好きなもの: 最初に自分を負かしたひと
    • 嫌いなもの: うるさいもの
    • 決戦の日: 特になし
    • 魔術系統: 特になし
    • 神代回帰 / 質: A
    • 神代回帰 / 量: C
    • 神代回帰 / 編成: 十八世紀までの系統樹

    まだ生きている生粋の幻想種。発生そのものは大昔で、雫として人狼の里にこぼれ落ちたのが十八世紀。二千年クラスのビンテージモンスター。 西暦以降の魔術師にとっては天敵で、純粋な魔力勝負ならまだ攻撃は通るが、魔術となると片っ端から無効化されてしまう。アルクェイドの親戚 みたいな生き物なので、なんとなくアルクに近い雰囲気に。語るのも野暮ではあるが、性別の概念はあまりなかった。まずあり得ない事だが、つ がいの相手を見つけた時、その生き物に合わせて性別を決めることも。「11人いる!」ですなー。

    人狼ってことで、様々な形態を描きました。完全な狼形態から二足歩行形態の間でベオがとりたい行動に対して最適な形態に即座に変形します。 人が箸で食事する際、指一本一本をどう動かすかいちいち意識しないのと同様、走ろうと思えば四つ足に、何か捕まえようと思えば「手」に。逆 に意識してコントロールすることも可能。普通の人狼は完全な狼形態にはなれないし、変形も遅い。ベオに言わせると中途半端だしイミわかんな いwww見てると気分悪くなるよね wwwみたいな。以上うんちく。服は橙子さんの趣味という想定です。

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    Nasu: That's correct. We don't want players to feel the setting is unpolished no matter how far back it's set. The goal is to have the player should feel "I want to live in this city," to paint a memorable and beautiful street scene. Actually the setting is Tsukihime's Misaki Town, Tsukihime fans should be able to recognize locations such as the grilled beef restaurant Dai Teito. The Kuonji household has the same location as Tohno household from Tsukihime.

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    • Birthday: May 1
    • Height: 162 cm
    • Weight: 50 kg
    • Likes: Nothing
    • Dislikes: Most things
    • Magecraft System: Modern black magic
    • Circuit Quality: A
    • Circuit Quantity: D
    • Circuit Composition: Normal (signs of mutation)

    Nasu's comment: A character that I don't have much to say about. Of course it's natural since she showed up in the extra chapter "You absolutely can't laugh in the Kuonji Mansion" which happens in the fall after Aoko and the others became third year students. What happened in Misaki city and the Kuonji mansion between January and August, right now I can't talk about it. Either way, when I gave Mr. Koyama an order to come up with a girl that would look good in Hot Pink, he came up with the ideal type in one shot. When she is added to the regular cast those extraordinarily noisy days will become an everyday occurrence.

    Koyama's comment: Pink. She made a sudden appearance in the extra chapter. Her initial concept was similar to a Vocaloid, singing with twin tails and knee high socks. She is a character with mood swings who has a lot of extreme ups and downs. According to a certain reliable source, from now on she will have live show scenes, so I hope you don't mind. I came up with her design relatively early on, so I'm sure there's a setting where she removes her jacket or something. There's something of a gap between her droopy eyes and her strong willed words and actions. There sure are a lot of female characters with harsh words and actions aren't there?


    • 生日: 5月1日
    • 身長: 162cm
    • 体重: 50kg
    • 好きなもの: なし
    • 嫌いなもの: たいていのもの。
    • 魔術系統: 近代黒魔術
    • 魔術回路 / 質: A
    • 魔術回路 / 量: D
    • 魔術回路 / 編成: 正常 (若干、変異の兆しあり)

    多くは語れないキャラ。番外編で当然のように出てくるが、「絶対に笑ってはいけない久遠寺邸」は青子たちが三年生になってから秋の話。1月か ら8月までの間、三咲町と久遠寺邸に何があったか、今は語る事ができない。 とにかくショッキングピンクの似合う女の子、というオーダーをこやま氏にお願いしたところ、ほぼ一発で理想型がでてきました。彼女を加えた レギュラーキャラが揃うと番外編のような騒がしい日々が日常になる。

    ピンク。おまけシナリオのみの唐突な登場。ツインテニーソで唄うたいという、何そのボーカロイドっていう初期コンセプト。躁鬱という設定で 浮き沈みの激しいキャラです。今後ライブシーンあるよとか偉い人が言うんですけど勘弁して欲しいです。割と初期段階で考えたデザインなので 上着脱いだ設定とかしっかりありますね。ややたれ目気味ですが気の強い言動というギャップを少々。つか言動のきつい女性キャラ多くないですか。

  105. 105.0 105.1 Tsukihime -A piece of blue glass moon- - Rainbow in the Night route - Day 13: "Mirage"
  106. 106.0 106.1 Interview with 4Gamer