This article details chronological events in the connected worlds of the Nasuverse. Not all events take place in all worlds.

Event Date World Notes
Creation of the Moon Cell4.6 Billion BC[1]Fate/EX Worlds
Formation of the Earth4.5 Billion BC[1]All Worlds
Moon Cell is attacked by Sefar12000 BC[2]Fate/EX Worlds
Earth is attacked by Sefar12000 BC[3]All Worlds
Lostbelt divergence:
Atlantean pantheon avoids destruction
12000 BC[4]Atlantis Lostbelt
Creation of Pandora4000 BC[5]All Worlds
Lostbelt divergence:
Surtr devours Fenrir, killing all the Norse gods
1000 BC[4]Norse Lostbelt
Death of Solomon
End of the Age of Gods
960 BC[3]All worlds
Lostbelt divergence:
Qin Shi Huang gains immortality
210 BC[4]Chinese Lostbelt
Birth of the First Magician (Night before AD)0 AD[3]All Worlds
Start of Mage's Association0A D[3]All Worlds
Ether's existence is proven20 AD[3]All Worlds
Start of Atlas and the Wandering Sea20 AD[3]All Worlds
Director and associates spread magecraft
Age of Gods morale and energy return
Dead Apostles begin appearing and attack mages
20~100 AD[3]All Worlds
Battle between Zelretch and Crimson Moon300 AD[3]All Worlds
Decline of Mage's Association influence
Rise of Holy Church influence
300~500 AD[3]All worlds
Death of Gransurg Blackmore300~500 AD[3]Fate Worlds
True Ether vanishes from Britain500 AD[3]All Worlds
Clock Tower is established500 AD[3]All Worlds
Lostbelt divergence:
500 AD[4]English Lostbelt
Clock Tower excavates Spirit Tomb Albion
Magecraft world is reinvigorated
600~900 AD[3]All worlds
Birth of Justeaze Lizrich von Einzbern
Third Magic is proven
900 AD[3]All Worlds
Barthomeloi family arrives at the Clock Tower1000 AD[3]All Worlds
Birth of Arcueid Brunestud1100s AD[3]Tsukihime Worlds
Clock Tower becomes center of magecraft world
Monarch system is established
1200 AD[3]All Worlds
Zepia Eltnam Atlasia becomes director of Atlas
Still leads in present day
1400AD[3]Fate Worlds
Lostbelt divergence:
Asteroid strikes the Earth and begins an ice age
1570 AD[4]Russian Lostbelt
Clock Tower Policies Department is split out
Eleven departments are left
1700AD[3]All Worlds
Initial preparation of the Fuyuki Holy Grail War1790s AD[6]Fate Worlds
First Fuyuki Holy Grail War1800s AD[6]Fate Worlds
Industrial Revolution of England begins
Technology negatively affects magus world
Holy Church negatively affects magus world
Aristocratic and Democratic factions form
Modern Magecraft is formed as the 12th department
1800 AD[3]All Worlds
Second Fuyuki Holy Grail War1860s AD[6]Fate Worlds
Third Fuyuki Holy Grail War1930s AD[6]Fate Worlds
Timeline divergence:
Einzberns summon Ruler Amakusa Shirou
1930s AD[3]Fate/Apocrypha
Chaldea's LAPLACE is completed1950 AD[3]Fate/Grand Order
Birth of Kirei Kotomine12/28/1967 AD[7]Fate Worlds
Timeline divergence:
Mana begins to dry up due to a ritual in England
1970s AD[8]Fate/EX Worlds
Birth of Twice H. Pieceman1970 AD[9]Fate/EX Worlds
Birth of Ciel1976 AD[3]Tsukihime Worlds
Chaldea's CHALDEAS is completed1990 AD[3]Fate/Grand Order
Emergence of Roa within Ciel1992 ADTsukihime Worlds16 years after Ciel's birth[3]
Fourth Fuyuki Holy Grail War (Fate/Zero)1994 AD[3]Fate Worlds
Events of Oblivion Recorder11/1998 AD[10]Kara no Kyoukai
Chaldea's SHEBA is completed1999 AD[3]Fate/Grand Order
Death of Twice H. Pieceman1999 AD[9]Fate/EX Worlds
Events of Lord El-Melloi II Case Files2003~2004 ADFate WorldsTen years after Fate/Zero
Slightly before F/sn
Intersects with F/sn[11]
First Fuyuki Holy Grail War2004 AD[3]Fate/Grand Order
Chaldea's FATE is completed2004 AD[3]Fate/Grand Order
Fifth Fuyuki Holy Grail War (Fate/stay night)2004 AD[3]Fate Worlds
Dismantlement of the Fuyuki Holy Grail2010s AD[6]Fate Worlds
Chaldea's TRISMEGISTUS is completed2015 AD[3]Fate/Grand Order
Human Order Incineration Incident2015 AD-2016 AD[3]Fate/Grand Order
Remnant Order2017 AD[3]Fate/Grand Order
Human Order Revision2018 AD~[3]Fate/Grand Order
Kiara Sessyoin's cult is reformed2018 AD[12]Fate/EX Worlds
Kiara Sessyoin's cult ends
All members kill each other
2020 AD[12]Fate/EX Worlds
Events of Fate/EX2030 AD[8]Fate/EX Worlds
Events of Tsuki no Sango3000 AD[13]Tsuki no Sango
Events of F/E Last Encore3020 AD[14]F/E Last Encore


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