Tiné Chelc (ティーネ・チェルク, Tīne Cheruku?) is the "False" Master of False Archer in the True and False Holy Grail Wars of Fate/strange Fake after stealing the Command Spells from his original Master.



Tiné's people are an indigenous people who had kept watch over the Snowfield region for over a thousand years while recieving its protection. In the early twentieth century, they were driven out by the government and the group of magi looking to prepare the land for the False Holy Grail War. Tiné participates in the War seemingly with the intent to her people to their rightful place and drive out the magi. She does not have a particular wish for the Holy Grail to grant.

For this purpose, she was the priestess made over generations to avenge her people. Using principles slightly different from Western magecraft, promising newborn in Tiné's tribe meant to inherit a a Magic Crest had their Magic Circuits forcibly linked to the land's leylines through a ritual requiring human sacrifices. The successors of the Magic Crests would then act as mystical catalysts with a contract with the land, causing them to die if they are to leave it, in exchange they are able to wield powerful Magecraft with the greatest efficiency even without an incantation, and they are able to force the land to enlarge their Magic Circuits in order to pass them on to their children. Tens of thousands in Tiné's tribe were used as a sacrifice to the land, including Tiné's twelve older brothers and nine older sisters. Tiné was originally meant to be a sacrifice, but sensing the immenient start of the Holy Grail War the tribe decided to make her a Master. After inheriting Magecraft that surpasses her father, she was trained in combat Magecraft and instructed with information the Grail War, and due to her elevated status she was revered as the chief of the tribe even though a minority within her tribe opposed this. [1]


Tiné is rather solemn and stoic for a 12-year-old, having discarded her emotions for the sake of her clan. She speaks in a very formal and polite tone and treats Archer as if she were a lowly peasant speaking to the most glorious king who had ever lived. She is very respectful, and, after Archer gives her permission to speak, replies with, "I am most grateful for this privilege, Your Majesty."

Her voice is described as being clear, immaculate, and that it was a devoid of emotion as if it 'rejected all that was'. Her voice alone leaves the impression that she is young, and she appears even younger than her voice suggests. After she had killed Archer's first master, she did not, however, appear flustered.

She is also unable to feel many emotions, thus is unable to show anything but the utmost respect for her Servant. It is also suggested that Tiné is envious of Archer's indomitability. She visualizes Servant parameters as six rivers flowing from a mountain at different speeds.

While she fights against the American government to reclaim the land stolen from her people, Tiné isn't blinded by revenge as she did not react positively to the idea of using Gilgamesh's power to completely wipe out the city of Snowfield, not wanting innocent bystanders to get in the way, even though her king did not mind using his powers for such tasks; Gilgamesh notes that this is a positive aspect for Tiné as her doubt is a foundation for demolishing blind faith. 

Appearance Edit

Her exact age is unknown but she appears to be around twelve years old. Tiné’s skin is dark brown, and her hair was a lustrous black. When meeting Gilgamesh, Tiné wears a prepossessing ceremonial bridal garment that gives the impression that she is a child of noble upbringing.

At home, Tiné would usually wear traditional Native American Indian clothing.


Fate/strange FakeEdit

Day 0Edit

  • Tiné with False Archer

Tiné appears during the summoning of False Archer and cuts off his original Master's arm, and she becomes his Master afterward. It was not, at first, her intent to kill him, but the man, driven by wild rage, blasted an unbelievably immense amount of magic at her. It should have killed her immediately. But she spoke a silent chant, and an enormous fiery maw erupted between the two mages. The chant is described as ' a spell that had been compressed so far that it became soundless—a chant of overwhelming power.'

She attempts to return the physical key of the Gate of Babylon to him, but he tosses it over his shoulder and says it is useless. At first, Archer refers to her as a 'mongrel girl', but afterward, to her surprise, he proceeds to call her by her first name. He announces that she will be able to witness him at his full glory and should be overjoyed at that fact, and Tiné replies that she would attempt to.

Archer goes off to face his friend, Enkidu, who is summoned as False Lancer, with Tine only being able to remain on watch. She is amazed by the power of Archer and Lancer, whose battle creates a gigantic crater in the desert. Archer, apparently on a whim, gives Tiné the Potion of youth as a gift where he claims he no longer needs it.[2]

Day 1 Edit

Archer and Tine go to spend time in the city, with Archer wanting to go to the place that all of the riches of the city circulate. They go to the casino, with Tine using one of Archer's treasures to make himself invisible. They also meet with Hansa Cervantes, the observer sent by the Church. Afterward, Tine and Archer travel through the city, seeing the battle between Hansa and Jester Karture.[3]

Tine, Archer and some of Tine's followers take residence in a hotel, where they will be intentionally noticed by the other parties of the war. This worries Tine, but Archer tells her not to worry, as he wants to be noticed. Just then, an arrow is shot directly towards Tine, but is stopped by a defense mechanism summoned by Archer's Gate of Babylon. Another arrow is then shot, that passes through the defense mechanism, but is stopped by Archer himself. They then fly to the shooter with Vimana and find a Servant draped in a cloth. This Servant is True Archer, though they are not aware of his Class. Despite False Archer confronting him, True Archer ignores him, only attacking Tine. This annoys False Archer, who unloads his Gate of Babylon at True Archer. The bowman is, however, left undamaged due to his Pelt of the Divine Beast, summoned through his King's Order. As True Archer and False Archer are about to clash, another Servant, True Rider appears, knocking away True Archer.[4] The three Servants then battle, until True Caster appears, trapping them into an illusion. The Servants then return, with True Archer reveals his identity as Alcides.[5]

Day 2 Edit

False Archer and Tine then return to the hotel, with Archer deciding to decorate the room in a way similar to his city, Uruk. Tine is impressed by the decorations, although Archer is unsatisfied. After Tine leaves, Archer also notes to himself that Tine's forces have a number of spies, but decides to not tell her about it, as it's her duty to take care of the traitors herself.[6]

Later, False Archer goes to the hospital to challenge True Archer, but becomes offended by the arriving Saber and attacks him instead. Tine observes their battle from a safe distance, and is utterly amazed by Saber's ever increasing speed and ability to avoid the Gate of Babylon's attacks. When False Archer is engulfed in a beam from Saber's Excalibur and launched into the sky, Tine and her followers panic and she prepares to use a Command Spell to rescue him. Before she can, False Archer breaks free of the beam on his own and to her amazement, slams Saber through a church. When True Archer interrupts and attacks him, Tine cheers her Servant on, but is horrified when the Gate of Babylon shuts off, allowing True Archer to shoot him with arrows tipped with Hydra venom. Ishtar possessing the body of Fillia arrives riding on True Berserker and Tine listens as Ishtar explains she retrieved the physical key of the Gate of Babylon and used it to shut it down. Tine screams her Servant's name in horror and sorrow when Ishtar has True Berserker impale False Archer before leaving. Suddenly, a wave of blackness washes over the street. When it passes, all the combatants have vanished and Tine cannot sense her Servant.[7]

Day 4Edit

Tine and Enkidu found her Servant's body and returned to the hotel. For all of the previous day and this day, they have been trying to heal him, but it doesn't seem to be working. Tine is about to collapse from overusing her Magic Circuits, then Enkidu tells her to give up and accept Gilgamesh's death, but she refuses, saying she must save her king. Enkidu's Master, Wolf, encourages him to help her, so he heals Tine by transfering some of Wolf's energy to her and they keep trying to heal him.[8]


Tiné is shown to be a magus of exceptional talent, being able to actualize powerful spells with silent and compressed incantations. Tiné is linked to the Snowfield leylines, and is able to use them to strengthen her senses,[5] or convert the Mana gushing from the leylines into Od through her Magic Circuits.[9] The major drawback to this method is that if Tiné physically leaves Snowfield then she will die. 

Due to gaining Gilgamesh's favor, she is granted some of his minor treasures like the Potion of Youth and a ring of invisibility that is engraved with ancient Sumerian. The true nature of the ring is not true invisibility, but rather a form of magical obscuration similar in nature to Gilgamesh's other treasure Hades's Cap of Invisibility. It makes the wearer unnoticeable to all except those with great power. 

As with any legitimate master in a Grail War, Tine is granted a special clairvoyant that allows her to view the basic parameters and abilities of servants. Her own version of these visions comes in the forms of six flowing rivers per servant, each river indicating a specific parameter on a servant. How fast these rivers flow determines how strong a servant is in that specifc paramter, such as when she observed True Rider's river of luck being signficantly slower than her river of strength.  


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