The Tohno (遠野, Tōno?) family is a clan of Half-Demons with thick demon blood.


The ancestors of the Tohno family were local landlords of the area, as well as demon hybrids. The blood of those within the Tohno family have the blood of the Oni Kind (鬼種, Kishu?) mixed[1] in with their own. The latent powers and abilites of the Tohno family is vastly superior to that of others. The blood itself is a blood from ancient times, and it causes individuals to give priority to their instincts rather than their reason.

In regards to their blood, there are those with strong and those with weak nonhuman blood. Those with weak nonhuman blood can live their lives as ordinary people, but those with strong nonhuman blood can never live a normal life. Those with especially strong Tohno blood are born with special powers. One such power that emerged from strong nonhuman blood was a body that is resistant to death. Other known powers included an ability to move things without touching them and fangs that could be used to take bodily fluids from other people.

When this blood becomes too strong, the members of the Tohno House start to gradually lose their sanity and some of them will change their appearance. The majority of the members of the Tohno House that lose their sanity become demons that feed on human flesh. As a result, the head of the Tohno household carries the responsibility of punishing those who have turned into such monsters.

The Tohno clan have been regarded as traitors because of the actions of the recent family head, Makihisa Tohno. Acting as a spy against an organization that terminated evil demon hybrids, Makihisa took control of the company and betrayed the head of the Saeki Financial Group, who had become Crimson Red Vermillion and already killed more than 1,000 people, to the Demon Hunter Organization. In response to Makihisa's information, the Demon Hunter Organization sent Kiri Nanaya to kill the Saeki and all of his 30 relatives who guarded his place. Using a simple rod similar to a drumstick, Kiri accomplished the task of killing almost the entire family of the half-blood line. As he witnessed Saeki's death, Makihisa feared the power of the Nanayas and concluded that the entire Nanaya clan would needed to be eliminated.[2][3]


Branch FamiliesEdit

The Tohno clan has many relatives, who form the branch families.


Although related to the Tohnos, the Arima (有間?) family has very weak demon blood compared to the other family branches. The family consists of three people: Fumio Arima, his wife Keiko, and their daughter Miyako Arima. They have a traditional Japanese household with a kendo dojo and a flower arrangement school.

Before the events of Tsukihime, Shiki Tohno had to move in with them because of his poor health, despite being the eldest son of the Tohno family. He lived with the Arima family for eight years before returning to the Tohno household. During those eight years, Shiki became friends with his non-blood related cousin, Miyako, who continues to "protect" him even when he returns to the Tohno household.[4]


The Kishima (軋間?) family is a branch family of the Tohno clan and they have a common enemy in the Demon Hunter Organization. Due to their thicker demon blood, they have superhuman abilities and are symbolized by burning flames.

The family's eldest son, Kouma Kishima, is closer to being a complete oni than any other member of the Tohno family. Because Kouma annihilated the entire family upon his awakening as Crimson Red Vermillion, he is also the head of the Kishima family. To ensure the destruction of the Nanaya clan, Makihisa brought Kouma along as insurance and found Kouma's work exceeded his expectations.[5]


The Touzaki (刀崎, Tōzaki?) family are blacksmiths who temper weapons. When the time of a real battle comes, they cut off one of their arms and create a blade out of their bones. The bone that becomes their final and greatest work has similar characteristics to the continent's legendary hazanken (sword that destroys the mountains).[6]


The Kugamine (久我峰?) family is the branch of the Tohno family that has the most influence out of all the subfamilies, but they barely carry any demonic powers. Their strength is economical, and so they have a say in about a third of the Tohno family matters that concern a corporation. For that reason, even the Tohno household can't afford to mistreat the Kugamines, and especially its current head, a perverted fatso called Tonami Kugamine, who was Akiha's fiance until very recently. He has many problematic habits, no personality traits, and while he was staying at the Tohno house, he is said to have bothered Hisui quite a bit.

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